Aug 10

Give me your thoughts on this quote:

“Yet often God yearns for us to ask His help; instead, we also look for the aid of human agents.”

Is this true for you?

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  1. Sometimes it is easier to ask someone else how to deal with a problem because we know we will get an instant answer. We live in a microwave world. We want answers NOW! God sometimes takes longer to answer.

    For me, I struggle with this all the time. I ask God for guidance, then turn to either my husband, best friend, or pastor for advice. I don't wait for God. When I allow myself the opportunity to wait for God to answer, I am truly blessed by His answer. Maybe one day I will learn to wait on Him for every answer …

  2. zekesmom10 says:

    Oh wow! Great question. I always do this. Sometimes I am certain God has put something on my heart and rather than trust that (because really, why would God be talking to *me*?) I ask a few more Godly women than I. Or I run it by my husband (which I think is important when it effects him).

  3. Yes, I confess to often running to others instead of waiting on God. I do believe that the Lord often uses others in His answer to us, but I do sometimes pick up the phone, send an e-mail or write a note before bending my knee.

    The word 'yearns' has spoken to me deeply. It's defined as a desire so strong that it produces an ache. WOW…think of God wanting me to ask for His help that badly.

    Great quote and question Melissa!

  4. Hi Melissa – I've been reading your blog for a few months now and have been so touched by your honesty and your love for the Lord. Keeping your family, especially your mom, in prayer…

    This quote really spoke to me because it reminded me of the period of time that I came to know Jesus. I was in a very difficult set of circumstances during the time Jesus was in hot pursuit of my heart. I was (and can still be) a person who looks to talk with people when times are tough. During a particularly anxious afternoon, I was looking everywhere for someone to talk to you. I couldn't find a single person to listen to my troubles. I threw myself back on my bed and said out loud, "God, you know I need to talk to someone, why are you doing this to me?!" His answer was quiet but clear…"I know. You always talk to everyone but me. I want you to talk to me about what is troubling you." I gave my heart to the Lord that night :o).

    Over the years, I have recalled that moment when my heart is anxious and I'm looking hard for someone to talk to. I think the Lord wants very much for us to come to Him with our troubled hearts. He's the God of help and of comfort. Those are good gifts and He desires to give good gifts to His children. I'm so comforted by the fact that when I'm in the midst of a trial, when I am most needy, He sees me, He loves me and He cares deeply about what is happening to me. It's that knowledge that drives me to Him, the knowledge that He wants me to come to Him. He will use His people to comfort and encourage me for sure but His greatest desire is for me to want to get to Him more than anything else. I love that He wants that to be my desire.

  5. susanj2008 says:

    I'm afraid I too long for Jesus with Skin on. I can find my self calling a friend and dumping on them what should be dumped at the foot of the cross. Confession my be good for the soul, but it needs to first go upward, and then if we are prompted by the Holy Spirit to go and find that person that we may need a word from.
    I want to practice that more often. With an open heart, open hands and a humble spirit to wait on the Lord.

  6. Oh yes this is true foe mr. I often have to keep myself from picking up the phone to call someone instead of getting on my knees to pray!. Or starting to formulate a plan without asking God what His plan is. I'm really working on that.

  7. I am often guilty of this too. I rely on Jeff or friends because of the instant feedback, validation, reassurance, or advice. That is good and many times helpful, but I always need more.

    Thanks for sharing. Your insight and words inspire me.

    Let's all try to be intentional on turning to our very best friend, the Lord 1st!