Feb 20

Made to Crave ~ Week 6

Week 6~Homework and Assignments

Our word for the week is:


Oh how I absolutely LOVE this word. Do you believe that you are courageous?  Do you have the courage it takes to continue to rely on God? To keep believing that you are worth all the healthy choices you’ve decided to make? To admit that boundaries keep us safe not restricted? That this time around will be different?  I hope you answered with a big ole resounding “YES” to these questions!

My favorite verse on courage can be found in the book of Joshua. It’s a verse that I gave to my 2nd son when he was born. God let me know that Hayden would need that verse many times throughout his life. He let me know I would need it too. Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (NIV)  Please read that and apply it to you and your life. You have what it takes, don’t doubt that. Grab on to courage from the Lord Himself. Be strong and courageous.

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Reading and Homework Assignments for Week 6:

(If you are using the Participant’s guide, that’s great, you will love it. This schedule follows the same as the PG, only you will have a little more work to do. I will not be reviewing or going over the PG on my blog. That is for your own personal study. Same with the DVD.)

Sunday-Spend some time in prayer for yourself and your study sisters about Week 6. Share in the comment section of this blog or on the Online Bible Studies Facebook Page where discussions and prayer requests about Made to Crave are ongoing 24/7.

Monday-Read Chapter 16. Highlight and take notes as you read. When you get to a Bible verse that Lysa mentions, take our your Bible. Look up the verse for yourself. Underline it and write “MTC” beside it. Think on the verse or passage a moment. Journal or make a few index cards with Scripture or quotes that will keep you grounded and give you truth. ******Begin sending Melissa questions for the Friday (or Saturday) Vlog. Email them to Melissa@MelissaTaylor.org. *****Conference Call Participants: PLEASE email Melissa and send your final questions. This call will be all Q & A and where do we go from here.*****

Tuesday-Complete Chapter 16 Reflection Questions. Read the questions and record your answers in a journal or notebook. Be honest. These are just for your eyes or whoever you choose to share them with. Share as much or as little as you like in the comments section of my blog or on the Online Bible Studies Facebook page.

Wednesday-Read Chapter 17. Follow the same directions as on Monday. Check Melissa’s blog for an encouraging mid-week message! Post a comment to encourage others.

Thursday-Complete Chapter 17 Reflection Questions. Follow the same directions as on Tuesday. Share as much or as little as you like in the comments section of my blog or on the Online Bible Studies Facebook page.

Thursday Conference Call- This is our last call of this series :(  I’m so sad! You all have made my Thursday nights so special. Please send me your questions, comments, or suggestions for what you want me to cover on this call tonight. I am depending on you! For those of you who have missed the calls so far, it’s still not too late to sign up. You can have access to Call #1 and #2 and #3 recordings, plus tonight’s call for $10. Just call the P31 Office 877-731-4663.

Friday-Read Chapter 18 and complete the Reflection Questions.  Follow the same instructions as Monday and Wednesday.

Friday Vlog!!! Log on to this blog, www.MelissaTaylor.org. Watch a short video of me answering some of your questions from the week. (Sometimes this post may be on Saturday) This week’s will probably NOT be as entertaining as last Friday’s!

Friday Option- If you want to have all your work done before the weekend, go ahead and complete the Chapter 19 and the Reflection Questions. Follow the same instructions as Monday and Wednesday.

Saturday Option- Read Chapter 19 and complete the Reflection Questions. This is our very last chapter.  Boo Hoo :(

Okay, that’s it! Print or “favorite” this page so you can keep up with this week’s study. I won’t be posting the schedule daily, so hold on to this!



Remember, you have access to all six. You got da POWAHHH! Be DETERMINED to stay committed. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. And discover your PEACE in God, because I guarantee you won’t find it anywhere else. The TRUTH of Jesus Christ will set you free! Much is permissible, but we want to do what is BENEFICIAL. And my COURAGEOUS friend, you are worth every bit of it!

Have a great week! Keep believing this time will be different! And indeed it will. Have a great week MTC gals! I <3 U!


***Reminder: This study will wind up at the end of this week. The MTC book will be finished, but our road to great health physically, emotionally, and spiritually is just beginning. I hope you will continue your Bible study, either here or somewhere else. The next study on this blog is It’s No Secret: Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know and according to Lysa TerKeurst, it is the perfect follow up to Made to Crave. It’s No Secret, written by the editor of the Proverbs 31 Online Devotions and Proverbs 31 National Speaker~Rachel Olsen, is about learning to dig into the Bible for yourself, understanding what you find there, and applying it to your life. We will continue to have side discussions about our healthy eating plans and MTC progress, but we will be moving forward in to a deeper relationship with the Lord. We will continue to supply support, encouragement, and accountability as we continue to focus on studying and learning God’s Word. INS begins March 20, 2011.

If you’d like to go ahead and order It’s No Secret, you can order it online at a variety of online venues or call the P31 office toll free 877-731-4663 and receive a 10% discount! Ask for me and I’ll pray for you over the phone and write up your order all in one call! Just like the MTC study, we will offer Conference Calls (again at the low $10 rate) and author Rachel Olsen will play a key role in our online study as well as join us in one of the calls. To sign up, just email ItsNoSecretSignUp@gmail.com. The It’s No Secret online study will begin March 20, 2011. Check the Online Bible Studies Info page of this blog for all of the info!  I hope you will join me! I’ll miss you if you don’t!



  1. I just finished up Ch.15 – I have been struggling the past couple of weeks to stay on target with the reading but God knew that I needed to read that chapter today! I am loving this book but if I am honest with myself, I have been giving into the lies and not grasping the truth. But I think I am finally getting it — this battle is spiritual and Satan wants me to sneak around and struggle so that he can assault me with targeted schemes – and I have been letting him! My temptations are not random. But praise God, I have a power greater than all this. I am so ready to get out of this desert. I am made for more than this – I am made to be a victorious child of God!!!! Me being overweight is an outside indication that I must make internal changes so that my body can function in the way God intends it to function. Oh what glorious truths!!!!! And question # 1 – wow that hit home, I must realize that God sees every bite I take. Melissa & all the other ladies – I am asking for serious prayer this week — that this will be my week to truly start living all these glorious truths and to stop letting Satan have the victory. I am ready for my life to be evident of GOD’S VICTORY!!!! I also want to know from God what my healthy eating plan needs to be. Thank you for this study and for being so real with all of us!

  2. Oh how I can relate to satan’s lies. I’ve been reading MTC and since January 10th I have lost 18 pounds (as of this morning). Even with the success I’ve had, and no problems with cravings, satan still tries to tell me that the numbers on the scale are a lie, that I’ve not really lost that much weight, that I’m deceiving myself, that 18 pounds is not that big of a deal. So….on Saturday while I was grocery shopping I went to the aisle where flour, corn meal, etc. is stocked. As of Saturday I had lost 17 pounds. I decided that I needed to “prove” to myself that 17 pounds was a big deal. I picked up (3) five pound bags of flour and (1) two pound bag of cornmeal….all totalling the same as the 17 pounds I’d lost. I might have looked stupid standing there in the grocery aisle holding all of those bags of flour and cornmeal, but it was a wonderful affirmation to myself that yes I HAD lost 17 pounds and 17 pounds is a LOT. Satan is the father of lies and is not to be believed. I will not let him defeat me because I’ve got the powah!!!
    Thank you Lord for giving me that power!

  3. Carissa D. Huffman says:


    THANK YOU again for all the work you have put into putting together an organized study. I have lost my first 10 lbs, and I am not looking back! It has been HARD, but He is GOOD. I am looking forward to the next study (I am going to try to get the book ordered out of tomorrow’s paycheck–we’ll see how that goes).

    I am being blessed day by day!

    My son’s diarrhea stopped Saturday night! HOORAY!!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  4. Tonya, I’ve realized how much I need that unseen power in my life….the power of God. I figure that I’m not that different from you, so I have been lifting up the girls in prayer. God knows what we need even before we ask. Our desire is to be a reflection of Him to all that we come in contact with. Courage! girls!!
    Aren’t you all happy that Carissa’s son is better? My youngest is in bed sleeping as he awakened in the early morn with the stomach flu. I am the only one not to succumb to it yet. (Who’ll take care of me?) Well, girls, this is our last week. Be of good courage, and good cheer. Love to all of you Jesus gals!

  5. Marjie I can believe how much 17 lbs really is. As I read your post I imagined myself carrying just five pounds and who did it take strength and added energy just to lug that you made me realize the 19 that I lost was my chance to celebrate not look to see where it came off from. in hind sight who cares where it came off from just that its gone and we must keep moving forward to keep it from catching up and returning,,,, thanks for the visual inspiration ,, congrats to you.

  6. I do believe that I am courageous, but my pride makes me rely more on myself than God in so many situations…and thus I don’t reach the outcome I desire. My fervent prayer is to humble myself before God and turn things over to His capable hands.

    Thanks for this study, Melissa…it’s been wonderful. I <3 you, too. :)