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May 31

Fun Weekend

Oooh, how I meant to do a Fun Friday post…..But Friday came and went. So here I am…late Saturday…well really it’s early Sunday. But anyhow, I’ll try to keep it fun.

Fun. Oh, that will be tough. This weekend has not brough a lot of fun.

The Fun:

Me and the boys are in Rock Hill, SC. (the boys are Blake, Hayden, and Dylan. Jeff has classes all weekend and Hayley Grace is staying at Sydney’s. So it’s just us.) And we are having fun. We’ve been swimming in Mom’s pool, eating an amazing grilled Pork Loin cuisine, enjoying incredible apple turnover and ice cream desserts, and just enjoyed hanging out with MaMaw.

The Not Fun:

The reality we’ve been revealed. The surgeon told Buddy (my mom’s husband) that he didn’t know if it was worth doing any surgery on my mom because of how long she had left to live. I hate even typing that. They are weighing out the pros of the surgery based on the cons of the recovery depending on the reality of the months they think mom has remaining. Harsh words that no daughter is ready to hear.

Jeff called me tonight with some good news. He got our pool painted. As soon as the paint is completley dry, we can fill it with water. That will be nice to have a pool with water.

Band Practice was at our house this weekend. To some it may have seemed noisy, but to me it was beautiful music. It was awesome having teenagers playing around on their instruments. Our garage has been transformed from a garage to a music studio and I couldn’t be happier.

We are staying at Mom’s til about 3 tomorrow. Then we head to Charlotte to see “Up”, the newest Pixar film.

This has been a great weekend, but also a weekend that had a shot of reality in it.

Love You,

May 26


The word has been a weakness of mine for as long as I can remember!!! I am the type of person that can come up with the best plans, wonderful goals, great ideas, and usually a super jump start. Motivation lasts for a while. Then fizzle. Crazy life. Interferences. Work. Fizzle. Laziness. Gone are the plans I once had. What happened to the great plan? Am I making sense here?

I’ve always known that this is a problem for me, but recently I have been really convicted about it. My lack of discipline is quite obvious if you know me and have a window’s peek into my life. It’s gotten to the point that it’s affected my stress level and my self confidence. The Lord has ever so gently pressed into me that it’s time to do something about it. So, I began studying the most disciplined person I know on this Earth, my 15 yr old son, Blake.

No kidding, Blake is wise and mature way beyond his years. I always tell him that I want to be just like him when I grow up. Blake has a way of following through on what he begins. He says “no” to what would get in the way of what he is supposed to do. He says “yes” to the things he is able to do. He studies days before his tests. He gets up early to read his Bible. He sticks to the schedule he has set for himself. If he knows he has a big day the next day, he goes to bed early. If he has a project, he plans it, makes a list of needed materials, and finishes before it’s actually due. When Blake decides to do something, he does it. All of the kids have certain chores and responsibilities. He is the only one that I do not have to remind. He just does it.

I told my husband last week, “If a 15 yr old can be so disciplined, surely I can do better than I’m doing.” In my quiet time, I felt like the Lord was telling me….”that’s right Melissa, you can and you should.”

During different seasons of my life I have chosen areas to focus on for a while. For instance, once I selected simplicity and therefore simplifying my life was my focus. Another time, I selected marriage and my marriage was my primary focus. Other areas have been integrity, friendships, monotasking, organization, and motherhood. I don’t always have a specified areas I’m working on, in fact, usually I don’t. But when I do, that’s what I study in Scripture, pray about, and work to apply God’s way of achieving it in my life.

In keeping with my new area of focus, I must quit writing here. I am also committed to write on my other blog tonight and I’d like to read a little before I go to bed.

If you have any thoughts on discipline in your life, please share. I love your insight and wisdom!! And I also like knowing who else struggles like I do :)

Love and Blessings,

During seasons

May 23

Fun Friday….

Why did I stop? Not sure. But, I used to post “Fun Friday” each Friday on my blog. I’m not sure why I stopped. I think maybe life got too serious. I think I’ll bring it back, today. Fun Friday has no real purpose. It’s just random fun. So, here goes.

This truly has been a Fun Friday. Work was fun, as usual. I work in a great place, Proverbs 31 Ministries. I do not ever want to work anywhere else. We sit on balls at our desks (no kidding…more about that in another post) and we rebound a couple of times a day (more on that too.). It’s one of the only places I really feel like I can totally 100% be myself. I love to work!

American Idol ended this week. This was really sad for my family. We love this show. All in one week, our family faves ended. (Survivor, American Idol, Amazing Race, The Office, and Dancing with the Stars) We truly bond over these shows. We don’t always agree, but we bond. And wonderful family discussions stem from them. We loved the AI finale. And most of us loved the outcome. Hayley Grace, my 7 yr old was rooting for Adam. Too bad so sad Hayley Grace! Ha.

So, for Taylor family TV time for the summer, what do we do? We watch a lot of movies and we DVR shows like: “Leave it to Beaver”, “Home Improvement”, “Monk”, “The Cosby Show”, and “The Brady Bunch”. Ok, do you officially think we are super geeks? Until Football season begins, we have no choice.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Time for fun, family, cookouts, and the official kick off to summer. What are you doing? For the first time in ages, we have a weekend with no obligations. No baseball games. No speaking engagements. No work. Ahhh….. I’m going to sleep on Saturday morning. Don’t know what I’ll do on Saturday afternoon. I’ll date my husband on Saturday night. Sunday after church, we are going to my Mom’s for a family cookout. I haven’t seen her in over a week, so I’m very excited about this. I might spend the night on Sunday with her, not quite sure yet. Love her so much.

I haven’t talked much about it, but I’ve altered my lifestyle drastically over the past month. I have been way more consistent with my exercising and I started focusing on cutting sugar and bad carbs totally out of my diet. It has been SO HARD at times. My habits have tried to come back, but I’ve stayed strong!!!! I’ve had a great team supporting me and eating the same way and that has helped tremendously. Even the other night, I was speaking at a dinner here in Charlotte. Right before dinner was served, LeAnn Rice came up to me and gave me a small container of dressing. It was our yummy sugar free dressing for my salad. She was helping me stay true to the plan I was on. I know that sounds minor, but it was major!!!! (so was skipping the cheesecake!) I’ve lost 13 pounds so far. Before you start to think that’s a great thing, I have to admit my clothes fit no different. I’m looking at the scales and seeing the number go down. I have to wonder,”where is the 13 pounds coming from???” Jeff says he can tell a difference in my face. So I guess I’ve lost 13 pounds from my face!

I guess this is enough fun for one Friday. And I’ve rambled long enough.If you are reading this, I pray you have a wonderful and blessed weekend. You are beautiful, do you know that? Just ask God!

Happy Memorial Day! Honor and remember those who died for our freedom and the love and safety of our country.

Much Love,