May 28

Fun Friday: Randomness and Thank You!

First, if you haven’t heard about the rat who is now causing all of us Proverbs 31 office gals to live in fear, please take a look at this photo album on my Facebook page. I think it will give you a good laugh:  Fearing Templeton When you get there, click on the first picture and take the time to advance through each photo and read the captions.  Just gotta laugh!

If you are on Facebook, I’d love to be your “friend”.  Just invite me.  I love connecting with other sistas on Facebook for a more personal look into each other’s lives.  Melissa’s Facebook Page

Same with Twitter. If you tweet, I’d love to connect with you there too. Melissa’s Twitter Page

Just a little info on my FB and Twitter. It’s real, raw, and it’s me. Some don’t like what I post because I don’t just post about any one subject, I post about everything…depends on what’s on my mind. And often it has zero value to anyone else. But I have fun with it :)  I’m not obsessed with these things, but they are outlets I enjoy. I’ve met many dear dear friends on FB, Twitter, and on my blog. In fact when I look through all the cards and encouragement that came my way during my Mom’s illness, many are from people I’ve never personally met. Blows me away. I just love it. Love my friends, seen and unseen <3  (there’s that sideways heart again!)

I know many people don’t like social medias such as Facebook and Twitter…and that’s ok. I say “to each his own!”  We all have our thing, if it’s not yours, that’s alright with me.

Before I go, I just have to tell you something. I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday just reading through the comments posted on my blog over the past week.  THANK YOU so much for taking the time to write a message to me.  What you share not only means a lot to me, but often it encourages someone else. I was extremely blessed and my heart <3 touched by the prayers for me and the thoughts you shared.  There is not a comment left here that goes unread by me.  They mean so much.

Well, it’s time to toot my own horn again. :)  This week I’ve walked a total of 18 miles.  I’ve counted my points (on Weight Watchers), turned in 2 devotions for publication on the Proverbs site, and blogged I think 5 times.  I can’t tell you how great I feel. I still have quite a ways to go in the weight loss venture…oh my that’s always a struggle…another story for another day :)  I weigh in at noon today and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hey, toot your horn too. What are you doing for yourself?  What did you accomplish this week? Share your blessings with me :)

And Have a Beautiful Weekend!

***Edit. It’s Friday afternoon, 1:52 pm.  I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and I GAINED 1.4 POUNDS!!!  I just knew I had lost weight because I had been a good girl this week! (there’s a devotion there somewhere LOL!)  Anyway, I vented to my WW group and they were so sweet and encouraging. I even cried. (what a loooooser!) My beautiful leader, Mary Beth, had me feeling much better by the time I left. I went from crying and craving fried chicken to confident and coming back to my office to eat my cheese ravioli which was planned.

What do you do when your plans don’t succeed? I just wrote about it earlier in the week. You  try try again. And so I persevere. (any Bible verses come to mind here? Uh-huh!)

And hey, what’s up with only one person (Thank you sweet Joy) sharing their blessings? Come on, I’ve shared with you, now you share with me. That would bless me greatly!  (if you don’t want to it’s ok, I’m just kidding)

Bye now and have an awesome loooong weekend!



  1. Hey my sweet friend…I ‘heart’ your randomness! :) and love you tons!

    So glad you had such a great week! YEAH!!! What did I accomplish? Well, made time for some visits with friends this week that I haven’t done in a long time…worked on some prep stuff for “She Speaks”…designed my own business cards, letterhead and bio sheet…tried out a new recipe and delivered a meal to family who was grieving…exercised 3 mornings…wrote some ‘snail mail’ to encourage a friend…and didn’t miss a quiet time with the Lord all week! :) Toot, Toot!

    Have a wonderful day…and keep an eye out for anything that scurries! Your pics on FB are hilarious! Are you guys getting any work done???

    Love ya,

  2. Hey Missy…sorry about the WW thing. BUMMER! Don’t be discouraged. My mother always claims my added weight is muscle! Yeah…right! Anyway…you really want to be a LOSER right…a loser of weight!!! So keep claiming that!!! :)

    All joking aside…love ya my friend..and I know how heartbreaking that must have been…especially after you had been so good all week and tried so hard. Disappointing when the results we anticipate are not the ones we receive. I love the verse in Zechariah 9:12 that calls us to be “prisoners of hope”. Keep believing Melissa.

    Hey…look at me…I didn’t succeed at guessing right on your pic a few minutes ago…but I kept trying!!! Your reward is going to be so much greater than a rat…I’m just saying!!!!

    Love ya, Hugs,

  3. I’m gonna try again to see if the magical blog fairy has fixed whatever is going on here and see if this will post…..Not much tooting I got to talk about. Just trimmed my bushes this week. I need a little tushy pushing to get me back motivated to walking. You know how it is when you get out of the daily routine to get back started. (Maybe I should turn my texting back on to get me up in the morning…..;-))

    Oh wait…..I did lift weights for 20 minutes on Tuesday sooo…..toot toot for me.

    I am so glad you are so real! That is what I love about you! Glad to see you getting back on a roll…..I have missed you here! :-)

    Love you bunches!! <3

  4. OH YAY!!!!!!!!!! It worked!!!!!! Thank you magical fairy!!!
    I just hope all 10 times I tried to post this morning don’t find there way here from cyber space.

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Welcome back! I really enjoy your FB and blog posts. I think the fact that you are so real is what I appreciate most. And, that you encourage me to keep on, even when the going is tough.

    I’m not much good at tooting my own horn. Somewhere in life I learned that was prideful and wrong. But as I read your blog, I’m not sure that’s really correct. Sometimes it’s just good to recognize the accomplishments of the day or week.

    This week, I survived waiting for results from my 4 year old daughter’s MRIThe doctor wanted a scan of her spine to rule out the possibility of a tumor growing there causing some symptoms of concern. Good news was there are no tumors! Yeah! Praise God! We’re still looking for the underlying cause of the symptoms, but it is a huge relief to know we’re not dealing with a tumor on her spine. Waiting was really hard. Especially after I called and learned the doctor would not be able to call me back that day.

    Also, this week, in my work as treasurer for our church we hit a tough cash flow point. We’ve seen God work in amazing ways this year, giving us a larger budget than we’ve ever had before. And He’s been supplying all that we need as we need it. But this week, we hit that point where the money available didn’t quite cover the bills to pay. So, when I went to write my weekly report to our church family, it was tough not to be discouraged and pessimistic. But, I laid it all before Him, and then sat down to write a brief note. He prompted me to list things we are thankful for in our church. In the end, I was able to focus on His blessings, it was the most real I’ve been in a note to our family, and from the feedback I’ve gotten, it was well received. So really, I’m tooting God’s horn.

    God is good. Especially in the toughest times!


  6. Lisa V. says:

    Melissa, It’s so great to see you back here. I’ve missed you! I enjoy reading what’s on your heart and it’s very often so beneficial to my life and walk with Christ. You spoiled us all with how often you shared with us and when it went away for a while I knew you had to be going through a tough time with the loss of your mom. I’m glad to see you back even though I know the grief is very much still present and my heart goes out to you.

    Well your P.S. put a little pressure on me to post…LOL. What have I done for me this week? Not much I think. I feel overworked and overstressed. I’m not good with taking care of my own needs and I’m not good with sharing what I need with my husband. I’ve failed with keeping devotions time as a priority for weeks now so it’s no surprise I’m “out of sorts”. Yet I’m blessed. Because I have life and a husband and son I adore. Actually my son turned 4 this week and we are celebrating with family and friends this Sunday. My success this week is getting through it! = )

  7. Look forward to maybe meeting you at SheSpeaks! :) I’m jacked about it. It will be my first SheSpeaks conference. Excited about this new season in my life. Also… your book looks pretty interesting…. I may have to check it out. :) Looks good! :)

  8. Melissa, It’s always great to here what you have been up to. Thank you for being so honest and real.I love your spirit you are so encouraging,and uplifting.I know it’s all GOD working through you to help us keep pressing in to what GOD has for us. Blessings your friend from IDALOU, TEXAS

  9. i exercised—extreme self control that is! went away for a 4 day vacation and asked my neighbor to water a very important plant while i was gone. it went to plant heaven by the time i got home. wanted to pull the plant out of the ground and stuff my neighbor in the hole, but i didn’t. why? ‘cuz that would be wrong, or so said my husband. sigh….
    i’ll take my victories any size i can get them!

  10. Hey Girl!

    I haven’t stopped by in quite a while – things have been busy. Just wanted you to know that you are on my heart today!


  11. Jessica B says:

    It is Tuesday, June 1st and I am just now getting around to reading your post. I haven’t yet checked out your pics on Facebook but that is next on my agenda. I was able to sleep in on Saturday AND take a nap before going into work. Toot Toot!! For me that is huge as I work two jobs. I spent a wonderful day at the lake yesterday with a very good friend. It was a relaxing, much needed day of rest.