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Sep 14

What the Heck???

Oh my, why is everyone freaking out over gas???!!! It is over $5 a gallon around here. And I drive an SUV. No kidding, this is crazy.

It already costs me over $100 to fill up my car.

Samantha (my friend and coworker) and I went to the gas station on Friday morning to try to fill up before the rush. We went to Costos first. The lines were out of the parking lot! We could not believe it. We did not have 2 hours to wait, so we went to another gas station. I’m so glad we filled up on Friday when we did. We paid $3.69 per gallon. Now around Charlotte it’s anywhere from $4.00-$5.29. Crazy. Honestly, I may start riding my bike to work. And I mean that.

Short post. Gotta go. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Sep 10

Rice and Beans Night

Oh, yea. It’s that time of the month again. No, not that time of the month, but time to write letters to our sponsored Comassion child, Maria.

This monthly ritual has turned into quite an ordeal. In a good way though. It involves serving, eating, sacrificing, friendship, family, love, and prayer.
It was our turn to host R and B Night. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain. My family sponsors a child through Compassion International. Her name is Maria and I’ve written about her before. I met her last year and she is just a precious sweet child. She is beautiful. Donna and Sydney also sponsor a child through Compassion. Her name is Nataly. Both of these girls live in Ecuador. Each month we get together to celebrate these precious children.Our meal is rice and beans. The truth is, Maria and Nataly’s families quite possibly can’t even afford rice and beans. They are very poor. We eat rice and beans. Some of us like it and some of us don’t. If anyone elects not to eat the rice and beans, they get nothing. Their hunger reminds them of the hunger that is felt by those less fortunate. We write letters to our girls. We draw pictures. Make crafts. Send family photos. Since my family is so big, we attach a picture of the person who is writing the letter. Maria gets 6 letters from us. Donna and Sydney do the same. We serve together. We sacrifice our time, money, and tastebuds (I hesistate to even call it a sacrifice), we pray for our girls and their families. And we enjoy each other as we do it. Take a look:
Here are Sydney, Hayley Grace, and Dylan at the table working on their Christmas trees for Maria and Nataly.

Quite the workers. Our kitchen table was transformed to a writing and crafts table.

Hayley Grace…this is the picture we attached to her letter.

Dylan … this is the picture we attached to his letter.

Blake and Princess … this is the picture we attached to Blake’s letter. Princess did not write a letter.

Pictured here are the Christmas tree that Hayley Grace and Dylan made, the picture/poster Blake made, and the letter Blake wrote.

Here are my letter, Hayley Grace’s letter, and Dylan’s letter.

“Ha! Caught you! You really do like rice and beans!” This is after the night was supposedly over. Sydney and Hayley Grace wolfing down the r and b when they thought no one was looking!

What fun! And what a good feeling it is to know that we are making a difference in the life of a child!

Blessings to all,

If you are interested in sponsoring a child through Compassion, click the link to the left.

Sep 9

Blast From the Past

I apologize for the blurriness in this photo, but this is an old picture. It is me (on the left) and my wonderful and sweet and loyal friend Donna (on the right). I just had to post it! This picture was taken in 1984. We were so young. Just look! And as for the Santa in the middle, that’s Thomas. I haven’t talked to him in over 20 years. Wonder what Santa is up to?As for the elf, that’s Donna. I’ve mentioned her here before. She was the Homecoming Queen of East Mecklenburg High School that year. I wasn’t even on court. Oh well. But I was a Lettergirl. That would be the school dance team, kind of. We wore letters that spelled out our high school name and danced at football and basketball games. However, we ran out of letters, so I had the mascot on my uniform. See the eagle? Donna’s daughter Sydney, and my daughter, Hayley Grace, are good friends. They play together and they also serve together. Their friendship is so sweet. And I can honestly say that Donna is a friend that loves me NMW. No Matter What. I met her on the bus in the 5th grade. We were in the same 6th grade class. We went to elementary, jr. high, high school, and college together. She was in my wedding. Then we lost touch a for a while. But we’ve reconnected and … well .. look out! We are double trouble! And so are our daughters. Just tonight, Donna and Sydney were at our house for “Rice and Beans” night. I’ll post pictures from that later. Wow, I look at the picture above and it brings back so many great memories. High School seems like just yesterday. I can smell the school. Hear the bell, the teachers, the football game atmosphere. I can remember certain things as if they just happened. Yet, here I am. 41 years old. Married almost 19 years. (more years than I was old in this photo!!!!) 4 kids. Working full time. My oldest child has his learner’s permit. My youngest, Hayley Grace, is boy crazy! (for the Jonas Brothers) But I’m thankful that one thing that remains from this picture is my friendship with Donna. :) In fact it’s stronger now than it was then. A blast from the past. A blast indeed. Love,