Aug 31

She Cooks, She Feeds, We Eat

You know the saying, “It’s know what you know, it’s who you know?”, well, I’ve found that to be true A LOT of the time!  One of these times was last Thursday.

Last week was extremely busy for me and my family.  It was all filled with good stuff, just a lot of stuff.  I have 4 kids at 3 different schools and school started last week.   My husband and I both work every day outside the home. My son, Hayden, had his first high school football game ever on Thursday night. With all of the back to school paperwork, shopping, practices, homework, etc. I got overwhelmed quickly.  Realizing last Thursday that there was no way in the world I could do all I needed to do plus get a meal on the table for my family, “she” came to my rescue!  (this is where the “who you know” worked in my favor)

I work in the same office with LeAnn Rice, the She Cooks lady. LeAnn loves to cook and she shares this gift graciously with all who know her.  As luck (and God) would have it, she wanted to try out a recipe on my family, one of our favorites, Sloppy Joes!  Or in this case, Sloppy Taylors, named in honor of well, none other than my family (who happens to be a little sloppy!).  She cooked this meal on Wednesday and brought it to me on Thursday. It could not have come at a better time.

LeAnn brought everything all made up to the office. All I had to do was follow the simple instructions and heat it up at home.  Just look how easy she made it for me and how much my family enjoyed our quick meal before Hayden’s first game. It also reheats beautifully. After the game, Hayden enjoyed the meal too!

Dylan, sloppy taylors

Dylan gives “Sloppy Taylors” a big thumbs up!

If you haven’t met LeAnn yet, jump over to her blog at She Cooks.  You will be blessed.  You’ll also find an awesome recipe for an awesome meal we call, “Sloppy Taylors!”  Enjoy!

****a special THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to LeAnn for providing for me and my family last Thursday. This wasn’t the first time you did this for us.  We love your cooking, but more than that, we love you!!!

You can also follow LeAnn on Twitter and friend her on Facebook.

She Cooks. She Feeds. We Eat…..and We Smile :)



  1. What a blessing! Makes me hungry for some “sloppy Taylors”! Does that sound cannibolistic or what? The Lord is so good … and so is LeAnn! Love this post, Melissa!