Jul 2

13 Years Ago Today

13 Years ago today, my 3rd son was born.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I gave birth to the sweetest child in the world that day.  Dylan Ross Taylor is my child who possesses a great amount of love for others, a smile to share daily, sensitivity towards others, a loyal disposition, and a heart of gold.  This is all true.  If I had to say anything negative about him, it would be that he carries others’ burdens way heavier than a boy his age should.  Well that and he’s a bit unorganized and easily distracted. :)  Proverbs 3:5-6 are his life verses that we taught him when he was little as he has grown they have always seemed to fit.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. (NIV) (used purple because that is his favorite color)  Even at his young age, he relies on these verses, a promise from God that when we trust Him and not ourselves, He will provide direction.

If you are visiting my blog today via the Proverbs 31 Devotions, thank you for popping over. I’m glad you are here.

It is totally a coincidence that my devotion is running on Dylan’s birthday.  Well a coincidence to me, not to God.  In my devotion I wrote about how God is enough…enough to provide for and get us through any and all situations.  His Word gives us that reassurance.  His Words give us the comfort and security we need. Dylan has also found comfort and security from God’s Word as well as the words people have spoken and prayed in his life.  Let me explain.

Dylan was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder when he was in the 1st grade. Now some of you may think that’s way too young to be given a diagnosis like that, but for my husband and I, it answered many questions.  Like, why did our son cry for hours after being disciplined (simple discipline like getting a card pulled at school)?  Why did he remain visibly upset after hearing the alarm during a routine fire drill at school or seeing a bee in the backyard at home?  Why did he worry so much about problems that weren’t his own?  Why did he have acid reflux so often and there was no physical reason for it?  Why did he perform well on tests with no time limit but bomb on tests with a time limit?  Anxiety.  And with his diagnosis came education and knowledge on how to best treat it and help Dylan.  He began taking medication, which helped a great deal.  We also learned how to adjust various other factors in Dylan’s life. Two things provided Dylan great comfort. One was that his mom’s friends were praying for him.  The other was God’s Word.

When Dylan was 9 years old, he had to have a lot of lab work done involving needles and the drawing of blood. Anxiety disorders and needles don’t go well together in case you are wondering.  He practically hyperventilated just hearing what would be done to him.  His breathing became short and he went into panic mode just listening to the doctor explain what needed to be done. Since we had been working with Dylan on speaking up for what he needed, he decided this was a good time to put that into practice and I’ll never forget it.  He said,”Can we please wait 1 week to do this lab work please?”  The doctor asked, “Why?”  To which Dylan replied, “I’d like to get my mom’s friends to pray for me.”  The doctor replied with an absolute, “Certainly, that’s a great idea.”  We got home and Dylan said to me, “Mom, if you will get all of your praying friends to please pray for me to be brave and unafraid, I know it will work.”  So of course, I did.  And let me tell you what my sweet praying friends did.  They did pray for him, but not only that, they emailed letters to Dylan sharing with him their exact prayers and their words of encouragement.  Dylan believed them and he believed in the power of prayer. He believed that God heard these prayers and a week later, we went to the lab.  When it was time, I could tell Dylan was nervous, but he kept saying, “God is with me and will get me through this. Trust the Lord with all my heart…” At that moment he needed to decide, Is God enough to get me through this. He obviously decided Yes. The nurse stuck the needle in his arm and the blood was drawn.  5 viles full.  When it was over, Dylan exclaimed, “That’s it?  It’s over?  The prayers worked!”

Don’t you just love that story?  I do. I printed all of those prayers from my friends. We still look at them today. They are Dylan’s (and mine) reminder that God is faithful.

I know many of you (me included) have experienced or are experiencing circumstances that leave you distraught, afraid, or uneasy. Life is hard and often our only real choice is to trust God with all our heart and rely on Him. That alone is enough and I pray that you believe and trust in that. God is enough.

In honor of Dylan’s 13th birthday, if you leave a comment, I will pray Dylan’s verses for you by name today.  Have a great day and thanks again for stopping by.  Love and blessings!  <3



  1. Hi Melissa,
    It would be nice if you could pray for me that my appeal will get through. I ask that the Lord will give me strength to press on, and take my pain away, that my faith in him will only strengthen in times like this, and not weaken. I have been surviving on prayers these past months, and it’s always comforting to know that others are praying for me as well.

  2. I sit here with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful, beautiful testimony of the goodness, the sweetness, the tenderness of our God. Oh, how I love the way He takes the things the enemy means to use to destroy us and turns it around on the enemy…letting that very thing be what presses us in closer to Him, letting us truly learn how faithful He is! Your devotion and this post both have the feeling of a hug. I know that sounds strange…but I mean like a hug from the Father, Him wrapping His arms tightly around us with stories of His faithfulness.

    I am praying that God would indeed use what you have shared today to cause those who are hurting and questioning today to feel totally enveloped in a hug from Him…wrapped up and held tight in His love, in His peace, in His hope.

    And thank you for praying for me. That is a tender gift.
    Sweet blessings to you and your precious birthday boy!

  3. Thank you for you and your son’s story. How beautiful to hear how your young son leans on God and trusts Him for everything. My 27 year old son is coming home tomorrow on leave from the Army. He will be home for 3 weeks before he is deployed to Afghanistan. This will be his first deployment. My son was our challenge growing up. There was a time when he was making poor decisions. ~ 4 years ago he accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour. His journey is my testimony to the faithfulness of our God. I pray that my son stays connected to God (not sure where he is with his walk with the Lord these days). I ask that God continues to hold onto him and protects him. I pray that our time together is blessed and that we all enjoy each other’s company when he is home.
    Thank you for your son’s story–what a sweet young man. Happy Birthday Dylan!

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Your devotion and blog has truly touched my heart as I sit here wiping away my tears. Thank you for sharing your son’s story. That really does give me so much encouragement to dig in to God’s word and stay fatihful. Life is so busy and I have totally put God on the sidelines. But I really need him right up front and center to help keep my focused. God bless your son and family. Thank you for praying for all of us and I will be praying for you and your family as well. Happy Birthday to Dylan. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

  5. Jeannie Schlitt says:

    What a beautiful birthday tribute to Dylan and the power of God. The tears are flowing as my heart is deeply touched. Your family is so blessed to have Dylan and he will grow up to be a godly mand and a real gentleman. I think it is so awesome that he already has a life verse. Yes, God is enough! Birthday Blessings to Dylan.

  6. Janice C. says:

    What better blessing could anyone have than precious prayers on our behalf. Thank you to you and Dylan for such inspiration. No wonder our Lord said “suffer the little children to come unto me.” I can only hope to be as strong in the Lord as Dylan! Many blessings to you all.

  7. Your devotion today was exactly what I needed to hear with a situation going on with my job. God is enough! I love this story about your son Dylan. I could relate it to my son Alex who is now eighteen and also wise beyond his years but struggles with similar issues. I am so thankful to our Lord for his goodness and faithfulness. I see direct results of prayers just as Dylan does and appreciate your prayers too.

    I’ll be praying for you and Dylan today as well. God bless.

  8. What a touching story about Dylan. He is so young to go through all he has gone through, but with the strength of Jesus beside him, he has learned what most of takes a lifetime to learn, that God is enough.
    My own son is having so many issues, as his diagnosis is similar to Dylans, only my son is 32 years old. Please pray for him, he has lost his job, is worried about financial matters, and he needs a blessing. I also need prayers as I struggle with worries about my son, the devil has his way of making my mind his playgound, and all kinds of thoughts in every area of my life can take over. Thank you for sharing your story, Melissa. It is very uplifting, and I pray for your son and for you. God Bless.

  9. Melissa,
    Thank you for sharing your sweet story about your son. Please pray for me as I settle my mother’s estate and divide 2 farms among 3 heirs. My brother and sister have caused a lot of pain for me as I have done the duties of executrix. It’s been a long 2 years in getting this work done. Pray for a peaceful resolution and restoration of our family relationship. God bless you.

  10. Melissa says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I just love that story! God really is enough, but you are right…sometimes we have to keep reminding ourselves of this fact. Thank you for offering to pray for us today. I certainly appreciate it!

  11. Dear Melissa,
    Thank you for your message today that God is enough and for sharing Dylan’s story. I am needing prayer & encouragement today. I recently lost my income and, as a person who battles depression and anxiety, this reality has effected more than I can express. Please pray that God would break through and lead me out to a better place.
    Thank you for your prayers. M

  12. ImaFriendofGod says:

    Mrs. Melissa,

    Is God enough? Absolutely. No one thing is to big. No one thing is to small. He is my “breath”. I fear to think how people survive without Him.

    Dylan, the powerful faith of a child. Praise be to God.
    I pray that we as adults can abandon our everyday lives to have childlike faith.

    P.S. What awesome friends you have that not only took the time to pray for Dylan but also sent him personalized messages to prove their genuine hearts and the power of the prayer.

  13. I went through a divorce a year and a half ago. It was a first marriage for both my ex-husband and me, we were 39. We were having premarital sex and got pregnant. I am a Christian and knew better. We had our first daughter in 2005. A year later, I gave birth to a set of beautiful identical twin girls.

    From the time they were born, I have instilled Jesus in the hearts of my girls and I am certain He carries them. When their tears come, I remind them that God loves and cares for them so much that He saves all their tears in a jar. This amazes them!

    I am going to teach my girls the verse you taught Dylan. At a time when their lives are in confusion, this verse will help them to know even more that God loves them and keeps them in His care. However, I question why I can say that so confidently to my girls and know it’s true for them but yet have such a difficult time believing it for myself?

    Thank you for praying for me as this is a very difficult time. I love God and know without Him, there is no hope. I have said so many times throughout the last year and a half, “Thank you God that I know you because I hate to think what I would be and where I would be if I didn’t.” I long to get to the point where I know in my heart and my head that God is enough and that when trials come, I can rest in Him.

  14. Melissa-
    Thank you so much you Dylan’s story. What a blessing to have such faith at a young age.
    I also have a 13 year old son. Your description of Dylan’s sweet love for others would very much fit Trevor. I appreciate the fact that you helped Dylan find a life verse. I believe that would be helpful for Trevor as well.

    I pray that Dylan would have a wonderful birthday and that he would not stray from God’s side.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  15. My son also has Anxiety Disorder as one of his diagnosis. Thank you for sharing your son’s story. It was wonderful to read. Blessings to you and your family!

  16. Celia Voorhees says:

    Happy birthday to Dylan. What a sweet and Godly child! God has great things in store for someone so young who has such amazing faith. It is such a blessing for him to have lovely, Christian parents. Please pray that I continue to grow in my faith and the loving outlook that Dylan has.

  17. Hi Melissa,
    I am at that point today, this minute is God enough or is He hearing my prayer…I really know He is, but it just seems so long…I love God more than anything or anyone, even my husband and my two children, so I know I am save in His presence..I just need to remind myself of that at all times. Thank you for your words of encouragement. God bless you always.

  18. Your story brought tears to my eyes. What a strong boy Dylan is. I have a third child named Bobby. He just got baptized on Sunday. He is 15. Bobby knows all about needles and stuff like that. He was burned when he was five and has had many surgeries since then. These boys are my inspiration. Happy Birthday Dylan. You and my Bobby have amazing faith and you both will go very far in this lifetime because of your faith. Thank you so much for letting your mom share your story Dylan. Good Luck in all you do and please keep Bobby and I in your prayers. God bless you and your mom. Thanks again for sharing!

  19. Thank you, Melissa, for sharing the devotion in an e-mail I received. Some days, I don’t bother to read the daily devotion, but felt impressed to open today’s. It was what I needed to hear. I will remind myself that God is enough as I face this month.

    We cannot afford our rent anymore, and gave notice to move out the end of this month. (We have a short term need to make July’s rent too. We have most of it, and are waiting on checks in the mail to make up the rest.) We have no money to get a new place, and I’m hoping to at least find an extremely cheap motel we could live in until we save up enough for a new home, or until we can get approved for a low-income loan. We have asked help from people, and those who could, did help. But we’ve exhausted all help from family now. I know that God will see us through this. He has even directed us to a certain location, about 50 miles away, but we still are not sure what steps to take right now. Our family prayed about our need, and our worries, the end of June. As we begin to pack, not knowing where we are going, we could use prayer. I am the breadwinner for now. My husband watches our son, while he looks for work…

    Sorry so long. I do hope that Dylan has a wonderful day today. Happy Birthday, Dylan!!! Your hope in God is an inspiration to me.

  20. AnnMarie says:

    Hi Melissa I welcome your prayers and love for me. If its possible, could you send me some of those prayers so that I can pray over myself and my children.

    Dylan you are a lucky boy. Happy Birthday. May God continue to strengthen you and use you in ways that he sees fit. He knows where he wants us.

    Thanks Melissa for your love today.

  21. Melissa,

    Thank you for sharing precious Dylan’s story. Happy Birthday, Dylan! Surely God has a good plan for you.

    Thank you, too, Melissa, for offering to pray for us all today.

  22. lucinda coronado says:

    Awh what a great story. Reminds us if only we could have faith like a child. Please pray for me to believe that God is enough….starting a new chapter in my life and it’s kinda scary…..but i’m trying to keep my focus on God knowing that he will be w/me through it all. Thanks and God bless!

  23. My son Jonathan shares a birthday with your Dylan. He is 31 today, and like Dylan, has had much to overcome in his life. This past year has been especially trying — with many health problems, including a return to dialysis from rejected kidney transplant and the loss of sight in one eye and possibly the other eye from a rare eye disease. He has never married or had children, never had a career due to kidney problems since a child. I fear I have focused so much on what he doesn’t have, has never had, probably never will have — that I’ve neglected to focus on what he does have. Indeed … is God enough?!! I so needed your devotion today. I have never felt further from God these past few months, but your question — “Is God Enough?” put me to my knees. Thank you so much for sharing, for challenging me, for the wonderful scripture verses. Your words today have been a wake-up call for me, and I am grateful. May God richly bless you and yours!

  24. pleease pray for me to learn and belive that god is enough for me. i want to not be afraid of being alone and not having any friends. i have a husband and a family but somehow i need friends or i feel alone and left out. i love your story your son sounds amazing……………

  25. Thank you for sharing! God is always enough!

  26. Trenadia says:

    Wow! “Is GOD enough?”, is perfect for me today. I’ve strayed away from GOD while going through some very hard times. As of today, my children and I really don’t have a place to live. I had to give up my 2 bedroom apartment to try and save money. I am having to return my little used car back to the buy here/pay here lot because I’m behind in payments(which also means i now don’t have a way to and from work…which is 45 min each way). I’ve been out on short-term disability for anxiety and depression and was told earlier in the week that i am now only eligible for 60% of my pay…….i was just about to call the lady at the car dealer and tell her I will be returning the car on Monday because I cant come up with money to bring the payment current…but I decided to check my email and read Provers 31 first..I’m glad I did. I’m still very anxious about what’s going on in my life right now…I’m trying really hard to not make my problems bigger than GOD…I must admit that I was not believing that GOD was enough….I’m trying..I have Dylans story to think about today..please say a prayer for me…I am so unsure of everything in my life right now…my children are depending on me.
    GOD bless you,

  27. Hi Melissa,

    Your Proverbs 31 devotion and Dylan’s story have both touched so many places in me. I have been a Christian since I was a teenager but am just now, at 32, beginning the journey from being a Christian who believes to one who truly tries to have a relationship with God. I’m still at the point where it is a daily effort and conscious decision. Like Dylan, I, too, have generalized anxiety disorder. I feel I’ve had it my whole life, but I was only diagnosed 6 yrs ago. It explained so much for me. Medication has helped tremendously, but learning how to manage the constant worries still takes effort, even after 6 yrs. I’m still struggling to learn to let God be enough, rather than the constant pressure to make everything perfect or worry over any imperfection. Dylan is an inspiration and role model for me, and I wish him a very happy birthday.

  28. I’m visiting your blog for the first time via the Proverbs 31 devotion. I only occasionally click on the links after reading the devotions, so God must have been leading me here today because Dylan’s story touched my heart and his verses were exactly the message I needed to hear this morning. Happy Birthday to Dylan! Melissa, I hope your birthday boy and your whole family have a wonderful day full of love, laughter and blessings.

  29. Crystal says:


    Birthday wishes for Mr. Dylan – Happy Birthday and May the Lord bless you and keep you always. Children are truly gifts from the God and so our your messages. Thank you for taking the time daily to sure God’s word. I know I look forward to them each morning. God is enough. Blessings to you and your family on this special day in your home.

  30. Melissa,
    As I read the daily devotional and your blog I began to cry. I needed to know today that God is enough! Thank you for sharing Dylan’s story. He and I have the same life verse. When my mind and heart are so troubled i repeat that to myself. Please wish Dylan a Happy Birthday!
    God Bless,

  31. Melanie says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. About a month ago, we sang a song in church about God being enough and I sobbed through the whole thing. Afterwards, my husband asked me why I was crying. I said that I wanted God to be enough, but at that moment it just wasn’t true for me. My current circumstances of life leave me feeling depressed and weary most of the time. Yet I know my feelings aren’t how I am supposed to base my relationship with God on. Reading this devotional from you brought me back around to the same issue I sang about…is God enough? I want Him to be. He has to be. For without Him, there isn’t hope. Thank you for sharing! Melanie

  32. Janice Kesterson says:

    Your words today gave me such comfort. My family is one of the most important things in my life. In the past week, I have found out that 3 of my married children are having some serious martial problems. They all seemed so happy and things were going well, when each couple was struck with some serious problems that has caused stress and upheaval in their marriages. Please pray for them. Thank you!

  33. Thank you for sharing about your son and the triumphs and struggles. Prayer of friends is truly a gift from God. May your son continue to grow and overcome and become a strong man of God.
    Thank you for your words of encouragement that God is Enough from Proverbs 31’s devotional. It brought hope to my heart!
    God bless you

  34. Dylan touched my heart that is for sure! I have a son (now 29), but he was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at 4th grade – we went through quite a bit with him. Then when he turned 17 he got Diabetees I. That to me is not his worse problems – he doesn’t know Christ! Of course I didn’t either until I was 47 (I am now 55 – loving God more and more every day). I don’t want him to wait that long – he may not have that. Thank you for sharing this story and I really liked your post on Proverbs 31 woman – YES, GOD IS ENOUGH!!!

  35. I really appreciate your post and devotional today. Words I need to hear. Seems like the last 3 months have been a string of bad news. I’ve had some tough days recently. Then the pain and loneliness well up to overwhelm me. I know that God is enough. And yet, the negative voices speak louder and it’s hard to remember that truth. Thank you for the reminder today.

  36. Melissa, what a beautiful testimony of a young child’s blessed faith in our Lord and Savior. What strength and such a firm foundation he already has, way ahead of so many of us adults to press in and rely on God. How encouraging and uplifting are your words. God truly is enough, and when we are struggling Satan shoots off those fiery darts into our thoughts and heart causing us to doubt the Sovereignty of God, His peace, His deep, unconditional love for us and how He IS our sufficiency and has already gone before us working out our faith and our circumstances for our best and His glory.

    Thank you again for sharing such Good News and the reminder that God is Enough and we need to only look to Him and not our circumstances to abide in His peace and hope.

    Blessings to you, your family and to Dylan for a fabulously, blessed, joyfilled birthday and 4th of July.

  37. Melissa –
    What a sweet story, reminds me of my son Kyle, age 7. Please pray for Kyle, as he has been diagnosed with ADHD and has some very similar anxiety issues, as well as some GI problems that we can’t seem to get resolved. I continually hand him over to the Lord, and my fear and anxiety dissapate. Then I wonder to myself if I am doing all I can to help him. It is a constant battle when there are still unresolved health issues. But I remain firm in my faith that God has a plan for us, and in time, it will all be revealed. Thank you for your devotional today…and Happy Birthday Dylan!!!

  38. I truly enjoyed your blog today, as well as your devotion! Your Dylan sounds a lot like my Nicholas, who is 5 years old. He is very blessed and I hope he has a wonderful, wonderful birthday.

    I would appreciate prayers for Nicholas, that he would trust God throughout his life, and my 2 youngest daughters, who are both struggling with life issues right now. Thanks so much for your prayers! They are very much appreciated!

  39. Shauna Allen says:

    This devotion is awesome. I too love Dylan’s favorite verse. I have 3 boys as well so I smiled when I noticed you did as well. Happy Birthday Dylan!!!

  40. Shannon says:

    What a beautiful sweet boy you have! Happy birthday Dylan! What a wonderful mother he has that has shown him how strong and powerful God’s word is. Thank you for this wonderful devotion.

  41. You’re devotion today on Proverbs 31 was so timely for me! I don’t always get the chance to read these devotions, but God knew I needed this one! My husband and I decided last night that we shouldn’t have children. He was married before and has 3 children. Although they are very respectful to me and we all get along really well, they do not look at me as their mother. After a lot of discussion, my husband made it clear that he doesn’t think it would be wise for us to have children together. I feel like my dream of being a mother is slipping away from me and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Reading your devotion reminded me that God is enough, and always in control. I might make plans, and have dreams, but really I should be focused on God’s plans and dreams for me. I know His will is the best for me, and if He wants me to be a mother, it will happen. If He doesn’t, then I won’t, and it will be the right thing. Thank you!!

  42. Thanks, Melissa, for such a needed message in both your devo and blog post today! Really need to be constantly reminded that, yes, the Lord is enough! Happy Birthday to both your boys this week!

    Please pray for our family and we try to focus on our special-needs’ daughters needs, and for our older daughter would develop a heart for the Lord and return to Him. Thanks!

    Love, Andrea

  43. This is a beautiful devotion, thank you for sharing and thank Dylan and please tell him Happy birthday! I am learning each day the Yes, God is enough! I have been through some of the most stressful times in my life and just when I’m not sure how we are going to make it another day, I stay calm and put my trust in God and he comes through! Just like he promises in the Bible! He is AMAZING! Thank you to the Proverbs 31 ministry or I would not be where I am today in my journey with God.

  44. Gretchen says:

    Melissa, I did pop over here as a result of your, “Is God Enough?” devotional which was God’s timing for sure. Thank you for sharing about Dylan. Happy Birthday Dylan! You and your mom are an amazing testimony of the right, trickle down effect: from God to your mom, to you and now to all these women who are touched by your real, living faith in God. Your faith helps grow faith in others. I needed a faith boost this morning, thank you for being faithful may the start of your teenage years be a blessing!

  45. Kristen says:

    Today was a first time for me on your blog. I can relate to little Dylan as both a child and adult. May his faith be an encouragement to myself and others. May God bless you and yours on his birthday!

  46. suzanne says:

    I read the devotional today and there was a link in it to a book, “When Life and Beliefs Collide”, which I ordered, thinking that it was just the ticket for where I’m at in life right now. My husband and I are struggling due to his job loss, and have been in this situation for some time. I talk to God about it all the time because I have to make some tough financial decisions but because I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t feel much confidence in my decisions because of too many unknown factors that may or may not occur! So my decisions could lead us to being (further) in debt if some of the “what-ifs” occur. But because we have some immediate needs that must be addressed, I can’t put decisions off any longer. In short–STRESS! I’m trying to rely on God and be comforted by Him but I am not feeling very secure in the decisions I’m having to make, so that in itself leads me to wonder if I’m making the right choices. Nothing feels right, actually. Ugh. So the timing of your devotional is perfect, thank you! (Thanks, God!) If you would pray for me, I’d really appreciate it. May you be richly blessed in return!

  47. Sheila Payne says:

    I am blessed by your son and your love for your son. I would be honored to have the mother of Dylan pray his prayers over my son. My son is Andrew. He turned 20 on June 22nd. Andrew has type 1 diabetes. Every organ and system is affected by your blood sugar. If it goes too low, sometimes you can have seizures, pass out or do something to put yourself in danger because the brain is not getting the glucose it needs. If it goes too high, it is damaging just about any part of the body you name—heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves. With type 1 diabetes, you usually have too high or too low or both daily. You have to check your blood sugar at least 10 times a day and that is still not enough to prevent problems. We even get up during the night to check it. I am praying for Andrew’s healing on this side of Heaven. Thank you for your prayers.

  48. Melissa

    You really spoke to my heart today….Is God really enough, yep it really has to be up to each and everyone of us to believe this.

    Right now in my season of my life as of yesterday I am no longer working outside the home. It was something me and my husband were praying about and asking for direction. Believe me I know I am going to have plenty to do, being a wife, a parent of two adult children(one married with two babies), the other getting married at the end of this month and one teenager, amongst being a wife of a pastor, and the list goes on and on=)…and living on one income is something I am definitely going to really have to trust God for, knowing that “He has to be Enough”. So I believe what I read today was just for me=).

    Please wish your son Dylan a very Happy Birthday for me. He seems so amazing and I know He is SO BLESSED to have a mom like you!

    May God continue to give you blessings beyond measure for you and your family and wisdom in all you do.

    Thanks again for allowing God to use you to encourage many.

    Blessings Always

  49. Thank you so much for devotional. Really hit the nail on the head and something I needed to hear. I am a single mother, I work full time, and attend college part time. I have a 14yr old who is a good kid but struggles in school and a 5 yr that is pure joy yet still tests me. God has surrounded my by awesomeness in my friends and “adopted” family yet somedays I still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, usually the days when its not really that bad. I know He is enough just have to be reminded. Also I have friend struggling with a marriage and another with a wayward teenage daughter please remember them and their struggles in your prayers. I shared your devotional specifically with them and with all my FB friends.

  50. Carlene says:

    Melissa, I spoke to you when I called to donate and told you I feel like I know you. Your devotion today was perfect for me – my daughter is experiencing such heartbreak – her marriage is over, 3 kids, lives 5 hours from family and friends, moved to a new area to please her husband, hoping to save the marriage, but it didn’t work. Now she is in a place without friends and trying to sell a home in this poor economy and SO confused! She is a believer, but not actively involved in Bible study or a church. My heart is so heavy for her and my three grandchildren. Please pray for her and the decisions she must make. God bless!