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Apr 21

My First She Speaks

I can’t believe it, but it was 9 years ago that I attended my first She Speaks Conference.  I had no real idea what I was doing there, except that my Women’s Ministries Director approached me with the idea of going. She saw something in me that I had not recognized and was committed to bringing out God’s best in her leaders. I looked at it as an educational opportunity, a conference where I would receive tools and become equipped to be a better Bible teacher and group leader.  I did receive those things, and much much more.  Sometime during the conference, I got the idea that the Lord may be telling me He had other plans for me.  I took 9 months after the conference to seek Him on that and pray about it.  I learned later that He was “calling” me into a speaking and writing ministry.  I took the challenge.

She Speaks was an awakening for me.  My vision was so small.  God’s vision was much greater.  That scared me at first because I thought there was just no way I was capable of what He was calling me to do. And I wasn’t.  But God inside of me, guiding me, preparing me, comforting me, equipping me, strengthening me was.

I encourage women I meet who are interested at all in reaching others for Christ through teaching, leading, writing, or speaking to attend this conference.  For some, the monetary cost makes that seem impossible.  I understand that issue quite well.  If it were not for the financial support of my church, I would not have been able to attend the conference 9 years ago.  That’s why I’m so thrilled that another scholarship is being given away.  If you have the desire to attend but just don’t see how it’s possible, due to cost, I pray you will comment on all of our blogs for this contest.

I will be praying for all of you who comment.  I ask the Lord to be over the random drawing of the winner and to continue to provide hope for those who do not win.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today.  I hope you’ll stop back by again soon.

Check out the conference here:  www.She

Rules: This is for women who have never attended She Speaks. And, it is for women who would otherwise not be able to attend. If you can afford the conference – please do not enter to win a scholarship. Leave a comment on the P31 blogs.  Comments should briefly tell us what winning would mean to you in answering God’s call to speak. All comments must be in by midnight Friday. A winner will be randomly chosen from all comments and announced on Monday, April 26th.

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Apr 1

A Life of Laughter by Blake Taylor

These beautiful words were written by my oldest son, Blake.  He loved his grandmother and their relationship was a very special bond. He read this at Mom’s funeral. (I’m so proud of him!)

A Life of Laughter

Becky Nunn, or as her grandchildren called her, Mamaw, loved to have fun. Although her location and eventually, physical health, changed, one constant that remained was her ability to make almost anything funny.

In our preschool years, a sleepover at Mamaw’s house meant rocking-chair lullabies and wild goose chases around the living room, complete with her comically screaming right behind us as we “ran for our lives.”  Once she and Papaw moved to Florida, our visits with them were filled with countless excursions to the beach and rides on their golf cart, hardly ever going anywhere in particular but always enjoying each others’ company.

In 2005 Mamaw and Papaw returned permanently to the Carolinas, residing in a quaint Rock Hill home.  This turned out to be an unfathomable blessing towards the end of Mamaw’s life.  We were able to see her much more often.  We spent many afternoons of quality time relaxing by her pool, followed by a meal of her famous macaroni & cheese and sweet tea.  And of course, what was a visit to Mamaw’s house without watching at least a few minutes of Oprah.

On the way to school every morning, my dad gives me a pithy, inspirational phrase for the day; something to think about and live by as I go about my daily routine.  Its content varies from well-known quotes to Biblical lessons.  One morning while Mamaw was at our house, Dad asked her if she could provide my thought for that day.  We waited for a moment, expecting her to tell us a profound statement accounting for years of wisdom.  Instead, she remarked “Never do today what you can put off ‘till tomorrow!” before busting into her classic, hysterical laugh.

That’s the most substantial imprint Mamaw left on me: that even when obstacles arise that simply can’t be overcome, a positive, cheerful attitude can brighten any situation.  It may not solve everything, but it sure will make it a whole lot better.  Even during the most painful stages of her cancer journey, while watching American Idol she still cranked out plenty of humorous sarcastic remarks that rivaled anything Simon Cowell could ever criticize.

Mamaw’s infectious joy is what I’ll remember most about her and carry on with me from her legacy.  She always brought an extra dose of laughter with her everywhere she went, making the most of every day and courageously persevering until the very end.