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Jun 30

Now It’s Time To Say Good-Bye…

To all of you for the next week! I will miss you, I promise I will. But it’s time for my family to take their annual beach trip. I’ll be leaving today and heading east to the coast for a week of rest and relaxation. I will have my toes in the water and a book in my hand every single day :) I will not have my computer in my lap.

This is when it’s good to have a great friend and an awesome ministry partner all in one. Y’all already know Stephanie Clayton.  She is hi-jacking my blog for Week 6 of our study!  Yes, Steph will be taking over here and also on the Online Bible Studies Facebook page.

I bet it will be your best week ever!  Not only will Stephanie be giving you your Week 6 assignments, but she will also be blogging here, and featuring a guest blogger~our sweet amazing friend and Proverbs 31 Staff Member, Samantha Reed.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Love you!  I look forward to hearing all about your week when I return.

Love and Blessings <3


Blog and Facebook Etiquette 101

If you have trouble viewing the vlog below, click the title of this post or click here.

I hope this helps clear up some questions and emails I’ve received lately about the purpose of the blog and Facebook.  It is my sincere prayer and hope that all who visit me here on my blog or on one of my Facebook pages would feel accepted, loved, and welcome.

Have a great day y’all!

Jun 27

A Message from Wendy Blight

Hey Y’all!  I usually don’t post on Monday since we are just getting started in the week’s assignments, but today I wanted to make sure you tuned in to hear a message recorded just for you by Wendy Blight.

You can read a word from Wendy and watch her message here.


Have a great day HJ Ladies!  For those on the conference calls, I’m looking forward to our time together tonight.