Jan 10

You Need Space

Many years ago, I was trying to establish a daily quiet time. There was only 1 problem.  There was no quiet place in my house.

We have 6 people living here, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a den, a kitchen, and a laundry room.  For me, in order to have  a quiet time that I can have consistently, it has to be early in the morning.  I can’t use my own bedroom because my husband is still sleeping. I can’t use the den because inevitably one of the kids will wake up and want mom for something. When I’m having my quiet time, which equals my time alone with God time, I can’t be disturbed. So, my creative husband, knowing how badly I needed a space to call my own, created that space for me in a very unlikely place.

My quiet time area, or Mama’s Cubby, as it is lovingly referred to at our home, is located in the back of our…laundry room.  Yep, my sweet space is shared with a washer and dryer.  “Lovely” you might say, sarcastically. It’s not the ideal space, but it works. And it’s worked well for ten years.

I think every girl needs her space. A space where you can call your own and you cannot be disturbed unless the person needing you is in severe pain or bleeding. (that’s our rule!)  So ladies, I’d like to share with you, my quiet time area…my cubby…my space:

Just beyond the washer and dryer, lift up the clothes, hanging to dry after being washed, to reveal my space.  This was nonfunctional space. A small narrow area that could not be used for anything really. So, Jeff, put a piece of wood between the 2 walls to make me a desk. On the wall in front of the desk, I have posted pictures, verses, and other inspirations.

Here is a closer look at my work space today. My Bible, my journal, and my cup of coffee.

The wall in front of me.  Pictures, artwork, and many index cards affixed with tape containing verses that keep me going.

Here is one of the index cards with my Grammy’s favorite verse. She died a few years ago.  She was a major influence in my life.

Not everything in my cubby is spiritual.  Here is a newspaper article about the Brad Paisley concert that I attended.  :)

And Duran Duran.  :)  (don’t judge me for my taste in music)

Well, lookie here.  My contract that I signed with L.A. Weight Loss 4 years ago.  (great and healthy plan btw…I lost 20 pounds. Unfortunately, when it was all over, I gained the 20 back.  Plus 25 more. Not the plan’s fault. )

I love this.  I know it’s hard to see. It’s a note that my oldest son, Blake, left me to find in the morning when I go to my space.  Can you read what it says?  “Mom, Have a Great Quiet Time This Morning…”  Ain’t he sweet?

That same sweet child, who is now 17, is pictured here with my cutie pie husband.  I love this pic.

And here’s another note of encouragement. This one is from my youngest, Hayley Grace.

Blake wrote this about 5 years ago.  It states what our family believes. I love this because, I communicate this to our kids and hope they get a little of it.  But Blake took it one step further and wrote it all down. We had this on our fridge for about 2 years.

This picture is hanging up in my space. It’s when Hayley Grace was born. This was the first time she met her brothers.

Here is what this space is really all about. A place where I can go and everyone knows not to interrupt me.  I read the Word of God, study it, and discover how it applies to my life. I treasure this.

These are my notes on the Made to Crave study.  I’ve already started preparing.

And from the chair I sit in as I have my quiet time, if I turn around, this is what I see. Clothes hanging up to dry. Beyond these clothes are the washer, dryer, and storage spaces for our family.

I am sharing this with you to hopefully inspire you to find a place of your own. Maybe you already have one. But if you don’t, look for one. You need your own space.  A place where you can meet with God, do your Bible study, pray, and think.

So where do you have your quiet time?  Where do you find some uninterrupted peace and quiet?  If you have a space, please comment and tell us about it.  And if you don’t why not?  What’s keeping you from it?  Kids?  Time?  Space?

Maybe we can share ideas and encourage each other here.

You need your own space. You deserve it.  So find it and claim it!

Have a fabulous day!   :)

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  1. Thank you….exactly what I needed today and have been thinking about. I have been asking God to help me to get more devotional time. I know that at my work it allows me to get Bible reading in before I really start my day. I believe the Lord has been waking me up earlier than usual to get some quiet time with HIM at home. I plan to get up when HE first wakes me up. I want to develop my own space somewhere. When I was single and in college I did this and I feel like I need it even more now with the busyness of life and being mom, wife and student I especially need to make a quiet corner for myself. Thank you for this idea. I am going to use it! I am thinking now where I could put it and have a good idea! God bless! Looking forward to Bible study!!

  2. Janet Volpe says:


    What a wonderufl idea. Too bad I can’t even think about it. We have a small two bedroom house with kitchen, dinining room, living room and two bedrooms.
    We also have a 25 year old daughter and her three daughters 6,4,1 1/2 living with us. We have a full basement crammed to the rafters. There is not one square inch of space in this house I can claim just for me. Sure wish there was. Our kids will not be living with us forever at least that is the assurance we get regularly. Sure will be wonderful when I can finally claim a space. LOL :)

  3. Funny you should write about this today! I just redid my craft room this weekend to include a desk area so that I have a “quiet place” to call my own.

    Can’t wait to begin my days with God first and this gives me the opportunity to do just that!


  4. Love your post & love you taste in music :)
    Seriously, great way to show you can make your space anywhere!
    After completing Keeper’s of the Home Bible Study I made my space. Then moved twice in a matter of 5 months. This post encourages me to find a space. We are renting 1400 sq ft w/4 kiddos age 9 & under, but I will pray & find a perfect spot.
    I’m thinking a comfy chair in front of windows at night after everyone is asleep.
    Looking forward to the study beginning tonight :)

  5. Great idea! I am actually going to have my space in the laundry room someday too :) It just hasn’t happened yet! I really need it too! We have a lot in common. Are you a Mel? I also have 3 boys and then an Emma Grace :) What sweet notes you have from your children too! Thanks for getting me motivated to transform my area :)

  6. Oh and Jeremiah 29:11 is my life verse :)

  7. I have a space I wake early play on computer then use my office before hubby gets up. I need a better space but office/scrapbook room will have to do!!

    • Hi Lesley, I do my quiet time in my comfy recliner or kitchen table when I have alot of my commentaries out. I think I will move it to my room with the computer desk now because when I’m done reading my Bible I shut my bedroom door and pray. So I think I will do it all in same place now. Also heard one young mother say that when she’s doing her Bible study at the table she lights a candle and the hubby and kids know when the candles burning mommy is studying and when she puts it out she’s done! She said she also liked the aroma of the candle and the coziness. I’m doing a ladies meeting about finding time to study your Bibles, this website was very helpful and I will be using your idea to the ladies! Thanks so much

  8. Thank you so much for sharing…this has always been my dilema too.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing. I do a daily quiet time. Either during my kids naps or after they go to bed. I just do it in my bedroom. I love my bedroom and find it most comfortable, so that is where I relax and spend time with my Father.

  10. I have my time and space with My Father at 5:30 am on my couch in the family room. On the coffee table is my prayer book and a handful of prayer requests. At this time I get to spend about an hour before anyone needs me. Most mornings, I also go to Daily Mass at 9 am, spend about half an hour after Mass with Jesus and then again at 4:30ish for my afternoon prayers. Carving out time and space for Our Lord and giving HIM first fruits of the day has been such a blessing and a gift!!! I am truly blessed!!! Thanks for the sharing!

  11. I am accepting your challenge to have a permanent space. Currently I am a nomad moving from spot to spot in my house.

    I usually have a QT place but not a mom’s spot. I think I usually spend a great deal of time just setting up.

    Love it!!

  12. Christina Baker says:

    I DO have my own space & I agree every woman, mom or not, should have her own space. Mine is located in the master bedroom; it’s my snuggle chair where I can read, write my emails to my women’s group, update our FB page, do my daily Bible reading or just sit, be still and pray. It’s my favorite place inside the house. My current FB profile pic is of me sitting in that chair – ahhhh….. (As a matter of fact I’ll be sitting there tonight to watch the Made to Crave webcast) :)

  13. Hello…..

    I use to have 2 places in our home for my space…..and the sign said “Mom’s Time” anytime door is closed “Do Not Enter”! We have recently moved and down sized to a much smaller home. We are all ok with that BUT..I have no MOM space:(
    My husband just told me the other day that my corner needed to be cleaned up that I looked like a hoarder :(
    On my desk two shelves are covered with frogs and my Emmaus Walk items.around my computer is tons of books…4 Bible’s and then Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, and Beth Moore books. paper and 3 journals, index cards, lotion and mints! This is my only space and I CLAIM IT! I refuse not to have a place for me! i love books and live to spend time alone….and alone with God!
    Hope you all are enjoying the snow!
    Michelle………..still snowing in NC

  14. I am taking the challenge! We have a spare bedroom that is currently my sewing room/junk room. So I cleaned up a lot of it today after reading this post!!!! My goal is to finish cleaning it out and claim a corner of the room just for ME!

  15. Hey! I haven’t been by in a while but God surely knew I needed to ‘see’ you today. Funny when I moved into this house, way smaller than our last, I made myself a little prayer closet and used it everyday. With four people living here, my prayer closet has since become home to storage for the kids, telescopes, luggage and homeschooling items… I guess it’s time to restore it to it’s original purpose. BTW, it is a spot in my ACTUAL closet… I don’t have a lot of clothes that require hanging and it’s a big old fashioned one that someone put organizers in… I just claimed a corner. I’m claiming it back, sister! Thank you! Now I know what my God given chore is for today!

  16. I wouldn’t have survived without a daily time with God! He meets me each morning before the sun rises. My son wakes up early and so if I want to hear from the LORD, I have to wake up earlier than him. I read, study and journal in prayer to Him (over a cup or two of coffee). My spot is in a big old chair in my living room, right beside my bookshelf. That way, everything is handy.
    It never ceases to amaze me that the Creator of the Universe looks to spend time with us! Awesome!

  17. At church Sunday our Pastor mentioned his wives quiet place was in her bedroom closet. I have been thinking about doing this. I have a large closet in my laundry room that I can’t wait to get started on.

  18. My space used to be at the bar in our kitchen, at 5:30 a.m. just after my husband left for work. I had the house to myself…I could pray out loud, sing praises to God, read the Bible outloud, etc. Then in Dec 2009 my husband lost his job (it’s ok, he’s going back to school), but now he’s home every morning. I can still get up early and do my reading, but I sure do miss my “out loud” time with God :(

  19. Honestly, I haven’t craved God for so long, that the thought of a quiet place hasn’t been an issue. My hope and prayer is that this study will help me with the issues that have kept me away from God. I went inpatient 9 years ago at a place called Remuda Ranch. I was in a very bad place with anorexia. I have been pleased with how I have moved forward in the 9 years but I still have issues spiritually. I was quite burned by my church and ‘friends’ when I became so sick. They ran away completely. I hope this study does get me moving forward by craving God more, putting all the ‘numbers’ in a better prespective and to know God has loved me this whole journey.

  20. I have struggled to have a consistent quiet time. I wish there was a time in the day that I would know for sure I could have for my quiet time each day. I could get up super early, but I don’t know if that is realistic for me, I am more of a night owl. I already squeeze my exercise in on my treadmill in the morning. I do 10 minutes and then have to go get my daughter up, do 10 more minutes and make sure she really is up and moving, then do the last 10 minutes and go get breakfast ready. I am so tired by 8 PM at night, I don’t think I could consistently do it in the evening. I need to be better about making my 3 year old have quiet time in her room even though she doesn’t take a nap anymore. THat would probably be my best bet for a consistent time. Thanks for sharing. I love hearing all the ideas.

  21. Sabrina says:

    Wow! That really makes me think that I need a specific space in my home that I can call my own! I usually just wake up early before hubby and kids and sit on the couch downstairs, but I really need my own area where i feel comfortable.
    Hmm….. Where will it be? :)

    Thanks, Melissa!

  22. I love your “space”…we lived in an apartment right now, so my is the bathroom. I get up so early that is nobody awake…planning in moving into a house soon, so I am looking forward having a quiet “my space”…

    Thank you for sharing!!!!