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Jun 18

Don’t Mess With Texas…OR ME!!!!

****Edit. I just reread what I wrote here! I HOPE you read it with the humor it was written! I’m not as bratty as I appear here. Really I’m not.    :)

It’s been a VERY LONG WEEK AT WORK and quite busy and chaotic at home too. It’s Friday and I’m exhausted. I feel like I need to tell people to just stay out of my way.  I see bumper stickers that say, “Don’t Mess With Texas”.  Well today, I’m saying, “Don’t mess with Me!”

Ok, I’m not that good at being real mean. It doesn’t come naturally, but don’t tell my kids that today!  It’s just been a very hectic, chaotic, busy past few weeks and coming home to lazy kids and a disgusting house has just pushed me over the edge.

I’ve put in long hours this week. Proverbs 31 has a conference coming up in 6 weeks and the final payment was due this week, so the phones were ringing non-stop. Publisher request appointments are also close to being due.  Pre conference calls have begun.  It’s time to run the monthly donors’ credit cards. There have been oodles of prayer requests both online and via phone. All this is good, but requires a lot of mental energy.  School is out. Hayden had 8th grade graduation. Blake went to the NC Scholastic Media Institute 3 hours away for 4 days. High school football practice has begun.  Hayley Grace’s social calendar is bursting at the seems. Dylan wants to go to the mall.  So where does that leave me???? Kids busy = me busy.   Ooooh girl! Melissa Taylor you sound a bit whiny if you ask me. Well who asked you? I think you need to take a breather and regroup!  Wah Wah Wah. Well I’m tired. I worked late most days this week. I had to drive to Chapel Hill and back in one day (which actually was fun, but still exhausting at the end of the day). One lady made me cry on the phone today at work because she was not nice.  And my kids are ungrateful pigs…I mean that in a nice way. I’ve tried to sit down and write, but I haven’t had the brain to write, blog, or do anything that I want to do. You have much to be grateful for so stop it now!  You have a job that you actually LOVE. And missy, you even got your nails and toes done last Saturday. So quit complaining! You can whip those kids into shape, they just got out of school, cut them some slack. You can revamp your schedule and set a few new boundaries. No need to freak out. Geez! Ok, so now you know that I carry on conversations with myself.  You can now add “looney” to mad and frustrated!

Enough already.  I won’t continue to rant and rave. Truly I’m good.  I’m just venting.  My children have had to listen to me, but they have not done their part around here.  I had to give them the “what for”.  Do you know what the “what for” is?  I’m not sure where it originated but it means I just might tell you a thing or two and you may not like either!  Anyhow, they all scurried and cleaned up their messes  and did what they could to make Mom happy and get the place looking like some other animal besides pigs lived here…so it’s all good. I feel better now bless their hearts.

On to better things. It’s Friday. And I like to have a little fun on Fridays and I am thankful that I’m ending this week in quite a special way.  Our family is going to see Toy Story 3.  If I put into words how totally excited I am to see this movie, you would think I was a little kid. Well, what if I told you I was bringing an entire roll of toilet paper with me because I know I’ll be crying???  It’s true I am.  Toy Story movies are so special to our family.  Blake, my oldest, went to Toy Story 1 back in 1995. It was his very first movie.  He carried around Woody and Buzz for the next 2 years. Blake was Woody for halloween and Hayden was Buzz. When Toy Story 2  came out in 1999, we were so excited.  We have watched these two movies as a family for years. We are huge Pixar and Disney fans.  In this movie, Toy Story 3, the boy Andy has grown up from a little boy who plays with his toys to a young man going to college.  My oldest doesn’t go to college this year, but he’s close, close enough that I cry just thinking about Toy Story 3!  So, now you know not only am I looney, but I’m also a geek!  Little kid movies make me cry!  I can relate anything back to my emotions…and the tears come easy.

I hate to vent and run, but it’s time to go.  Toy Story 3 awaits!  Hope this blog post doesn’t totally ruin my sweet reputation.  Just being honest and using this blog as my thought processing center.  :)

Love Y’all!  Thanks for listening!  I <3 U!!!!

*****Edit:  Toy Story 3 was fabulous. And yes I did cry!!!  If you like 1 and 2, you will love this one.  If you haven’t seen 1 and 2, see those first and #3 will mean even more to you.  Awesome movie!  Has everything a good movie should have: laughs, gasps, tears, surprises, suspense, loyalty, friendship, villains, giving,creativity,  and most especially HEART!  Loved it!

Jun 8

I Am (Day 2, by Me)

First, if you haven’t read yesterday’s post, do it now :)  Well, you don’t have to, but it’s so sweet really. It’s Part 1 of “I Am” and it’s by my daughter, Hayley Grace.

I took the same open ended sentences I gave her and I answered them.  I don’t think my answers are near as sweet and cute as hers, but I said I’d post them, so here they are.

I am a wife and mother.

I wonder why some people have to be so mean.

I hear my mother in my own words all the time even though I used to swear I’d never be like her. I realize that doesn’t sound very good, but you know what I mean don’t you?  I LOVED my mother more than life itself, but there are just some of her ways that I can’t believe I’ve picked up on.

I see myself on the beach right now…in a low seated beach chair…with a breeze…a good book…and a pretty little drink with an umbrella :)

I want to be content.

I am a woman who loves God and is so thankful for His unconditional love and forgiveness.

I pretend that I can cook.

I feel sad and happy at the same time.

I touch LeAnn’s peanutbutter and jelly bars and I just can’t help myself. I have to eat them right up! LeAnn is the Exec. Director of P31 and a fab cook and baker! She brought her pbj bars to the office today and now I have to use all my Weight Watcher’s activity points for them. But it was worth it!

I worry about my future. Now before you give me a lecture here, I know in my head and heart that I don’t need to worry and that the Lord will provide and take care of the future. But I’m just being honest. When I worry it’s usually about what I’m going to do or what’s going to happen to me when I get old.  Just sayin’!

I cry almost everyday. I cry about losing my Mom. I cry when I watch movies. I cry when I’m extremely touched by something also.

I am strong on the inside.

I understand that things don’t always turn out how you’d like for them to. That’s when you just gotta trust the Lord with all your heart.

I say “Y’all” a lot.  I know that because my son just told me that I did.

I dream ….this one is hard because I don’t dream as much as I used to. I’ve even made the statement that I don’t believe in dreams anymore. But that’s not all together true. I guess I just had to modify my dreams. A beach house is not in the plans. (joking) With all that said, life is good.

I try way harder than I should have to at many things.

I hope that people can see and love me for who I am on the inside and see my heart. My heart is full of love, it really is.

I am beautiful. That’s not easy to write. And it’s not in an uppity conceited way.  I’m no beauty queen…far from it. But The Lord says I’m beautifully made and I thank Him for telling me that. I need to hear it. I need to believe it. (Psalm 139:14)

I am Melissa Ross Taylor.

Whew! Glad that’s over! It’s not as easy as it looks to complete sentences about yourself. Why don’t you give it a try? It makes you think outside your comfort box…at least it did for me.  And if you’d like to share with me and anyone else who reads here, please do. I know I’d love to read about you too.  Or you can email me at

Blessings Y’all <3

Jun 7

I Am

My daughter, Hayley Grace, is 8 years old and I absolutely adore her!  She was the big surprise of our family. Thinking we were at our maximum capacity as a family, 4 years after our 3rd (and final ha ha) child was born, God amazed us by giving us #4…our only little girl and a great source of joy in our home.  I’m trying to hold on to our sweet moments together knowing that as she gets older, she may not want to spend as much time with me as she does now. At 8 years old, I am her best friend and we talk about a lot of things. Recently she completed some open ended sentences about who she is.  I wanted to share them today with you, because I think they reveal so much more than what’s on the surface. As I read her statements I could see past the adorable little girl who loves to have fun and into her heart which is filled with more complex emotions.  Her statements are in green and my responses are beside hers.

I am…

I am a funny girl. So true!  One thing each of my children is gifted with is a great sense of humor!

I wonder about my future. I know you do baby. But don’t you worry! God has great plans for you and your future.   Jermiah 29:11 says so!

I hear people talking. And no doubt you are probably talking also :)

I see my friends at school. Yes, I know that your friends are the reason you like going to school!

I want to live at the beach. If you ever do, take me with you please!

I am a fun girl. Yes you are! I love to spend time with you because you are so fun to be with! I love you and I like you <3

I pretend that I am a monster. Not sure where this one came from. A rock star or Justin Bieber’s girlfriend is what I expected to see here.  A monster?

I feel my skin. And it is sooooo soft!

I touch my desk. Ok.

I worry about my life. Ok Gracie, we need to talk about this one. What do you worry about baby girl?  God does not want you to worry, but give it all to Him and allow Him to take care of you…and He will.  Pray to Him and please talk to me if you are worried about anything.

I cry about my Grandmother. Me too. Almost every day.  We miss her so much don’t we? But she’s all better now and we will see her again in Heaven.  <3

I am brave. So brave!  You amaze me with your courage. You even make me feel brave too.

I understand pressure. At such a young age, I don’t know if this is good or bad. All I can say is that if you understand it now, maybe you’ll be better prepared for the future. I just hope you don’t feel a lot of pressure in negative ways. And I certainly hope you don’t feel it at home.

I say Hey to people. “Hey”… :)  This makes me smile. Not sure why.

I dream of a perfect life. My first response to this was “Well dream on!” (in a sarcastic way because I know it ain’t happenin!)  But I wouldn’t really say that to her. Sweet child, I hope you are not disappointed in life. It won’t be perfect here on earth, not even close…”in this world you will have trouble…” (didn’t SomeOne say that…yea, like Jesus Himself!), but He also said that He had overcome the world and He came so we could live life to the fullest!  (John 16:33, John 10:10)  Don’t let go of your dreams sweet girl!  Life won’t be perfect on this earth but it can be real good. And one day,in Heaven, your dream of a perfect life will come true.

I try to make people happy. :)  :)  :)  You make so many people happy!  Being with you makes me happy.  The pictures you draw me make me happy.  The notes you write me make me happy.  Taking walks with you makes me happy. Watching you swim, run, ride your bike, sleep, and pray all makes me happy.  Not only me, but I’ve seen many people very happy after an encounter with you!

I hope to be a good person in life. You can check this off your list, because you are a good person in life. Just keep up what you are already doing. You are well on your way good and faithful servant!

I am an encouraging girl. I agree with this 100%!!!  And then some. If I had to name one person who encourages me when I need it, it would be you! Seriously. I have drawers and notebooks full of notes you’ve sent me telling me how much you love and appreciate me and how wonderful I am. Since words are my #1 Love Language, this speaks volumes to my heart. Thank you for being an encouraging girl! You’ve encouraged the whole Proverbs 31 Ministries staff by leaving them notes on their desks too. You rock!

I am Hayley Grace Taylor. I love Hayley Grace Taylor.

Tomorrow I’ll be completing these same open ended sentences with my own answers.

Have a fabulous day y’all!