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Mar 26

Valued Friends

First let me welcome you to my blog. If you are visiting for the first time or you are here because you read my devotion today, I’m glad you stopped by. And if this is not your first visit, well I’m glad you stopped by too:)

I’ve been a little lazy with my posts this week. The mood just didn’t strike me. It’s good this devotion came up when it did, because it spurred me to sit down and write.

This is one of my personal favorite devotions that I have ever written. Not because it’s well put together or anything like that, but because of the message and what it’s meant to my life. The friend I spoke of, Donna, just means so very much to me. Even though we lost touch for so long, we have indeed picked right back up and are now closer than ever. I can be 100% myself with her. And she can be the same right back. The persistence in finding and pursuing her has definitely paid off. God’s timing was key in our reunion, but so was our obedience. I knew He wanted me to contact her, so I did. Donna knew it was time for her to respond, so she did. As I said in the devo (that’s hip lingo for devotion, just to keep you in the know:)) the fruit has been rich! Here is a picture of some of that fruit, our daughters, Hayley Grace and Sydney ( They have sleepovers and playdates regularly. Last week they amazed us by setting up their very first “service project”. They sold rocks in front of Sydney’s house to raise money for “the pore” … that’s what their sign said. Do you know those 2 raised $6.95 by selling old rocks????? I’m definitely going to post that story on another day, but it was the cutest thing. They split the $. Sydney gave hers to her church and HG is sending hers to Ecuador to give to the child we sponsor over there. My point, they have developed a valued friendship. It’s precious and priceless.

The Bible talks about the value of friends. Jesus had close friends. He called His disciples “friends” (John 15:15). And in Proverbs it says that a friend sticks closer than brother. Ecclesiastes goes on to mention the value of relationships in chapter 4:9-12. Friends should be treated as the treasures they are. When you love something, you take good care of it. Friendship should be treated this way.

I encourage you to do something special for those special friends in your life today. Pick up the phone and tell them you love them. Send them a card just to say “you’re special in my life.” Don’t assume they know, tell them. I really do believe the saying “to have good friends you need to be a good friend.” Take it even one step further and plan a scheduled time to spend with them. You know, like a girl’s night out or something.

To all my friends, I want you ALL to know how much I TOTALLY VALUE YOU IN MY LIFE!!!! I don’t know what I’d do without you. My friends in the workplace, cyberspace, far away, and close by … you have impacted my life. I ask the Lord to shower His blessing upon you this very day! I love you!

Have a great day! And don’t forget to give a friend or 2 a call today.



Mar 21

30 Seconds is a long time when…

your son is lying on the floor unconscious.

Click this link, , to read what I’m talking about.

Bless you and your friends and families! I pray you all grasp, remember, and celebrate this weekend and what it’s really all about.

Christ is Risen,


Mar 19

Procratinators Anonymous:)

Well, I certainly learned that I’m not alone! Thank you so much if you read my devotion (, or one of my blogs ( ( yesterday. Your responses overwhelmed me. Your stories, suggestions, encouragement, and even advice were all greatly needed and appreciated! I love to be with people, whether live or via cyberspace, and I thank you for sharing with me.

I learned that there are a lot of us out there and that I’m NOT the world’s best procrastinator, some of you have me beat by a long shot (heh-hemm Miss Christmas tree still up…not mentioning any names:))

I also learned that most of us are trying so hard and we do indeed want to change and we admit we need help doing it. Thank the Lord He is always there to help.

My prayer for you today is that when you read a message that strikes a chord in your life, that you don’t read it one day and discard it the next. If it’s truly something you need to work on, you will pray about it, give it to God, and get to work on doing what needs to be done TODAY:)

Thank you again for blessing me with your friendship and sweet words. I’m going to try my best to respond to as many as I can. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but as my schedule allows.

Have a wonderful day!