Nov 29

Rewards for a Very Tough Year

I don’t have to tell you that the past year has been tough to say the least. Caring for my mother while she was sick, her death, and then mourning her death…well, it’s been hard.  Through it all, I’ve had support and love that have carried me through the hardest of days and I’m so grateful. It’s hard for me to put into words how grateful I am. VERY.

Last August, my oldest son, Blake, called me and my husband into his room to let us in on a little secret.  For an early Christmas present, Lacey and Gramps (my husband’s parents) were taking the whole family to Walt Disney World December 2-7, 2010.  I immediately began crying.  Ugly crying, but a very happy, I can’t believe it, this is just what I need and it’s too good to be true cry. It’s okay if you don’t quite “get” my crying over going to Disney World. I admit, it seems silly. I cry everytime I go and everytime I leave.

I absolutely love Disney World. I’ve been many many times. My family lived in Orlando in the early 70’s when Disney World opened. This could be part of my emotional love for the place. My family was so happy then. I was young and innocent and naive still. I believed in a good world. I started going then and just never stopped. It represents happiness to me. Everyone is friendly there. There is a magical something that happens. And Disney plans it that way. They do a phenomenal job at making sure that while you are there, you are a special guest. You forget about any problems or stress that you left behind. It’s an escape that’s for sure. I know it’s not real world, but that’s what makes it so grand. It’s like moving into a fairytale dream. It’s common to see people in crazy hats, dancing in a parade with cartoon characters, or just humming a merry tune. It’s magical.

I’ll be spending time in places like Fantasyland, Adventureland, Animal Kingdom, Italy, Canada, UK, Hollywood Studios, and Coronado Springs. I’ll be hangin’ out with the likes of Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Tigger, Pooh, Mary Poppins, and Ryan Seacrest…yes Ryan Seacrest, he’s hosting the Christmas Parade, which will be taped while we are there :)  I’ll also be hangin’ out with the most amazing family ever…my own.

Thanking God today for all blessings. And thanking God today for my mother and father in law who are taking us to Walt Disney World.

Counting down the days. 3.

***Edit on Tuesday morning:  Counting down the days. 2.



  1. How exciting!! God is good and will always work things out together for your own good. I can only imagine how happy, thrilled and overwhelmed with joy you will be. Enjoy every single moment as you share memories that will last a lifetime. Hugs! ❤

  2. Me and my family always watch the Disney Christmas Parade Christmas morning…I will look for you all…Yeah. I am so excited for you to get away and go to a very magical and wonderful place. Have a blast.
    Love and Hugs

  3. Wow! I have always wanted to see it all decked out for the holidays! I bet it will be amazing!!! You are so right about the place – it’s the happiest place I’ve ever been, a place where all ages are somehow equally carefree. Enjoy your trip, and enjoy feeling like a kid again!!!

  4. I love Disney World! My family and I have been several times and even though my kids are now older teens they still love it. I wish it wasn’t so expensive so we could go more often, but maybe that is what makes it so special. We save our money (we even have a special “Disney Fund” jar that we use to save up for our next trip) and then plan ahead of time where we will eat and what parks we’ll visit on what day, etc. Just talking about it makes me happy. Have a wonderful time!

  5. Disney is still my favorite vacation spot! Have a magical and blessed trip!