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Nov 28

Good Day, Bad Day….

Happy Thanksgiving! It was a good day for the most part. The food was amazing. There was no stress. We all agreed early on to “go with the flow”. And we did.

Building up to this day, I’ve been a little emotional. I just kept thinking about my mom and her cancer and how the future is just so sketchy and unknown. I wrote a while back about not being able to cry. Well, that’s not a problem any more. I broke down for the first time on Monday, and I broke down again today.

My mom called this morning. She wasn’t feeling good at all. She stayed home instead of coming over for Thanksgiving. That’s when it hit me. If my mom feels so bad that she’s missing Thanksgiving….she must really feel bad. Already I had been sad just thinking that this might be her last Thanksgiving…but then that she wasn’t coming and I might not get the last Thanksgiving…well, that broke me. As he always is, Jeff was right there for me. He loved me and got teary eyed with me and asked what he could do. Then I called my friend Donna. OMGsh….she dropped everything to listen. We ended our call in prayer when she prayed for my mom and for me.

Even though my mom not being able to be here was a major bummer, I must say, the day was still one I am thankful for. We had 16 people here in our home. Jeff’s family was here. My sister and her family were here. My husband and kids were here. My dad was here. And he said the most amazing prayer before dinner. We had great food and too much of it! The kids had so much fun. Little Granny, who is 90 years old, won the Farmer’s Golf Competition. Hayley Grace set up an “art station” and we all made cards for my mom. We watched Home Alone…which is a tradition here on Thanksgiving. A good day indeed.

So, on the one hand, I have so much to be thankful for. But on the other, the day was missing a very important and valuable element….my mother. I’m left still wanting more. She has felt miserable all week, yet she still cooked the dressing, and the macaroni & cheese, and the gravy. And it was sooooooooo good. Really good. What an incredible mother and grandmother. She knows how much we absolutely love her cooking and she made her Thanksgiving specialties. I really missed her today. I’m hoping to go visit her tomorrow. I guess this will continue to be tough. Not something I want to go through. Certainly not something my mom wants to go through. But something God will carry us through.

Blessings to you on this Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful day. And have a great weekend too! ****It’s rivalry weekend ya know…..My Gamecocks better kick some Tiger boohiney!!!!!



Nov 27

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Thanksgiving. What is the holiday all about anyway? Indians? Pilgrims? The Mayflower? Corn?

Well, I guess originally, Thanksgiving was all about giving thanks for freedom and learning about the land and how to provide. What do I do with it now in 2008? I’ll tell you. Because I think I know this year better than ever before.

I have been thankful for my family and friends. I’ve been thankful for my home, clothes, transportation, and work. This year, more than ever, I’m thankful for life. I’m thankful for the lives of my family. I’m thankful for the lives of my friends.

Wherever you are, I pray you enjoy those you are with. God bless you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Nov 24

Hey There…

I tried to come up with a more appealing title. “Hey There” was all I could come up with. Maybe because I’m so out of practice blogging……but dang, time has just flown by and I’ve been busy and my mind has been preoccupied, but I really have missed writing and reading in this bloggy world. It’s one of those things where each day, I intend to blog and get caught up on others’ blogs, but then all of a sudden it’s 9:00 pm and time for beddy bye. It’s hard to know where I should begin.

My mom is doing ok. Not much has changed. She has lung cancer. Stage 4. That stinks.

But, her spirits have been good. She began chemo this week. God love her, she is amazing.

I’m really excited about this upcoming week. My sister and her family are coming here for Thanksgiving, my dad will be here, my husband’s family will be here, and my mom and her husband will be here too. It’s the first time that my mom and dad will be present at a holiday gathering together in over 27 years. Wow. I’m so thankful for that. They are at a place where they get along and can look back with love and understanding.

Last Friday, I spoke at a Christmas event for First Baptist Church, Matthews, NC. I was SO NERVOUS!!! The reason I was nervous was because of who was there. 2 of the women on the Proverbs 31 Speaker Team were there. That made me nervous, although it shouldn’t have. It was Wendy Pope and Tracie Miles….both so sweet….but I was still nervous to speak in front of them because they are both such great speakers. Also, my mom was there to hear me for the very first time. She has never heard me speak before. I just wanted to make her proud. But I also wanted her to feel like she was greatly responsible for me delivering the message being presented. Because she was. Also in the audience were 3 women I went to high school with. I wasn’t expecting that! It’s so much easier talking to strangers than friends! But, God was with me and what could go wrong? Nothing. It was a beautiful night.

Well, it’s late and I need to go to bed. Good night. I pray that you are filled with peace, love, joy, and blessings.

Much Love,