Dec 30

Only 2 More Days To Eat Whatever I Want

You know what I mean. Don’t pretend you don’t. We’ve been playing this game for a while now. And now that we’ve committed to do this Made to Crave Bible study together, we better eat all we can while we can.  Right?

Oh, how I wish this was a foreign concept to me, but it is so not!!!!  I’ve recommitted to healthy living so many times. And each time I do, I have a “start date”.  And right before that big life-changing “start date”, I have a big ole binge and splurge.  Eat it all. Fried foods. Chocolate. Pizza. Nachos. My last supper.  And then I begin the new.  I’ve been there done that. So many times.

Many women have emailed me lately that they aren’t sure things will be much different this time around. They’ve been trying for so long to change, can Made to Crave make a difference?  Honestly, I can’t answer that for you.  But I understand the thoughts. I believe it can make a difference. I have to. After all, isn’t that what hope is all about?

I want to tell you this. We can do it.  We can conquer our battle with food, self image, appearance, weight….we can. But not alone. The missing link is not the next best diet or exercise plan. The missing link is our relationship with the Lord and allowing Him to be our everything. Allowing Him to take first place in our lives so that our craving for Him is higher than our craving for the temporary craving of what tastes good. I love God.  It’s been so hard for me to face the fact that my problem could be with the fact that I am just so undisciplined. It’s easy for me to just admit that I’m a failure.  And Satan loves when I do that. Ladies,   DON’T DO IT! DON’T QUIT!  THIS IS OUR CHANCE, LET’S TAKE IT!

Confession:  Today I gave a friend the gift of some home-baked goodies for Christmas. She surprised me by saying, “Oh wow! What is this? Great, right before Made to Crave you give me temptation.”  I responded, “This is pre-Made to Crave food!”  After I said it, I realized I didn’t really mean it.  I was trying to be funny, but the truth is, I don’t want to bring temptation to anyone. But don’t you know that temptation will keep on following us?  Whether it’s Christmas, our birthday, or any other time. We will be tempted. The goodies will always be there in one form or another.  We have to decide what we will do with it.

I am so excited to be on this journey with you.  I promise to be honest as we move along. And I ask the same of you. We can’t make changes if we aren’t honest. Made to Crave was written out of Lysa TerKeurst’s experience and struggle with food. She is not much different from us. She’s really not. I know her.  Well. You may see her as this great author and speaker and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries who’s been on Oprah and is all that.  Well, she’s pretty awesome, but I tell you she is just a hometown girl with the same struggles and issues most of us have. She has learned. She has great insight. I’m so excited to be learning under her teaching and sharing of MTC. And I’m honored to have the opportunity to share and study with you.

Get ready ladies. 2011 is a brand new year. Let’s begin to prepare our hearts for a brand new you as well.

So, maybe you are having your “last supper” and livin’ large before the New Year. Go ahead.  Enjoy yourself.  But at the same time, I urge you not to look at this venture as the end.  Look at it as the beginning. New life. New hope. New you.  Give God the chance to show you different.

Happy New Year!



  1. Melissa,
    I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to start this program. For me its not necessarily about losing weight its about Craving Him more. I tend to overindulge in a lot of things other than food. I overindulge in letting fear get the best of me…I overindulge in making excuses and putting off til tomorrow what can be done today. There are many more to add to the list.

    Yes, I am excited for this to help me start taking care of “me” and making me healthier but really I believe its going to help me come to a deeper lever with our Heavenly Father.

    Thank you so much for leading this and for being so open and honest…..
    We all can do this!

  2. I can’t wait…I’ve put the book on my Nook and I am ordering the participant’s guide today!

  3. Melissa,
    How blessed I am feeling to have discovered Proverbs 31 Ministries, your blog, Made to Crave, Lysa’s blog, and on and on…… I feel as if I am gathering the tools to get a new start on a healthier year both physically and spiritually! And I will have the support base through these ministries to carry my faith to new, stronger levels. I thank God for your ministries and here’s to moving onward and upward!

  4. Karen Yarbrough says:

    I am really ready for a new life – one where I feel like I have the decision-making power that I need, and I turn to Him first before anything else. I feel Him so strongly during the times I lead worship, but I CRAVE that feeling 24/7, not just during the worship service.

  5. OK your blog finaly convinced me… is it possible for a foreign girl to enter?
    And what is better order from in the Netherlands or to sent a copy directly?! When will it all start maybe you can email me the hows? still want to enjoy my last supper with a dutch traditonal specialty on newyears eve its oliebollen they’re the best with the most calories ever!! If you could only taste one. Only then you would really understand my struggle! Till then I have to battle them on my own! 😉

  6. LeAnn said something on her blog that made sense to me, because I struggle with celebrations with families, and my husband’s gifts of love in baking a steaming plate of hot brownies (yes, he shows love that way! Hard to refuse!) Somewhere, somehow, I’m going to ask God to show me in this study how to eat in moderation.
    LeAnn stated a desire not to allow food become a distraction for doing God’s will. I can certainly say I do that! I find my thoughts are often on FOOD. (What will I eat next? What can I eat now?) My thought life needs to be directed to God more than food!

  7. Janet Volpe says:

    I keep flip flopping on weather I want to do this. I have been up and down so many times in my 63 years my heaad spins to think about it. I need to buy the materials and make the commitment now. Really I want to learn to Crave the Lord more than anything else including my favorite hot fudge sunday. So I am making the pledge to join in right now.

    God bless you for leading this study. Looking forward to meeting with you and getting to know you and the Lord more.

  8. I’m really excited to do this, my first online Bible study. What a great topic, and one that I need very much. Thanks for hosting it, Melissa. I look forward to learning a lot.


  9. I took am excited, to join this study, Eating helthy is something I need to learn, but more than anything I want God to be Lord of my life, not my will but his will be done. He has always provided for me, snd I seem to continually let him down. I am so thankful He ia a God of many chances.

  10. I’m excited for this. Just last night, my head was filled with thoughts of: “I’ve failed at this so many times before. I’m not strong enough to do this. What’s the point?” I allowed Satan to completely overwhelm me with those lies. I’m ready to buck up and prove him wrong.

    I’ve started reading the book and have been pleasantly surprised so far. Thank you for doing this and I’m ready.

  11. I’ve just finished reading the book and it’s sooooooo me. I’m a sugarholic, I will have to give it up completely. I spent the whole of 2009 battling stage 3 colon cancer, then spent the whole of 2010 putting back on the weight I lost with cancer plus adding about 25 lbs more. I need to crave God and His power. I need to get healthy and fit (sick and tired of being sick and tired). We can do this, we rock.

  12. Melissa~
    Thank you so much for doing this online bible study. I have been wanting to lose weight and do a bible study, so both in one is an added bonus!

    I can’t wait to start!

  13. I can totally relate to the “last supper” idea! I have been eating what ever I have wanted for the last 2 weeks knowing that starting January 3 I needed to get a grip again!! I was really doing good from August to Thanksgiving. Going to the Gym 3-4 times per week and eating healthy. I had lost almost 10 lbs. I think since Thanksgiving it is all back on. ( I have not weighed myself yet – too scared!!! )

    I am looking forward to doing this Bible Study online to really learn how to crave God more than food. Food has always been my comfort and I need to learn to break the hold that food has on me.

    Thank you very much for doing this! I believe it will help a lot of us grow closer to God and break foods hold over us!!! Thanks!!


  14. What a great blog, you said everything I’m thinking and this is so true… “The goodies will always be there in one form or another. We have to decide what we will do with it.” I am so excited for this study and I sense that God has prepared me for this very big change in my life. I think I’ve finally got my “Want to” (as Lysa puts it). I’ve done every diet you can think of and even take prescription diet pills and I’ve got the message that it’s a life change. Thank you for doing this online bible study. I’ve got the book, but I guess I should go get the workbook too!

  15. I just signed up for your Bible Study and your emails. I had to crack up at your title, I feel the same way. What can I eat before I start all this….aauughh, what a viscious cycle. My goal now for the next two days is just to enjoy whatever we are having and not count calories or feel guilty but not overindulge either. BUT, I am ready for this next phase. I am almost done with the book and look forward to going through it again concentrating more on the details and participating in your study. Thank you for doing this.

  16. Melissa, how did you know I started my last supper??? 😀 Yes, I have been enjoying all the treats now that I won’t be soon. Change is a coming!

  17. Okay, Melissa, I found the part about the “Last Supper” really funny! Haven’t we all been there who struggle or have struggled with this?

    I have had a love/hate relationship with food my entire life! It is at the center of every celebration. It is at the center of every sad time. It seems I am always planning my life around food! I remember one time my husband said to me that food is supposed to be for nourishment, not entertainment! Huh? What planet did he come from? :)

    Seriously, I have done the diet thing my whole life. Some years ago now, I realized I had a food addiction. I confessed it to God and repented of it. For the first time in my life, I finally felt hope at the possibility of being able to lose weight.

    I did lose weight, and I have managed to keep it off. However, I reached a point where I gave up and quit trying. I still need to lose more weight, but, honestly, it’s not about that anymore. I don’t live a healthy lifestyle. I don’t exercise. I need to eat a LOT better. I am not honoring God with the things I am putting in my body.

    More than that, though, I have come to understand that I am putting food before God. I crave food more than I crave Him.

    I have been praying this year that He would place a desire in my heart for Him above anything else. I realize that that cannot happen until I address the issues that I have with food. While I have known for sometime that the issues were there and needed to be addressed, I just wasn’t ready to make the sacrifices that will need to be made.

    I have finally reached a place where I want to grow my relationship with the Lord and have Him be more important to me than food.

    I am ready for this study and this journey. I know it will be difficult, but I also know the rewards will be well worth it! I am looking forward to sharing it with you, Melissa, and everyone else who will be participating.

  18. Can’t wait to meet some great ladies and learn more about craving Him! :)

  19. I am so ready to start this program…..

  20. Yes… I’ve been “last supper-ing” too… and “last baking”… and “last pop”… God has really been talking to me about my issues with food and I do believe I am ready to finally gain victory over THIS area in my life!

    I’m not able to do the conference calls because I will be having a class on Monday nights but I will check in here to get updates and such. I’m praying I can keep focused on this in the midst of school and life in general.

    Thank you for leading us and walking with us on this journey!

  21. Yes, we have all been there Melissa!! In fact, after many years of victory I am back there again. So easy to slip….that is because freedom does not have an end point, because God wants us to rely on Him. Healthy eating does not have an end point either. My periods of being the most free from this issue have been where I have no defined beginning or end. The issue with the “start tomorrow” mentality is that you can always push off that tomorrow. I confess I have lived in that “start tomorrow” cycle for many years without ever starting! There is always a new date to “start” that is not today…let’s face it, after Christmas, New Years, then Super Bowl, then Valentine’s, then a girl’s weekend, then a birthday, then Easter, then spring vacation, then pool parties…..there is always something. Our God is a God of new beginnings and fresh starts. Why do we want to delay a fresh start treating our God-given bodies as He intended? Living our best for Him? Hoping to dig deep into this issue with our study. Let’s all start in prayer for wisdom on what is keeping us from claiming the freedom that is ours in Christ.

  22. Can’t wait to start this study with all of you. I read so many of my thoughts in all that’s been said here. Being over weight all of my life and no self-esteem has been hard not only on me but my family. It’s not the legacy I want to pass on.
    Another blog I read asked us to send in what type of flower we see ourselves as, this is what I wrote…”I wanted to be something beautiful, like a Rose or sweet, like Honeysuckle. But I just didn’t know. So I did a searched for “river flowers”, something that grows along a river bank, that get tossed and wet but still blooms and is beautiful. I then searched for “moody flowers”, funny though, none came up. Lastly I searched “ugly flower” and do you know what I found. The Sun Flower. And it hit me. That’s me. Not very beautiful, bigger then the pretty little delicate flowers, but it always turns it’s face toward the sun! And that’s what I want. That no matter that I may not be “pretty” or “sexy” or “beautiful” I will always turn toward the Son to find my nourishment and hope.”

    Through this study I hope to become more and more like that Sunflower. Always turning my face toward the one and only one that can give me the nourishment I need.

  23. So very thankful for this Bible study. It brought tears to my eyes that this new beginning will be an end to this vicious cycle. I look forward to the friendships and wisdom from everyone but most importantly becoming closer to our Lord.

  24. I just received my book, and I can’t wait to get started with my first online study. Thank you for doing this!

  25. Melissa,

    I just ordered my participant’s guide and DVD. I can’t wait to do MTC with you. I’m looking forward to seeing how God works!


  26. Hello. Happy New Year to you! I was first introduced to the “Made To Crave” book two days ago online. I read the sample chapter and am planning to purchase the book. I was brought to tears just reading the book because I felt two different things: I felt relief that the book seems to be exactly what I need and relief that there is someone else out there that might be or have been struggling in the same area that I have and that there is a solution through Christ. I am looking forward to starting this journey with you all. The idea of webcast and the workbook and DVD are wonderful ideas for me to be accountable and receive encouragement. Since reading that brief chapter provided on website by LYSA I have been praying and asking God to help me to be healthier and make healthier choices. God bless and so looking forward to this journey.