Jun 27

A Message from Wendy Blight

Hey Y’all!  I usually don’t post on Monday since we are just getting started in the week’s assignments, but today I wanted to make sure you tuned in to hear a message recorded just for you by Wendy Blight.

You can read a word from Wendy and watch her message here.


Have a great day HJ Ladies!  For those on the conference calls, I’m looking forward to our time together tonight.




  1. Here’s my devotion for the day. I really liked it.

    Rest With Me A While. You ahve journeyed
    up a steep, rugged path in recent days. The way
    ahead is shrouded in uncertainty. Look neither behind
    you nor before you. Instead, focus your attention on
    Me, your constant Companion. Trust that I will equip
    you fully for whatever awaits you on your journey.
    I designed time to be a protection for you. You
    couldn’t bear to see all your life at once. Though I am
    unlimited by time, it is in the present moment that I
    meet you. Refresh yourself in My company, breathing
    deep draughts of My Presence. The highest level of
    trust is to enjoy Me moment by moment. I am with you
    watching over you wherever you go.

    Here also are 2 verses in Romans 15 that got my attention this morning as I read my Bible.

    Romans 15:4
    For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance & the encouragement of the scriptures we might have hope.

    Romans 15:13
    May the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    • Thank you for sharing!! The devotion was amazing, I loved it!!!

      • I too loved this devo and verses. there was a time in my past when I was going through the abuse that I would have like d to know the outcome and know I would not be in this abuse forever. AS a child every second feels like a minutes every minute an hour. Then again, that goes true of some books I read as well I sometimes read the ending to see what happens. AS I wrote this the song from Garth Brooks comes to mind, If I did know I would have missed the dance- and so much more. To now think if I did know I would have missed all those opportunities that helped someone else.

    • Yvonne S. says:

      This is beautiful. Thank you Tricia, I am going to put this up in my room as a daily reminder.

    • Thanks Tricia for sharing this. I love it!

      Liz :)

    • I loved that, Tricia! What devotion book is that from?? Sure was appropriate for this study!!

  2. I just read Chapter 1 and then the Day 1 of the Renee Swope’s Doubt Diet. Chapter 1 could have been written for my life. Between Wendy’s book of my life and know Renee’s I am wondering if someone who knows me so well gave away all my secret feelings LOL. Thank you Melissa and Renee for this chance this week to go through the Doubt Diet!!!!

  3. For the call tonight, do we use the same passcode as last time or will you be emailing us a new one?

  4. Ooops, nevermind Melissa!

  5. Angie Woodward says:

    Headed out the door really quick for appointment so just wanted to check on the conference call for tonight. I didn’t get the email with the call in information on it, I have checked inbox and spam boxes. Didn’t know it you had sent them yet and if so, could you please have them check and resend mine. Thanks and looking forward to tonight! Angie Woodward

  6. Yvonne S. says:

    Joined the Doubt Diet thinking it might help a bit alongside Melissa’s study but after reading D.D. chapter 1 and day 1….wow. Its scary how much these 2 studies speak to my heart/life. Like there’s been a fly on the wall of my entire life watching, taking notes, and now someone else is addressing all the “stuff” that has come out of it. Learning that there are other women out there that have doubt, fear, anxieties, depression and that a person is not a horrible Christian because of it has been a lifesaver.
    All I can say is THANK YOU Melissa and Renee.

  7. Monique says:

    Chapter 5 and Doubt Diet read, so much to take in, but trying to keep my mind focused on my Jesus. Just as Tricia’s devotional say’s, find rest and peace in Him.
    I read something about John today, stuck alone on an island. I’m sure he was weary, lonely and like us all, didn’t fully understand why he was there. Then God tells him, I’m going to have you write one of my books. Not just any book, but the last book, the book that gives us a glimpse of our future and a hope to hold on to.
    Just incase you’re currently on or coming off an “island”, God has a plan and purpose. Your ‘book’ will be used for His glory too!

  8. I posted a discussion on the Hidden Joy FB page:
    On page 68 of Hidden Joy ~ Wendy writes: “He did not cause my rape but I now believed that it was part of His plan. My comfort came in knowing He had a purpose for it in my life. He promised to use it mightily for His kingdom.”

    I am struggling with this tonight, any help would be appreciated.

    • Monique says:

      Hi Veronia,
      I hope today you’re feeling better about what you read? That whole concept seems kind of surreal to me too. I’ll be praying that the Holy Spirit speak God’s truth to you about how He does this.
      Love you sister!

  9. Colette says:

    Just leaving a comment in hopes of winning a copy of the book! I am practicing and working on my doubt diet and having confidence that I could actually be one of the girls that gets blessed with the new book!! Thank you for all of your words of encouragement!!!
    “Mercy, Peace and Love be yours in abundance.” Jude 2

  10. I have a new blog……if you want to see my new page, click here http://simplymemywalk.wordpress.com/

  11. Hey ladies!!! I haven’t posted in a few days but I have stopped by. Love you guys and praying for you :)


  12. Veronica, I don’t know what help I can provide but I sure will pray for you. There have been times I have struggled with the concept that God had my abuse in his plan, but I rejoice that he is using it to help others.

  13. Last night after the conference call I was pretty emotional in so many different ways. It’s pretty long and don’t want to overtake the blog here so I will post just a bit of it but you are welcome to read more about it if you care to on my blog.

    So without anymore thinking LORD, here is my hand for the thousandth {and final} time.

    This was at 2:00 am this morning, on the bathroom floor with lots of emotion. I literally acted it out; I stood up, closed my eyes and as I said here is my hand LORD ~ I reached my hand out. I heard whispered in my heart “I have you Veronica” ~ “I know LORD, I know…do Your work in me, Your will be done.”

    • I have had to do that a few times – literally lift my right hand and tell God that I need Him to take me by the hand and lead me because I couldn’t do it without Him. It is a SWEET thing to hear Him say those words, “I have you” and and even SWEETER feeling to be in His embrace…

  14. I’m ready to climb back out of my pit. I’ve been back there the last couple of days, again. Today’s a new day! I can make it good by staying positive or I can make it bad by continuing to be negative. I’m choosing positive. That pit of mine stinks & I don’t like being there.

  15. http://devotions.proverbs31.org/

    This is a really great devotion to read today. I plan on doing the suggestions about making the notecards.

  16. One more devotion to share…
    As You Get Out Of Bed in the morning, be
    aware of My Presence with you. You may not be thinking
    clearly yet, but I am. Your early morning thoughts
    tend to be anxious ones until you get connected with
    Me. Invite Me into your thoughts by whispering My
    Name. Suddenly your day brightens & feels more
    user-friendly. You cannot dread a day that is vibrant
    with my Presence.
    You gain confidence through knowing that I am
    with you – that you face nothing alone. Anxiety stems
    from asking the wrong question: “If such & such happens,
    can I handle it?” The true question is not whether
    you can cope with whatever happens, but whether you
    & I together can handle anything that occurs. It is this
    yoy-and-I-together factor that gives you confidence to
    face the day cheerfully.

  17. Jennifer Rasor says:

    I’m having trouble focusing this week…not having trouble staying positive, but having trouble focusing enough to read or do my Bible study or Doubt Diet devotions. I’ve got a lot of distractions at work and my petsitting job right now for one, and I’m tired a lot ’cause I’m not sleeping great at night again. I really want to stay caught up and geared up for battle daily in the Lord, but really struggling this week with concentration. I appreciate your prayers!

    • I’ll be praying for you Jennifer. Hang in there!

      • Jennifer Rasor says:

        Thanks, Tricia! God is giving me grace today…it’s slower than usual at work and so I reread the 1st day of the Doubt Diet, and read the 2nd Day, and filled out my Doubt Index Survey. At my petsitting job last night, I got back and not only had the little one (she has severe separation anxiety) thrown up and peed in her crate, but the big one evidently had a cut on his tail and before I realized it, he’d wagged his tail so hard and sprayed blood EVERYWHERE. I tried to clean it up, but to no avail. Especially since it took a while to get it to stop bleeding and every time I’d clean up, he’d just splatter more blood everywhere. He is fine…a big black lab who is as sweet as can be, but also as hyper as can be, and you just can’t keep him from wagging his tail. I do not exaggerate, though, when I say blood is splattered all over doors, walls, appliances, floors, and furniture, and was also all over me and the other dog. Not fun.

        • It doesn’t sound like you had a fun night at all. I’m glad God’s giving you grace today. I would love a not so busy day at my house. I don’t like summertime when you’re running a daycare. Too many older kids!

    • Same problem here!!!! I have been so scatterbrained I am forgetting things left and right, remembering at the last minute and then I am in crisis mode, doing the 2 studies is harder work than I thought and even if it is for only 7 days I don’t think I can do it!!! I feel like I am losing my mind, plus only getting 2 hours of sleep a night :(

      • My kids say that means you’re old when you start forgetting things, Lol! If that’s the case then I’ve been old for a long time now. I think it’s all their faults though, Lol!
        Veronica, you can do it! But you do need more sleep. I’ll be praying for you about that one. I’ve been trying to keep up on this study, The doubt diet & my weekly small group study. For the last one it’s 4 pages of questions & a section of reading. So far I’ve been keeping up pretty well since I got caught up on Hidden Joy this week. We all need a vacation!
        Did anyone else find that it was a lot easier in todays HJ questions to list what steals your contentment than it was to list what brings you contentment. Maybe it was just me but I found it easier to come up with the things that stole it away from me. I found that sad to realize too. Should be the other way around. Good to see that all written down though! I am a visual learner. I have to see it in writing or I don’t get it. Hope everyone’s day is going great!

        • Jennifer Rasor says:

          Yeah, it is easier to list the things going wrong than the things going good, and that is sad. That’s why we’re encouraged so much to keep a gratitude journal. I need to start “counting my blessings” more often. Thanks for your prayers! I’ll pray for both of you ladies as well!

  18. Kimberly says:

    Today’s Scripture Phil. 4:6-7 was a precious gift for me. Increasingly, I’ve been seeing practical help through the Scripture verses we’ve been reading. I call them “blueprint” Scriptures–ways for me to please the Lord in daily life. Answering honestly that I do more worrying than praying with thanksgiving was such a good lesson. When this truth made it to my heart, the peace of God enveloped me and has continued all day. Thank you, Jesus, for this Bible Study.

    In Jesus’ love and mine,

  19. Wendy’s message was awesome! It really started my week off right! Not going to let the past define my future! Off my matt and taking back the power! The thought that I have allowed the people who victimized me to continue holding power over me makes me angry! What have I been doing??? But the anger is a good anger… a letting go anger…a NOT ANYMORE anger… a I’m not going to dance on your grave anger anymore! 😉 Praise God!!


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  2. […] of the Hidden Joy Bible Study.  There was a surprise post on the blog this morning from Melissa (Melissa Taylor Blog) letting us know that Wendy sent us a special […]