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Feb 18

Friday Vlog~ Wk 5~ Includes Dancing

What a week!  It was good, bad, happy, sad, exhausting, exhausting, exhausting.

I think I seriously have gotten less sleep this week than any other week in my life!!!  My husband has been gone this week.  I know many of you are used to handling it all by yourself, but I am not!  Trying to get the kids to and from where they need to be while still working full time PLUS attending meetings, conducting conference calls, meeting with a dear friend, keeping my light therapy appointments for my psoriasis, and exercising….well, something’s gotta give.  Unfortunately this week it was the exercise. Oh I have good excuses….I’ve been so busy.  And tired.  Ok, maybe they aren’t such good excuses.  If you were on the Conference Call with Lysa TerKeurst and Holly Good on Thursday night you know that excuses are no excuse.  Really the truth is that I didn’t make such good decisions this week.  So I’m ruined right?  NOT!

I love what Lysa said on our call this week.  We all are just one good choice away from turning things around. (or something close to that.)  Just because I haven’t exercised this week, that doesn’t mean I’m doomed or it’s all over.  No. No.  My next decision can turn it all around. I love that God gives me grace.  I don’t want to take advantage of the grace though.  I want to come back. Get back on track. I have the power.  Speaking of power.  Or Powahhhh……(oh y’all get ready, I’m getting ready to embarrass myself)

Here are the Vlogs for Week 5.

First a message to you from me.


And now…well, I hope this empowers you somehow. Enjoy. It’s ok if you laugh. And even better if you dance, sing, and join me.


Oh Y’all! I don’t know what got into me! I got crazy! I’m tired. But yea, I’m crazy too! :)

Seriously though, let’s just say it again…just like in Week 1. I got da powahh. You got da powahh. We got da powahh. Yep we really do. We have the power because that power lives in us.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back on Sunday with the Week 6 assignments. It’s our last week on this study and it’s going to be great! This is just the beginning! MTC is ending, but INS is just beginning and so is our committment to a healthy way of life! (To sign up for the next Online Bible Study, send an email to

Join me in believing that we do indeed have the power. Are you with me?

Feb 16

Just Checkin’, How You Doin’?

First of all, I want to congratulate Amber!!! Amber was the winner of our first of 3 giveaways of Rachel Olsen’s book, It’s No Secret.  This book will be our next study and will begin March 20, 2011. Congrats Amber!  And as for the rest of you, keep checking back to this blog. I will be giving away 2 more books very soon!  And oh yea, did I forget to say they would be signed by the author?  Well they will!   (Information on our next study can be found here.)

Here we are in the middle of week #5!  I can’t believe it!  I’m so happy about how far we’ve come, but I’m also a little sad about the fact that this study is coming to an end next week!  (This study is ending, but the journey has just begun!)

What I’ve learned so well over the past week is that life will keep on interfering with my goals and healthy choices.  Typically, in the past,  I would say, “I’m just going to wait til I get through this and then I’ll get started again.”  But I’ve learned there will always be something.  This past week it was my new psoriasis treatment, Little Granny passing away from this world to Heaven, and just yesterday I found out my dad was in the hospital. Does this mean I abandon my commitment?  No.  This time for the first time, I’m saying, “No.”  Doing my best to stick to my plan :)  I’m just trying to select the healthiest choices out of what I have to choose from.  My biggest victory is that I didn’t raid my daughter’s Valentine bag FULL OF GOOD CHOCOLATES AND CANDIES!  In the past, I’ve been known to do that!  (ooooh, that’s so wrong!)

So, how are you doin’ this week?  Did the Overindulgence chapter make you feel good?  Probably not. It didn’t make me feel so great.  I realized I am guilty of the sin of gluttony.  Thanksgiving, parties, emotional eating.  Instead of filling my body with food, I need to fill my soul with spiritual nourishment or I will give in to my triggers. Recognizing this has been key in helping me through this past week.  I mean, have you ever been to a funeral in the south?  There is lots of fried chicken (my favorite food btw) and awesome sides brought to the family.  This chapter has really helped me in refusing food to comfort me in my sadness and instead turning to God.  Deciding to say “no” to what is not on my plan or not beneficial to me.  Have you been able to do the same?

Today, if you are on schedule, then you are reading the chapter, “Emotional Emptiness.”  GREAT chapter!  Ladies you will learn how to NOT park your minds in the wrong place!  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this!

No matter how you are doing:

*You have had no setbacks.

*You have had multiple setbacks.

*You are just beginning to doubt if you can do this.

*You are weak.

*You are strong.

*You are feeling inferior.

*You are feeling empowered.

No matter how you are feeling. Please remember that you have all it takes to keep going. “A setback is a set up for a come back.”  Remember that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that lives in you.  And never forget that this time around CAN BE DIFFERENT.  Do not be discouraged. God is with you! Stay strong and courageous! (Joshua 1:9)  And please, don’t make excuses!  Excuses will get you nowhere.  Except right back where you started.  Don’t give up, I believe in you and I hope you do too.

So, how you doin’?

Feb 14

My Interview with Rachel Olsen

We are taking a break from Made to Crave today to officially introduce our next Online Bible Study on this blog.  And I thought there was no better way to tell you about it, than to sit down and talk to the author of our next study myself.

Rachel Olsen is the Senior Editor for the Proverbs 31 Online Daily Devotions, Encouragment for Today.  She is also the author of our next book, It’s No Secret, which you will begin to recognize around here as, INS :)

Melissa: Rachel, I have so many women who don’t want MTC to end. Why is your book, INS, a good follow up to MTC?

Rachel:  We’ve heard these last few weeks about the importance of water, fiber, and Omega oils from the webcasts.  And we’ve learned to use Scripture to fight our food temptations. But the main thing we’ve learned is that we’ve got to crave God more than food.  Our emotional, spiritual, and even physical health depends on us developing an appetite for God’s presence and His Word – becoming doers of that Word, and not just consumers of that Word. It’s No Secret is a girlfriends’ guide to help us do exactly that.

Melissa: For women who didn’t do MTC or even for those who have never done a Bible study  before, why is INS a good place to start?

Rachel:  Our lives feel busy and complicated and sometimes disappointing. We have crammed schedules, unpaid bills, interpersonal conflicts, or unmet expectations that weigh us down.  Sometimes we wonder, “What’s a girl to do?”  And, “How can God help me deal with this?” It’s No Secret answers those questions.  What’s more, you’ll be digging into God’s Word to discover His answers for yourself.

Melissa: What value will women who read INS walk away with?

Rachel: They will:

*Grow spiritually, despite life’s setbacks.

*Tame the impulses that keep us striving.

*Handle petty conflicts or criticisms with grace.

*Relax unrealistic expectations in favor of emotional stability.

*Find satisfaction in yielding wholeheartedly to God.

Melissa:  Any other thoughts to share with our readers?

Rachel:  I’m really excited Melissa, that you are gathering women online to study my book together.  There is a strong sisterhood message in It’s No Secret:  Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know.  We need sisters to process life and God’s Word with.  So, I’m convinced we’ll grow closer to one another, as well as closer to Christ through this study.  It’s gonna be fun!

Melissa:  Rachel, will you be able to join us on the conference calls?  Not only the INS calls, but also would you join us on the last MTC Conference Call on February 24th?

Rachel:  Yes!  I should be able to both!  I look forward to joining you on the last MTC call as well as one of the INS calls!

Melissa:  Hey, Rachel, think you could sign a few books for some give-aways?

Rachel:  Yes, I’d love to sign books for give-aways!

Ok, then, it’s settled!  Our next study is It’s No Secret: Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know by Rachel Olsen.  I hope you’ll be joining me!

This study will begin on March 20, 2011.  If you purchase from Proverbs 31 Ministries, you will receive a 10% discount.  Call the office toll free: 877-731-4663 and order today! You can also order the Conference Calls at the same time if you want to :)

Blessings Y’all!  Hope you are having a great week!

Leave a comment today and you will be entered to win an autographed copy of It’s No Secret.