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Sep 15

People Watching is Interesting to Me

But what I don’t like about people watching is that too often I begin to judge the people I’m watching. Like I have the right. I don’t.
I’m going to highlight some biggies here. Kanye West and Michael Vick.
On first glance, I can jump right in with the crowd. Michael Vick….what a loser, killing animals, making them fight. He totally doesn’t deserve a second chance. And Kanye, interrupting my daughter’s very favorite singer, Taylor Swift. Stealing a special moment from her like that. What a loser. Let’s just charge them now. Guilty. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, just Google Michael Vick or Kanye West.
I’ve heard what many have said. According to most, these 2 are scum, don’t deserve a second chance.
While it’s easy to jump on these bandwagons….it’s even easy to agree with the crowd. I mean there are clear justifiable reasons. However, I dare you. I dare you to take God’s approach.
Please don’t bash me for this. But I have to wonder, is what they did forgivable in the eyes of the Lord? Well, yes it is. Because there is nothing unforgivable to Him. I mean we have to really mean it, but God can and will forgive when we really mean it. And who are we to decide how someone should be punished?
I am one of the few who are rooting for Michael Vick. He says that he is a changed man because of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want that to be true. Why wouldn’t I? God knows all, and it’s not up to me to decide it. I so hope he is a changed man. What a difference he will make in the kingdom of God if that’s the case. It’s not up to me or you to decide if he’s a good guy or not. Plus, I can relate to Michael Vick. No, I’ve never arranged fights between dogs, but I have sinned. I’ve sinned bad and big time. I pray that God believes in me. There are others who may not believe me, but my main concern is that God does. That’s all that truly matters to me. He and I know the truth. Who else has the right to judge? My value is determined by Him not my previous actions. Humans aren’t so forgiving. I’ve learned that. But God is.
And about Kanye West….I’m one of the few who probably feel a little sorry for him. I love Taylor Swift. Hayley Grace and I listen to Taylor all the time. She’s America’s sweetheart. He was hateful to her last night. I didn’t watch the Mtv Video Music Awards last night. When Britney and Madonna french kissed 7 years ago, I decided not to watch that again. But I awoke to the drama. It was on all the morning shows, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. And immediately I thought, “Oh great. Another celebrity drama that is going to take over the media. Instead of hearing about quality news, we will hear about this.” And I was right.
I decided to tune into to The Jay Leno Show tonight on NBC. Kanye West was a guest on there. He was quiet. He did not look up. He was shamed. He seemed to be on the verge of tears. He couldn’t even answer a question about what his late mother would’ve thought about his behavior. I suspect he is questioning himself, “What was I thinking?” “What made me do that?” I’m sure he has major regrets. But maybe just maybe it is the regrets that could make him a changed man? Right? If that’s what it takes….
Have you ever asked yourself those questions? I bet you did. Only the entire world wasn’t fixated you while you did it.
My point here is that it’s real easy for us to judge others. It’s easy when a camera or spotlight is on someone else to join the world in siding against them. I don’t know about you, but I’m real glad that there is not a camera following me.
I am not justifying what these men have done. Not at all. We all do have the right to judge their actions. What they did was wrong. But we do not have the right to judge what’s in their hearts. If we do, then we are saying that God is not capable of healing and changing someone. God is. And it’s best if we stay out of His way.
That’s all I’m sayin.
Our God is a God of second chances. And aren’t you thankful for that? I know I am.
I’ll leave all this up to Him.
Let me know your thoughts….

Sep 12

A girl works works works, then…

gets the flu too.
Yep, after a week of taking care of my family, I too fell prey to the swine. (Just to clarify, only one of the kids was officially diagnosed with the H1N1 virus…the doctor said there was no need to test. Just same symptoms.) This week our family has also encountered a UTI (I can’t tell you who has that bc they say “it’s embarrassing Mom!” , major asthma flair up requiring extra breathing treatments, and many a cough, earache, high fever, and sore throat.
Early this afternoon I proclaimed, “It’s cold in here isn’t it?” And I heard, “I’m not cold” “Me either” To which I thought, “Oh no.”
And I was right. The reason I was cold was because I had a fever. The sickness that I had worked so hard to make everyone else feel better about had finally found it’s way to me. And I’m ok with that.
If you read yesterday’s post, then you know that I was able to find Treasure in the Illness (es) of my family. Now it’s time for me to find the treasure in my own.
Could it be I need to slow down?Could it be I need to be able to empathize with those who are sick?Could it be that I wasn’t supposed to go away for a girl’s weekend with my Bible Study group but stay home with my family?
Who knows? (Well, God does.) But whatever the reason, I trust that there is a reason for it. I’m just thankful that I was the last to get it and not the first. I was given the gift of caring for my family without having to worry about me. Now they are in the healing stage and I can just crash.
This has been a hard week for many reasons. I am a little down about my Mom. (I may comment on this at another time or I may not.) I am faced with new challenges in my speaking and writing. My family has needed me beyond the usual. I’ve missed work all week and I need the hours. But let me tell you the blessings….
I trust God to take care of Mom. That’s hard for me, but I have to do it. In speaking and writing, or another way of putting it…my calling in ministry….I am being challenged to step it up. That’s all I’ll say about that. I struggle on some days to feel worthy of the calling and I rise to the occasion on some days knowing I am capable because of the Lord. But only because of Him. My kids have needed me so much this week. Seeing my strong boys so weak has taken me aback. I cherish the fact that they need me, but I hurt seeing them feel so bad. And my office work. I miss my friends at the office. I miss my work at the office. I need the hours. But home has called. And I’m called here before anywhere else.
So this girl has worked worked worked. And I was to be rewarded this weekend. My Bible study group is taking an annual girl’s weekend trip to the lake. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. Yesterday I made the call to stay home. I knew my family needed me. Little did I know that I’d be the one who was sick! Mary Beth, Julie, LaGena, Amy, and Michelle…girls have a blast! I wish I was there with you! Play, laugh, relax, and enjoy the gift of each other. I’ll catch up with you next Friday at Bible Study. I was so looking forward to this weekend with you. I hope and pray you all are having a great time together. But selfishly I hope not too much fun!
Thankfully it is the weekend. I got to watch my favorite show tonight (Monk). And tomorrow there is college football. If I have to be sick and stuck at home, then at least it’s football season. The Gators play at 12 and the Gamecocks play at 6:30. :) And the Panthers play Sunday. :)
No matter what, I am reminded of what the Lord says. Reminded by a friend, 1 Peter 5:6-11. And girlfriend who sent that to me, I am holding that closer than you know.
Hangin in there,

Sep 10

Treasure in the Illness

I am looking around my house today.  In 1 room lies a 16 year old boy.  He’s typically healthy and rarely misses school.  Today he is down and out.  102 fever. Cough. Sore Throat. Earache.  Just feels rotten.  He’s 16, but he needs his mama :)
In the den there are 2 couches.  On one lies a 14 year old boy.  He has been down and out since Monday.  He’s been to the doctor twice due to high fever, 104, and breathing trouble.  Coughing a lot.  This was supposed to be his first week of football practice.  He hasn’t been able to join his team yet.  Too sick.  On the other couch lies a 12 year old boy.  He is down and out.  While I was attending a PTA Open House last night, he texted me and let me know he had a fever of 101.  He is sick and coughing also.  Both of these big boys also need their mama :)
Truly, that is the one thing I like about them being sick.  Their need for me.  It brings back memories of the many sick days we had during the preschool years.  We used to be in the doctor’s office all the time it seemed.  I was forever wiping a nose, rocking a sick child, administering medication, attending appointments, reading up on the latest remedies or health issues, and occasionally even being sent to the hospital. (6 different times I recall going from the pediatrician’s office straight to the hospital)  My life was consumed with being a Mom.  Hands on all the way.  My boys have grown up so, their need for me is not as obvious.  But oh when they are sick…all they want is their mama.
And our time together has been so sweet.  Hayden and I have talked so much this week.  He has been the sickest so far and out of school all week.  While I would never wish this flu on him again, I cherish the time and conversations we’ve had this week.  Priceless.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not glad my boys are sick.  But I have found treasures hidden in their illness.
Hayley Grace, their 8 year old sister…she is not down and out.  Although she was.  For 2 days she had a cough.  She got over it quickly.  She has cried everyday this week because she wanted the swine flu so she could stay home too!  Go figure!
I’m praying that our family will be back to good health very soon.  I’m also praying I don’t get it!  If the past repeats itself, I’ll spend this week caring for them and then get it!  (Hoping that doesn’t happen!  I feel fine so far!)
Hoping and praying that you are your family are staying well!