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Aug 28

Word to Life

If I never do anything else, I pray with all my heart that I can bring God’s Word to life. For myself, for my family, for my friends, and for anyone else that I have the opportunity to share with. Yes, that would be it. My one desire: to bring God’s Word to life.


That’s what I ask myself. And there are so many correct answers.

I’ve led Bible studies. In these studies it was my main objective to bring God’s Word to life so that those in the study could feel and apply God’s Word in their everyday life.

I’ve been a speaker at retreats and conferences. No matter what the message or topic, my main goal was to bring God’s Word to life so that the women in attendance would go home thirsting for the Word of God with the desire to apply it to their lives everyday.

I answer the phone at Proverbs 31 Ministries. Many times it is people asking for prayer. I often don’t have the answers they are looking for, but I always point them back to the Word of God. I may not have advice or answers, but I do have Scripture that never fails. And when I share it, it sticks. It gives hope. It promises to never fail. When I have nothing to offer, the Word of God gives life.

My kids are searching for their way in life. I don’t have much to offer them, but I do have God’s Word. And unfortunately they may roll their eyes at me. But I know that His Word will not return void. And so, I keep offering it. One day they will thank me. I’m blessed. Today one of them thanked me :)

My husband….he’s a great husband. But he still doesn’t meet my every need. Because God’s Word has taught me how to love, whether Jeff meets my needs or not, I know how to give him love. Not because I posess it, but because God within me does. I read His Word. His Word manifests within me. And I am able to love whether I feel like it or not. And just for the record, today I felt like it. I am so in love with my husband!

Today I am struggling to discern the best way to bring God’s Word to life. There is so much I want to do. But there is also so much that I have to do. Ministry is important to me, but that can be done in many different ways. I am asking God to define that for me. And I am torn. I want to be in the smack dab center of God’s will. And His will alone.

How do you bring God’s Word to life? What does that mean to you?


Aug 13

Study the Bible

Is there a book you are interested in studying? A book of the Bible? A book that leads you to the Bible? Like a topical book? On marriage? A closer walk with God? Watching what you say? Your thoughts? Being the woman God created you to be? Lies? Truth?

Please share if you have thoughts on this.

thanks :)

Aug 10

Give me your thoughts on this quote:

“Yet often God yearns for us to ask His help; instead, we also look for the aid of human agents.”

Is this true for you?

Please Share,