Aug 13

Study the Bible

Is there a book you are interested in studying? A book of the Bible? A book that leads you to the Bible? Like a topical book? On marriage? A closer walk with God? Watching what you say? Your thoughts? Being the woman God created you to be? Lies? Truth?

Please share if you have thoughts on this.

thanks :)



  1. There probably isn't enough space to list all the things I want to study but some of the big ones would be…

    *the women of the bible
    *renewing your mind
    *replacing fear with faith
    *Phillippians and Ephesians

    Still praying for your mom, you and your family.


  2. Walking closer with God, Marriage, Being the woman God created me to be.

    There are so many but these would be my top three.

  3. susanj2008 says:

    What do I want to study… What don't I want to study should be the question.
    *I love doing character studies. This is one of my favorite ways to study the bible because I love seeing how God takes flawed, foolish, mistake making, human beings and uses them for His glory and for His purpose in spite of their humanness. And it becomes life transforming
    *I love studying the bible where you can see how a theme connects. For me that has been connecting the God in the Garden, with God as pillar of Clouds/Fire, with His Glory over the Ark of the Covenant, With Jesus walking the earth, with the Holy Spirit in dwelling us, and His return as he will Come with the New Jerusalem. All because HE wants to Dwell with us. I love connections

  4. carol ~ i throw like a girl says:

    I would like to study more about having a more effective prayer life.

  5. Angela Walker says:

    Back a few post ago you gave an open invitation to become part of the P31 prayer team. I have been receiving the P31 daily encouragements for over a year and I would very much love to be part of such a wonderful opportunity to serve with other women who love our Lord and want to make a difference for God's kingdom. Please let me know how to take part in the prayer ministry. You can reach me by email at or Also our family blog is I look forward to hearing back from you.
    All 4 Him,

  6. Oooh, great ideas! I will picking a new study soon and you have given me much to think on!

  7. I would really like to study the minor prophets in detail. I think those books are often forgotten but I bet there are some wonderful gems of wisdom in there!

    As far as books – anything on being authentic!

  8. Hebrews or Romans