Apr 27

Need More Encouragement? Here it is! (give away alert)

Read carefully. Give Away Alert!

How often have you needed a little extra encouragement and motivation to get you started each day?  I don’t know about you, but I find that is often the case for me. Life can be tough, and sometimes a Godly perspective is just what the doctor ordered!  I am so thrilled to tell you about a few things that provide me with the daily and monthly encouragement I need and the way you can have them available to you too!  And the best thing about them is they are based on God and His Word so you can trust them.  Unlike the advice we receive from a television show or a grocery store magazine, this is stuff we can count on!

Please watch this little homemade vlog by me about Proverbs 31 Ministries:

(email subscribers, if you cannot see the video clip above, click the title of today’s post to take you directly to my blog and you should be able to see it there.)

If you are not already receiving our daily devotions or monthly magazine, I hope you’ll consider signing up! The devotions are absolutely free!  For the magazine, we ask for a small donation of at least $15 for a year’s subscription and it will be mailed to you each month , but any donation is appreciated!

Were you inspired to sign up for the daily devotions or subscribe to the monthly magazine? If so, please leave a comment here and tell me that you are signing up today! For anyone who signs up for the devotions or the monthly magazine between now and Thursday at 8 pm, you will be entered to win our next online Bible Study book, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner by Wendy Blight.  Wendy will personalize it just for you and sign it! If you already receive these items, encourage your friends to sign up! If one person signs up because you encouraged them to do so, leave me a comment and tell me who you got to sign up (or give them a gift subscription) and you will be included in the drawing too. Remember, these are new subscribers. I wouldn’t encourage you to sign up and be so excited about this if these things didn’t make such a positive impact in my life and the lives of others! I hear from women every single day whose lives are impacted by our devos and magazine.  Don’t wait to get in on having more of God’s power and confidence delivered to you or your friends today! Order for yourself or give to a friend. :)

Hope you are having a great week ladies! Thanks for letting me share something so dear to my heart with you!  I <3 P31!  I’ll announce the winner on Friday morning!

INS ladies, get ready….the INS Super Challenge is headed your way (coming Friday).




  1. Jane Kemmerlin says:

    Please sign me up for the daily devotions

  2. I’m signing up for email delivery of pro 31 devotions. I had been reading them online, but this is more convenient. I love reading the encouraging words each day and I love that it’s different authors each day! Thanks for all you do!

  3. Lyndel Trojcak says:

    My Dear Girl, I am going subscribe to the magazine. I get the email devotionals. I look forward to every encouraging word–it is my manna. I appreciate your giving heart and your desire for us to know God’s word and to be able to apply it to our lives. Bless You!

    • Lyndel, You will LOVE the P31 Woman! I look forward to mine every month. I read it, then I pass it on. I’ve given many as gifts and people always say how much they appreciate and love the magazine. I’m in the office today if you want to call and order. Have a great day!

  4. I have signed up for the daily devotionals. Having daily encouragement delivered right to my inbox will be great. I am so thankful for the Proverbs 31 ministries. The Lord is using you ladies in a mighty way. I think I will mention a magazine subscription to my family as a Mother’s Day gift idea. Thanks!

  5. Amy Figel says:


    You are so beautiful, radiating your love of God and HIs Word, and I very much enjoy your enthusiasm and joy. Thanks for all the time you take to share!!

    Have a very blessed day!

  6. Barb Wall says:

    Thank you Melissa!!! You are such a doll–brighten my day!!!! Blessings and Thank you,Barb

  7. Melissa-Thanks so much for your encouragement to sign up for the daily devotions. I read today’s devotion and WOW! it is awesome. Such encouragement—its just what I need for today. Thank you, thank you!!

  8. I have signed up for the daily devotionals. Having daily encouragement delivered to my inbox will be great. I am so thankful for the Proverbs 31 ministries and for YOU, Melissa! Smiles, Jenni

  9. Heather Bleier says:

    Melissa, awesome vlog :-)! I’m already subscribed to the online devos; love, love LOVE them! I print out my faves and share them when it’s my turn to lead staff devos. I’ve been wanting to subscribe to the mag for a while now, no better time than right now!
    I’ve really been enjoying INS (even though I’ve gotten myself a bit behind) and I’m very much looking forward to starting the study on Wendy’s book. Keep doing what you’re doing sister, I pray for you and P31 on a regular basis.

    • Heather, it was GREAT to talk to you on the phone!!! Thanks for calling and ordering the magazine, you will love it!

      I get behind every now and then too, so don’t worry, just keep at it. I’m glad you’ll be doing Wendy’s book also. I’ve already started praying about what God is going to do in our next study. Freedom is just around the corner :)

      Thank you so much for your prayers! (I requested to follow you on Twitter, hopefully you’ll approve me!)

  10. I agree with Heather, I am a subscriber and love reading them each morning. It’s great to open my email and have something great waiting for me. I cant wait to start the next study as this topic is so personal to me, and I have her book all ready to go. Can’t wait to see how God heals us through her study – if its as good as this one – I’m going to need more band aides- ( from all the scares from healing).

  11. Thank you for your blogs I am really enjoying them, I have signed up for the daily devotions from Proverbs 31 and have ordered the magazine, look forward to getting them both.

    • Yay! Thanks for signing up Barbara. You are going to love receiving the daily devotions in your inbox each day and you’ll love the magazine too. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. please sign me up for daily devotions. Thanks for all you do.

    • You are all signed up! Check your email for a confirmation. Click that link and you should be all set up! Hope you enjoy them :) Thanks for signing up Evalyn!

  13. Pretty sure I am already signed up for the P31 emails. <3 them!

  14. would love to get your daily devotionals; thank you!

  15. Fannie in Kansas says:

    I have been receiving the devotionals for some time now and really enjoy them. I usually don’t get to read much until evening but they are wonderful. I have been thinking about subscribing to the magazine but haven’t done so. Now is as good a time as any. Since it is evening, I’ll call tomorrow (Thursday). God richly bless each and every one of you at Prioverbs 31 Ministries.

  16. Teresa C. says:

    I already get the devotionals and they are so awesome to read every day!

    You are so adorable and make me smile…a big smile, every single time you do your videos! Keep ’em comin’!
    : )

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to pinch a grown woman’s cheeks before… but I do now!LOL You are just too cute! Seriously!

    I already receive the email devo’s and the magazine! Which, I got May’s and I LOVE IT! Could hardly put it down yesterday.

    I’ll be honest and let you know that I already have Wendy’s book. I did the online study with her when it first came out and I had her sign it for me at She Speaks. HeeHee! But, if you want to add me anyway, I’d love to be able to give the book away to someone I know could use it.

    Thank you so much, Melissa for all you do at P31, on the net and through prayer. You are a living testimony to the love and goodness of our Daddy.

    • Danielle,

      Is there a P31 book that you haven’t read??? Haha, just kidding, I love that you are so involved here at P31! Thank you so much for your support, it’s such a blessing. You are definitely entered to win Wendy’s book! and you can pinch my cheeks anytime!

  18. I get the magazine but not sure if I get your devotions lol. I’ll need to ck I think . Can I sign up here for the Wendy Blight study??