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Jul 29

P31’s Annual She Speaks Conference

She Speaks begins for me TODAY!!!! And it couldn’t come at a better time! The week of this conference fuels me. Even though I usually leave the conference exhausted physically and mentally and emotionally, I am filled to overflowing spiritually.

Our Speaker Team meets today. Many of us haven’t seen each other in over a year. We have training, team time, and business during the day for the next 2 days before the conference actually begins, but our nights are relatively free with plenty of built in time for fun and bonding. Usually way too many laughs and late nights!

The Conference will begin Friday morning. I begin Friday as a P31 Staff member working the crazy registration area. I end Friday and work the remainder to of the conference as a Speaker Team Member. The session I’m teaching is Saturday afternoon and I’m evaluating a beginners speaking group. Truly I say, the evaluation group is my favorite part. I love being a part of encouraging these women to go after their dreams. It is a joy and delight for me.

This conference is going to be fabulous. Many great sessions, speakers, writers, publishers, and we even have Cheri Keaggy doing our music this year and Jennifer Rothschild speaking Saturday night. Wow!

To keep you updated, I’ll try to blog, but I’ll definitely be “tweetin'” from the conference all week long. The tweets (from Twitter) appear in the left hand column of this blog. You can also join in on the Twitter, by signing up at . Many of our speakers and even Proverbs 31 have started twittering during the day to keep up with each other. It’s seems silly, but it’s fun.

I have said a prayer for anyone who reads this today. May your days be blessed and may you experience the joy of the Lord greatly in your life!

Love and big hugs,

***Sharon Sloan if you read this, I will miss your OTC hug this year 😉

Jul 28

Mom is Home

I posted on Mom’s CaringBridge site tonight. Here is the post:

Hi Everyone. It’s Monday evening. This has been my first opportunity to write. I’m home for the first time in a while.

As you know, Mom came home to her house in Rock Hill, SC last Friday, July 24th. It was a celebration. A real homecoming in the waiting. After 38 days in the hospital, 4 surgeries, numerous procedures, and many doctors, Mom came home. I honestly don’t think the 5th floor of CMC knows what to do without her!

While returning home, has been a good thing, honestly, it’s also been a hard thing. All those things we used to press the red call button and have the nurse do…well guess what? She doesn’t come any more. Mom rings a bell (a lot) and whoever is “on call” (either me or Bud this last weekend) come to do whatever is needed. And that has been more than I ever thought myself capable to do. Wow. Procedures I used to have to leave the room for because of my weak stomach, I am now doing myself. Bud and I went through a crash course of Wound Care, Dressing Changes, Ostomy Bag Changes, Treating infection, Assisiting a patient in using a walker, etc etc etc. I actually think I could be a nurse now. :)

Mom is doing ok. She’s glad to be home. She’s walking around with the help of a walker a few times a day. But she is also frustrated and feeling defeated. Everything is such an effort for her.

If you can give her a call, please do. Often when she’s on the phone or occupied with a visit she forgets the pain she’s in or what she’s going through.

I had to leave Mom tonight. I have a big conference that I’m working this week and weekend. Jeff’s Mom, Pat, is going to be with Mom the next 2 days. Buddy’s daughter, Michele will be helping out a few days also. And then Mom’s sister, Gloria is coming next Sunday for a few days. And of course Bud is there most of the time. We’ve learned it’s a full time job. Caring for Mom, cooking, cleaning, keeping up with the billing and prescriptions and appointments, etc.

A home health care nurse also comes out a few times a week.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support. I for one don’t think I could do this without it. You all have carried me. And I read your comments to Mom and it lets her know that she is not forgotten. She misses life as she knows it. Your comments let her know that life is going on and she is a part of it.

I’m not sure when this will updated again. I’ll try to get the “helpers” to update during the week, but who knows. I’ll be back next week sometime.

Much Love From Becky,

That was my CaringBridge update. Mom is home.

This has been such a hard week. I’m trying to get geared up for She Speaks. Usually She Speaks has occupied my every thought. Only this year, it has paled in comparison to what I’ve been dealing with in real life. It’s just as important. But I trust that God will handle every detail of the conference….even my session on Saturday. He is capable of that, right? Of course!

It’s been rather comical. My email has revealed nervous speakers and attendees to the conference. And I understand. However, in comparison, I’ve just trusted God to handle what I couldn’t, which was the She Speaks Conference. I know for a fact that He will take care of it all.

This conference will undoubtably be the best ever. I know because it gets better and better each year. I believe that Satan would like for me to be distracted by what’s going on with my Mom. but I’m not. I have learned to trust Him more than ever.

I’m home now. For the first time in a week. I’ve missed my husband and my kids. And I miss Mom tonight, but I’m so happy to be home tonight. And I know God is taking care of her. How silly of me to think that I was the only one capable of taking care of her. :)

Good Night Friends,

Jul 21


Galatians 5:1- It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Free– Yes, Christ has set us free. He did this by His own death. It was the toughest and most painful of sacrifices, yet He considered us worth it. And he did it, so that we would experience freedom. The opposite of freedom is captivity or bondage. If we feel held against our will, then we are not experiencing the freedom that Christ intended.

This was me for many years. I’ve been captive to people, relationships, feelings, food, exercise, perfection, lonliness, positions/roles, and my own thoughts. It has taken (and still takes) a constant effort and reminder to myself that I am no longer a slave to such things. Jesus is my Master and I am free. Not guilty. Not condemned. Not needing anything or anyone else to complete me.

Often people fight for freedom. We don’t have to. The battle was won for us. Christ did it all.

Stand firm– This tells me that Paul, who wrote this verse, is saying that we can’t just relax. We have to stand firm. Stand firm…on solid ground, not waivering, holding on tight so we won’t easily be blown over or down. Standing firm takes effort and it means we must take a stand and stick with it. Make a decision and never look back.

Again– The fact that Paul says, “Do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” tells me that we will be burdened (or attempted to be burdened) again by the same things. The same strongholds that Satan had over us are going to be the same ones he uses again and again to get to us. That’s why we were just told to stand firm!

I hope you are encouraged by this verse. I’ve decided to go back through “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore again and use it in my quiet time for the rest of the summer. This verse was in the introduction and I have used it all day long in making decisions and reminding myself of my amazing freedom in Christ! I take it for granted too much. I turn to other means for comfort too much. This is not right. It makes me a slave to whatever I turn to. I don’t want any part of that.

It is for freedom that I am free in Christ. I will stand firm then, and I won’t let myself be burdened again by a yoke of slavery!

Christ gave up everything for me and you. Let’s stand firm and make Him glad He did!

Sweet Love in Christ,