May 31

Our “Hidden Joy” Community :)

I just love our little Bible study community we have here!  You are amazing!  Thank you so much for being a part of this group!

If you are visiting for the first time and are looking for the Week 1 assignments for the Hidden Joy Bible study, they can be found HERE.

I was touched that so many of you commented and shared so openly and honestly in the first two days of our study. I was blessed by your encouragement for one another and moved by your prayers.  We are a little community here, population 3000.

Two weeks ago in church, my pastor taught about 3 excuses we often give instead of trusting God and being obedient to Him. I’m not going to go into details about the whole message, but these excuses are the same ones I used for years instead of moving forward.

“I’m not worthy.”

“It’s too hard.”

“Not now.”

Some of you may be feeling this way about this study.  You think that hope and healing aren’t for you.  Here’s what my pastor had to say about that:

“Holiness is not what God wants from me, it is what He wants for me.”  Worthiness not required. We don’t have it and God doesn’t need it.  It’s only because of Him in us that we can be called worthy in the first place.

“We go to the wrong sources to find fulfillment”   and when we get there we are still empty!  Sure it’s hard, but until we finally give into God, it’s never going to get easier or better.  We will be missing something.

“God doesn’t want to change you in the future, He wants to change you NOW.”  Like in today.

This community is here for you.  This community cannot save you, heal you, or fix your problems.  This community can encourage you, love you, support you, and pray for you.  As a part of this community, I ask you to take ownership of this Bible study.  Make friends, be real, and open your heart to God.

Monday, you were asked to write a prayer for yourself.  I hope you will make it a habit to prayer for yourself.  It’s important.  (Gotta put your oxygen mask on first before you can be of help to anyone else!)

Today I’d like for you to write/say a prayer for your sisters here in this community and in our Bible study group.  I encourage you to share your prayer with us in the comment section of this blog.  It will be such an encouragement to read how we are all lifting each other up.  Doesn’t it make you feel fantastic to know that someone is praying for you???  Imagine how you will feel to know that 3000 are praying for you???  Wow!

Here’s my prayer for you:

To My Loving Father,

I am overwhelmed and in awe of this group that you have brought together.  I celebrate the work You will do in their lives through the transforming power of Your Word.

Lord, for each and every person in this study, I pray:

*for hope to become real

*for her to believe that healing is possible for her

*for her to give You the control over her life

*that she know she is loved

*that she know she is valued

*that she open her heart, let You in

*that the walls of shame, fear, rejection, and unworthiness are broken down and remain down

*that she would turn to You for shelter and refuge and she will find You at every turn in her life

*that she feels Your love, acceptance, and sweet desire for her to have a full life

*that she finds her joy and will proceed through her life depending on You and living free.

In Jesus’ Sweet Precious Name, I pray, Amen.


You are a blessing to this group!   I am so thankful to be on this journey with EACH of you.  <3




  1. Kathy in IN says:

    Lord, help us all have hope on You during this study that we would see real change in our fears, thoughts, and actions. Give us freedom in You and the peace that passes all understanding. Speak to us. Help us to hear Your voice and to recognize Your truth. Amen.

  2. Thank you Melissa,
    I’m believing that this Bible Study will be the tool that will get me back on the narrow road. I’ve been in my own private pity party for a few months. It’s a reaccuring cycle with me.
    I wasn’t sexually abused but I have always been emotionally abused.
    I have a lot of bitterness towards me, my husband and my mother. I’m ready to forgive myself, my husband, and my mother completely.
    When my daughter was three years old she got sick with epiglottis. Because I didn’t get her to the hospital quick enough she sufficated, lost oxygen for too long, has brain damage. That was 34 years ago. Everytime I look at her I feel guilty. Tears are pouring even now. It is hard to revisit this. I lived the minute details of that event nightly for countless years. She now lives in a group home, but she would much rather live at home. She is too much for one person to take care of. Again the guilt. She comes home every other weekend.
    It is too much for me to stop feeling guilty, but I’m trusting with God all things are possible.
    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I ask you to draw each and every women in this study into your arms. Help them know they are protected by your power. They are loved by you, the creator of all things. This life is hard, full of trouble and a troubler, but you have overcome the world. Help us all to trust that you know what you’re doing. You have allowed these things in our life for a reason. To develop us to have the character you need us to have.
    Father I pray for success for each and every woman in this study,
    I have prayed in the name of Jesus, our helper and friend. Amen.

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Dear Gerogette,

      I read your story, and I think your perspective regarding your daughter’s brain damage is absolutely wrong – It’s NOT your fault. Blame and guilt in many cases come with the mom’s package: If anything bad happens to my kid, it’s my fault.
      But guess what? It’s NOT your fault.
      Let’s think different: because you were there, despite the brain damage, she survived. And all these years she could be a blessing to many people around her, and they could bless her.
      I had a patient who had a christian mom. This mom quickly became a very good friend of mine. She had 2 boys. The oldest one was 3 years old, and the youngest was only 6 months. The baby was born with Cerebral Palsy, and because of their concern for his health, they built a swimming pool in their home so this little boy could be treated with hydrotherapy, which was be really good for his muscles’ tone.
      One day, the mom left the swimming pool “opened” (without the safety top), and her oldest son (4 years) fell inside the pool, and was for too long without oxygen, which resulted in brain damage.
      The first reaction from the family was to blame that sweet and dedicated mom. But the Holy Spirit in her, and God’s Word convinced her it was an accident, and believe it or not, allowed by our caring and loving God… so He could do His purpose in their lives.
      Today, this mom with 2 brain damage children, is an example to the whole community where she lives. She takes the Word of God to mom’s and relatives at the Cerebral Palsy Care Centre, in the city they live, and has been a great leader spreading the Word of God to those in need. And her oldest son (today with 14 years old), despite his brain damage, is a major volunteer there, and a blessed young man of God. Because of this “accident”, hundreds maybe thousands of people gave their lives to Jesus, and were saved.
      God uses these bad circumstances to show us He can be glorified and He can be Greater than any problem. He used an event that could ruin her life to transforms everyone’s lives around her.

      You have to allow God to work in the midst of the dispair, the pain, and the misery. He is SOOOO creative, He WILL restore your family, and bring beauty out of hurt and pain.

      It’s nor worth it living with this pain and guilt. Try a new thing in your life. Trust God’s will is good, pleasant and perfect… even when the situations don’t seem to show it.

      I’m praying for you.

      Michele Caséca

    • Diki Burns says:

      I will be praying for you Georgette and please, please consider Michele’s words. Her words hold much wisdom, as moms when things go wrong we are especially hard on ourselves but, Michele is right God can turn this around for good and His glory. It also gives you a special sensitivity for other moms going through the same thing. Trust the Lord, forgive yourself and let God heal and use you.

      love and prayers, diki

  3. I wanted to share a phrase that I found awhile back. It seems appropriate for all of us here. I think it came in an e-mail. It’s called I Believe.

    I Believe that our background & circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.

    My prayers are with everyone today!

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Thank you sweet Tricia.

      I LOVED the phrase! Thanks for sharing.

      I’m praying for you as well.

      Michele Caséca

    • Diki Burns says:

      Thank you sweet Tricia! What a powerful phrase this is. I am going to put it on my bathroom mirror where i have to look at it every morning.

    • What a beautiful reflection. The Lord definitely uses ALL of our past to make us who we are today. But we have to choose to allow Him to work it for good in our lives and choose not dwell on it with resentment, bitterness, anger, and self-pity. Our God promises to heal, restore, and make all things new when we CHOOSE to allow Him!!



  4. Michelle says:

    I think about my own children and how although I love them both equally, they have very different personalities. When I am speaking with them and helping them through a painful event in their own life, I speak to them very differently because I know my children and know what they need. In the same way, we all have different situations and different ways of dealing with our pain.

    My simple prayer is this…That our loving Father would wrap his arms tightly around us and speak to us both as a group and individually. I pray we would feel Him in a more personal way. That He would let each one of us know that he sees us, sees our pain, sees out tears and that we would open up our eyes and ears to hear what He has to say to us to bring total healing.

    Praying for you dear friends…

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Amazing! God speaks the same Truths, but in different ways to each one.

      Thank you for your prayer! I too pray He can bring healing to this beautiful group of woman.

      Michele Caséca

  5. Father God, I humbly come to you this morning, in awe that Melissa’s prayer is what I personally needed. I ask for the others that as each person visits the core of the pain in her live she will give that pain to you. I pray for victory as you give us every thing we need. Today, I ask that each of us will ‘trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey’. May each one of us be a blessing to someone else. May we be the arms of Jesus. May we show empathy. May we be less critical today, first of ourselves and then others. May we demonstrate your love.I pray also that the walls of shame, fear, rejection and unworthiness will be broken down. I pray that each woman can forgive herself for her past choices. Then I ask that you Father God, heal our damaged emotions. In Jesus name. Amen.

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Amen and Amen, Diana!

      Your words touched my heart!

      Sweet Blessings,
      Michele Caséca

    • I just love your prayer for walls to be broken down, and I join you in praying that for each and every woman!!



    • thank you for praying that we be a blessing to someone else. God granted that prayer in my life today as I was able to spend time with a friend whose brother committed suicide last week. He lives in another country, so this friend cannot even be with the remaining family members. Her grief has been so hard for her. I have been trying to encourage her whenever we get together, and in the process I am reminded of how the people around this man feel since he took his own life. The times I am tempted to do the same, I hope to remember the reality of what this friend is living through. In the meantime, I can at least be there for her. Thanks again.

    • Beautiful and amen amen!!

  6. Ruth in London UK says:

    Dear Lord, I pray for each woman who has read chapter 1 today. May those who have been triggered by something in it, remember that You are there, and that healing begins with painful memories, and that this is not the end, but the beginning of this study. May they feel supported by each of the ladies in this group and may something of your love reach out towards them and give them a sense of hope even in the darkness. Help us all we pray, for Jesus sake Amen.

    • KG (Kerrie) says:

      Ruth I am so impressed that we have reached all the way to London. Thank you for your pray as we start our 1st assigment.

      “Summer of Healing”

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Thank you Ruth!

      Your prayer was beautiful and appropriate. I haven’t done my assignment yet, because I’ve been working all day! But I remember the first time I read the book, the first chapter was very hard to read. Lot’s of details from Wendy’s story, which may bring lots of memories to many women here.

      Ladies, hold on… the next chapters will seem like sweet running streams of hope and encouragement.

      Praying, praying, praying always…

      Michele Caséca

  7. Jennifer Boddie says:

    Sometimes our healing begins through the faith of our friends!

    I love how Wendy’s husband to be ( at the time) and her friends did not leave her alone right after she had been assaulted. Sometimes, in our pain we are ‘paralyzed’ and unable to reach Jesus directly due to the lenses we are processing our situation through.

    Power Verse: Mark 2;4-5

    They couldn’t get to Jesus through the crowd, so they dug through the clay roof above his head… Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man(or woman in this case), ‘My (daughter) ‘son’ your sins are forgiven.”

    • so thankful that God has recently placed me around supportive friends. They have been such a blessing. Thanks for sharing this Jennifer! :)


    Lord I come to you this morning with great expectation for each one of us that are in this bible study , Lord I pray that You would tear down the wall’s of fear. rejection, feelings of unworthyiness, feelings of shame, Lord I pray that You Oh lord woul wash all of us women here in You Love and that You Oh Lord would be the center, the beginning. the end,Lord I pray Zep 3:17 over this group of women(THE LORD YOUR GOD IS WITH YOU HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE HE WILL TAKE GREAT DELIGHT IN YOU HE WILL QUIET YOU WITH HIS LOVE HE WILL REJOICE OVER YOU WITH SINGING.
    ThankYou Lord we love you and are waiting to find joy in every dark corner light up those places Lord.
    Thank You for Melissa and watch over her and protect her and give her the words to teach us Lord we thank You for her and her willness and thank You Lord for the calling that You have placed on her life and thank You Lord for her being faithful to her calling.

  9. Yay, I found how to leave a comment.
    I am very expectant of further healing,with this bible study. I was recently a part of a group study called ‘Into the Wildflowers’, an outreach of Restoring the Heart Ministries. It was pretty much the beginning of my journey, in dealing with and surrendering to Jesus, the sexual abuse when I was young. Many times I had been in counseling and thought I had dealt with it and that it was done and I should be healed, but I knew it wasn’t done with because I have lived in anger most of my 58yrs.
    Being part of the ‘Wildflowers’ group helped me to give a voice to what happened to me……telling my story. This group study, I believe, will bring even further healing as we all give a voice to that which was kept a secret for so long.

    This prayer is not only for me…it is for all of us.
    Most holy and loving Father, I pray that you will pour out your Holy Spirit upon me, to give me the strength, wisdom and humility I need to fight through this work, you’ve given me to do. I need your all consuming love to flood every part of my human fiber, so I will know that PEACE, that only comes from my Dad in Heaven. If I have all of that and by faith, I trust you to give it all to me…….I know I can do this.
    Thank you, I love you.

    • Michele Caséca says:


      It was so good to hear your words! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story and your prayer!

      HJ family rocks!

      Love you all!

      Michele Caséca

    • God is called our All Consuming Fire in Scripture. I love how you spoke of His All Consuming Love. Praying He will reign down both as we dig deeper and deeper in His Word for powerful Truths that will bring hope and healing!!

  10. Dear Heavenly Father, Be with these lovely women today as they reach out to you for love, compassion, healing. Bring peace to their hearts, quiet their suffering, and wrap your loving arms around each and every one of them. Thank you for all Your Greatness and Love. It is Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

    • Michele Caséca says:


      Thank you Carrie!

      God bless you, lovely one!

      Michele Caséca

  11. I am thankful to have found this Bible study, as I want to draw closer to the Lord. I have not been abused physically or emotionally. But I do live with rejection from those I have loved most. I live with regret from as long ago as 40 years. I want to be able to let go of the regret, the hurt, and the longing of what could have been. I am believing there will be a change in me…that I’ll be able to accept what I have and have not done thru these many years of adulthood. GOD…I ask You to be with each of us as we embark on this study. We come to You with our own circumstances, but each needing healing in our own way. Please come into our lives, opening our hearts to hear Your voice and to accept Your grace. And help us to pass along whatever You open our eyes to see and feel. In the precious and loving name of Jesus I ask these things and thank You for…Amen.

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Dear Lord,

      Thank You for bringing Kathy to our group. Please, search her heart, and let her know Your forgiveness surpasses her feeling of regret. Your love surpasses her hurt. Please, start to change her heart TODAY! Let her live the blessings you have reserved for her.
      In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen!

      Kathy, I’m praying for you!

      Michele Caséca

    • Kathy, you have so aptly captured my feelings today. Sometimes we commit the worst crime against ourselves, living in rejection and fear, due to our own actions and decisions. After many years of trying to fix things my way, I realize I can’t do it on my own, and have only made things worse seeking my own road. It was a privilege to have been part of a Celebrate Recovery ministy in my church for a couple of years. The first of the eight principles is, Realize I’m not God, and admit I am poweless to control my tendency to the wrong thing and that my life is unmanageable. Letting go of that control and surrendering it to God is so hard, but so worth it. I am praying that this journey will enable me and so many others to let go of the past, and let God move us into victory. We are all worth more than this. 1 John 3:1 is such a beautiful truth…”See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” Praying for all 3000 of us.
      Heavenly Father, what an awesome event you have orchestrated thru this ministy, and what a glorious praise it will bring to your name. Thank you for all the loved ones who are working so hard to get thru the hurt and pain, and see the wonderful plans you have for each one of us. Keep us hungry for your word, and thankful that it is the truth. Open our hearts and minds to receive from you. In Jesus name, Amen

  12. Heavenly Father,
    There are over 3000 women gathered here seeking Your presence. We have been brought together for a variety of reasons, but the number one reason we ALL share is that You have called each of us at this time in our lives and for Your glorious purpose. Before even one of us signed up, You were here, ordaining the path You have laid at our feet. Strengthen each of us through this journey of healing. When one falls, let the other 2999 lift her up. Help us to continually lift our hands in praise to You during this process. We thank and praise You now for drawing our hearts together. Move in our hearts for You. Help us to know that You are near, even if we can’t “feel” You. Speak to us through Your Word, this book, our fearless leaders, and through the godly counsel of each other. Anywhere two or more of us have gathered, You are there, You are in our midst; above all, You dwell within us! Bless this time we have together, let Your glory move in this place. We ask this not because of what we have done, but because of what You will do through us and we call upon the One Name above all names, our Lord, our Savior, and our Brother Jesus the Christ! AMEN!

    • Amen, Heather. God has truly blessed you with the gift of prayer. I stand in agreement with you that even when we cannot “feel” Him, we will KNOW that He is near because His Word tells us that He is near to the broken-hearted. And He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!!



    • Michele Caséca says:


      Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer!
      Indeed, there is NO way to NOT be lifted up when one of us falls down… with 2999 women of God around!!! YAY!

      God bless you dear one,

      Michele Caséca

  13. Melissa, I loved the comment you made about being holy, that God does not want it from me, but for me. That was so powerful to read and realize. I have always believed that He calls us to be holy because he is holy (1 Peter 1:15-16). The only way we can be is to fully surrender to him. i still struggle with that and I have been a Christian for 21 yrs. So many times I do not feel worthy and I think I have made it hard for myself to accept that God loves me just the way I am just because He made me. I have had so many hurts in my life and while I want to let them all go, I still seem to hold on to them. I am getting better, but still need help. I am also grieving the loss of my Dad, who passed away two days after Christmas. The last five months of my life have been rough. I am in a place I have never been and I know the only way is is through God.
    Dear Lord, Please be with each of the women in this study, help them to learn from you and grow closer to you. Help us to encourage one another. Lord, help us all to see past our “unworthiness” and know that we are worthy just because you love us. Be with Melissa as she guides this study, give her the wisdom and strength she needs to minister to the women here. Thank you for this opportunity to get to know you better Lord and to learn from your word. Please give each of us the spiritual wisdom we desire. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Dear Kim,

      You ARE worthy. Please believe it!
      The feeling of unworthiness annuls Christ sacrifice on the cross. This same feeling, CANNOT surpass God’s grace and mercy for us.
      This made us worthy. God made us worthy!

      I can imagine the pain you feel for you loss. I’m gonna repeat what I’ve already told here, Your dad’s loss DOES NOT ANNUL God’s goodness! He is good, and He is with you!

      I don’t have much time now. I’m in a late lunch break, and need to go back to work. But if you need a prayer, let me know. Definitelly I’ll pray for you, but if you desire, I can post a prayer for you.

      God loves you!

      Michele Caséca

      • Michele, Thank you. Your encouragement means so much. Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate that. It has taken me a long time to get to a place where I do feel worthy and I am still working on it. I know he loves me. I need to just embrace it, accept it, and believe it. Thank you for your kind words.
        Blessings, Kim

  14. Good Morning ladies
    My book hasn’t arrived yet, but I did write out all the scriptures and have read through some of the blog. I too have been sexually abused, emotionally abused, most likely had an abortion (before roe v wade) and so young, this has impacted my entire life. the shame, guilt, even compliance – well it’s been 3 years of journeying into the pain rather than “getting over it”. It’s hard, but I have glimpses of myself through the eyes of God. Father, please meet each one in this group right where they need You most. thank you. In the strong name of Jesus Amen.

  15. Dear Lord… I boldly approach You, Creator of all that is good and perfect, on behalf of this community of women. We have all been effected by a selfish evil that is not of You, and I ask that you wash our hearts of all shame, guilt, fear, and hopelessness that stems from one dark moment in our life. I pray that this study brings us all closer to You and in greater understanding of Your love for us. I pray that You help all of us to see what great plans You have for our stories, and that You use it in a way to further your kingdom. In Christ’s Holy Name, Amen.

  16. Rosa Perez says:


    I am grateful for these women involved in this study who are allowing themselves to be transparent before you. I pray that healing would take place in hearts as we dive deep into this study. I am in awe of the work that you have started in our lives even in these few days and I pray that you will continue to walk with us as we sort through all of our stuff. Thank you that we can be rid of our guilt and shame and replace it with peace and hope. I love you, Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen!

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Amen Rosa!

      Thank you for sharing this prayer!

      Michele Caséca

  17. Thanks so much Melissa! This is exactly what I needed today. I have been wrestling with all these mixed emotions the last couple of days. Satan has been working overtime to let me know this is futile. Well, let me tell you…I am no longer going to let him have his say. He may have a louder voice at times, but God has the perfect timing to whisper in my ear the TRUTH. I can ask “why me” forever…its time to turn it into…”Why not me”. I want to pull this demon from my soul once and for all in this matter. I once sat in a therapist office and she had me draw what I felt inside…This was roughly 20 years ago and I remember how easy it came to me. And the one thing I remember was, my figure had no ears…but a big voice. And, for me, thats just it…satan doesn’t LISTEN to us…he watches our actions and takes his moments to invoke that big voice of self doubt that we hear in our heads and hearts. He doesn’t care what we have to say. We have the power to push satan away. Like Dorothy, we have had the power all along….we just have to believe God’s whispers and feel his nudges. I, for one, am taking the summer to be kind to myself and listen. Soak in the rays of His love for me. Even on the stormiest of days when I want to run in from the rain and take cover. No one wants peace for our minds and souls more than He does. Satan lets us push him away…God doesn’t. He remains constant in his love for us even when we don’t. He gives us the strength and the reasons to push back and reclaim our lost souls from satan. Listen and feel the nudges…

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Dear Lisa K,

      It’s sooooo wonderful “hearing” you saying this words!
      God is doing such a beautiful new thing in you, girl!
      That’s the way!
      I’ve been praying for you since the first comment you made last week, in our HJ community!

      I’ll keep praying! Please, keep sharing! I love reading stories of how God beautifully works in someone’s life!

      Michele Caséca

  18. KG (Kerrie) says:

    Good Moring Everyone,
    I moved this weekend so I am behind a little bit, however last night I was reading Taylor Meyers and a comment that God keeps repeating in my heart and ears this morning self doubt and self criticism is all satan’s work. If we can so readly trust and believe in doubts of ourselfs and a life fillied with self criticisms we really are following satan and that is right were he wants us to be…and that is so easy…..
    So I pray for all for my soul family in the bibly study.. Dear Lord that we all roll up our shirt sleves and take the road of work to you Dear God. I pray that living in doubt and criticism becomes the tough place to live and that living in the light of God becomes easier and that the gift of relief fills all of our hearts. In JesUS’s name I pray the prayer.

  19. Judy McMillin says:

    Lord, You are our All in All, the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of All things. As we move forward in this current battle, give us eyes to see and ears to hear Your counsel and encouragement. Help us move past the barriers that are in our way to moving forward in the fullness of life You have for us. How we long to bask in Your healing love and divine mercy so that we might bring glory to You as we walk in a life of freedom: Freedom from fear and condemnation. Instead, please replace those with boldness and forgiveness so that we may be ambassadors of Your love to those that cross our paths. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

    • KG (Kerrie) says:

      Judy your prayer is very moving. Thank you and the “Summer of Healing” is in our hands….Amen


  20. Good morning ladies, this study although only three days old has already started stirring the past.As dreams from the past come back again. Dreams I have not had for a VERY long time. But they aren’t dreams or flash backs of the actual event praise God but the addictions I formed because of the abuse. I had been working to get those under control but clearly God wants me to deal with them here once and for all – getting rid of them not into them.

    Father God, I thank you for this study and these wonderful sisters you have placed in my life as we learn to defeat these demons that had control of our lives for so long. Father God bless these ladies as they all work to become stronger in your Word and love and strength. Please be with each one giving them the Powwah to say ” NO MORE!!!” to satan And YES to you Father. In Jesus na,e I pray Amen.

    ( and yes satan gets a little s he doesnt deserve to be capitalized. lol

    • KG (Kerrie) says:

      Dear Debi….I was just posting a comment about satan…you are so right about satan and he makes it easy to doubt and critize ourselves..but as Melissa prayed…God will met us where we are , but we need to meet Him too. The SUMMER OF HEALING is in our hands…Amen. Dear Lord I pray that you help release Debi from the demons that control her life and fill her with the strenght to met you. In JesUS’s name I pray this prayer Amen.

    • Michele Caséca says:

      YES! The enemy is defeated!

      Thank you Debi for this comment! Really made difference in my life today!

      I keep praying for you!

      Michele Caséca

  21. KG (Kerrie) says:

    Dear Melissa,

    In your post what touched me was…..
    Make note the Bible never says life will be you know my 18 years of marriage ended with an affair from him with another married woman…now she is expecting his baby boy in Oct, he conitunes to taught and call our little girl names on the phone when she doesn’t do what he wants. She is facing an entire month of July with him. They are going to Disney Land in Fl and the driving to Minn. so new wife can take classes fo her Master’s in Education. They have to move back into the house that was our home because he can’t afford the rent at that resort any longer. So my daughter will have to deal with them being in the home she grew up in.God has begin demanding my obediance to forgive my x. I have!!!! Also my brother of 46 was diagnosed with colon caner….after I end my school year teaching Middle School Title ( kids at high risk) but I love them..I will be driving my brother up for treatments everyday and I am having back surgery July 7. That is just in the past 2 years I have gone through a horrible divorce and feel guilty everyday because I promised my daughter that we would always be a family…also I have lost 5 family members and they are now with God. So life is not easy….but God doesn’t want us to stay there and my life became so overwhleming that I couldn’t stay there. Thank you for your wisdom and being an amazing sister of our Lord…he is speaking through you and your prayers are felt and your words touch my heart and soul. It truly is the SUMMER OF HEALING!!!

    • KG, I am so proud of you. These are things that would bring many women down so low they would give up, but you are a daughter of the King. Don’t you ever give up, you STAND up, and let satan know what a fighter he is dealing with, and every morning when you put you feet on the floor, I pray he flees in terror, just knowing you are awake, and on a journey to recovery. I was diagnosed with colon cancer last June, and finished up my chemo in January. God truly blessed me with my sister being by my side thru every treatment. I know you will be a blessing to your brother just the same, and God’s name will be lifted up because of it. Love and hugs to you, you might Woman of God!

      • KG (Kerrie) says:

        KG (Kerrie) June 1, 2011 at 11:19 am
        Wow you put the biggest smile on my heart. Your words of encouragement blew me a way. Thank you I needed them….yours words of may satan flee when my feet hit the ground. I love to find words inside of words…ex. in JesUs is US and in your name is LAWana…I pray Dear Lord that when LAWana asks for help and prays for others along for yourself that her words become a LAW for her life and the others she prayers for. In JesUS’ name I pray this prayer. Amen

        Summer of Healing

  22. I hope to gain insight on WHY my life is the way it is and how is God gonna use it/me! My doubt is will an answer come from this study? I try so many times to find answers and hear from God by studying from others who have been through the same thing but i never get an answer. I only hear about what happened to them. I may have given up hope. But I am trying again. God I ask you to help me in any unbelief. And in all of my effort make me and every other woman who is in this study …make it/ us successful in finding You.

    • KG (Kerrie) says:

      Angel…thank you for being so honest, that takes a lot for a person to admit…I think we all are in the same place you are is some areas of our lives. We have to be or we won’t be in this Bible Study. I pray dear Lord for Angel that you will meet her were she is but that she also needs to be able to meet you. That she can truly trust you in order to erase the doubt in her heart and fill her up with belief. In JesUS’s name I pray this prayer. Amen.

      • Michele Caséca says:

        Dear Angel and KG (Kerrie),

        Lots of people who have this extreme need for answers, like you are saying you do, end up frustrated and separated from God.
        Dear ones, I would LOVE to tell you God is gonna give you ALL the answers you need. But I would be lying.
        He never promised us to clear all our questions. Some He will, but some He won’t.

        For YEARS I’ve wondered why He would not give me all the answers I wanted. I used to ask myself: “If He says He has the best for me, why does he not show me TODAY why I’m going through this!?”

        Today, I strongly believe in His Sovereignty in my life and also that our limit minds cannot support such answers. Our limitation, as humans, does not allow us to know ALL the answers.
        That’s why we will not have all our questions answered. What we DO have, are his promises left in His Word. They were left by God for us, and they are a resource for us to not only believe, but find the comfort we need to live life to the fullest.

        Today, my faithful AND greatful heart says: “Dear Lord, I really don’t understand why I had to go through all that pain, BUT I do believe Your thoughts and Your ways are higher than mine.”

        I suggest you to meditate in this verses: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

        So, I ask you: Please, don’t try to find answers. Try to find God in the midst of all hurt and pain AND questions. “Draw closer to Him, and He will draw closer to you!”

        I love you beautiful women.

        Michele Caséca

        • Michele,
          It is hard to just ‘trust’ God in the midst of having so many questions, fears, pains, and problems. I love that Wendy addresses this directly in the book. I know for myself, that just turning a blind eye to those things and choosing to ‘trust’ God, is not really trust. It is distraction and provides no lasting peace. I hope for more with this study, and pray for healing for each one of us in the places that allow God to get through to us more deeply than ever before.

        • Thank you Kerrie and Michele for your wisdom. I will meditate on those scriptures.

  23. Good afternoon ladies! Thank you so much Melissa for your willingness and your desire to do this study. May the Lord pour out His blessings on you in a mighty way. I am so blessed and thankful to be a part of this wonderful group. I am expecting some amazing things to happen because of the good and pleasing plans the Lord has for this group of ladies.

    I was sexually molested as a child by a great uncle and went through many years of emotional and verbal abuse from my step-father. I have struggled most of my adult life with feelings of unworthiness, rejection, fear, and anger. I just recently realized, through reading a great book, “How to Handle Your Emotions” by June Hunt, that I’m not weird or crazy, which is what I’ve thought many times over the years because of feeling the way I have for so long, but I react and respond the way I do because I am looking through the eyes of rejection, fear, and pain. I am learning how to change the way I think, and that my worth and value are not based on what other’s think of me, or what they say about me; my worth and value are based on what Jesus did for me and on the love of my Heavenly Father. I am excited about this study, not just for me, but for all of my sisters who have spent way too many painful years living in bondage. God is greater!!!

    Oh Father, I pray that You will do amazing things in the lives and hearts of every woman participating in this study. You see all the hurt, all the pain, all the lies, all the fears…..set Your daughters free! Wrap Your loving arms around my sisters. Let them truly know the love You have for them. Holy Spirit, lead them into all truth, impart spiritual wisdom and discernment into their hearts and minds that they may see the lies of the enemy. May their joy be restored, may walls come down, may chains be broken, and may hearts be healed! Reveal to my sweet sisters how truly lovely and precious they are to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Hello Sherry,

      I’ve soaked in your words if wisdom and grace.
      God has really made a way for you and has taught you about His purpose in your life.

      I’m praying for you, lovely one.

      Michele Caséca

  24. Father, I pray that you will be with each & every one of us today as we read chapter 1 of Hidden Joy. That chapter was difficult to read & stirred a lot of emotions within me. It brought a great sadness to me this morning. I pray for your loving arms to be wrapped tightly around each & every woman in this study as she reads through chapter 1 today. Comfort all of us as we need individually that comfort from you. I pray you will provide us comfort from our fellow sisters in this study as well. Having others who can specifically relate to what we are feeling & thinking is of tremendous help to us as we’re on this journey together. I pray for every woman in this study, that we will all trust in you completely Lord. Your love & guidance will see us through our fears & bring us to Peace once & for all. Lord, help us all to keep our eyes lifted up to you, whenever the doubts try to creep back into our minds again help us to remember your promises. You are always with us, you will never abandon or forsake us. Lord, Thank You for your promises, Thank You for never leaving us & Thank You for loving us & always wanting the best in us. Only you have the answers we are looking for, only you can lead us through this journey & only you can bring us out on the other side, to Victory. Lord God, Anytime any of us gets discouraged along the way, let us all remember (as someone posted previously), that you suffered when you saw us suffering, you didn’t turn your back, you were right there with us through it all. Father I pray you will bring us all through to the other side where healing is waiting for us.

  25. Father today I come before you in Jesus Name and praise you for the work that you will do through this Bible study in each of our lives. I pray that each one of us will experience and be aware of Your presence each day. Please protect us all and our loved ones during this time of study and Lord Jesus we also pray for Melissa, Wendy and the Proverbs 31 team’s protection. Father I pray for devine revelation, healing and joy – that we will all be seeking your Kingdom first. Thank you that we may come before You and just ask. Amen

  26. Heres a verse I found while reading today and it sounds like so many of us right now proverbs 14:13 “Laughter cannot mask a heavy heart when laughter ends grief remains.”
    Father as we travel this path let the laughter continue and when it does end let us be surrounded by your love and peace Amen,

  27. Teressa Morris says:

    Dear Heavenly Father –
    Please be with all of us who are struggling with our past and our present. Wrap your loving arms around us and help us to see that with you we have a brighter future!! Take away the fear and loneliness, God, and help us to let Your love in!!
    In Jesus name we pray,

  28. Diki Burns says:

    I so love the bond we are sharing and the family of sisters we are becoming through this bible study. I have never done anything like this before. I have not been physically abused but, emotionally. I long for a deep relationship with my Lord but, i am afraid of it at the same time. The only emotions i am good at showing is anger and joy, two opposite extremes. I hide wounded feelings, insecurities and inadaquacies behind a mask. I don’t cry, not even over a sad movie. I wasn’t always this way and don’t know when it happened. I think maybe if i form a deep relationship with the Lord i will have to acknowledge my feelings and i don’t think i even know how. I have so many things i would like to do, like write a book (i am a poet mostly) or get some of my songs published but, i just sit on things and don’t do it. I’m a writer and i don’t even journal – go figure! I have tried and i just can’t seem to do it. I don’t know if i’m afraid of failure or what but, i do know God has led me to this study to figure it out. Debi i agree with you, i never feel satan deserve a capital s either!

    Father in heaven i pray for each sister in this study. You have brought each of us here with a special purpose in mind for each individual. Lord please touch each heart with your healing power. Help us to forgive ourselves as you have forgiven us. Help us to forgive others who have wronged us and fill us with your love as only you can do. Give us peace dear Father that the world does not understand that we may be able to soon share what you have done in our lives. Father so many times we try to climb the mountain before us in our own power, struggling, slipping, falling but, it is only by grabbing hold of your hand and hanging on that we will ever reach the top. Thank you Lord for Wendy who wrote this book and for Melissa as she teaches this study. Bless them both, give Melissa the words you want her to say and the wisdom with which to say them. Thank you Lord that they love us this much to take the time to work with us and teach us. I pray these things in Jesus precious and holy name, amen

    • Michele Caséca says:

      Dear Diki Burns,

      Surrender all your plans and desires to God. Develop a close relationship with Him. Tell Him what your dreams are (even though He knows, but His Word tells us to tell God what our desires are). He wants intimacy from us.
      In prayer, tell Him about your desire of writing a book, publishing your songs. He NEVER fails. NEVER!
      First, He wants you heart and to develop a close relationship with you. Then He will synchronize your gifts and dreams to His purposes and will!

      It amazes me what God CAN do to a heart completely devoted to Him!

      I’m praying for you, dear sisters.

      Michele Caséca

  29. I want to gain God’s wisdom and encouragement to keep seeking him and his Truths. I want to be free from the chains that are keeping me captive from joy, peace, and love. I want to completely trust God to heal me. Father, I love you. I want so desparately to feel secure, happy, content no matter my circumstances, and confident. I want the fullness in my marriage, being a parent, and a follower of Christ. I want to be a positive influence on my family- husband and children. I want to be content in the season of life that you have me in. Father show me the abundent life. The life that comes with following you down the narrow road, the road less traveled. Do not let me become arrogent. Break down these walls around my heart that I have built up.

    • Michele Caséca says:


      Your honest prayer broke my heart.
      I’m praying for you, dear sister. I’m praying God can give you the strength you need to accomplish all these things you’ve just prayed for!

      I’ll repeat something I’ve already shared in previous comments I made: The desire we feel in our heart to develop a close relationship with God and become a woman after God’s heart, IS ALREADY our first step!

      You already took your first step!

      God bless you.

      Michele Caséca

  30. Father I pray for anyone who has gone through this. I can not imagine the horror or helplessness a person would feel in this situation. I pray that you would comfort anyone taking this study that has gone through such a tramatic event. I pray for everyone of us taking this bible study. That we would all feel your joy and love, your devotion to your people. Father I pray that you would be glorified in our lives. That your power would overcome all darkness in the lives of these ladies. May Your will be done!!!

  31. Father,

    Help my sisters and I walk by faith and not by sight as we journey through Hidden Joy and Your word. Open are hearts and minds to receive from You, trusting that Your word conquers, heals, exposes, comforts, and provides peace and joy. Father, speak specifically to each individual circumstance. I speak against the enemy who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy, and I declare that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ. Lord, help us to immediately replace any negative thoughts with Your word that is full of truth and living power. Father, I thank you in advance for what you will do for my sisters in Christ. You’re the mighty God, and with you nothing is impossible. We are standing on Your word and seeking your face, Lord. Do exceeding, abundantly above all we can ask or think according to the power working in us.

    In Jesus name, Amen.

  32. Precious Jesus:

    I’m not certain why you have led me to this study- but I trust in you and know that you will use this experience to bring me closer to you- and to give me a greater knowledge of your word. I pray for my sisters in Christ who are joining me in the journey. I pray that my sisters in Christ will gain peace, comfort and knowledge of your holy presence, and that at the end of this study, we will be friends, as well as sisters in Christ. Father- reach our hearts today and help each one of us to understand just how much you truly love us! In your precious name- Amen.

  33. I’m struggling, desperately want to be fear free but as bed time approaches the fear of nightmares dominates. I long for rest, safety and peace.

    • Dear Laura, your comments have touched me and so I pray, with the authority that Jesus has delegated to me and in His name, bless you with a restful and restorative night’s sleep, free from nightmares and full of His rest. I pray that His covering remains over you and that He protects you from anything which seeks to rob you of your sleep. Be blessed with a peaceful night’s rest. AMEN

    • I’ll be praying for you to find that rest, safety & peace that you need. I hope this study helps you to get there. Have you thought about counseling in addition? I only ask because I started going about 7 weeks ago, before God brought me to this study, & it does help. I won’t lie to you & say that I still don’t have days that seem impossible, I do at times, but now my focus is to keep pushing through until the next week when I go back to counseling again. Just a thought to consider. I’ll be praying!

      • I have had in the past and am due to start again in two weeks, I just worry that I won’t be able to keep going through this study as things seem to get worse before they’re better, I’m not sure I can manage that at this time with work etc as without sleep and rest I struggle to function? Does that make any sense? Thank you for your prayers and for your encouragement.

      • Tricia,
        Two days ago I left a comment asking if counselling meant I wasn’t trusting God to heal me and I believe you commented. I was just looking for a way of deleting my comment here tonight as felt it was too negative, just occured to me as I did so that actually that God had perhaps used you to reconfirm that counselling is ok, He knows it takes me a while to get the message! Thank you for that.

        • I’m glad that you are giving counseling another try. I just went to my weekly counseling appointment a couple of hours ago. I’m sure it will help you! It’s not easy & I myself don’t like thinking about my abuse to such depths but I also know that that is exactly what I need to be doing to get me to the healing I need to get to. I may not like the hurt that comes along with taking that long look at myself but I need to be able to admit the things that I need to be able to admit to about myself & my life & in all honesty just how much both myself & my life have been affected by my past abuse. That’s hard to do but it does help & it is worth it. I look forward to coming out on the other side of my past, the side where victory & peace are wating for me. I’m glad that you’re in this study. I pray that counseling will be another tool that will help you greatly. We all deserve that Peace, we are all worthy of it, & God wants it for us! I know we’ll both be able to get there with God in this with us. He loves us & he wants it for us. He wants us to be happy, whole, productive people again. I believe that! Take Care & keep taking it one step at a time. I’ll be praying!

    • Laura, I hear your pain. I haven’t slept since Nov. and am also struggleing. We must keep Jesus in the front of all else. What helps me is to say to myself, just one more day. Just taking one day at a time seems to help me. I will be praying for you!!! God Bless, Kay

      • Michele Caséca says:


        In times of intense dispair, where we cannot even concentrate to read the Word, or pray, what really helped me in the past (during my struggles) was saying the name Jesus.

        It would be better if a friend or a relative could be with you to invoke His Mighty name, but if you don’t have anyone with you during these times, just call for Jesus. Say it repeatedly Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

        By saying His name, peace comes.
        Jesus name is love. Jesus name is our refuge which heals all our pain.
        In Jesus’ Name there is Power and authority to defeat any evil, any nightmare, any bad memory our circumstance.
        Through Jesus’ name provision comes. Through Jesus’ name comes the assurance that we will see miracles of God in our lives!
        In Jesus name we will conquer the victory our souls desire.
        Through Jesus Name, our homes will be filled with blessing.

        Say it loud Laura: Jesus, Jesus, Christ Jesus!

        I’m praying hard for you.

        Michele Caséca

    • It is 11pm and I am praying for peaceful rest for you Laura. I stay up late, for much the same reason, and will pray for you until I finally sleep too.

  34. Father, You have led me to this study, although I haven’t experienced the same pain that Wendy describes in chpt 1 in such a mega-dose, the darkness of the terror has accumulated over many smaller incidents and I fear they have scarred my relationship with You. Open the eyes of my understanding to see You and your plans for me as good. Remind me that I am not the “black sheep” of your flock, but a dearly loved little lamb. With all we are going through right now, please use this study to strengthen and draw me closer to Yourself.
    Bless my fellow sojourners as we travel this road to enlighten the dark corners with Your Hidden Joy.

  35. Father, You bring hope to the hopeless, community to the lonely and help to the helpless. So many of us have been hurt by our past experiences, no matter how deep our wounds, no matter how many tears we have cried, how many layers of protection we have placed around our hearts, You have the power to heal and restore us to our original glory. Made in Your image, we were created to reflect your glory. When you look upon us, You see us as perfect in Christ. There are no flaws in us. Give us eyes to see ourselves as You see us. Give us hearts of flesh to love ourselves as You love us so that in turn we may love You and love others in greater measure. Set us free from fears and anxieties. And as this day draws to a close, we pray for your protection on our minds as we sleep. May we dream dreams of Your making, rest assured in Your protection and knowing that there is hope enough for the new day to come.
    ‘The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace.’ AMEN

  36. Veronica H. says:

    Thank you Melissa for your prayer…..I had tears (for the first time in a long time –have not been able to cry for years) just pouring from my eyes as I read the prayer you have for each of us!

    Is this the start of my healing???? I certainly hope so. I have read chapter 1, I posted this in the other section (Hidden Joy~Week 1) instead of here. I haven’t wrote my prayer yet for everyone involved in this study but I will post it here very soon. Again thank you for this study!

  37. Hi friends, it’s Wendy Blight, author of Hidden Joy. How my heart sings as I read the powerful prayers and comments on today’s post. I just love how ready you are for God to do a mighty, mighty work in your lives.

    His Word promises that when we seek Him with all our hearts, we will find Him…He will be found by us. Oh, I claim that for each of us. Wherever we are on our journey that we will meet Him in fresh, new, powerful ways. Every great work of God is always preceded by prayer and your prayers reveal that God will do a MIGHTY work in our midst. wait with great anticipation to see what He has in store.

    I cannot wait to visit with you on the Conference Calls in a few weeks. Until then, please know I wake up every morning praying for you.

    Sweet Blessings,


    • Michele Caséca says:

      Hey Wendy,

      It’s sooo nice to see you here! Please, please, dropp by more often!

      We love you,

      Michele Caséca

  38. I have not read ch 1 yet because I havent recieved my book yet either but I am sooo excited about this study. I know God has something GREAT in store for all of us and its just amazing reading each prayer and feeling all the love and support!

    Lord God I come to you as humbly as I know how. I just want to thank you God for allowing me to be apart of this study. I pray that you touch each one of our lives in a special way. Speak to our hearts and minds. I pray for protection over each woman involved in this study Oh God. I pray that you bless us abundantly. lord allow us to make it through this study a new creature. You said in your word that where 1 or 2 come together touching and agreeing that you would hear and answer our prayer. Lord we have been brought together by your grace and know we need your mercy to continue oh Lord. Guide us along this journey in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

  39. Veronica H. says:

    Sometimes I think it’s good that I blocked out my childhood abuse only certain smells, touches and places bring it into detail. Interesting is I can’t remember much but all Wendy’s behavior I have had ally life: fear if dark, not ever being alone, never taking a shower if I was alone and the last paragraph of the chapter could have been wrote by me!!! I have had nightmares my whole life, waking up screaming but once I am awake I just remember the fear–I can’t recall the dream!

    My prayer for all of us:
    Dear LORD, I pray for each and every one of us who are taking this journey together. I ask for healing ~ healing from fear, shame, anger, loneliness, isolation but mostly I pray that we are able to put our trust in You. I pray that the walls we have built up to keep ourselves from hurting again crumble and that Your love will guide us through. Little did we know when we built those walls so high we were not only keeping out pain but keeping out love, joy, life and mostly You! We need You to remove our walls and to infuse us with hope! So many of us frozen in fear right now even though in our minds we know that is the enemy keeping us from You, please gather us in Your arms so that we feel Your strength, comfort and love so that we may continue on this journey together. LORD bless each one of us, shower us in Your love, peace and mercy. Give us what we need to be able to lay our pains, fears and anxiety at Your cross. LORD be gentle with us, yet forceful enough that we gain strength as we go and that the demons in our past lose all power. I thank You LORD for Melissa and Wendy, for their answering Your call with a resounding “Yes” to guide us through our own nightmares and prisons. Glory be the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, is now and shall ever be a world without end. Amen.

    Sorry I typed that as I felt the words coming up from my soul, I hope it doesn’t repeat a lot or sound like I am rambling.

  40. Dear Father, Please grant us PEACE!!! Help the Giant that is ragging inside all of us to be tamed and laid to rest. Amen

  41. This is my prayer for all of my sisters in this online Bible Study.

    Dear Lord,
    I lift up all of my sisters in this study. I pray that you will speak to them and heal them. They need you, as do I. Heal all of us of the traumas and pain that we have hidden so deep. We want your peace, and we want to be the women that you have called up to me. I ask this in Jesus name.

  42. Precious Father and our Redeemer,
    I praise and thank you for this day that you created for all of us. Lord I come to you even now lifting up everyone of my sisters to you. God I praise you for this journey to wholeness and healing that we have begun. I pray even now that any distractions that the enemy would bring have no place in any of our lives. I thank you God that we are focused on this journey and that our minds will be at peace. I pray that the peace of God would surround each and everyone of us during our time of study of the word and reading of the book. I thank God that healing will flow through every area of our lives and that we will except the healing that you freely give to us all. Lord thank you for your love and your beautiful grace that has drawn all of us here together for this purpose…..freedom. I thank you Father that each of us through every lesson will begin to hear the bells of freedom ringing in the deepest part of our soul. I praise you God for your love for all of us and we honor you with our lives. In your son Jesus name I do pray.

  43. This was a rough read for me. I am angry that this happens to so many people. Deliverance is hard. I know that in order to totally heal I am required to forgive. It takes a special person to be able to forgive. I can’t do it. I honestly hate them. Not the best words coming from a Christian I know but I can’t relate any other way. I am scared of my own thoughts I know they are wrong but I can’t see past it all. So many years I have pushed it all away. Never allowing myself to feel. I masked everything so well that I actually thought it was my fault. I live in fear daily because I believed their threats. They promised me if I listened to them and followed their instructions I would be ok. I didn’t listen so I feel like it’s my fault. Everyday I wonder if I had done what they asked would it have been as bad. I blame myself.

    • Dear Lisa,
      Whatever happened to you is NOT your fault. I think we all ask at times, what if I had done something different?, but we cannot hang on to the “what ifs”. God allows things to happen in our lives but we have to trust Him. Trust that He will heal you and help you. We have to ask Him. He will work all things for the good of those that love Him according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). I will be praying for you. Kim

      • Thankyou Kim I am trying so hard and it’s tough ya know!!

        • Lisa,
          You’re welcome! Yes, I know its tough. I have a hard time myself. I have been trying to rely more on God. I’m finding the more time I spend with Him and reading my Bible helps. I will keep praying for you.

  44. I am looking forward to this study. I pray that this will help bring all of the participants closer to God and that He would use his perfect love to cast out all of our fears. I wasn’t ever sexually abused like Wendy was, but I can still relate to feelings of unworthiness due to things I have done. I highlighted a few passages in the book because they mirrored how I felt about myself when I was 16 and wanted to kill myself. Even now, I feel like I am unworthy of finding a Godly husband because of my thoughts of suicide back then. I pray that this study helps me to get over these feelings and more fully know that even though I tried to eliminate myself in this way, God still loves me and can still use me. I pray the same for my sisters in Christ that are taking this study as well. Nothing we do can ever keep God from loving us, and this is a truth that I pray that we all grow to believe more fully through this study.

  45. Dear Lord,
    I have known hopelessness. It tags behind me in this race called life. Some days it almost catches up with me. My prayer is for ALL of us to out run hopelessness an that it Never sees us again!


  46. Wow, as I was reading thru the post from today, my heart has become so full of awareness that sooo many need this opportunity. Nearly every family I know has someone going thru the same pain and feelings of being unworth, and unloveable. I am going to pray the God reveal to me anyone who would be receptive to join this study.
    Lord, put them in my path, and give me the words to say and the boldness to direct them to this awesome opportunity to find healing in your word, and encouragement and support thru this amazing group, no, army of worshipers gathering to do battle in your name. With more thanks than I can ever express, in Jesus name, Amen.

  47. Danielle of NC says:

    Ok, so i feel like i am not even in the same study as some of yall?? Some of yall are able to just “put it all out there” but i just cant seem to even get started! It seems as though every part of my past holds its hand over my mouth refusing to let me speek about it. Im sooo happy for everyone and i just hope i will be able to do the same before this study is over. Honestly, Im not even able to get out a prayer right now. Just know i admire everyones courage. Chapter 1 is tuff.

    • Danielle, Do not be discouraged. We, like you, are likely keeping a lot held back. We are sharing those things we feel may be safe here. It is a community of people all dealing with deep pain. You are safe here too. I pray not only that you will one day be able to speak about your feelings and experiences, but that you will find that they no longer hold any power over you. I pray the same for myself, now that I’m reading that. Let’s heal together, what do you say?

    • Veronica H. says:

      It was very hard for me Danielle….I typed what I felt I needed to say but then I just sat here feeling like I was going to throw up but a dear friend told me when I told her I was getting ready to start this study she said: “climb out of the boat, look straight at Jesus, hold His hand, He won’t let you drown” and I just kept keeping that in my mind as I hit the post button. Each post since has become easier although still very nervous and uncomfortable. Praying for you~

  48. Lord, So many of us here have lived with agony from some events in our past. Sometimes it has been for decades. Even in following you, we may not have found the hope and healing we yearn for. You are the God of all comfort. You took the punishment so that we can be healed. Whatever it is in each of us that keeps us from receiving that healing, I pray it will be removed during the process of this study, and being part of this community.
    Thank you Jesus,

  49. Donna C. says:

    Sue – I was going back and re-reading all the stories/comments from this wonderful group of ladies from the past few days. I have done this every day now and my heart is touched each time I take it all in because so much of it is like a reflection of what’s going on in my heart and mind. I just happened to find a new comment you wrote today on a posting I wrote on the 30th. And I wanted to say Thank you. I really hadn’t planned on doing any talking on here tonight because I am just overwhelmed with emotions once again. My late night ritual of feeling weak, discouraged and not understanding myself. But what you wrote to me, Sue, really has given me a light bulb moment and made me sit up in my chair and say Hey, I do have Christ in me, it is a tiny seed right now but He’s in my heart and I need to water it and nurture it and let it grow. And also what you wrote about postive thoughts, I am truly going to try to start trying a little bit at a time to replace the negativity with being positive. I have printed what you wrote out and will keep it in my bible study journal to read often. So thanks again, Friend, it feels so good to be heard and understood and be given compassionate encouragement. I think I may have just taken my first step on my journey. Oh, God, please bless Sue, Melissa, Wendy, Michele, Veronica H, Carol and every woman that is involved in this bible study that they may draw closer to you.

    • Veronica H. says:

      Baby steps are sometimes the most important Donna C. That’s how I am feeling right now, taking baby steps and getting through to the next step without falling apart. I am not as nervous as I was 2 days ago but I can feel the fear creeping back, I am just keeping the imagine in my head of all of us with our hands clasped together supporting each other looking up at Jesus with smiles on our face and trust in our hearts!

      God Bless you to sweet friend…..I hope tonight finds you with some comfort, peace and much deserved sleep to restore and refresh you.

      • Donna C. says:

        Yes, Indeed, Veronica H, what a wonderful imagine that is. Thank you, I feel so blessed by the closeness I am feeling to all of you amazing women.

  50. Donna C. says:

    I heard this song today on KLove radio and it made think of everyone, myself included, who are trying to be strong enough on our own and feel like giving up. God will be strong enough for us if we look to him and reach out to him.