Mar 30

Did You Show Up?

From God’s Word:

Colossians 2:2-3, “I want them to have full confidence because they have complete understanding of God’s secret plan, which is Christ himself. In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

From It’s No Secret:

But did you ever stop to think that God stands ready to reveal many of His secrets to you. As He does He chooses you, honors you, trusts you, empowers you.”  p. 18, INS

As I read the verses in Colossians 2 and then these sentences in INS, I have to pause and consider what they mean to me.  Here’s what I get:

Full confidence- This is something I don’t possess on my own. My confidence can come and go when I depend on myself alone for it.  But I am God’s child. I am given understanding of God’s secret plan…what is that plan?  Christ.  I have Him. He is in me, I am in Him.  (John 14:20)  I may not be confident, but I can have confidence because I have Jesus. This is so empowering to me.

We are chosen, honored, trustworthy, and empowered.  (uh-oh, you MTC’ers know what I’m thinking here…I got da powahhh!  If you didn’t do MTC, forgive me…I’ll fill you in on that later, maybe in our first vlog later this week)  But seriously, to think that I’ve been chosen by God…wow.  How much time have we spent in our lives wanting to fit in?  Be accepted?  Feel important?

With God we have this.  But we have to do our part. God won’t force us to listen to Him or spend time getting to know Him.  That’s up to us.  And in order to even half way grasp how special we are to God, how worthy we are to be revealed God-sized secrets, well, we have to SHOW UP.  Show up and just be who we are, no pretending, no masks, just willing.

Rachel sums it up well on p.26:  “I thought believing in God and trying to do the right thing was what church was all about. I didn’t realize that— because Jesus lived, died, and rose— I could have a dynamic relationship with the God of the universe and He would delight in empowering me to live well.

Have you shown up this week?  What have you learned by showing up?  Are you willing to keep showing up?  Are you willing to open your heart to what God has to reveal to you?  Are you making excuses why you can’t show up? What are they?

Dish it out sistas.  Let me hear it.  Where are you in your relationship with the Lord?  Are you showing up?  Have you RSVP’d?  Do you trust God to reveal His secrets to you?  What questions do you want to ask Him?  What are you lacking? What are you looking for? How can you encourage others here?  If you are joining me, we are in a Bible Study group together. A Christ Community.  A bunch of Jesus girls. Let us hear from you :)     Questions, thoughts, a-ha moments, doubts, fears, and what you’ve learned by showing up.

I can’t wait to read your thoughts on this!

Blessings Y’all!


****Next assignment:  Wednesday- Read Chapter 2.  Thursday- Answer Chapter 2 Bible Study questions. Comment here and share your thoughts, prayer requests, and favorite verses.  For more social interaction, visit the Online Bible Studies Facebook page.  Have a great day!






  1. Oh my…..can we talk about confidence in HIM??? Not in “me”, which is what I so often look to when I think about confidence…..obviously, my confidence is weak and unpredictable when compared to the steady, unwavering, powerful confidence we have through Jesus. SO, have I “shown up”? Well, I honestly think that I have verbally “shown up”….I’ve RSVP’d as a “yes”, but in my heart, I’m a “no show” a lot of times. Need some work here! Have ordered the book and can’t wait til’ it arrives! Thank you for this study! Here’s to a real RSVP of YES, of mind, heart and soul!

  2. Wow! This is so awesome! I am loving this study already! Have I shown up? I have, finally! I RSVP’d in 1996 but I had never shown up until last year. I am finally trusting that God’s plan is sufficient and it is only through Him that I have confidence! (Although I still lag behind sometimes, which is something I have to work on.) But there are always things I need to work on and mistakes I make. I can feel God moving in my life but most importantly in my heart. I have asked Him to search my heart and show me what I need to change. Boy, that is something that leaves me at a loss for words!

  3. The first chapter of the book pierced right through my heart in so many ways I wasn’t prepared for. Growing up in an incredibly conservative religious household, I felt the same way Rachel did ~ that being a Christian meant doing all the right things, being good, and that would somehow draw me close to God. In my 30’s, after staying as far away from organized religion as possible for the last ten years, I am finding that God will pull me close and THEN empower and facilitate changes within me. I’ve been using a huge excuse, one that was represented in the parable in the study of chapter one ~ my marriage. Not wanting to put a wedge in between me and my husband, wanting us to be on the same spiritual plane, allowing my relationship with him to come first instead of my relationship with my eternal Groom. Part of me can’t believe I just typed that out for perfect strangers to read, but the other part is glad I did. I expect the next six weeks will be challenging for me, and I welcome the challenge if it will draw me closer to my Savior. I am so grateful to have “shown up” for this study! I have followed this blog and Rachel’s for months now, love them both, and now I’m combining the two! It’s a perfect match to me! :)

  4. Kristina says:

    Tamara, I think it’s awesome that you are willing to be so open … I know our heavenly Father is smiling down on you because you are being obedient to Him. I am loving this study so far! I feel so drawn to it and it is really helping me to delve into the Word, unlike past studies I’ve completed. I’m so excited to see what is revealed to me and see how God transforms me. Speaking of which, I love love this quote by Rachel, “In God’s Kingdom, painful situations are catalysts for glorious transformation.” This could not have popped up at a better time. I have 2 friends going through different situations right now that really need some encouragement and this is a great reminder that everyting we go through is a part of God’s plan for the good. Have I shown up? Most definitely! I gave my life to Christ a little over 10 years ago … have I fully surrendered? I think I still need a little work. I sometimes let the day to day stuff get in the way and I know I often put family before Jesus .. so my prayer is to draw closer to Him and fully surrender my heart, my life.

  5. I am loving this study! I know that God is going to open His secrets up to all of us! Blessings to each of you… my prayer today? That God lets me be real and keep a positive attitude!!!! I know that I haven’t surrendered it all to God, but I am trying so hard… for a “control” freak it is such a problem. I am finally starting to realize that even if I pretend like I have control, I really don’t… so I might as well just give it up. Thanks, Melissa! =)

  6. I have “SHOWN UP”!! It has made me realized how much I missed having that relationship with God. We all need our time in the Word, our fellowship with God and fellowship with other believers. I am looking forward to continuing to Show up and spend time with God every day and see what new “secrets” he reveals. Thank you Melissa for your work as well 😀

  7. Heather Goben says:

    This is my return to Jesus bible study! I RSVPed in Dec of 1989. Spent many years wondering in the wilderness, and then returned to God in 2003. However for the past year and a half, I have been turning circles out there in the wilderness again. We experienced a split in our church starting on Sept of 2009, through the end of that year. As an associate pastor’s wife it effected me on so many levels. People put you on a pedestal and expect prefection and when I couldn’t deliver well you can imagine the things said. I was to the point I wanted my husband to resign his position stating we can still serve God, but why does it have to be in this church and this manner. Well, we are still there and he is still a pastor. I hadn’t found my “want to” (MTC reference) until now. I am enjoying this study, so excited that I read chapter 2 yesterday and started on the questions. Thank you Melissa for choosing this study! I have SHOWN UP!!!

  8. Wow so many of your experiences are mine, Tamara, I can relate to you about marriage and not wanting to put a wedge between my (ex) husband and I I let me marriage which was wrong on so many levels be the focus instead of my God, my real husband to be. Have I shown up – oh yea and God is beginning with my permission to to show me and clear out the junk that I have collected. yesterday was the first day he revealed something to me I had been hiding or just not focusing on and because of that I think I actually slept better last night, is that possible? I can’t wait to see what else God has for me.

  9. Struggling with letting God have control in all my life is something I have experienced for a long time too. And yet, I know He’s been there protecting and guiding me all along. Sounds like many of us girls deal with this!

    Lauren, I loved your comment about pretending to have control!!!

    I’ve SHOWN UP!! Now I want to stay at the party and not fall away from God and His goodness.

  10. Kowana Farrar says:

    Melissa I am so grateful for this book. You know I say I have confidence in God but do I live it! Not always I look at how Jesus says we just have to show up and he will do the rest. I don’t have to jump through hoops to get my God to want to spend time with him. All I have to is RSVP. WOW!!! My Father wants me to show up no special effects or anything but just straight devotion. Thanks so much. Please pray that God will open many doors for me through this study to grow deeper in my relationship with him.. Amen!!

  11. PRAISING GOD!!! That’s what I’m doing right now. I stopped by my own blog to check a few comments and got sucked in. I’m so thankful I did! I felt drawn to each of you and the Lord impressed it on my heart to pause and pray for you. So to those who have commented before me, I prayed for you specifically by name.

    Thank you for sharing your real honest life with us. We can learn so much from each other. And I can relate to each of you.

    Let us continue to share, pray for, and encourage one another. Keep movin’ forward, don’t stop! We’ve shown up and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Keep postin’ sistas! Loving this sweet community we have here.

  12. caroline says:

    “That God let’s me be real and keep a positive attitude!!!” Amen Lauren! Just what I needed to hear this morning as I go to meet with the young lady I mentor. I’m so not good at openly sharing myself, revealing the messy along with the the neat and tidy. I too am FINALLY showing up!!! And I love, love, love it. I love how my life is in His Hands, how precious He is to me, and how when I realize I’m going to have one of those days (you know, the one where you let your gaze fall to (fill in the blank) and get bogged down in what “it” is that you cannot seem to get a handle on), that all I really need to do in those moments is RSVP! One huge, grateful, beautiful smile here. Love you all!

  13. In chapter one, the last paragraph, it says,” I discovered God doesn’t just want me to be good, He wants me to be in him.” This really jumped out at me. I have spent most of my life living up to the rigid religion that I was raised in and now God is really showing me how to walk with him. I am focusing on what it means to be in him, to ‘Show Up’ and let God ‘Show Off’.

  14. Yes, I have RSVP’d!!! Im showing up for him!! INS is very good, I want to continue reading on but I’m making myself stop so I can “soak” it in & up!!! One thing that really ministered to me is where Rachel said the glass slipper fits us all, and we all get a rose. Not one of us his left out!! He is our groom & I want to be dressed in my fine linen for HIM!!!

  15. I have read chapter two and am now stuck on question 1 Not that I’m answering it I’m just reflecting on it. The question Could I choose Jesus over house family bank account is a hard one to answer – am I strong enough to give up what I’m familiar with…. This I need prayer for. God is working with me on this – last week I started getting rid of possessions (books) I did not need. Next will be clothes I no longer wear. Checking with my church this weekend to see if they need or have a parking lot sale like I’ve seen done.
    But the question what if I gave up my health especially walking- which I struggle with and am now in a chair when I leave my home. What f I ask not only what does God want me to gain by loosing my ability to walk. But how can I glorify God instead of blaming him or the circumstances that caused the problem ???

  16. I did RSVP years ago, but show up? I am still struggling to find that system in which I feel like I can show up regularly. I often make plans and they fall through the cracks and other stuff on that endless to do list get in the way. But this week, I am going to try something new, I have actually added “God time” into my planner at a specific time so that I can go and do it then, not “fit it in” where ever. I think this will be what helps me to show up and let be be open to what he has to say. If I can just show up he will enlighten me to more than I ever thought possible!

  17. This is my first online study, and I am LOVING it… and I am SHOWING UP 😉 What a good reminder at the end of chapter two: *Our salvation is free, but not cheap! *Our abandon is costly, but worth every penny!.

    Anytime I am lacking confidence in acting out God’s will, that wonderful whisper (or sometimes SHOUT) of the Holy Spirit reminds me that – With God I Can, and With Me He Will!

    Praise God!

    Uh oh now I am starting to shout with excitement, and my babies are sleeping LOL!

    Have a blessed day ladies!

  18. Wow, is all I can say. I didn’t realize how many excuses I made to skip my time with God. It was very humbling for me. I also realized that I am fearful of what might be revealed to me and I may not like what I look like in the spiritual mirror. I realized this after reading the parable of the feast and felt embarassed for those who made excuses or didn’t SHOW UP. Well, I soon realized that embarassment was of myself. I am very thankful for what the Lord has shown me so far and am blessed that I can reveal my true feelings among sisters. Thank you to you all for being real. God Bless You!

  19. I did show up. I can completely relate to first chapter. I cannot wait to read more. My book has not arrived yet so I will have to play catch up when it does but I cannot wait.

  20. Marianne says:

    I RSVP’d along time ago, and been showing up faithfully. My time with the Lord each day is too essential to my strength and direction. In chapter one, the part that spoke to me is when Rachel talked about us having ” A pure heart, an authentic heart, a humble, believing heart open to Jesus’ teaching….”. I never want to be anything but humble, real, and my faith authentic. I always want to hear God speaking to me through His Word. Showing up is so worth it…….even 40 years later. (I was saved when I was 10, in case you were counting)

  21. Yes, I’ve showed up, and God has been working overtime in my life lately (which means I’ve been struggling). I’m at a crossroads in my life right now and keep asking God to show me the way, show me the door to walk through. This chapter made me realize that I need to spend more time with the Word, not just praying, then maybe it wouldn’t be so difficult to ‘hear.’ :-) The Bible parable spoke to me in a way similar to somebody else’s post, but more along the lines of getting out of my comfort zone and inviting the unknown into my life, embracing it w/o fear, being open to anything with God at my side. Then I had a looooooooong talk with God about it; it was one of those emotional times, bearing it all, giving it all to the Lord. It was good!

  22. Heather Bleier says:

    Jesus and I have been pretty tight all my life. We, scratch that, I had some rough spots while I was in high school and slight dip in college, but those experiences only drew me even closer to my one and only Lord, Savior, and Brother Jesus. I have shown up and thrown up…my arms in surrender to God’s Word and what He would have me learn from this study. So far chapter one has given me the blessed reminder that I may be broken, stained and tossed aside, but Christ still calls me His bride, clothed in beauty and righteousness that can only come from Him. Loved Chapter two! 
    I’ve often wondered if I would actually give up everything for my Savior. I say I would, but I’ve never had the choice literally placed at my feet. I could care less about my possessions, but the idea of giving up the love of my life and our baby (who is still growing in my tummy) makes me pause. I enjoyed how Rachel broke down the parable of the rich man. I usually gloss over the “Why do you call me good?” part and jump into the rest of the verses. The idea that it’s not impossible for the ‘rich’ to attain heaven, but it is a challenge for anyone to give up what is most precious to them; whether it’s money, possessions, spouse, children, comfort, physical abilities, vocation, freedom, and whatever else gets us out of bed in the morning. 
    I look forward to diving in deeper as we go along. 

  23. I was saved when I was 8, but I wasn’t taught biblical discipline from my parents or my church. I sort of feel cheated because even though we were church regulars, I missed this thing about reading God’s Word and actually spending time with Him. The good news is God had me all along, carried me all along and brought the right people into my life so that I eventually learned that the guide book to life is, in fact, the Bible. I am so grateful for this study so that I can continue to have a direct connection with the Father.

    Now for the hard part… What is God telling me to do so I can follow Him with abandon? Give up my extra commitments and focus on God, My Husband, my baby girl and my health (sorry I missed the Made to Crave study- I needed that).

  24. I finished ch 1 and started with 2…I love it and so much to reflect on.
    So i showed-up …… the call to follow this study……
    I can say i “RSVP” when i was 20 or 21 this year i will be 45yo
    I remember like yesterdaythe time i made that step in the traditional church i grow up and did my confirmation to follow Jesus….The youth group i was in was full of fire and it was an safe and much needed haven in the 1st years i came to life in Holland.
    But i can say life took overand ALOT happenend but i always recognized the voice i heard who called me to follow HIm…and that is what i find the AMAZING thing in my walk with the lord……..
    And i don’t know on which page Rachel said it that Jesus is ALWAYS there to LISTEN….I think she said “one step” or one “ear,,,,,” away…
    BTW forgive me for some grammer faults or word choices b/c i’m thinking in dutch and eng the same time….but i love to study God’s word more in english than in dutch and we have an “multi language household”…..
    I am from Surinam and my husband from Nigeria…So beside eng and dutch we have our own languages also but mainly we speak with our kids dutch and english….
    Well for now this was me…I really love the way rachel is writing and can relate with so much in her spiritual growth…to realize one moment it’s about OUR RELATIONSHIP with Jesus on an daily base…….
    Come back soon i need to jump in bed it is way after midnight…

  25. Between the book, the blog, the conference calls and being in God’s Word every day, this has been an amazing experience. With this being my first on-line Bible Study I wasn’t sure how well this work. I am Praising God for leading me to this study and the Yahweh Sisterhood!!! Blessing to all as we continue on our treasure hunt…

  26. Teresa C. says:

    I showed up, but there is still so much more to do. I agree with Debi…it’s convicting. Would I really choose Jesus over family??? Wow! That’s tough. Also, am I dressed and ready for the party? Some days I think I am and other days I feel all grungy.

  27. The verses from Colossians fit my life so well right now. I have been struggling with confidence for a while. The last two years have been a real struggle for me because I was laid off from one job, found another that turned out to be an absolute nightmare. I was harrassed and discriminated against so much that I resigned. Not the smartest move in such a tough economy, but I still believe it was the right decision. However, my confidence has been severely lacking because I was so caught up in believing that my job was who I am. I have learned in the last year that it isn’t. I have applied and interviewed for several jobs, but haven’t had an offer yet. I know there are so many others going through the exact same thing. For a while I was angry, bitter and questioning why God wasn’t sending me a job. Finally, it dawned on me–He’s using this time to bring me back to Him. I RSVP’d when I was 11 years old…but I’ve yet to “show up” completely. I was thrilled when I found this Bible study because it’s exactly what I need at this moment, and I know He led me here. He is the ONLY way for me to have confidence–no job, no amount of money or status can bring me the confidence, the peace, or the happiness that He can.

  28. OK: Intro comments;
    1. I pray that God opens my heart/ears to listen to His teachings as I study His Word daily.
    2. Pg. 22: I pray that I learn to apply HIs teachings in my life daily – to love and serve Him with gladness and to receive His peace & joy and share it.

    Chap. 1 comments:
    1. Pg. 26: God delights in empowering me to live for Him (live well!). It come from Him, NOT willpower on my part (Yay, ‘cuz I’m not feelin’ the willpower…)
    2. Pg. 32: I need a pure, authentic heart (Psalm 51), a HUMBLE heart; a believing heart that is open to Jesus’ teaching (I’ve added this to my prayer journal to reflect on daily).
    3. Lacking #2 I won’t be able to unerstand His teachings (or apply them). Jesus is the narrow door to God.
    4. Jesus is who God wants me to respond to (I love that!).

    Thank you, Melissa, Rachel and P31 Ministries! God’s blessings on your ministries!


  29. I have had glorious moments in my relationship with the Lord and times when I wondered who pulled the rug out from under me. I am so grateful for you doing this bible study, Melissa! It is already helping me rub off some of the grime that has been keeping me from being connected to Him lately. I am showing up and filling up with such peace, joy and love…and I’m just on chapter two! One of the phrases that spoke to me is on Page 53:

    The gospel of Christ is more than a gracious offer of saving grace; it’s also a call for surrendered abandon and supreme loyalty.

    I have at times thought that I had surrendered and abandoned myself to Jesus, but not all of me was on board. It’s the supreme loyalty that I need His help with. When times get tough…when I’m feeling unloved and lonely…I have a hard time trusting that Jesus loves me and is right there with me. I think that’s when I find myself flat on floor, staring at the ceiling and clueless as to how I got myself in that predicament.

    I am so thankful that His boundless love sweeps over me so completely when I finally get a clue and show up for Him. I am in that place…swimming in His love and loving every minute of this community experience with you girls!

    Blessings and peace to you all! :-)

  30. Hello Ladies, hope you don’t mind me stopping by for a visit. I know you guys have moved on from Made to Crave, but I am considering/praying about leading a MTC Bible Study. However, I have a few questions that I would like to ask. Is two hours a sufficient amount of time to dedicate to weekly meetings to watch the dvd and do discussion? Also, for those of you who have been through this study do you think it is possible to lead this bible study as well as another during the same time frame? (There are some ladies at the church that are not interested in MTC, but I want to encourage them to attend another Bible Study. Therefore, I am considering leading two studies at one time.) I could surely use your input.

  31. I have shown up BIG TIME!!! Even though I rsvp’d many years ago, last year this time I found myself as far away as I have ever been. At the end in so many areas of my life with so many things to be thankful for. God has indeed blessed my life. However, I became selfish…as selfish as one can become…I had no where to turn. I was having many Jesus moments….MANY…and I was turning away. One day I decided on my knees that I would give it all to Him. I have never been so scared in all my life…terrified even. I didn’t want to…I was mad in fact. Christ was fighting for me and I was running the other way…until He snapped me back…and he did in a GINORMOUS way. God showed up for me and I had no choice but to show up from that day forward. Show up everyday and walk with him. He is my Savior! He is my BFF!!

  32. I have shown up, but sometimes I still have a hard time relinquishing complete control to God. I want to have the surrendered abandon Rachel talks about, but would I really up and leave my husband and baby if that is what Jesus called me to do? I would like to think I would be able to have this surrendered abandon but that would be hard. This book has made me dig deeper and become closer with God already and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the book has in store for us!

  33. Wow! This study is going deep….I love it. It sure does make me think about how much I place before Him in my life. Not purposely of course but still….that does not make it right. I love the word this week of “show up”. That is all I have to do…show up and make time for HIm.

    I am so excited to see what the next chapters hold for each of us as we learn.


  34. Shopping. Oh dear, I thought as I read Chapter two. It’s about shopping and purses and jewelry. “God”, I prayed on the way into work, “did I make a mistake in choosing to do this study? You know me, I’m not about shopping or purses or jewelry or any of these other girl-things the author is writing about.” I don’t like shopping at all! Why do I always make these kind of mistakes and why do I always end up feeling not really a part of things? Where do I fit?

    I started defining in my mind that this must be a group of 30 and 40-something, married with children women who have experiences and issues that I cannot relate to at all. Again I asked, where do I fit in God?

    And then He answered me, and I am believing the answer came from Him as this thought came into my head: “You are the one building the walls and thinking you don’t belong, not the author of this book or the other women in this study.”

    Wow, that wasn’t what I was expecting to hear. More thinking and praying as I drove and I began to see that when I don’t concentrate on the differences between me and other women, but the things we do have in common, then I do belong. Just because the author sees shopping and bargain hunting as something most women could relate to doesn’t automatically exclude me because I could care less about these things. I definitely am a sister in Christ to all believing women. We have Christ in common and this other “stuff” like shopping isn’t what’s important.

    1 Corinthians 12:27 (NIV),
    Now you are the body of Christ,
    and each one of you is a part of it.

  35. This is my first on-line study- I came here looking for more as I was frustrated by how often my own Bible study at church becomes more about us and not about Christ. Amazingly, God led me to broach this subject in our small group on Tuesday, with amazing responses! And now I am so excited that I think I will have 2 studies to challenge my faith and draw me closer to God.
    Ch.2 (p. 51-52 specifically) nailed it down to the core and brought to light so many of my struggles- it was both humbling and as Rachel said “it shakes me to the core when I get honest about how much time I spend pursuing creature comforts instead of the treasure of Christ”. (even when the creature comforts are spending time with my husband or sons). Praise the Lord for his grace!!! I am realizing that I need to quit turning away from my thirst for Christ and making excuses, postponing it for another day (be ready for that feast 24/7). I think my biggest obstacle to tackle is FEAR!! Fear that if I lay all of it on the line (my family is by far the hardest)- God will take it away because I gave it to him. Fear that He will ask me to do something & I won’t be able to follow through. Sounds silly & irrational- but I think I really need to keep praying about trusting God with complete abandon!
    Loving to hear what everyone has to say!

  36. Ruth in London UK says:

    Sue – I am not into shopping big time either – as a pastor’s wife with two of our three adult sons still pretty dependent on us, since one still studying and the other is struggling with depression, things are a bit tight so I avoid the shops as much as I can. Also I am no longer in my 30’s or 40’s but two years away from turning 60, so you are not alone!

    I am finding this study uncomfortable, but for good reasons. I have times of RSVP but other times when RSVP gets crowded out due to other pressures. So I have been challenged this week that I need to stop and get my orders from my Commander before I begin each day.

    Chapter 2 question 4: What is God asking you to sacrifice, give or do today? Will you resist or surrender? This seems to be a good question for me to work through with Him daily. Today it is whether I will go and help at the Church Youth club willingly and lovingly and uncomplainingly, even though it means losing out on a quiet night at home with my hubby, and the opportunity to read a good book…. I will go with His help and I will go cheerfully and uncomplainingly and seek to be a blessing to the kids who will come along.

    May the Lord bless each one of us over the next six weeks.

  37. Susan in Atlanta says:

    As most of you have, I RSVP’d years ago. After that I would show up occassionly. There were even times that I forgot Him in my crazy, hectic life.
    Sue and Ruth, I am 67 yrs old and don’t do much of anything. I have been “showing up” for 6 years now, but this Bible study is telling me that what I think is showing up and what God thinks, are two very different thoughts.
    Thank you, Melissa, for this time to learn, accept, and serve my God.

  38. Thanks Vickie for you comment about “needing to spend more time with the Word, not just praying, then maybe it wouldn’t be so difficult to ‘hear.’ ” I think that is what happens to me too when I’m at a crossroad – a lot of prayer but not a lot of time looking for answers in the Bible. And I’m so like so many of you all – I question whether I can surrender to God and put Him above my precious pearls – my family. I think I need to work daily on showing up through study, prayer and super faith that He will provide the confidence and trust in Him.