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Mar 30

Did You Show Up?

From God’s Word:

Colossians 2:2-3, “I want them to have full confidence because they have complete understanding of God’s secret plan, which is Christ himself. In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

From It’s No Secret:

But did you ever stop to think that God stands ready to reveal many of His secrets to you. As He does He chooses you, honors you, trusts you, empowers you.”  p. 18, INS

As I read the verses in Colossians 2 and then these sentences in INS, I have to pause and consider what they mean to me.  Here’s what I get:

Full confidence- This is something I don’t possess on my own. My confidence can come and go when I depend on myself alone for it.  But I am God’s child. I am given understanding of God’s secret plan…what is that plan?  Christ.  I have Him. He is in me, I am in Him.  (John 14:20)  I may not be confident, but I can have confidence because I have Jesus. This is so empowering to me.

We are chosen, honored, trustworthy, and empowered.  (uh-oh, you MTC’ers know what I’m thinking here…I got da powahhh!  If you didn’t do MTC, forgive me…I’ll fill you in on that later, maybe in our first vlog later this week)  But seriously, to think that I’ve been chosen by God…wow.  How much time have we spent in our lives wanting to fit in?  Be accepted?  Feel important?

With God we have this.  But we have to do our part. God won’t force us to listen to Him or spend time getting to know Him.  That’s up to us.  And in order to even half way grasp how special we are to God, how worthy we are to be revealed God-sized secrets, well, we have to SHOW UP.  Show up and just be who we are, no pretending, no masks, just willing.

Rachel sums it up well on p.26:  “I thought believing in God and trying to do the right thing was what church was all about. I didn’t realize that— because Jesus lived, died, and rose— I could have a dynamic relationship with the God of the universe and He would delight in empowering me to live well.

Have you shown up this week?  What have you learned by showing up?  Are you willing to keep showing up?  Are you willing to open your heart to what God has to reveal to you?  Are you making excuses why you can’t show up? What are they?

Dish it out sistas.  Let me hear it.  Where are you in your relationship with the Lord?  Are you showing up?  Have you RSVP’d?  Do you trust God to reveal His secrets to you?  What questions do you want to ask Him?  What are you lacking? What are you looking for? How can you encourage others here?  If you are joining me, we are in a Bible Study group together. A Christ Community.  A bunch of Jesus girls. Let us hear from you :)     Questions, thoughts, a-ha moments, doubts, fears, and what you’ve learned by showing up.

I can’t wait to read your thoughts on this!

Blessings Y’all!


****Next assignment:  Wednesday- Read Chapter 2.  Thursday- Answer Chapter 2 Bible Study questions. Comment here and share your thoughts, prayer requests, and favorite verses.  For more social interaction, visit the Online Bible Studies Facebook page.  Have a great day!




Mar 29

Interact With the Group!

Well, our It’s No Secret study is underway and my heart is so happy that you are liking the book so much! I knew God would speak through It’s No Secret and if you have gained insight through Chapter 1, well you just wait, the best is yet to come!

I really want to hear from ALL OF YOU!  Your perspective matters.  So, as you go through the reading and answering the questions, please know that your opinion, thoughts, and words matter.  We can read and do the homework and that’s fine.  But when you share, it gets even better.  If you are doing the INS study, this is your Bible Study group and we want to hear from you.

We had a great Conference Call last night. The calls are optional, but those who participated will tell you, they are well worth the time and money.  There is only so much we can do online.  These calls are an opportunity for you to hear first hand from some amazing women how they live and incorporate God’s Word in their lives.  Last night’s call revealed how we can find real and lasting treasure.  We also heard from Samantha Reed and Carol Davis and got some practical tips on living and sharing God’s Word, parenting, how to conquer fear, why being a part of a community of believers is so important, and how when we show up, God shows off.  If you haven’t signed up for these calls, it’s still not too late. Last night’s call was recorded. If you decide to sign up, I will send you the recording information to access the call via phone or computer.  Plus you can be live on the next 3 calls.  Just call the Proverbs 31 Office 877-731-4663 to sign up.  I promise you will be glad you did!  I’ll refund your money if you don’t.

Whether you were on the call or not, I hope you’ll visit the blogs of our special guests.

Check out Samantha’s blog post today- visuals of Scripture in her home…

Check out Carol’s blog. She is so authentic and real and this girl is the real deal!

Thank you so much Sam and Carol for being so open and honest about your lives.  You totally blessed us with your willingness to share your struggles, your thoughts, and how God’s Word  and His presence has made a difference in you.  We learned so much from you!

One other way you can interact with those involved in this study, is to go to the author of It’s No Secret’s blog today.  Visit Rachel Olsen’s blog today where she is discussing the 1st Chapter of It’s No Secret.  How cool that we have access to the author of this great book and she wants to interact and join us in the study of her message.  Go to her blog:   and join the discussion.

The beauty of an online study is that it is as involved and interactive as you choose to be.  I want to hear from you and I hope you will share your thoughts, learning, and heart with me and the 900 others involved in this study!

Love and Hugs to all my peeps :)  So glad we are in this together <3

*****(sorry I had to write out all the websites in this post. My link features were not working.)

Mar 27

It’s No Secret~Week 1

Oh how I have missed being in Bible Study with some friends!!!  I’m so excited for this study to begin and even more excited that so many of you are joining me!  We have close to 800 ladies from all over the world joining us in study this session!

FYI:  It’s No Secret will often be shortened to INS.

FYI: If you use Twitter to comment about It’s No Secret, let’s all use the hashtag #ItsNoSecret .  That way we can click that and see everyone’s comments about this awesome book and study!  Follow me on Twitter at  Follow Rachel Olsen on Twitter at . To set up your own personal Twitter account, go to .

FYI:  If you use Facebook, make sure to “Like” the Online Bible Studies page.  There is a discussion board there for your use and many of the things posted there will be directly related to INS.

FYI:  Twitter and Facebook are just options if you want more. They are NOT required for this study.

Before we get started, if you are interested and haven’t purchased your book yet, don’t let that stop you from participating. Get on the phone or on the computer and order It’s No Secret, Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know! You’ll be able to catch up easy, so what are you waiting for?  Let’s study God’s Word together and weave His Truths into our daily lives!

You may want to copy and print the rest of this post.  Hang it up on your refrigerator, in your quiet time area, or put it in your INS book. That way you won’t have to continually go back to the Sunday blog post for your assignments.


Our 1st “Word of the Week” is:

Show Up

The first step in coming closer to God is to Show Up.

If you are reading this, then you have already taken the first step in showing up.  In order to learn more about what God wants for us in our lives, we have to show up and invite Him into our world.  Of course He’s there anyway, but He also wants our awareness of Him being there.  We need to show up every day and allow Him to show off what His Word can do for us.

Show Up each day by doing the following along with me, Rachel Olsen, and the other gals in this INS study.

Sunday– Read the Introduction to INS.

Monday– Read Chapter 1, Always RSVP: Revealing the Secret to Responding to God. Look up Scripture references in your Bible. Take notes in your journal of anything you want to remember.  Use a highlighter to highlight key points in your INS book.  Visit Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies facebook page for interaction with other participants.

Conference Call #1 is tonight at 8 pm EST.  Check your email for an outline, call in number, and information. Tonight’s message is “Show Up.”  Have your outline ready to take notes. Our guests tonight are so fun and fabulous.  Carol Davis, radio co-host on 106.9 the Light and Samantha Reed, Proverbs 31 Executive Assistant, will be joining us.  You do not want to miss what they have to say. You will be blessed and inspired as they share their secrets on living life and living it well…through the storms and the sunshine.  These women inspire others daily with their real life battles and how they have what it takes to keep persevering.  Their wise words will be ones you will not soon forget.  At the end of the call we will have some time for Q and A.  Also we’ll be facebooking on the Online Bible Studies page.

(if you haven’t signed up to be a part of these calls, it’s not too late. Just call the Proverbs 31 Office toll free 877-731-4663. The cost is just $10 for all 4 calls.  Each call is recorded for later listening or download so you never have to worry about missing a thing!)

Tuesday– Complete Chapter 1’s Bible Study, located at the end of Chapter 1.  Write the answers in your book or in your journal.  Visit the Facebook page for discussion or highlights.  Go to Rachel Olsen’s blog where she is discussing Chapter 1 on her blog today.

Wednesday– Complete Chapter 2, Know When to Pay Retail: Revealing the Secret Cost of Following Christ.  Look up Scripture references in your Bible. Take notes in your journal of anything you want to remember.  Use a highlighter to highlight key points in your INS book.  Visit Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies facebook page for interaction with other participants.  Visit Melissa’s blog for a mid-week check in and report how the study is going so far.

Thursday– Complete Chapter 2’s Bible Study, located at the end of Chapter 1.  Write the answers in your book or in your journal.  Visit the Facebook page for discussion or highlights.

Friday– Use this day for your own personal time with the Lord or as a day to catch up if you got behind. Visit Melissa’s blog for this week’s Vlog message and visit Rachel Olsen’s blog to discuss Chapter 2.


This concludes this week’s assignments for Week 1!  I hope you love the study so far!  Remember, all you have to do is Show Up. Allow God to do the rest!

Have a great week INS Sistas!  Love ya <3