Jul 22

Practice Psalm 46:10

This will be short and sweet.

In the comment section, share 3 ways you can put Psalm 46:10 into practice in your every day life.

I’m giving away a journal to use in your personal quiet time. A winner will be randomly selected. To be eligible to win, you must comment in this post. And you must share 3 ways.  Winner announced Sunday!

Blessings Y’all!



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  1. Be Still and Know that I am God – I have a stone with this verse hanging in my kitchen. It reminds me to SLOW down- life gets hectic, I feel chaotic. It is my constant reminder to be still, relax and just know He has it under control.
    My practice ways are 1) Take time to just be still and quiet each day-limited noise, no electronics for distraction- just a few minutes (as often as needed) stepping away to thank God for all of my blessings and look for other ways he is speaking to me. 2) Not try to fix or have the answers myself- go to His Word when I need an answer, rest or inspiration. 3) I end each night with my “Quiet Time” – I work on Bible Study, listen to a sermon or some inpsirational music and/or just talk to God -this helps relax my mind and body so that I can rest better- so much so that I am up this morning after 4 hours of sleep…

  2. 1) At least daily, go before God’s throne in quiet stillness-for at least a few moments, be completely quiet before Him
    2) Keep a tangible reminder of this verse (Psalm 46:10) in various places where you will see it often and each time you see it, recite it and send a quick word of praise to God
    3) Teach it to your children, and ask them to help you remember when things begin to get crazy to quote it and take a quiet moment to go to God.

  3. Kathy in IN says:

    In the version I worked on memorizing it said, “Cease striving and know I am God.” To me, that speaks even more than be still (although “be still” comes much faster in my mind, lol!)

    1. Take time every morning to sit, read, reflect on Him.
    2. Take time and notice His gifts to me each day and record them.
    3. I have taken the verse and have it sitting on my bathroom mirror, kitchen table, etc. It is a good reminder during the day! Cease striving and know I am God!

    • Kathy in IN, Where in Indiana are your from. I’m also from Indiana, Johnson County. Good steps, I like the 2nd. I’m bad about taking the time to notice God’s gifts to me. Good idea to write them out in a journal. I used to journal my prayers but stopped when I started getting down again earlier this year.

  4. Psalm 46:10
    “Be still & know that I am God”

    I got this one memorized!
    Didn’t quite get the last one, kept changing 2 words in that one.

    Three ways that I can put this verse into practice is…
    1. I can start my day out right by getting up & spending some time in the morning just being quiet & still before God with no distractions. Just sit quietly & listen for what he has to say to me.
    2. I can take that leap of Faith & start trusting fully in God for each & everything, holding nothing back like I have in the past. God is Good & His answers & ways are right!
    3. I can go back to having an evening quiet time too. I really liked it when I did this in addition to my morning quiet time & I felt like I did a lot better with God when I took this time in the evenings too. Things just flow better throughout my day when I take the time that I need/want to with God without rushing that time. This summer I’ve gotten into a mode of rushing my quiet time. It’s time to change that & go back to what worked for me before.

  5. Be still, and know that I am God: such a comfort to know that HE will do the rest if you just be still, listen for His voice and know what He says shall come to past. Everyday just remind yourself that He is God. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the conference.

  6. Judi Splint says:

    Psalm 46:10. Three ways I can put it into practice in my everyday life.
    1. By being thankful to the Lord for all He has done and continues to do in my life and in the lives around me.
    2. Feeling confident that He is in control; I need not fear because there is no power stronger than He. Nothing that will happen, does so without His knowledge; without His allowing it to happen.
    3. To behave in a manner that glorifies Him each day. To ask Him in my morning prayers, to fill me with the Holy Spirit who empowers me to behave in the manner to glorify Him.
    I believe in doing these three things I am equipped each day for what comes my way; I believe in doing these three things I am able to reach out and show the love of the Lord.

  7. “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

    1) take time every day to have quiet time with God
    2) rest in the knowledge that He is not only right beside me every step of life’s journey, but also that He, not me, is in control of everything
    3) show this to my children by living it out in my life — letting them know the importance of a quiet time with God and helping them to establish one early in their lives

  8. This was the very first Scripture I ever memorized. I would pray this every time I entered Church, it just prepared me to fully pariticipate in Mass.

    ~ Be Still and know that I am God ~

    1. Pray this prayer whenever my life turns upside down, which right now is a daily thing. Too much discord in our home, disagreements, yelling and general chaos. Instead of trying to “fix” it, I will sit and quietly pray this prayer to keep me calm.
    2. Each morning as I start my quiet time, I will pray this prayer to get myself ready for whatever God wants to teach me.
    3. When I am feeling overworked, overwhelmed or tired I will pray this prayer to remind me of Who I am really serving!!

    Miss you Melissa, hope you are having a great time at She Speaks – not sure what that is but it sounds like it is a wonderful event. Can’t believe we are finishing up week 8. In some ways I am very sad to see it end but amazed at how much I have learned and healed through these past 8 weeks!!!

  9. 1st of all, to ‘be still and know that He is God’ we need to slow down in our lives (and minds) and realize He is God and He is in control. When things start going wrong usually the 1st thing I do is get worked up and try (in my own strength) to figure out what to do, instead of going to God in prayer for help and guidance. If we’re to do this He will be exalted on this earth. Because He will be recieving glory and praise. Weither God brings us out of the ‘storm’ or carries us through…People see when we are living for the Lord and that there is a peace which surpasses all understanding! 2nd be either being a missionary or pray/support missionaries as they seek to serve in other nations.( And then He will be exalted in other nations…)And a third way, just be in His word daily so that you know how to live a life that will bring Him honor and glory! (again He will be exalted throughout this earth.)

  10. “Be still and know thay I am God.”
    This verse reminds me that 1.) I need to be still, stop everythinh i am doinh and be quit., to enter into His presence, CALM all my worries and anxities. 2.) Read His word. Listen to His soft whisper, that in the buisiness of our day and life otherwise cant hear Him speak. 3.) i get in a position what ever my problems are i am facing i realize that He is God and controls all things protaining to my life and ALL situations in it. That i am not God, i can not change the hair of anyone. I give it all to God. I pour out my heart to Him. He is the only one that can heal me, fix me, change me, transform my mind to the mind of Christ. During this, is whemn there is none greater or or more wortherier of my praises but God.

  11. For my 3 ways, I am going to continue my lunch time quiet time where I hole up in a conference room. There is 3 of us in our department and I lock the front door so unless my bosses bother me it works but 9 times out of 10 I am never bothered. I also 2. plan to start a weekend quiet time by waking up early and sitting in my favorite recliner. My house is small so that’s the best I can do. I also plan to do this on days I know lunch time won’t work as why I woke up early today. 3. When I feel a “heart tug” from God, instantly pray and/or stop and listening to Him!

  12. LOVE reading how everyone has quiet time!! How precious for our Lord that so many of His children take time to bow their hearts before Him to praise Him, study His Word, and bring their deepest concerns concerns before Him. Melissa, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share what our quiet times look like to that we can expand our grow our own time with Him.

    My prayer is that for the next few days, God will show up SOOOO big in our quiet times…in very real and personal ways that we can literally see Him and feel Him.

    Love you girls and continuing to pray for you.



  13. Annette Davidson says:

    “Be still and know that I am God” is one of my favorite verses. I have to repeat this over to myself quite often. I use this verse in my personal life everyday. Three ways I use this verse:
    1) When I get up in the morning and read my devotionals, I remind myself to be still and listen for what God is saying to me through these devotionals.
    2) During the day as my mind begins to wander through all the “worry zones” where it should not be going. . . I remind myself to be still listen and know that God is in control of everything.
    3) In the evening as I read my bible, I always remind myself to be still and listen to what God is telling me through each word. Sometimes I reread the passages again because my mind wandered and I find out that if I am still and focus totally on God that he tells me just what I need to provide the comfort and peace I need at that moment.

  14. gretchen says:

    “Be still, and know that I am God.” -Psalm 46:10
    A daily reminder of what He does for us and what we can do to feel His presence. When life starts to take a forerunner to God, its good to: 1. Slow down and have quiet time to recharge the batteries. 2. Know that God is present in everyday life, that you don’t have to conquer everything alone. 3. You are your children’s first teacher, so everything you do in their presence, they learn to do themselves. It’s important to stop, take a deep breath, offer prayers of thanksgiving and petitions. Don’t sit stagnant for the answers, as He answers when He knows its the right moment to answer; even a “no answer” is an answer! If you are a mom, like myself and many others in this study, remember your children learn from you first; this is really coming to light for me these days and very important to my spiritual growth as a woman. Trouble hearing His voice? Turn to scripture and let it speak to you. Most of all, love.

  15. “Be still, and know that I am God”….In a mostly hectic lifestyle, I am comforted with thoughts of HIS loving kindness and I am still:
    1. In the first few minutes I open my eyes, I whisper a song of praise to HIM
    2. In an elevator at work, I may sing a quiet song of praise to HIM
    3. In the course of making dinner, a song a praise is offered
    …trying to find even a still moment during the busyness around me…
    “I will be exalted in the earth”….my hope and dream is to be able to witness the trees bowing and stones crying our “Praise be to the LORD!”

  16. I love this verse. It says so much in just a few simple words. But for me, I put this into practice by 1) spending time in his word day and talking with him, 2) when troubled times come, don’t fret and panic – be still, and let him work things out, and 3) let him guide me through my life always. Try to listen and let him guide my steps.

  17. Darlene says:

    I have this verse in my living room on the wall.
    1) get way from everyone and seek Him.
    2) In the stillness, read His word and listen for Him
    3) Sing Praises to Him and He will find you. Sometimes I read from Psalm out load and can feel His presence.

  18. natalie says:

    This is one of the first versed I memorized! I try to use it thru out my day by:
    1. Putting God first by spending the first part of each day with Him in my quiet time.
    2. Praying this verse thru out my day when problems come up. I am really trying to give everything to God and not try to fix things myself.
    3. I have this verse written on several index cards and place them in places where I see them thru out my day.

    God Bless,

  19. Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

    1. When I am praying during my quiet time, I can sit quietly and focus on Him. After all, prayer is a conversation, not just a one-sided list of wants and desires on my part. I need to listen.

    2. During my quiet time, I can exalt His Name through singing and praises.

    3. As I read His precious Word, I need to quiet my heart before Him so His Spirit can speak to me.

  20. Melissa White says:

    Be still…..God has been speaking that to me for 3 years. :-)
    That seems to be the only way that I can truly hear God and it
    is so refreshing! Know that I am God……just knowing that He is in control puts me at ease. I will be exalted…….every knee shall bow before Him. That is humbling.


  21. 1. Have a regularly scheduled quiet time and place. For me, mornings are SO MUCH BETTER than any other time of day, even if there’s nobody else around.

    2. Dated paper and a plan. When I just sit down with my Bible, I find myself just reading the words. When I open up a notebook, put the date at the top of a sheet, and hold a pen in my hand, I find myself purposely looking for what God is going to show me today. I don’t like to end my time without writing down something, so I seem to dig a bit more and be more intentional. Conversely, when I seem to be purposely looking, messages from God seem to jump off the page. I think He responds to our search.

    3. Notice the little things. I recently read, “What if we only had today what we had thanked God for yesterday?” and it really made me think: am I as thankful as I could be, should be? Do I thank our Creator for all that He has done? Not even close. It’s making me much more aware of the look on my young son’s face … the way my daughter’s laugh sounds … how kind my husband is. I want to start journaling about some of these things, too.

  22. 1. Daily Bible Study without distractions, before the kids are up 😉
    2. Prayer.
    3. Knowing and remembering that in the lowest points of our lives…when we can’t seem to feel Him. He is there. Because if we will stop the “chaos” of our business…Be still and listen. You will hear Him. and feel His presence <3

  23. Jennifer Rasor says:

    1. When things go wrong, don’t act out, lash out, or act impulsively, but pray, seek His direction, and wait for His answer before doing anything. (I need to work on this.)
    2. When I’m in worship at church, home or anywhere, and my heart is restless and my mind wanders, just be still and know that He is God and just rest in His presence. Even if just listening to the lyrics it’s better to focus on them and Who God is.
    3. When someone I love is doing something hurtful, or is not following God and His ways, instead of trying to change them, preach to them or getting upset with them, turn them over to God who loves them more than I ever could, and know that they are in His care and He has their best interest(s) at heart.

  24. Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”Pdsalm 46:10 MSG

    1. I can spend some alone time in IHis word.
    2. There are certain songs that cause me to take a long loving look at Him. One especially right now is Enough.
    3. Both kinds of politics can occupy your mind and heart. I’ve got to let them go and keep my heart on His love.

  25. Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.
    First is important to be still;-) no more running around in circles, anxious, foolish and drawing negative attention to my self. In every way I move throughout the day, my posture, where I go as I trust the Lord is directing my steps. What I do with my hands is worship when I set them to do the things that structure a more solid foundation to share him with others. expressing my genuine thoughts with honesty just as Job did! As a result of being still and keeping the Lord first place, I lift him up rejoicing his name every time I am given a chance the lord surely will give me new choruses for music and I will praise them back to him again as David did;-) Even the tone of voice I choose through maintaining self control is suppose to be a witness to what he has done and the fact that because of him Living life by his design! I choose to respond by setting goals that will reflect this hope and confidence that he is the Lord over all.

  26. 1. To commit to turning off all tv, music, stay away from the computer, etc. and just sit in a quiet space, with no distractions, just you and God and His Word and let Him speak to you.

    2. Still still your mind – quiet your anxious thoughts and just focus on Him and how much You love Him.

    3. Still your heart – let go of your hurts – give them to Him in that quiet place and let His healing wash over you.

  27. 1) I start almost everyday with quiet time, if I miss because I’m too lazy to get out of bed, then I’ll go home for lunch and spent some time with Him.

    2) I have Bible verses everywhere: on my computer screen, set as my phone wallpaper, loads of index cards everywhere too. When it gets to a point that I don’t notice the verses anymore, then I’ll change them so they are something fresh and new.

    3) Throughout the day I pray, whether it’s for something I’m going through or for others, God and I are always talking. I do my best not to dominate the conversation!

    4) One other thing I do is listen to Christian music incessantly; I have music on almost 24hrs a day. When I get tired of my iTunes playlist, I’ll put Pandora on my computer. I’ve discovered so many new artists through Pandora.

  28. Robin L says:

    The ways i can use this Verse is:
    1. Stop reacting
    2. Trusting
    3. Relax
    Because if I am Still I am Listening. And if I am Listening I’m not thinking the worse of everyone, I’m not being parinoid about everything. I am Listening to His Voice not my own.

  29. Amy Ackerman says:

    One way to put this verse into practice is by spending some of your prayer time simply listening to God. Another way is to prayerfully prepare for worship so you are more focused on God during that time. A third way is to spend distraction-free time reading the Bible and going to the verses God leads you to.

  30. Becki Woodsmall says:

    I was going through one of the worst times in my life that involved my 18 year old son and a 16 year old “girlfriend” and her baby. They left the state and he could have been charged with kidnapping. It’s a long story but praise God it had a happy ending! This was the first time I yelled at God and I did yell! I asked Him what He wanted me to do and as sure as I am typing this He told me to “Be still and know that I am God.” This scripture is all over my house!!
    1. Realize He IS God!
    2. Submit to His authority!
    3. Spend quiet time with Him and be in the word!

    • Becki, God bless you for posting this. You touched my heart with your story and your praise! God is good, all the time.

  31. Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth
    The 3 ways I can put psalm 46:10 into practices is
    1. No matter what spend time with God in the morning. ( I have learned that when I started my day out with God the day goes better )
    2. Work harder at bringing everything to god before I make a choice in anything that I do instead of going ahead making it on my own will.
    3. I am a very inpatient person I will commit today with God to be still and slow down to hear him and the birds to stop and listen no matter what.
    Thank You for doing this bible studie I have learned a lot and I am getting more confident with god. I am happy to be with all you ladies as god heals us.

  32. April G. says:

    Psalm 46:10
    He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

    This is an amazing verse! 3 ways that this verse can be used in my everyday life is very simple.1. Recite this during my alone time with God. 2. Place a scripture card in my car and my purse (this is what I do because sometimes I feel anxious so all I have to do is refer back to this and it calms me). 3. Introduce this verse with my 4th and 5th grade girls in Sunday school and have a discussion with them about what they think it means to them.

    God Bless,
    April :o)

  33. Be still, and know that I am God. I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world. Psalm 46:10

    3 ways to put Psalm 46:10 into practice each day:
    1) Every morning when I first wake up, I pray and spend time in God’s Word.
    2) Throughout my day when struggles come my way, I have to remember to be still and pray that God is with me and can help me to know how to handle the daily struggles in life.
    3) Everyday take the time to be still and look at all the wonderful things that God has done in this world and in our lives. Thank God for all the blessings He has brought to your life.

  34. Be still and know that I am God.

    1. Meet with Him every day in prayer.
    2. Meet with Him every day in Bible reading and meditation.
    3. Memorize scripture, place it in my heart, and call upon it in moments of turmoil.

  35. Carol Bruntlett says:

    3 ways I can put Psalm 46:10 into my life and practice it and live it out

    1- Is to be still and quiet before Him and know that He is my God so in the morning’s to be fresh before Him and pray and read my bible and just sit still.

    2- To know that He is above everyone and everything thatHe can be depended upon thru out my daily issues to call His name to cry out to Him before anything gets out of control.

    3- To thank Him for everything I have and for His provision for me everyday and not to just thank Him when the blessings come in but in the hard times as well So I am in practice and I am a work in progress.

    Thanks Melissa

  36. I glad you said 3 things you “can” do and not 3 things I actually do everyday. My version says: “God says, ‘Be QUIET and know that I AM God. I will be supreme over all the nations; I will be supreme in the earth.’ ” (Caps are for my benefit.) My take on this for me is:
    1) Stop talking and simply LISTEN to HIM.
    2) “I AM”- remind myself daily that He is in control, that He has the plan for my life,that worry is futile…and as my daughter reminds me…a sin.
    3) Repeat step 1. (The latest thing I have heard is “plant a seed”. Now, could He give me a little more details, or have I actually followed through and don’t know it?)

    • I am glad…proofreading isn’t my favorite thing to do…

    • Jodi i love the way you put, Stop talking. I think sometimes God must get so tired of our endless chatter, mostly about ourselfes. Well put!

      • Jodi I love this version I often need to be quiet and listen. There are times I talk way too much and cant hear when I am supposed to. I need to remember that , thanks.

  37. “Let Be and be still and know ( recognize, and understand ) that I am God.” (Amp)
    As I read this immediately I think of one thing my desire to change or fix everything. So this verse means 1) I am to just let things be and not focus on things that are non of my concern. God is the only one who can do it all. 2) Each morning before the chaos of the day starts I am to just sit quietly before God and pray. Dont think of anything , do anything fix anything . 3 ) meditate on His Word. Open my bible to a scripture read it pray about it and ask God what that means to my life and how I am to apply it. Summing it all up for me just means I am not to let the things of this world over take me and cause fear anxiety and busyness to take over leaving what really matters out in the cold or on the outside looking in.
    And the only thing that is and should be important is spending time whether in His Word, prying or meditating on Him.

  38. 3 ways to put Psalm 46:10 into practice.
    1. Stop and ponder who God is and how powerful and loving he is.
    2. Praise him for all HE is and all he is to me…
    3.Exalt him in the way we live as Christians so other may see him in us and want him in their lives also….

  39. Janet Volpe says:

    “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted in all the nations. I will be exalted in all the earth.”
    1. Each day I willl spend time in the presence of the Lord. Listening for his voice. Joyfully receiving His word.
    2. When I hear about world events or politics I will turn to the Lord for His wisdom and knowledge.
    3. Every time I experience nature I will be reminded of our God. The King of the angel armies. The Holy One of Israel,

  40. I have always loved this verse. I did not need rough times to understand it although i have been through many. I am into photography and one of my favorite photos is an empty bench and i can just see the Lord there beckoning me to come sit whith Him awhile. He is so very patient with me. One of the hardest things for me to do with ADD is to sit still. I have a swing in my yard and i will force myself to sit still there for just 10 minutes and believe it or not i do have to force myself. So #1- i take the time to sit in my swing and comtemplate the beauty of my flower beds, the birds, the sky, all He has given to me and sing praises to Him. #2- when something happens to shake up my world i make myself stop and be still and remember that nothing in my world takes my God by surprise and He is still in control and He is there to help me through whatever it is. #3- just taking time to be in His word and meditate on it and spend time with Him in prayer. What an awesome verse it is. Be still and know that I am God. Be quiet and listen to me He is saying.

  41. Be still and KNOW that I am God!!! WOW!!! We can KNOW!!! The question is, can we be still? : )
    1) I am still and can listen to God fully when I am in nature. His creation is beautiful and brings me to my knees before Him!!
    2) I am still when I sit and take time to immerse myself in His Word. Alone, in the quiet stillness, I can hear Him speak.
    3) I am still when I wake in the night. I talk to Him and wait to hear His special words to me.
    God IS good – ALL the time!! He IS in control!!! Praise Him!!!! : )

  42. Teressa says:

    The ways I am going to practice “being still and knowing”:
    1) Have my daily quiet time and devotional before everyone else gets up in the morning.
    2) Start writing down my prayers and anything God is saying to me.
    3) Have a nightly quiet time before bed to pray and listen to God one last time before I fall asleep.

  43. Stephanie says:

    Psalm 46:10

    1. in a stressful moment at work or home i will be still… and know… He is God and that whatever I’m going through at the moment He will bring me through it.

    2.when the enemy tries to lie to me i will be still…remember this verse …and know He is Almighty God…my loving Heavenly Father….the One who gives me every breath i take.

    3.in random moments through out my day i will pause…and praise and thank Him for the good and bad in my life for He is sooooo worthy of so much more than i could ever try to give Him.I will bless His Holy name forever!

    Gods Sweetest Blessings to all!

  44. “Be still and know that I am God”

    The three ways I can practice this verse in my daily life:
    1. Spend quiet time wtih God. No noise… no reading… trying to empty my mind… nothing but focusing on Him. I picture Jesus taking me in his arms and rocking me back and forth.
    2. Celebrate – daily – the fact that He loves me. Even when I might become doubtful, when things come up that make me feel unlovable, and in spite of anything wrong I have done in my life…. I KNOW that He really does love me.
    3. Worship Him – because He is GOD. He is the God of the universe, the creator of all things. He sees all, knows all, and loves all. He has infinite knowledge where we have finite minds. He is divine and He is my Abba Daddy.

  45. Exalting God is an action I need to practice to become familiar with. Exalt is a word which means to praise, glorify, honor, intensify, or heighten. I praise God because He is God and He created me to worship Him. I honor Him when I listen and obey His Word. My life glorifies Him when I yield my will to His perfect will, without discussion. I have a lot of practicing to do.

  46. Melissa Baker says:

    1. To meditate and search the scriptures daily for God’s truth.
    2. To recognize God’s magnificent power and wisdom, steadfast faithfulness, and unceasing love.
    3. The shaping of my life in this world to reflect God’s glory, and the unique part I have in bringing His light to the rest of the world.

  47. Colette says:

    1. Pray and talk to Him.
    2. Read His Word, and hide it in my heart!
    3. Trust and believe in His Promises!
    4. Thank Him for everything in my life!
    5. Look around and praise Him for ALL of His beautiful creation!!
    I couldn’t stop at 3 things!!
    He is our Awesome God!!

  48. Suzanne says:

    This is a good one for me right now, so I’m going to hop on it and write down a few ideas while I have a chance! Three ways that I can put Psalm 46:10 into practice:
    1. Get up earlier so that I can REALLY be still (it’s hard in my house with three little guys running around).
    2. Shut my phone off during my morning quiet time routine!
    3. Instead of turning on the TV to catch the news (usually done in the morning also), tuning in to some worship music to help catch God’s heart for me that day.

    Thanks for this Melissa. I’m praying for those of you at She Speaks! 😉


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