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Dec 31

Happy New Year!

I just want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!

I hope you are excited about the possibilities held in 2011!  2010 was a tough one for me, I am looking ahead with joyful anticipation about what all God can do and will do in the year ahead.  I am thankful for many things this year. One of them being you!

Happy New Year Y’all :)

Dec 30

Only 2 More Days To Eat Whatever I Want

You know what I mean. Don’t pretend you don’t. We’ve been playing this game for a while now. And now that we’ve committed to do this Made to Crave Bible study together, we better eat all we can while we can.  Right?

Oh, how I wish this was a foreign concept to me, but it is so not!!!!  I’ve recommitted to healthy living so many times. And each time I do, I have a “start date”.  And right before that big life-changing “start date”, I have a big ole binge and splurge.  Eat it all. Fried foods. Chocolate. Pizza. Nachos. My last supper.  And then I begin the new.  I’ve been there done that. So many times.

Many women have emailed me lately that they aren’t sure things will be much different this time around. They’ve been trying for so long to change, can Made to Crave make a difference?  Honestly, I can’t answer that for you.  But I understand the thoughts. I believe it can make a difference. I have to. After all, isn’t that what hope is all about?

I want to tell you this. We can do it.  We can conquer our battle with food, self image, appearance, weight….we can. But not alone. The missing link is not the next best diet or exercise plan. The missing link is our relationship with the Lord and allowing Him to be our everything. Allowing Him to take first place in our lives so that our craving for Him is higher than our craving for the temporary craving of what tastes good. I love God.  It’s been so hard for me to face the fact that my problem could be with the fact that I am just so undisciplined. It’s easy for me to just admit that I’m a failure.  And Satan loves when I do that. Ladies,   DON’T DO IT! DON’T QUIT!  THIS IS OUR CHANCE, LET’S TAKE IT!

Confession:  Today I gave a friend the gift of some home-baked goodies for Christmas. She surprised me by saying, “Oh wow! What is this? Great, right before Made to Crave you give me temptation.”  I responded, “This is pre-Made to Crave food!”  After I said it, I realized I didn’t really mean it.  I was trying to be funny, but the truth is, I don’t want to bring temptation to anyone. But don’t you know that temptation will keep on following us?  Whether it’s Christmas, our birthday, or any other time. We will be tempted. The goodies will always be there in one form or another.  We have to decide what we will do with it.

I am so excited to be on this journey with you.  I promise to be honest as we move along. And I ask the same of you. We can’t make changes if we aren’t honest. Made to Crave was written out of Lysa TerKeurst’s experience and struggle with food. She is not much different from us. She’s really not. I know her.  Well. You may see her as this great author and speaker and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries who’s been on Oprah and is all that.  Well, she’s pretty awesome, but I tell you she is just a hometown girl with the same struggles and issues most of us have. She has learned. She has great insight. I’m so excited to be learning under her teaching and sharing of MTC. And I’m honored to have the opportunity to share and study with you.

Get ready ladies. 2011 is a brand new year. Let’s begin to prepare our hearts for a brand new you as well.

So, maybe you are having your “last supper” and livin’ large before the New Year. Go ahead.  Enjoy yourself.  But at the same time, I urge you not to look at this venture as the end.  Look at it as the beginning. New life. New hope. New you.  Give God the chance to show you different.

Happy New Year!

Dec 29

Survivor, Truth, Hope~ You Are Amazing

Hello Friends!  I hope this note finds you well.  Did you have a good Christmas? Did you get snow?  Are you filled up with peace and love?  No matter what the answers to those questions are, let me give you some great news… God loves you!

Now don’t let those 3 little words pass you by.  I know you probably know that God loves you, but do you have any idea how much?  Have you taken time lately to really think about it?  Think about this:

God loves you so much that:

No matter what you’ve ever done, He still loves you.

Unlike some people, He will never leave you.

He doesn’t keep a record of your wrongs and won’t point them out to you or throw them back in your face. What’s done is done, He wants you to move on.

He hurts when you hurt. He keeps your tears in a bottle!

Your appearance, weight, status, race, etc do not determine how He feels about you.

He keeps His promises.

He sees all you’ve been through. Much of it He didn’t like. He wants to be your #1. He wants to rescue you from your past and lead you into the future.

You have hope through Him. Yes you do!  I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, but you do. He will always give you hope.

By His wounds, you are healed.  Jesus died for you. God gave His Son for you. He loves you that much. You are free. You are forgiven. You have no reason to feel guilty. You are free.

Now let me tell you, these Truths are hard for me to believe sometimes, but I think about them, I meditate on them, I write blog posts about them (haha) to remind myself that yes, God loves me, He loves you, He loves us and no one can ever ever take that away!  Do you believe it?  (Say yes!)  And if you are unsure, that’s okay too. Work on believing it. Don’t quit and don’t give up.

I am giving a gift to a sweet young friend today.  The gift is a necklace with 3 rings on it. On each of the rings there is a word. Survivor. Truth. Hope.

What I wrote to her on her card about these words is personal, but let me share how I think these 3 words apply to all of us.

SurvivorYou are a survivor! If you are reading these words, you’ve survived something. If you are breathing today, you have survived life up to this point. Keep surviving. You are still here, still with purpose, still alive. You are stronger than you know.

Truth– You have been given the Truth in the Bible. If you don’t know it, check it out. (Join my Online Bible Study…it will be filled with Truth!) Never forget the Truth (it will set you free). You will hear lies in your own head. You will hear lies from other people. You need to know the Truth so you can recognize the lies and rat them out! Only trust the Truth, God’s Word, written for you.

Hope– This is my very favorite word. This word has changed my life. We always have hope. Hope does not die. Hope is our life line. No matter how bad a situation is, we have hope. Ask God to multiply your hope. He will. I know because He did it for me.

I pray for you today that what you have read here will bless and encourage you. You are amazing. You are the daughter of the King. And like I said, God loves you.