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Mar 23

My Mind is Racing…………

Slow Down!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, do you ever feel like that your mind is racing faster than you can keep up????? That’s how I am tonight.

I’m up. I’m down. I’m excited. I’m depressed. I’m grateful. I’m mad. I’m loving life. I’m hating life. I have laundry to do. I need to go to the grocery store. I’m starting a new exercise routine tomorrow. I’m speaking at a conference next weekend. Dylan has his first scrimmage tomorrow. Hayden has his first track meet this week. I have boundaries to set. I’m worried about my mom. Blake is stressing over midterms. I want to lose weight. I need to get my hair cut. I have so much to do!!!!!!!!

Do you know what I mean? Just tonight I was telling my husband that my #1 temptation these days is just to sleep. If I’m sleeping I don’t have to deal with life. Fortunately, God has wired me not to give into that temptation unless of course it’s bedtime! But I think about it.

I’m praying tonight for peace. I’m claiming those familiar verses from Philippians 4:6-8. Paraphrased, Don’t worry about anything but pray about everything and God’s peace will come over you. I give it to God.

Hey, I saw a friend at church today that I haven’t seen in probably 18 years. Patty, who I have taken dance with for half my childhood, we were on the dance team in high school together, and I just recently reconnected with on Facebook….I saw her at church today! She doesn’t live here. We have a huge church. It totally made my day. She looked so beautiful. The highlight of my day.

Well, have a wonderful start to your week.


Mar 17

Me an "Older Woman"?

I was having a chat with my one of my co-workers and super great friends, Samantha. Now I just have to pause here and tell you, I just love this girl! We started working in the Proverbs 31 office at about the same time and our roles at work pair us up quite a bit. She is fun, compassionate, caring, sweet, loving, and such a beautiful reflection of Jesus. I feel like I’ve known her for years. I know I could share my deepest darkest secrets with her. We have a lot in common although we are 12 years apart in age. With that said, when I am with her I feel as young as she is. Also with that said, this 42 year old also turns to her 30 year old friend for guidance and advice. Why? Because I know she will give a me grounded godly honest return.

So, Samantha and I were talking. She was sharing her weekend with me when she told me that some older women in her church took her on a retreat. I thought for sure these were like the church founders, you know in their later years of life. I asked her how old they were. She said, “about 40 ish, maybe 42 or 45.” “WHAT???? You call that older women? That means I’m an older woman!!!!” I cannot be an older woman, can I? I’m too young to be an older woman! Well, I guess to a 30 year old I am! My kids think I’m old too!

Honestly, this “older woman” thing doesn’t bother me. I actually found it comical. Truth is, I don’t feel like an older woman. I’m too immature to be older :) And I hope it always seems that way to me.

I just talked to my mom. She’s received more bad news. I’m not quite ready to blog about it yet. Just if you are reading this, pray for her. Her name is Becky. Just scroll down a few posts and you’ll see her. She too is not an older woman (62), but is being dealt some serious health realizations that most her age don’t have to deal with. It’s breaking my heart to watch her go through it. And all the while, she’s worried about me. The irony of it all!

Hey, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Did you wear green? I did. I had too! My daughter, Hayley Grace, insisted on it. I had no choice. It was wear green or get pinched!

Well, this older woman is getting ready to watch American Idol. Have a great day/night!

Much Love,

Mar 14

Love the Weekend

I left my mom’s house this morning. Just like old times when I used to live at home, I overslept. Typically I wake up early, raring to go. But for the past 2 days I’ve been visiting with mom. It’s the first visit I can remember that I didn’t have kids with me. It was just me. It reminded me of when I was in high school and could just lay around the house, watch TV, and be the child! It was wonderful.

Of course, there were differences. Besides the fact that I’m not 17 anymore, the roles were a little reversed. I took care of mom. She was very sick. Although I didn’t do a whole lot to make her feel better, I did keep her company. We had moments of conversation, laughter, and comfortable silence. I will treasure those 2 days for the rest of my life and hope to have more of them in the future.

I think I was so relaxed and enjoying my time with mom that sleeping in just seemed right. I woke up and saw the clock and jumped out of bed. Within 15 minutes I was on the road, back to Charlotte. My mother was still sleeping. I returned back to my regular routine…work, carpool, laundry, kids…..but also the weekend.

I love the weekend! Our weekends would probably seem boring to most. We are homebodies. I haven’t seen my husband and kids for 2 days. I am ready for a weekend at home with my family, watching basketball, and hangin out. Quite a week and ready for the weekend.

While my emotions and feelings are all over the place, I am thankful for the simple pleasures that bring comfort. Time with my mother. Returning to my home sweet home. And the weekend. I love the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend.