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May 1

My Pleasure

Have you ever noticed that when you go to Chic-Fil-A and place an order, when you say “Thank You” to the person helping you, they always reply, “My Pleasure.” I love that. If I had to guess, serving chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and sweet tea all day long is not really a pleasure, but their job. Without fail though, the employees there give me the feeling that it really is a pleasure for them to put my food order together in a bag and hand it to me through the drive through window. Even when I ask for more polynesian sauce…they still reply, “My pleasure.”

What if we all replied in that manner when someone said “thank you” or asked us to do something? I thought about this last night, when my son said, “Mom, thank you for dinner.” “You’re welcome”, I said. Then I thought about the Chic-Fil-A response and added, “It was my pleasure.”

Honestly I don’t enjoy cooking. I wish I did. I tried to act like I did for a long time because most of my friends like to cook and are real good at it. I’m blessed with those Martha Stewart type friends. Oh how I wish I had their sense of homemaking and baking and decorating. But I don’t. Nothing about that interests me, so those things are more like tasks to me. However, with that said, even though I don’t enjoy most things other wives and moms do, it’s still my pleasure to do them for my family. My Pleasure is more of an attitude than a reply. So I’ve decided to say it…often!

Do you know that when you look at a task as a pleasure rather than a task it can actually become a pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like to cook, but I do like the fact that I am providing something for my family that is not only good for them, but it also brings our family together. It truly is my pleasure. Try using that reply (with a smile) and see how it changes the task at hand.

“Melissa, thank you for helping me pack those boxes.” “My Pleasure.”

“Mom, thank you for helping me with my homework.” “My Pleasure.”

“Mom, will you drive me to Thomas’ house?” “My Pleasure.”

“Melissa, could you edit your devotion and have it complete within the hour?” “My Pleasure.”

“Maam, do mind waiting a little longer for your appointment?” “My Pleasure.”

“Honey, thank you for :) :) :)” “My Pleasure.” :)

Blessings to You,