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Mar 25

Mama is With Jesus :)

Thank you for ALL  of your prayers, support, and love given to me and my family during this difficult time.

From Mom’s CaringBridge March 25 in the morning:

Dear Sweet Family and Friends,

Mom is now safe and fully healed in the arms of the Lord.  She passed away around 10 am.  Bud, Tricia, and I were at her side as she took her last breaths.

We are overcome with sadness yet relieved that she’s feeling no pain and the cancer is gone.

I’ll update later with the details of the arrangements.

I Love You and My Family Loves You,


From Mom’s CaringBridge :

Hey Y’all,

It’s been a very trying and emotional day.  A day of joy because Mom is now at peace and totally healed, but a day of sadness because we just can’t believe she’s not here anymore.  I keep waiting on my phone to ring and it be her asking me when I’ll be at her house or something.  We are all in little shock even though we were expecting it.  

I’m at home tonight for the first time in a long time.  I’ve missed my family.  They are hurting too.  Tricia’s family is driving back from Texas now and should be here tomorrow. Bud is hurting bad. We just loved Mom so much. She was a rock in our family and she took care of everyone.

I’ll post Mom’s obituary from the newspaper tomorrow or Saturday.  I actually wrote it last night when I was staying up late.  So glad today that I got it out of the way.

My mother loved her friends and family so much.  The comments you all have posted here really lifted her spirits.  It made her feel so good that so many people loved her so much.  Your prayers have carried Mom and our family.  God used you to bless us. Thank you so much.

Here are the arrangements:
Sunday, March 28th 2-4, Visitation
Bass-Cauthen Funeral Home
700 Heckle Blvd.
Rock Hill, SC  29730 

Monday, March 29th 2:00 pm, Funeral Service
Bass-Cauthen Funeral Home Chapel
700 Heckle Blvd.
Rock Hill, SC  29730 

If you need any other information, please let me know. My email is at the right of this page.

Blessings to you all,

Mar 24

Up late, waiting…

I didn’t plan on writing tonight.  Y’all know how hard life has been lately.  It’s been grueling.  Have you ever waited for someone to die?  Actually wanted them to go?  Wished and prayed that they would just go?  I’ve heard it said, that if you truly love someone, you will let them go.  If I never understood that before, I understand it now.

As I type these words, I can hear my mom in her room trying way to hard just to breathe her final breaths.  We thought 4 days ago it might be her last day.  Then on Monday we thought maybe one more day.  This morning, we were convinced it would be just a few hours.  Well, 12 hours later, she’s still hangin’ on.  Bless her sweet amazing loving heart.  She’s my mother.

Truly, I’ll never be ready to lose her.  I think I’ll cry daily from missing her.  At the same time, I know this is not the life for her.  And thank the Lord, she believes and loves Jesus.  That makes this all so much better.

We medicate and sedate her to keep her pain free and unaware of the struggles her body is going through.  Earlier today she realized she couldn’t breathe too well and she cried, “Help me, I’m choking and can’t breathe.”  That was horrific.  I love Hospice.  Her nurse upped Mom’s meds and very soon peace returned.  We really thought she’d be gone.  She’s not yet.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Mom has always worried about her family.  She’s always made sure we were ok.  She was a little nosey, but she really just cared.  She asked Jeff (my sweet hubby) to please take care of me and our kids.  That was 4 days ago. He promised her he would.  He came back here tonight to reassure her of this and tell her it was time to go.  We have all been trying to reassure her that we will take care of each other and she has nothing to worry about.  She’s been a fighter her whole life.  Raised me and my sister by herself practically.  Always made time for us and her grandkids, whom she adored.  We want her to quit worrying now and just go be in peace.

If you read this before she goes, would you please pray that the Lord would take her?  Bud (her husband), Tricia (my sister), and I are emotionally and physically exhausted.  We love her so much and will miss her greatly, but we want her suffering to end.

I’m staying up for a while. She needs her next dose of medication in 30 minutes.  My sister is taking the shift after that.

Trusting God throughout this all.  Thanks for your prayers.



Mar 19

Strong and Courageous

“Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 (NIV)

This is a verse I shared with Mom yesterday.  We know this one well, because it is my son, Hayden’s, life verse.  It’s so applicable to our lives.  

It gives a question from God: “Have I not commanded you?”Like God is saying…”come on y’all, this is an order here…didn’t I tell you this already?”  

Then He tells us what to be and what not to be.  “Be strong and courageous…not terrified…not discouraged.”  

Then He tells us WHY we can be strong and not scared.  “…for the Lord your God is with you WHEREVER you go.” Plain and simple, He is with us at all times, anywhere, and everywhere.  We can be filled with strength and courage because He provides it.  Fear and discouragement can flee.  

I can’t tell you how this one verse gets me through.  I shared it with Mom and we are claiming God’s Word over her.  Each time she seems a little scared, I remind her that God is with her at all times and I promise you, I see the fear flee from her face.  Nothing else we can tell her can do that.

Mom is resting most of the time and we are limiting visits and phone calls to 15 minutes now. Also we are asking that no one ask her questions. She gets confused and upset when she can’t remember. Just tell her short expressions, like “Hey there” and “I love you”, etc.  She just gets exhausted. She loves company and will not tell anyone she’s tired.  Bud is getting little to no sleep because Mom is not resting well at night.  Hopefully she will tonight.  She’s hasn’t eaten anything in 2 days. All this is normal and we’ve been expecting it.  While it’s sad, there are blessings too.  

Thank you as always for being so loving, caring, supportive, and kind to me and our family.  We continue to enjoy the  stories of how Mom has impacted the lives of others.  

She’s still impacting mine today :)

Much love.  Stay strong and courageous,