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Jul 15

I Need Your Help Please

In the next few days I will be posting an interview with my 13 year old son, Dylan.  I wrote about him in this blog post a few weeks ago.  If you haven’t had the chance to read it, I hope you will.  The response has been so great and there have been many questions about:  his faith, his anxiety disorder, his boldness in asking for prayer, how he got this way, etc that I decided to write more about it.  I am in the process of interviewing him, but before I wrap that up, I’d love to get your questions for Dylan.

If you have any questions that you’d like to ask Dylan, please ask away!!!  He will be answering them himself and I will post them on my blog when he is finished.  I think getting a sneak peak into the mind and heart of a 13 year old boy and how he has managed to live and cope with everyday growing up problems and his own set of issues will be of great value to you.  I know I can’t wait to read it, he inspires me everyday.

You can either email me your questions or post a comment on the blog.  My email is:

In other news, the Proverbs 31 Office is busier than ever preparing for the She Speaks Conference.  The office staff has been working overtime trying to get everything ready and set to go!  It’s stressful but also so exciting.  The cool thing about this conference is that unlike a conference that you may attend for work or educational purposes, this conference centers around a calling.  The women coming to She Speaks have a calling on their lives from God and they want to know what to do with it.  Speakers, writers, leaders, and some who aren’t real sure why they are there will be attending.  It is one of my favorite times of the year because I am lucky (blessed) enough to meet and get to know so many new friends who all are looking to use their lives in ministry.  If you are one of the lucky ones who got into the conference (we have a super long waiting list), then congrats!  I can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks. And if you aren’t attending, would you be willing to join our team in praying for the conference?  I sure would treasure your prayers.  <3

I’m still trying to adjust to “the real world”….my body is here, but my mind is still at the beach!  Great vacation, and like all things it came to an end.  And so must this blog post haha.

Looking forward to getting your questions for Dylan.  Blessings and xoxoxoxo

Jul 7

Take It! It’s Your Blessing.

Last Friday, one of my devotions published by Proverbs 31 Ministries, wan online running on various websites.  The title was Is God Enough? and it seemed to create a challenge in many readers to ask themselves this very question.  I received an overwhelming response on my blog, more emails than I typically get, numerous Facebook friend requests (love my FB friends!), many new Twitter friends (addicted to Twitter too!), and lots of requests for prayer.  Although all of these direct venues to connect are important to me, prayer is the one that means the most and in my opinion, has the biggest impact…even if we can’t see it right away.

So often when we see a need or are experiencing trouble, we say something like, “I guess all I can do is pray.”  After all, we have grown wise enough to know that:  we can’t change all of our circumstances, we can’t change the people in our lives, we can’t cure illness or disease, we can’t make our children be who we want them to be, and there are many situations in life that are just out of our control. Unfortunately, we even believe the worst in ourselves…thinking we are unworthy of good things and incapable of changing the way we are. (Lie lie lie that last sentence is…don’t even get me started on that…just go read my Top Ten Ways to Know You Are Worthy ) I have spent many hours of my life praying. I believe in the power of prayer to do many things.  Here are just a few…and if you asked me to pray for you last week via my blog post, 13 Years Ago Today, I did.  It was my pleasure to pray and I know it was a great use of my time. Ok, so here are just a few reasons I believe in the power of prayer:

~ The Lord is invited to join you in your whatever…whatever you are bringing to Him.  Of course He’s there always, but we don’t always acknowledge that. When we pray, we acknowledge that we know God is there and we go through it together.

~ God hears our prayers and we have access to His strength and confidence. It’s ours for the taking, but we have to take it. If someone said, “Here’s $100 for you. It’s yours” and then they put it in your hand, you would take it. And be happy about it. Heck, I’d even do a happy dance!  It’s the same with the promises of God. They are ours, but we can’t just leave them closed up in our Bibles as stale words on pages. We have to take them, store them in our heart, and claim them. It’s our blessing.

~ Prayer makes others feel better.  I can’t explain the peace it gives me to know someone else is praying for me. When I was walking through the valley of cancer with my mother, I know for a fact that is what got me through. There were times when I was so consumed with caring for her and the weight of knowing she would not be with me much longer was so heavy, I should have been paralyzed with sadness.  And I was sad. But I was ok.  I knew there were people praying for my mom and my family. I had strength I can’t explain.  And I felt covered and protected all because I knew there were others going to the Lord on my behalf.

~ Prayer can make us feel better.  As the one praying, because I trust the Lord with all my heart (Prov. 3:5-6,that’s key), I feel better. Even if I’m still sad, still in a bad predicament, still hurting, whatever…I feel better.  I know God will take care of me even I have to experience something that is not what I want to do.  (Phil 4:6-8)

~ God answers prayer. It may not always be the answer we want, but sometimes it is. I’ve seen miracles. Just recently in an 8 month old baby. And also in the life of my son,Dylan. Just like he said in the story I shared, 13 Years Ago Today. He exclaimed, “The prayers worked!” Even when the answer isn’t what we hoped, we can trust that He hears us and He knows best. Not easy, but we can trust. We have to. Knowing Someone else is in control is the biggest part of bringing contentment to me.

~ Jesus Himself prayed. If Jesus needed prayer, then why oh why wouldn’t we?  Hello?  Jesus praised, cried, requested, spoke to His Father on the behalf of others, and retreated to be alone with His Father regularly. We pray because Jesus prayed.

These are just a few reasons. I could go on and on…and I may even to a Top Ten list on prayer sometime soon.  I think I will.  But for now, let me just say that it was an honor and pleasure to pray for those of you who requested it. My heart was moved and I was blessed being able to do something so big for you.  Prayer is not a last resort when nothing else can be done, it’s the best resort that can be done.

Today I have a challenge for you.  First, pray for yourself. You deserve it.  Second, pray for someone else and tell them you prayed for them.  Third, pray for someone and don’t tell them. Keep it between you and the Lord. All 3 will reap blessings that are yours to be had…if you will take them.

I must go now. The beach is calling my name.

Salty, Sandy Prayers to you today from North Myrtle Beach, SC!

Jul 5

I’m At The Beach in South Carolina

I’m at the beach in South Carolina. I love the beach. And I love South Carolina. I can’t give big in depth reasons why, because I don’t have them.  Well, I guess I have them, but it’s hard to put them into words. I just know that what I posted as my Facebook status today is true. I love the beach. Seriously. The salt and sea are in my bones and I’m supposed to live on the coast of SC. Thankful that for this week, I get to.

Almost every year for as long as I can remember I’ve come to the South Carolina coast. Myrtle Beach, Isle of Palms, Charleston, Ocean Drive, Cherry Grove, Pawley’s Island….I’ve been fortunate enough to grace their beaches all my life.  Always wishing I could stay longer than the few days to a week that was the norm.  Wishing I could live there and feel the salty air and hear the ocean waves every day.  Oh, I love to dream!  But I have to tell you that I love my life in Charlotte, NC too. I wouldn’t trade it for it anything. If all the people in my life could just move to the SC coast with me too, now that would be ideal.  Even though I’ve lived in NC most of my life, I’m a SC girl. I was born there. I love it there.

Since I’m on vacation, I’m not going to write much today.  I’m sitting on the back deck of our beach house (not really ours…just our rental for the week) and my family just got home.  But I do want to say a great big “thank you” to all of you who commented on the last blog post and who sent me emails, Facebook messages, friend requests on FB, and twitter messages.  You encouraged me so much with your stories and words of how you were challenging yourself to ask the question “Is God Enough?”  It meant more to me than you’ll ever know.  So often I feel like quitting and wonder if my writing makes any difference at all.  Thank you for letting me know that God is reaching out and speaking to you through what I may say.  It gives me the desire to keep writing, so thank you.  Also, those of you who mentioned and commented about Dylan, my son. He read every comment and it made a difference in his life that his story could touch your life.  I heard from so many moms who are struggling with kids like Dylan.  And so many of you were impressed with his faith.  Because of this, next week, Dylan will be a guest on my blog.  He’s going to answer some questions and tell more of his faith story and what he thinks is the main reason he’s overcome his anxiety issues.  I know I’m excited to hear that!  As his mom, I don’t even know all his thoughts on that. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my last blog post, “13 Years Ago Today.” )

Oh yea, one more thing.  I finished The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen today.  I purposefully waited until I was sitting on the beach until I read it. I began it yesterday and finished it today. IT WAS FABULOUS!!!  I’m so excited for Marybeth as my friend and as a 1st time fiction author. This book is fabulous. It’s a great escape and it draws you closer to God. I could so relate to the main character and her insecurities and issues. I didn’t want it to end! The story takes place in Sunset Beach, NC which is just about 30 miles north of where I am right now.  A great read for anyone looking for a super summer read.

Wherever you are, I hope you are content.  I pray you know that God is enough for whatever you are facing and that you also know how much He loves you.  He’s a pretty amazing God…uh huh yes ma’am.  As I look at the beautiful ocean and all it’s splendor, I know that.

Sweet South Carolina Blessings to you today.  <3