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Jul 31

My Thoughts vs. God’s Word

Hi! I have a devotion running today, “My Thoughts vs. God’s Word”. Check it out at . Then visit my other blog, to post a comment. If you want, of course:)



Jul 29

Move On!

I found this today on Sheri Rose Shepherd’s website. I pray it is just what you needed today.

Its time to Move On to your New Life!
Are the mistakes you’ve made in the past destroying your present? When Jesus knelt before the woman accused of adultery, He wrote something in the sand that set her free from her accusers but it was his forgiveness that set her free to move on and make a fresh start. The Bible is full of real people who made choices to move on…

Move on from insecurity
Queen Esther…had to move on from her identity as a powerless orphan and accept God’s call to be queen. If she had focused on how unqualified she was to reign, she would have missed the opportunity to save the Jewish people and be a part of God’s great eternal plan for His chosen ones.

Move on from your past mistakes
King David…had to move on from his sins of adultery and murder. He cried out to God and received His forgiveness. God is so full of grace that He made something good out of David’s bad choice by giving him and Bathsheba King Solomon once they repented and moved on.

Move on from guilt
The Apostle Peter…had to move on when he failed to stand up for his Savior. Even though he loved Jesus passionately, Peter denied Him not once, not twice, but three times. When we let guilt keep us paralyzed from living out our purpose we are saying by our actions that the cross was not enough to set us free from guilt from our past mistakes.

Praise be to our God, we are a new creation. As far as the east is from the west is how far He has removed our sins from us—and remembers them no more. Do not let the devil whisper lies —let your Lord whisper His truth that you are totally forgiven and a brand New creation in Christ…A Pure Princess of the Lord

Don’t let your past torment you…let it teach you. Leave the past where it belongs…at the cross!

Have you given your past to Jesus? NO MATTER WHAT you are a “pure princess of the Lord”. Pure. Washed clean.

If you have questions about what it means to know Jesus, please email me at: I would be honored to fill you in and share the truth with you. I want you to KNOW you are FREE, FORGIVEN, AMAZINGLY LOVED, AND ADORED, whether you feel like it or not. You can also click the “Got Jesus?” link in the sidebar of this blog for how you can begin a relationship with Christ today!

Love and Blessings,



Mommy-Daughter Day:) Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the wonderful day I had with my daughter Hayley Grace. We went on a picnic with a good friend and her daughter. In this picture, you see me with the beautiful girls, Sydney and Hayley Grace. It was just good to get away with “the girls”. I asked Hayley Grace what she liked so much about “Mommy-Daughter Day” and she said, “well, I just like spending time with you.” So simple. Simple.

Do you think that maybe our relationship with God is like that?

I know I don’t have to earn Hayley Grace’s love. She’s in love with me because I’m her mommy. She adores me. And I adore her too. There’s nothing she can do to change that. I may try to do many things to make her happy, like: buy her a candy treat, take her to see Hannah Montana, let her stay up late on Friday night, make her favorite meal, help her with her homework, give her special attention, or allow her to have friends over. She likes all these things. But what does she like the most about me? She likes to spend time with me. Simple.

When we went on our picnic Sunday, that’s exactly what the day was all about. Spending time with Mommies, Daughters, and Friends. No frills. No special purchases. Just spending time.

And the night before, it was the same way. The Hannah Montana Concert was on TV. What was Hayley Grace’s favorite part? “I liked that my mommy danced with me while we watched it.”

Here we are on our “stage” (bar stools, coffee table, and ottoman…yes we jumped from stool to stool to ottoman,etc during the entire show!…and miraculously I never fell!).

And here we are again. The photographer (Jeff) is in the loft taking the picture from the top. Did you know that you look thinner if you are looking up than down? Ha! That’s why I used this picture here:)

I think it’s the same way with our Father. We can do a lot of special services and special things for Him. But I think He really relishes our time with Him the most. Simple. Time. What more precious commodity do we have than time?

I enjoy making memories with Hayley Grace. I also enjoy making memories with God.

I truly believe that the Lord just wants some simple time with me. Often I try to complicate it. I think I have to have a perfect life to show Him. I think I need to bring Him an offering or pray a certain way. I think I need to do something really cool and special for Him. But I don’t really. He just wants my time. Simply my time. My heart. My real true feelings. Time. Simple. Time. He loves me for who I am, not for what I do. “Just spend some time with Me, Melissa.” That’s what I hear Him saying.

This week, I want to give the Lord my time. Nothing else. Just my time. And He will be pleased with just that.

Over the past week, I’ve focused a lot on hearing from God. On letting go of the past. On being able to move on. This week, I just want to commit to spending time with the Lord. No expectations. Just simple time with God. I don’t expect anything from Him and He doesn’t expect anything from me.

Join me won’t you? We’ve been through a lot of c_ap in our lives. We don’t need to stay there. In fact we can’t stay there. So, let’s take the first step. Just “be” with God. No expectations. Just simple time with God.

He cares. He loves you. He made you for crying out loud! And just like Hayley Grace likes spending time with me, I think God likes spending time with you (and me).

Now, go spend some time with the One Who made you!
You are so beautiful and precious to Him.


Just one more picture to hopefully bring a smile to your face! This may look like Hayley Grace Taylor, but it’s really Hannah Montana!