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Sep 5

Fun Friday :) I’m the mom of …

A South Charlotte Shocker Football Player!!!!! That’s right, Hayden made the team! Yeah!!!! I’m a football mom!

How emotional though. The parents were waiting outside the gym. The boys seemed to never come out. It was 30 minutes past the pick up time. Finally a few boys trickled out … looking very sad. I hate that part. Then another came out, lip quivering, searching the group of parents for his. He found his mom and fell apart in her arms. I about lost it. I hate that there have to be cuts. I understand it. I’ve been cut before. And I know it’s a part of life, but it still breaks my heart.

Finally, out comes Hayden. Looking rather sad, but with a smirk on his face. He was trying to look sad, but he couldn’t hold that for long. He grinned from ear to ear, quietly walked up to his dad and I and said, “I made the team.” Oh how I longed to hear those words, “I made the team.” (there’s an upcoming devotion in that for sure!)

So a Fun Friday it is around the Taylor household. Now I have one more thing to add to my schedule: Thursday afternoon football games! And I couldn’t be happier!

Have a great weekend y’all!


How Can You

NOT LIKE FOOTBALL??? I’m sorry people, but I just don’t get it. I love football!

My sweet friend, Lysa TerKeurst, wrote on her blog,, the other day:

The football season is now upon us. Yeah. I say that with the same enthusiasm that I might muster up to express my joy over cleaning my base boards with a toothbrush. Yeah.While my family hoops and hollers and cheers with all things pigskin, I express my excitement by plucking my eyebrows.

The same enthusiasm that she musters up to express joy over cleaning her baseboards with a toothbrush? What? Lysa, what’s up, you need to hang out with me. Football rocks!

I especially like college football. The atheletes aren’t yet spoiled by millions of dollars. There is a band and a fight song. I love fight songs. And loyal fans ban together like family. It’s just good fun.

Last Saturday, we started watching games at 11:00 am. We stopped at 11:00 pm. All day. Barbeque, friends, family, cheering, booing, high fives, and in your faces. I was just as happy when my favorite teams won as I was when my least favorite team (Clemson Tigers) lost:) Is that very nice? Who cares, it’s football. Even as I write this, I’m watching my Gamecocks (South Carolina) play Vanderbilt. Go Gamecocks! I was raised a Gamecock. My parents had season tickets and I could say, “Go Gee Cocks, Boo Kitties” before I could even say, “MaMa and DaDa”. I did not go to college there however. I went to Appalachian State. By the way, they have won the National Championship in football in their division 3 years in a row. They also beat Michigan last year. Do you even care about this? I’m telling you, I just love football!

My 13 yr old son, Hayden, is trying out for his middle school football team. He’s the only athelete in our family. He already plays for a Pop Warner league. I am praying he makes his school team. He has football in his blood like I do. He is so passionate about it. He trained all summer, on his own. His dad set up a 40 yd dash area and Hayden practiced in the hot summer sun every day. He also worked on push ups, planks, and back flips (not really football related, but it takes lots of talent to do a back flip!). He worked on this by his own motivation. He’ll find out Friday or Monday if he makes the school team. Ooh I hope he does. Once when he was watching a game and his favorite team (Florida Gators) lost to Auburn (they usually lose to Auburn), he threw the remote control across the room. It totally fell apart into lots of pieces. Like I said, he’s passionate about football. (He did get punished for his inappropriate behavior.)

I love football so much, it even affects my speaking schedule. Barb Spencer, our speaker coordinator at Proverbs, has learned. She’s also an avid football fan. And a sad one. Her Hokies (Virginia Tech) lost last weekend (sorry Barb), anyway, she books my speaking engagements. When I get a request in the fall, she knows I have to check the Gamecock and Gator schedules first. There are certain weekends I just can’t be away. I can’t believe I just admitted that! (with that said, if God was telling me to go somewhere and speak, I would….I may argue with Him if there was a good game on that day, but I would go. I’m not totally crazed…I don’t think I am at least.)

So, back to Lysa. She ended her football post with this comment:

Are you a football fan? Do you have some little tidbit of football knowledge that you’d like to share? Is there any hope that I could be more entertained by people smacking into each other than by my own eyebrows?

Yes I am a football fan. And Lysa, I do have some knowledge I’d like to share. Pick a team and follow them. Wear their colors. Wave their flags. Learn their fightsong. Watch ESPN and read the Sports section to see where your team ranks. And come over to my house on Saturdays to watch some good ole southern football! I’ll feed you and I’m pretty sure that you will be more entertained than plucking your eyebrows! You can even bring your family! You can even bring your tweezers if you like! And if you are really bored, well, I’ll let you clean my baseboards with a toothbrush :)

So, what do you think of football? And just FYI my Canadian and English and other worldwide friends, we ain’t talkin’ soccer or futbol here. This is full contact, tight pants, and helmets. You play mostly with your hands, not your feet. So, why do they call it football? Well I don’t know that and I really don’t care either.

Well, I gottta go. It’s 7-3 and I can’t just sit here any longer.

I hope you are happy, healthy, and having a great day wherever you are and whenever you read this. And may your team win! Unless they are playing mine!

Go Team,

****Update: :( I’m sad. The Gamecocks lost. To Vanderbilt for goodness sakes! 24-17. One thing about being a Gamecock fan, you learn to hope. And believe. That one day we’ll really be good!!!! :) Still smiling! There are more games on Saturday!