Jun 30

Now It’s Time To Say Good-Bye…

To all of you for the next week! I will miss you, I promise I will. But it’s time for my family to take their annual beach trip. I’ll be leaving today and heading east to the coast for a week of rest and relaxation. I will have my toes in the water and a book in my hand every single day :) I will not have my computer in my lap.

This is when it’s good to have a great friend and an awesome ministry partner all in one. Y’all already know Stephanie Clayton.  She is hi-jacking my blog for Week 6 of our study!  Yes, Steph will be taking over here and also on the Online Bible Studies Facebook page.

I bet it will be your best week ever!  Not only will Stephanie be giving you your Week 6 assignments, but she will also be blogging here, and featuring a guest blogger~our sweet amazing friend and Proverbs 31 Staff Member, Samantha Reed.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Love you!  I look forward to hearing all about your week when I return.

Love and Blessings <3



  1. Well I hope you have an awesome week, enjoy your time.

  2. Don’t scare me with that “goodbye” stuff!!! I hope you have a fabulous time on vacation ~ very jealous, no vacation for us this year ~

    Will miss you!!!

  3. Have a GREAT week Melissa! Time much deserved! Enjoy that beautiful family girl!!

  4. Enjoy the vacation. Everyone needs a relaxing break like that. Fun with the family & all is a great thing!

  5. Hope your time is filled with fun, rest, and “re-creation”. Have a great time!

  6. Brandie says:

    Enjoy your vacation!

  7. http://myjourney1014.blogspot.com/

    Ok, I started a blog. I’m hoping I did this right & that the link will take you to it. I have no clue what I’m doing yet. I’ve never had a blog before, didn’t even know how to go about getting one. My teenage daughter had to show me. So I’m a work in progress on this & I’m learning as I go. Any helpful suggestions you can offer are much appreciated & welcome. I put up my first post this morning so we’ll see where this goes. It’s all a new experience for me. Seeing all the blogs through the comments here helped me see that starting a blog was the right thing for me to do at this time. I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

    • Brandie says:


      You will do fine! I am following you :-)

    • I am excited for you and as you encourage me through my blog I am doing the same!!! I think you are off to a great start!!!!

    • Yay! I have had my blog for several years, and I love it. It’s just a great way to communicate what’s going on and connect with other people. I will check out! Enjoy the process!

    • Kristi Deitrick says:

      I’m excited for you Tricia!!! I know I don’t know you but will follow it…what is the link for it??

      • Kristi, If I did it right, all you should have to do is click on the first line in my comment. The Blue one, I guess. I’m not very good at all of this blogging stuff & am learning slowly.
        Thank You too Tamara! I’m ready to find out where it takes me.

    • Anonymous says:

      I loved your blog, Tricia. In the few weeks I have known you, I can see your growth. I can feel God’s love reflecting off your words and it encourages me. It says alot for you to take that leap of faith and speak from the heart on your blog, I don’t know if I could ever do that. Hope you have a beautiful day seeking the Lord.

      • Donna C. says:

        Goodness, I keep forgetting to put my name in, usually it automatically does it but I haven’t posted here in awhile. Sorry. (the anonymous comment is from me.)

        • That happens Donna, no problem. I’m trying my best to keep going forward. Doing this study is what got me thinking about doing a blog. That was last week. I’ve been up, down & all over the place since I started Hidden Joy but I keep getting back up again. My past is not gonna keep me down forever. I’m not gonna let it.
          Thanks for the confidence boost eveyone. I really lack confidence to do pretty much anything new, so maybe having my own blog will help me with that too.

  8. Have a great time, Melissa… a well deserved vacation with your loved ones! Sounds lke my kind of trip… toes in the water and a book in the hand =)

  9. Melissa,

    Have a fantastic get away! Enjoy every minute of it!!

  10. Kristi Deitrick says:

    Melissa, if anyone deserves a vacation, it is you…enjoy and RELAX at the beach!!! We will miss you but we will “see” you next week!!!


  12. Stephanie says:

    Hope you that you have a wonderful week on the beach. Just wanted to share what happened to me today. I have been struggling a lot the past couple of months over a broken relationship with a friend. I have felt very lonely and depressed about the whole thing. I invested so much into this friendship and now it is gone. And I have felt lost. In the midst of this friendship, I basically cut a lot of people off in my life, including God unfortunately. I am seeing that now and learning to believe that God knows what is best for me (apparently I’m a slow learner). I know we have been learning about “getting off of our mat” and I really wasn’t sure how to do that. I felt like I had no one! I couldn’t get over the grief and sadness that I had been feeling. Well, today when I woke up, I read the Proverbs 31 devotion on how we need to let people in on the problems we are facing and that it is prideful when we don’t. I felt like God was saying to me, “This is how you get off your mat.” I felt like He was telling me to call one of my friends that I had cut off to apologize and ask her to let me back into her life. I can’t explain to you the weight that has been lifted from me. I had had this bottled up in me for so long b/c I was so ashamed of how I had acted. I didn’t deserve for her to let me back in, but she did. I know this may be long, but I just had to share how God is working in my life through this study. Thank you, Melissa, Wendy, and Stephanie for this study and your encouraging words.

  13. Kristi Deitrick says:

    I have to speak up about the upcoming chapter. I have read it and it is helping me significantly. I just found out that 10 months after my Mom’s death, my brother is handling her estate and has decided to keep a very large portion of it as his fee that he believes he has “earned” by caring for her when she had cancer (I was in the process of moving out of state). I just read his email this morning saying he was going to do this and I realized that truly, he needs the money more than me, for nonfinancial reasons, he is kind of greedy. But I decided long ago to end the greed stronghold that has existed in our family for generations. It really has. I have more cousins not speaking to one another over money, it is foolishness. Yes, I need it but it is not worth ending my relationship with my brother or being in the wrong state with God. Thanks, Wendy for writing such a great chapter on forgiveness. It is all so real and true.

    Love, Kristi

  14. Not directly but kind of!! My friend just posted on her FB page that she has been selected to be a celebrity host on a trip to Greece in the Footsteps of St Paul!!! If you are interested in learning more visit my blog —


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