May 2

Words/INS~Week 6

I don’t like combining blog posts, but today I must.  If you are looking for It’s No Secret~Week 6 assignments, scroll down. But before we look at that, I want to tell you about the Proverbs 31 Devotion running today.  If you haven’t read it yet, please go right now and read the devo today:  Click here to read today’s devotion.

As someone who experienced sexual abuse as a child, today’s devotion and the novel, Words, written by the same author of the devo, Ginny L. Yttrup, are near and dear to my heart. Most especially because they are all about healing and living free. I’m reading Words right now and wish I didn’t have to put it down! The subject breaks my heart, but I know how badly it needs to be addressed. More of us have experienced something traumatic like sexual abuse, than you would think. And if you haven’t, you for sure know someone who has. The book, Words, offers hope, healing, and truth. And it’s soooo good!

If you are someone needing hope, healing, and truth, I encourage you to read Words and I also invite you to participate in the next Online Bible Study. Our next study is all about hope, healing and truth.  Sign ups have already started. We will begin reading and studying Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner at the end of May. More on that later, but if you are interested, you can sign up in the side bar of my blog today!


INS~Week 6

Word of the Week:  SHARE THE SECURITY

Now that you have been digging deep into God’s Word, surely you are feeling more secure.

I hope so!  And not only should you be feeling more secure, but I hope you are sharing it too!  Praise God for all He’s done in you and pass it on!

Here are the assignments for our final week of It’s No Secret. Let’s finish strong!

Monday- Read Chapter 11, Diversify Your Portfolio:  Revealing the Secret of True Security. Leave your comments on my blog and on the Facebook page.

Monday- Conference Call, 8 pm EST.  Those signed up for the conference calls, this one is our last. No outline, just a wrap up.  Hope you’ll be joining me.  We’ll be talking about the INS Super Challenge and our next study. We’ll also discuss how we can Share The Security!

Tuesday- Complete the Bible Study section of Chapter 11.

Wednesday- Read Chapter 12, Become a Recording Artist:  Revealing the Secret of Disclosure.  Leave your comments on this blog and the Facebook page.  I’ll also be having my mid-week check in today, so check my blog!

Thursday- Complete the Bible Study section of Chapter 12.

Friday- Read the Epilogue beginning on page 231.

Also if you bought the book, It’s No Secret from an online store other than P31, would you PLEASE go and leave a positive review of It’s No Secret at that store’s sight?  If It’s No Secret made an impact on you, we want to make sure others know about it, and this would help tremendously!  Thanks so much!

Blessings my friends!  Let me hear from you!



  1. I enjoyed reading this blog and was inspired tremendously.

  2. Sherry Reedy says:

    That should be good book