Jul 20

Quiet Time~You Need Space

***This was originally posted in January, 2011.


Many years ago, I was trying to establish a daily quiet time. There was only 1 problem.  There was no quiet place in my house.

We have 6 people living here, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a den, a kitchen, and a laundry room.  For me, in order to have  a quiet time that I can have consistently, it has to be early in the morning.  I can’t use my own bedroom because my husband is still sleeping. I can’t use the den because inevitably one of the kids will wake up and want mom for something. When I’m having my quiet time, which equals my time alone with God time, I can’t be disturbed. So, my creative husband, knowing how badly I needed a space to call my own, created that space for me in a very unlikely place.

My quiet time area, or Mama’s Cubby, as it is lovingly referred to at our home, is located in the back of our…laundry room.  Yep, my sweet space is shared with a washer and dryer.  “Lovely” you might say, sarcastically. It’s not the ideal space, but it works. And it’s worked well for ten years.

I think every girl needs her space. A space where you can call your own and you cannot be disturbed unless the person needing you is in severe pain or bleeding. (that’s our rule!)  So ladies, I’d like to share with you, my quiet time area…my cubby…my space:

Just beyond the washer and dryer, lift up the clothes, hanging to dry after being washed, to reveal my space.  This was nonfunctional space. A small narrow area that could not be used for anything really. So, Jeff, put a piece of wood between the 2 walls to make me a desk. On the wall in front of the desk, I have posted pictures, verses, and other inspirations.

Here is a closer look at my work space today. My Bible, my journal, and my cup of coffee.

The wall in front of me.  Pictures, artwork, and many index cards affixed with tape containing verses that keep me going.

Here is one of the index cards with my Grammy’s favorite verse. She died a few years ago.  She was a major influence in my life.

Not everything in my cubby is spiritual.  Here is a newspaper article about the Brad Paisley concert that I attended.  :)

And Duran Duran.  :)  (don’t judge me for my taste in music)

Well, lookie here.  My contract that I signed with L.A. Weight Loss 4 years ago.  (great and healthy plan btw…I lost 20 pounds. Unfortunately, when it was all over, I gained the 20 back.  Plus 25 more. Not the plan’s fault. )

I love this.  I know it’s hard to see. It’s a note that my oldest son, Blake, left me to find in the morning when I go to my space.  Can you read what it says?  “Mom, Have a Great Quiet Time This Morning…”  Ain’t he sweet?

That same sweet child, who is now 17, is pictured here with my cutie pie husband.  I love this pic.

And here’s another note of encouragement. This one is from my youngest, Hayley Grace.

Blake wrote this about 5 years ago.  It states what our family believes. I love this because, I communicate this to our kids and hope they get a little of it.  But Blake took it one step further and wrote it all down. We had this on our fridge for about 2 years.

This picture is hanging up in my space. It’s when Hayley Grace was born. This was the first time she met her brothers.

Here is what this space is really all about. A place where I can go and everyone knows not to interrupt me.  I read the Word of God, study it, and discover how it applies to my life. I treasure this.

These are my notes on the Made to Crave study.  I’ve already started preparing.

And from the chair I sit in as I have my quiet time, if I turn around, this is what I see. Clothes hanging up to dry. Beyond these clothes are the washer, dryer, and storage spaces for our family.

I am sharing this with you to hopefully inspire you to find a place of your own. Maybe you already have one. But if you don’t, look for one. You need your own space.  A place where you can meet with God, do your Bible study, pray, and think.

So where do you have your quiet time?  Where do you find some uninterrupted peace and quiet?  If you have a space, please comment and tell us about it.  And if you don’t why not?  What’s keeping you from it?  Kids?  Time?  Space?

Maybe we can share ideas and encourage each other here.

You need your own space. You deserve it.  So find it and claim it!

Have a fabulous day!   :)

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  1. Michelle says:

    That’s awsome. Sometimes you just have to make it work!!!

  2. I have always wanted a space of my own, but I feel my office is that. I work at home so do have this office space. However, when I come in here in the morning, well intentioned to read my Bible and talk with God, I feel “work mode,” so instead I start working.
    I am really going to ponder this, and pray over it, and see what God wants for me this way. I know He doesn’t care where I am, just that I take the time to spend the time with Him.
    Thanks Melissa. Love your cubby.

  3. Ruth in London UK says:

    Love your space Melissa. I have been sitting here for a while wondering if there is a tiny space here that I could claim as my own peaceful spot but there literally is nowhere. Three adult sons, and a hubby in a tiny house doesn’t leave any space at all, but first thing in the morning, I go into the sitting room for my quiet time, and that works perfectly fine for now – and I am content :)

  4. I love your cubby :-) I do not have a “space” per say, but I do have my quiet time in the morning at the kitchen table before everybody gets up. I set my bible and my notebook on the table every morning before I got to bed. So when I get up at 4:30 all I have to do is put the eyeballs in, stumble to the coffee pot and sit down and have my time to connect with God. It works for now and that is all that really matters :-)

  5. A wonderful space! Right now I do my quiet time in my bedroom in the morning before I get out of bed. Usually my husband is awake and in the other room long before I get up so it is a good place for me to stay and have my quiet time. Once we get moved to my dad’s house I will have to see what will work for me there.

  6. I wrote about this yesterday in my blog.

    I have a tiny little office set up in a corner of my kitchen where I would try to get work done using my laptop computer. I think I’m going to move it up to my bedroom, sans laptop.

    I’ve just gone back to work full time after not having worked full time in several years. Finding any kind of quiet time is really a challenge now. I’m going to try to get up a half hour earlier and spend time with God in the morning. I’m just trying to decide exactly when in my morning I should do this. Maybe right after I get up; after my workout and shower; after I set up supper for the evening (lots of crock pot cooking these days) and make my lunch…hmmm. I may have to try every one of those times to find the best one.

    But I really want Wendy’s experience with God to happen with me. I want to hear Him speak to me.

    I look forward to it.

  7. Thank you Melissa for your encouragement on the quiet time study. It had shown the light on a need that I have had. I prayed and left the need in God’s awesome and soverign hands and he has blessed me with an awesome quite time area. He took care of every little detail and cost–HE is so wonderful! I slaped a few coats of paint on the walls and floor of our unfinished basement. Put a new slip cover on some used handed down funiture. It was turned out so well!! I love it!! and the basement of our house has now be named the “mom-layer”.
    Thank you for your honest God filled words. This study has transformed my life.
    Love amy

  8. I get up at 4:30 am for my quiet time, I either go into the living room, my reading room or my bedroom for two hours…I finish up my bible study and then have an hour and a half to read Bible, pray and journal anything God spike to me heart. Then during my lunch hour at work I close my office door and meditate for 30 minutes so I am refreshed to get through the rest of the working day.

  9. Amy Ackerman says:

    In my apartment, I have a pillow set up in the corner next to my bed where I read and do my devotions. I normally have my quiet time at night because it helps me unwind from the day and prepares me for going to sleep. I have tried to have a short quiet time in the morning, but it can be hard to motivate myself to get up that early. I think adding this shorter quiet time in the morning could help me center myself so that I am living out my faith better every day.

  10. I love your space. I’m praying over where a better space for me would be where I would be less distracted from work/home management stuff….

  11. My husband and I are trying to find a spot for me to have my alone time with God during the summer I used to be home all day long be myself so we never worry about cause my children are adults and my husbadn daughter comes ever other weekend Now that we took in a forster child who is 13 I have no time alone in my house anymore. We just dont know where. If all of you could pray for God to show us where I can find my own space to be alone with God that would be great and my husband and I will keep praying also. Thank You melissa for sharing with all of us ..

  12. I get up at 4:45 every weekday morning so that I have time to spend with God before the first of my daycare kids starts to arrive for the day. During the week my quiet place with God is on my couch in the living room. I read my Jesus Calling devotion for the day, read a couple of passages in my Bible & then spend time in prayer for usually about 30 minutes. On the weekends this gets harder to do because I like to sleep in a little & then when I try & have my quiet time there are distractions that try & get in the way, kids up talking, parents coming over earlier than I’m ready for them, phone calls, etc.

    I used to take my quiet time in the evenings. I’d go into my closet, the quietest place in the house, sit in there & read my Bible & pray. I’ve gotten out of this habit now because I find that I’m always so tired by the evenings that I’m nodding off alot during my quiet time. So I stopped doing this eventhough I believe it helped me tremendously to do it in the evenings. I need to start this up again. I think it helped my sleep better & unwind from the day too. With summer I have had a lot of difficulty staying on track with my quiet time. I find that I’m just as tired now in the mornings that I’m nodding off during quiet time then too. And the distractions are there as well. It’s either an early than usual daycare kids arrival or one of my own kids is awake & in here talking to me when I’m trying to spend my time with God. This morning I have my own awake with me at 5am. So it will be c hallenging to have that quiet like I need it when I’m spending my time with God. I need quiet!

  13. Tracy Hays says:

    I sit at my dining room table. I only use for “dining” a few times a year. I made myself a little “nook” with a small desk, etc & it wasn’t big enough for all the spreading out I like to do, so when I started this study, went back to the dining room table. I used to get up at 5 am every week day. Since we adopted our son 2 years ago, have not gotten back into that habit. That is my prayer to get up at 5 or 6 to have true quiet time before my son gets up. From his new born days, I find something to occupy him, so now at 2 he is used to my alone time for about an hour in the morning. But, I need to get up early to have the “quiet” of it back….without Mickey or Dora in the background! :) I had also at one time done a quick devotion at night in bed to refocus my mind in God & spend time in prayer. I slept better when I did that & am praying to start carving out that time again.

  14. Melissa,
    This has been an amazing chapter!
    I love the pictures of your space and how you came to get it too!
    My space is the couch…Is that bad?
    I get up every morning no later than 5:30am and sit on the couch with my journal, bible and devotional. I sit “Indian style” and pray, read, and write for an hour or so then simply lay down and sleep until my almost 3 year old runs to the couch and wakes me up….I look forward to my quiet time and if I miss it, my day feels ruined. I have a desk in our room but my husband is sleeping in there so I don’t want to disturb him……..
    Thank you so very much for your inspiration and encouragment!! I am loving this study and don’t want it to end!!!!
    Blessings and Love,

  15. Here’s a great article by Rick Warren about why quiet time with the Lord is important. http://profile.purposedriven.com/dailyhope/post.html?contentid=7205

  16. Marianne says:

    I have a loft that has a desk and a yoga mat. I have my Bible and read this study, print index cards with verses and read the Bible. i am struggling with my faith because of pain and go to the bible and read His word back to myself in the mirror as if God were with me and telling me of his Promise.
    The mat is for “being Still” and i listen for God to speak.
    I carry my index cards to keep me in Him when I am not in my loft to not let despair bring me down.

  17. Love your quiet space! I wish I had one, r even the motivation. I’m going through a very difficult situation and am feeling discouraged. But I am trying so hard trying to not give up!

  18. Dear Lord,

    Thank you so much for Melissa, Wendy and Stephanie. Thank you Lord for the impact each of them have made in my life these last 8 weeks. Thank you Father for Hidden Joy and how it touched so many of us and through it the friends I have made. Thank you for Melissa’s leadership, transparency and love for you. I pray you will bless her on her missionary trip. I pray Lord that you shine through her to the lives she is touching. May all who see her, see you. Father I pray you touch her heart in a special way. Continue to prepare her to lead our next study. Thank you Father for her listening heart.

    Father, for Wendy, Lord give her special heart warming times as she is preparing to take her daughter to college. I pray you give her wisdom, strength, love and joy during this time. Hold her heart in your hands as she leaves her daughter at school. Thank you Father for the wonderful mom and friend that Wendy is.

    Father, I thank you for Stephanie. I thank you for how she has sooo competently she has led the bible study in Melissa’s absence. Thank you for her wonderful talents and voice. I pray Lord that you will continue to bless her (as us through her). Thank you for how she supports Melissa. In Jesus name.

  19. I am still working on this quiet time with me and God so I am still a work in progress right now. I got an idea as I looked at your pictures so I thought I would share it in case it helps a “sister in Christ” with the same problem I have. Like some of the others I do not have my own space but I was thinking I could get one of those science fair project boards that have a bottom and three walls that I could use to pin up pictures and scriptures and other items to decorate a “space” for me and then it can just fold up and be tucked away until the next time. I am very excited about this I will be off to Walmart tomorrow!!! I can’t wait to show my “Soul Sisters” bible group next week.
    God bless,
    Love: Laurie


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