Nov 30

Return to Worthy ***give away alert :)

I haven’t written in a few days.  It was Thanksgiving.  It was the last weekend of college football.  (AND YES SOUTH CAROLINA BEAT CLEMSON WHOOOO HOOOO!!!! sorry, just sayin.)  My daughter had a friend from out of town spend the weekend with us.  I had tons of laundry to do.  The Cannons stopped by and I didn’t think they’d ever leave! (LOL, Rhyne, Sara Anne, and MC…we LOVE having y’all over and we need to do it way more often!)  I cleaned the Proverbs 31 Office.  Went to church.  I went to 3 different grocery stores (Aldi, Wal Mart, Harris Teeter) to make sure I got the best deals for my family.  And so on.  And so on.  And so on.  As you can see I have lots of excuses for not writing.

But my #1 excuse for not writing…..I got sucked into reading previous comments on my blog and I couldn’t stop.  I read for hours.  During those hours, I got very angry.  I cried.  And I rejoiced.  Two weeks ago, a devotion I wrote , Stained and Ruined, stirred a lot of emotions.  Hundreds of comments flooded my blog.  Hundreds more flooded my email, both at home and at my office.  I received phone calls.  Way too many of us have been affected in some way by sexual abuse.  I am praying about follow up writings here on my blog to that devotion.  Over and over I read stories of women hiding in shame.  Wearing masks so that no one knows.  Struggling with their self worth.  Struggling because no one would believe them or talk about it.  Abuse by family members, even fathers and mothers.  Some still wondering if they could ever truly claim and believe they are free in Christ.  I know some of these feelings far too well.  Freedom in Christ isn’t just granted once, it must be claimed daily.  Sometimes more than that.  An those who aren’t in your position, don’t understand. It’s real easy to say “Get over it” when you’ve never been through it.  I have soooo many things running through my tiny little brain as a result of this devotion.  Not sure how God will help me process it all, but He is working, I know that.  I feel a calling for us all.  I keep hearing the words, Return to Worthy. That’s because from what I read, there are too many of you still not feeling worthy.  But you are.  And I’d like to help you know it!

My other #1 excuse for not writing.  I’ve been entering email addresses into my data base.  After that is done, I will be emailing My Top 10 Ways To Know You Are Worthy. So if you are still waiting on that, just a few more days I think.  I’m entering them in here and there, when I have the time.  I never dreamed there would be this many to send out.  I thank you for patience if you were one of the ones who commented on that blog post and you are still waiting.

On a fun and happy note.  Please visit  my sweet P31 sister, Karen Ehman’s blog over the next 12 days.  She is doing a “12 Days of Christmas” Giveaway.  She’ll be introducing you to 12 different Proverbs 31 Ladies.  Each day the featured guest will be sharing some of her favorite Christmas traditions and giving something special away.  If you like great ideas and free gifts, this is for you!  Hop on over there each day for the next 12 days, leave a comment, and you just might win a prize!  Yours truly will be featured on Wednesday, December 2nd!

So, worthy friends, I’m praying for you.  Thanks for walking this oh so special road called life with me.

Blessings and Love,



  1. Praying for you my friend as you process all that is running through your head as a result of your devotional. Listen and follow. I know you will.


  2. you wrote something that just stands out to me that I never knew…
    “Freedom in Christ isn’t just granted once; it must be claimed daily.” Certainly something to ponder…and remember!

  3. Julie, I was struck by that sentence too. Didn’t mention it because I’m still pondering it myself.

  4. Jennifer Rodd says:

    Prayers of the righteous do avail much. For a week after reading Stained and Ruined I couldn’t get my mind off the sexual abuse I experienced as a child along with other forms of abuse I’ve gone through in my life. Last Sunday night so much emotional pain built up in me I broke down and cried. I just wanted Jesus to put his arms around me and let me know I was still his child. I had no one I could turn to so I wrote a prayer request to Proverbs 31 and today I’m feeling a whole lot better. The things from my past are still in the back of my mind but they are not holding me down emotionally. I dont remember how old I was when I was sexually abused as a child because it only happened once as a way of being punished by my mother. I was also sexually abused by men in later years. Yesterday I looked at my eight year old niece and thought about myself at that age. I thought, “How could anyone sexually abuse a child”? It happened to many of us but in Jesus we are free.

  5. Dear Melissa,
    Something drew me over here to read this entry… hmmm… perhaps God? Just like forgiveness, freedom is granted, but we don’t realize it for every situation, every emotion, every circumstance…. not until we grab hold of it for that specific time.
    Until I started claiming God’s forgiveness, despite how unworthy I felt (or still feel) I am not going to have that freedom. Until I start claiming that freedom, in the face of the lies the enemy keeps throwing at me, I am not going to taste it. Forgiveness is freely given, but sometimes really hard to remember or believe. Freedom is a hard won battle, that is never over, because we have to constantly battle the lies. But God. He gives us that freedom, just like forgiveness. We just need to reach out and grab hold of it, and not let go. Ever.

    I am preaching to the choir I know…. myself included. Some things realized today, that I need to claim the truth of God over…… lies that were in place that I never knew were so strongly there. It’s funny how God does that. He reveals things that are a problem, that have been a problem for a long time, but weren’t revealed until now… until we are ready to deal with them. Praise Him for that. If He revealed everything now, I would be a basket case for sure!!!!

    Thank you for your previous post, and for this one as well. May God bless you as you minister my dear friend. I am so grateful to have met you behind the registration table this year at She Speaks. And to have “met” you before that through your blog. God is using you, my friend… as you can tell by your blog and email and phone call responses.

    May He continue to bless and use you.
    Love in Him,

  6. Melissa,
    I absolutely love reading your blog. As I have been trying to RETURN TO WORTHY for many years. I am looking forward to what God has in store for me. I just have to remember that what I went through is not a mistake. God will use it to benefit someone else. Jennifer

  7. Return to Worthy- Oh Melissa I LOVE this!!! I will be praying for you as you seek God’s direction on the follow ups. What Jennifer said above, “what I went through is not a mistake.” I so agree with that. This past weekend my mom brought up the subject through some things she found out about some of my relatives. She kept apologizing for bring it up. I am at a place where I am okay now though. I am at peace with my past, at peace with the childhood struggles and God is using it all. I spent most of the day reading, making notes and praying over my presentation next week and for P31. These are my favorites days, days I spend most of the day in the Word and prayer :)

    Love you Sister, keep sharing what God lays on your heart you are reaching so many women!