Mar 25

I’m Going to Rock Hill

Have you ever heard of Rock Hill? It’s a small city in South Carolina. It’s where my mom lives. And it’s only about 35 minutes from Charlotte, North Carolina where I live. I’ve decided to head south. I need a visit with my mom.

She says she doesn’t need me there. I should tend to my husband and 4 kids and job. But there is nothing more important to me right now that spending time with “Mama”. Funny, because I haven’t called her “Mama” in many years. I’ve called her “MaMaw”….her grandma name. Not any more. I call her “Mama” again. Isn’t that just how mothers are….don’t want their babies to worry with them. But oh how I consider it a privilege. Especially faced with the fact that mine won’t be around in ?????? years to come. Brings tears to my eyes.

She has lung cancer. Stage 4. That’s bad enough. But then another Cancer showed up. How unfair is that???? The other cancer is very fast growing and requires major surgery. After this surgery, my mom will have a colostomy. She’s devasted. A bag to hold her bodily waste. Oh Lord, provide her with the strength and the confidence to know that this doesn’t mean she’s lost her dignity. This part of the cancer happened so fast. Too fast. She’s only 62 years old. And I need her.

I don’t know how people deal with trials when they don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I was telling my dad tonight that the one thing that brought me peace and comfort was that I KNEW for a fact where my mom stands in her faith. If she dies right now, she’s with Jesus. I’m so glad I know that.

My oldest son just kissed me goodnight. I treasure that kiss. My mom’s oldest child will kiss her goodnight tomorrow night. (I’m her oldest child.)

I’m going to Rock Hill.



  1. Continuing in prayer Melissa.

    I’m sure your Mama is treasuring all her kisses too. Go love on her my friend. You’re making wonderful memories.

    As to the “unfair” part…I’ve used that word a lot lately myself. I have to hold onto Truth when I don’t understand. Not easy. So thankful I know Who wins in the end.


  2. We Love you and we love Buddy and Becky too! Call us and we will be there …. all 17 of us. Well, maybe not Daisy…… but there is nothing better than a herd of goats to cheer you up! Seriously, I love you and will be there in a moments notice!

  3. Have a wonderful time with your “Mama”. Embrace this time together as a precious gift to you. I will be praying that the Lord gives you all peace in the upcoming days and weeks. Remember..while your embracing your Mom~ He is embracing you both!

    in love,

  4. Chef Diane says:

    You go girl!