Jul 30

Hidden Joy~Final Week :(

I tried. I really tried, but I just couldn’t write this week. Everytime I tried, the words wouldn’t flow from my heart to my hand. Many reasons I can think this may have happened:

~Preoccupied.  ~Overwhelmed.  ~Tired.  ~Sad about the end of the study approaching.  ~Working all day and being brain dead at night.  ~Writer’s block.

Who knows?  Or maybe God just thought it would be better if I stayed quiet for a week. 

For me, these last few weeks of study have been like starting the engine of a newly restored car. As the key went in the ignition, I surrendered my strongholds and learned the importance of quiet time and prayer. Then the car begins moving and running smoothly, because it’s being filled with the right fuel:  abiding in Christ.

Abiding in Christ is essential. It’s daily. It’s momentary. If we aren’t abinding in Him, there is an open door for attack. I don’t want to run dry. I can’t run on empty. Life is hard. Life is not fair. Abiding in Christ gives me strength, hope, and the confidence I tend to lose in this world. I need Jesus. Abiding in Christ and His Word are the only ways to live free.

As we begin our final week of study, I want to encourage you to continue with all you’ve learned here in Hidden Joy. Consider some of these options as you continue your journey:

~Join a Bible Study group at your church or in your area.

~Lead a Proverbs 31 Gather & Grow Group. (more info on this soon)

~Sign up for A Confident Heart, our next online Bible study, beginning September 19th.

~Sign up for the Proverbs 31 Daily Devotions, Encouragement for Today to start your day with God’s Word.

~Continue Quiet Time and Journaling

~Get involved in your local church serving.

~And please keep visiting my blog! You are my friends now. Keep in touch, okay? I will keep posting betweet studies :)

Hidden Joy~Final Week

Word of the Week:


A promise is something you can count on no matter what. God’s Word is full of promises you can count on NMW. No matter what your situation. No matter what you’ve done. No matter who you are. You can always count on God and His Word.
Memory Verse:
Psalm 40:1, “I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry.” NIV

Monday- Read Chapter 11, A New Song.

Monday- Conference Call #4.  This one will be tender. We will be talking with “Allison”, the mother of a child who was sexually abused. Their journey will amaze you and inspire you. We will also be talking with Lynn Cowell, Proverbs 31 author and speaker who has a heart for teen girls and their moms! Whether you are a mom or not, this call will bless you and renew your faith.

Tuesday- Write Psalm 40:1 somewhere you will see it!  What does it mean to wait patiently for the Lord? Do you feel like He has heard your cry?  Why or why not?

Continue reading verses 2 and 3 of this chapter. Are you ready to trust God to put a new song in your heart? What does this mean for your life?

Wednesday- Answer #1 and #2 of the Chapter 11 Bible Study Questions on p. 206 of the Hidden Joy book. 

Thursday- #3 and #4 of the Chapter 11 Bible Study Questions on p. 206 of the Hidden Joy book.   I leave for Los Angeles today on a P31 Mission Trip to the Dream Center. I’ll be working with inner city LA and I would really appreciate your prayers. I’ll be tweeting and Facebooking from LA while I’m there.

Friday- Post a prayer for Wendy Blight today on my blog. I know this will bless her tremendously! She has shared with me that this online study has been the highlight of her message since she wrote the book! How amazing is that??? Let’s shower her with blessings. Post your prayer here. I will pass it on and you will be entered to win the next book in our online studies, A Confident Heart, by Renee Swope.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday :)

Love Y’all!




  1. I am so sad to see the study end, when we started I couldn’t even imagine the ending week — I wondered though if I would finish it, if it would work and if I would really gain anything. Well a very loud YES to all my doubts!!!!

    Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all that Wendy, Stephanie and you have done but it’s all I have!!! Thank you a thousand times from the bottom of my heart!!!!

    • Oh, I just love hearing that God provided for and conquered your every doubt!!! Thank you for investing so much time in reading Hidden Joy and walking through this journey with Melissa. I pray the Lord will continue to take you deeper still in your walk with Him!!!


    • Thank you Wendy…..God is very good. I have some heartache in my life right now but because of you sharing your story with us and Melissa leading this study, I know how to come to God in prayer and sit quietly knowing it’s going to be okay ~ regardless of the outcome, I have faith and trust in God. Even through my heart breaking in millions of pieces ~ He is still with me!


  2. Veronica said it so well…thank you is not enough to you, Stephanie and Wendy for this study and book. It felt right that things were quiet this week…it was about being quiet and His presence. Maybe God made things so with you that we would just be quiet and abide, even though I love reading anything you blog or vlog! May Christ Jesus be with you today as you hear your church message and touch your heart. We love you Melissa, don’t forget that! Kristi

    • I love you too, Melissa, and am so very thankful the Lord led you to take women through this book. I cannot imagine anyone else doing it with more tenderness, perseverence, and grace!!

      Kristi, may God continue to reveal precious wonderful new truths as you spend time “being still and knowing He is God.”



      • Thank you Wendy. I have to tell you that this is the first study in a long time that I have stayed with and stayed with it to the last page. I am beginning to answer and journal about your questions in the last chapter and want you to know how much this book has touched my life and so many others. Thank you for doing this God thing when you were called to do so, even though you had fear at first. It really has been a Godsend to me.

        Love, Kristi

  3. Melissa
    I am truly grateful for finding the Proverbs 31 minitries online. I had just finished a bible study at church on Genesis and was trying to find something to keep me in the word during the summer until our next bible study. This study has help give me tools and knowledge to stay strong in the Lord.

    You and Wendy are truly a blessing to all of us. I’m amazed that we can do a bible study online – Its been awesome. I hope this has been good for all the ladies and some how they have all grown in their faith and become stronger women in faith.

    Have a safe trip to LA and I you will be in my prayers.

    Blessings – Lydia

    • Lydia,

      I agree, on-line studies are wonderful. God has created a new way to study His Word and through it, He brings women from all over His world together. It is truly beautiful!!! I love that through this study God has given you the tools you need to stay steeped in His Word and close to His heart. That is an answer to our prayers!

      If you want to do another on-line study, in October I will begin a study on the book of Hebrews. To learn more, visit my blog and look at the 7/16/11 post. If you want to join us, please e-mail me at deuteronomysix@aol.com.

      Sweet Blessings to you,


  4. Wendy and Melissa,

    Praying God’s blessings on your lives as you walk with Him. Thrilled to witness two ladies living their whole lives for the Lord. May you experience his fullness. May you see His world with His eyes. Be comforted that He knows you and loves you. Be strong in your faith and in His power. ♥

    • Monica,

      Thank you for this tender prayer. As I get ready to take my daughter to college a week from today, I needed your prayer…to know that He is my Comforter and no matter how hard this next week will be, He cares. Even in my deepest sadness, He loves me and will comfort me. And through His power, He will enable me to be strong!!! Thank you!!



      • My daughter will be returning to college next week too – it’s a bittersweet time for us mom’s. You and your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers Wendy!

  5. The last week of the study & I’m sad to see it go. Honestly I didn’t think I’d make it through all the way to the end. There’s been a lot of ups & downs for me along the way but I’ve learned so much through this journey & I’m forever thankful. A Big Thank You to you Melissa for putting on this study, to Wendy for sharing her story so honestly with all of us through her book & to Stephanie for being our go to Counselor. Thank You all so very much! I’m so excited for the next study, Confident Heart. I already ordered my book! This has been a great journey. I still have a lot of things to work on before I can say that healing has been achieved in me but I’m getting there & I’m learning to trust God more & more as I keep going forward. My Faith is definately increasing. Thanks again for all you have done for us through this study. I have felt the depth of your love, caring & commitment to all of us. You truly want all of us to get to the place that you know is possible for us to get to & that’s so evident through all of your posts, vlogs & conference calls. I have been truly blessed to have found this study & went on this journey with each & everyone here.
    I do have a prayer request that I’d like to post. I’m having a surgical procedure done Monday, Aug 1 at noon. The Dr. is removing a lesion on my lower lip. I’m not so much scared for the procedure as I am for the reaction that I most likely will have to the numbing shot in my lip. I have Vagal Reactions to IV’s & apparently shot now too. These reactions scare me pretty badly when they happen & so I’m praying for it not to happen tomorrow. If it does happen then I’m praying that I’ll turn to God right away & hold on tight to him to get me through it. If you’ve never heard of those reactions they’re basically where your body starts to shut down & you’re going to pass out, only I don’t ever pass out. I hold on to consciousness the whole 10-15 minutes that the reaction last for. It’s not pleasant! Thank You in advance for your prayers!

    • Hi Tricia,

      Please know I am praying again for you now about your procedure…just what I prayed in the e-mail earlier this week. God will keep you safe in His hands.

      Thank you for your sweet words about the Study and how God has used it to grow your faith! That is what we prayed before this study began…that the Lord would meet everyone where they are and take them deeper still with Him. For each one it looks different. God is faithful. He will continue to grow your faith and reveal more and more of Himself to you as you seek to know Him more. May God use Renee and her book to take you on your next steps with Him.



      • Thank You Wendy! My procedure went well with no Vagal reaction. Yay! Once it was time for the shot I started saying to myself over & over again, Jesus be with me. I could really feel all the prayers coming my way. That was so awesome! I know that I’m on the right track & that God has brought me so much further than I was before, all through you book & the study here. I can’t wait to see where he takes me next!

  6. Michele Caséca says:

    Hi sweet Melissa,

    I couldn’t imagine the last post different. Your honesty touched my heart.
    I’ll keep reading my book and the posts, and I’ll try to finish before the next Bible Study!

    Thank you for taking your time to do this. You are a beautiful servant of God.

    I’m praying for you.
    Michele Caséca

  7. KAY PARRISH says:


    • Hi Kay,

      Praying now for your daughter. Praying the Lord will grant all wisdom and knowledge to the doctors who are treating her. Praying He will strengthen her heart and heal any disease, defect, or issue. Praying she will find peace in Him as she walks this journey.



  8. I can not believe that it is the final week of the study! I want to first of all thank Melissa, Stephanie and Wendy for everything they have done over the last 10 weeks! This study has been amazing! This book has been amazing! I have learned so much through this study and have come along way in my walk with God! I am so thankful that God brought me to this study!

    I am looking forward to the next study with Renee’s book, and thanks to a wonderful online friend, I will be able to join! I have met a lot of wonderful women through this study! I appreciate each and every one of you!

    • Lee Ann,

      Thank you for sharing how God has brought you further in your faith through this study. That is EXACTLY what we prayed. So I thank God for His faithfulness. I also join you in thanking Him for His provision and pray He will take you on the next steps of your journey with Renee’s book and that you will discover new and powerful Truths that will give you a deeper understanding of who you are in Him.



  9. as I started reading this post the tears started toflow everything you said at the begiing i have been feeling yelling at god then saying I am sorry for yelling at him WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD TO BE WITH GOD? the devil is attacking every area of my life and family i am scaredcause sometimes i think it is easier to not be with god then the devil leaves me alone which i know is a lie my whole life is falling apart my husband is scared and so am i why cant things get a little better both of us dont know which way togo we dont know what god wants us to do. i dont want to lose anymore things nor my soul mate nor god how do i hang on god why dont you hear us If any of you have anything to offer pleasetell me I dont want to hurt like this anymore i think god forgot my husband and i

    • Sharon,

      I am so sorry that God feels far away and Satan feels so close. Please take those chapters on abiding and prayer and APPLY the principles daily in your life. You are in a battle sweet friend, but the good news is that in Christ you have won!! You just need to stand in that victory with confidence. Take God’s Word…read it daily…pray it daily…speak it out loud to the evil one who seeks to steal all that you have in Christ. You must fight!!! Do not give up or give in. It takes work, but God is faithful!!

      Blessings to you,



    Hi Melissa and Wendy and Stephanie

    Just wanted to drop a few lines to say thank you to you beautiful ladies for living out God word and making it evident in your lifes. This study has meant the world to me. The few chapters that were menat for me was the one on prayer, the one on abiding. Well let me say something here I am unemployed and have been for just about 2yrs and take care of an elderly parent and between not having a job just recently it seems more than I want to bare with everything else. I had to give my car back because I could notn afford to keep a roof over my head and car payment and I am not proud of this. But God is good and He takes care of us, lately I have just had some issuesso yesterday as I was getting ready for church which I kinda had’;t been for about 3 Sundays due to having a few anexitys I talked to Gopd in the morning as I was getting ready and I said Lord help me to get thru this Lord I know I need to be in church and worship you I said Lord I need to let You have the victory so as I went to get my mom car I keep talking to the Lord and drove up to church and wanted to leave but God had the Victory in my Life Yesterday. Praise You Father that You hold me ever so close and You abide in me Lord You are all around me , Lord help me to have no fear or anexity help me to trust in You with all my heart.
    Thanks Melissa , Wendy ,Stephanie
    Can’t wait for Confident Heart

  11. I agree with everyone here I can’t believe its the last week. This study has taken me on quite a journey of faith hope and love. I wasn’t quite sure where this study would lead me but I have discovered so much about me, my life with Christ and my desire to get better. I am still on 9 but I now know that’s because of two reasons- 1 I don’t want to see this study end. and 2 God is showing me something and doesn’t want me to skim over them but stay where I am for awhile to hear what He is saying.

    I can’t wait for your study on Hebrews Wendy- I’m all signed up.

    What I have learned is how to step on my fear and step out on faith and trust in God and His Word speaking it back to Him as well as get rid of Satan when he comes slithering around.

    Again thank you Melissa,Wendy, Stephanie, and Sam for all you’ve done.
    God bless each one of you/

  12. Oh boy, is this a sad/happy week. I never dreamed that I would actually be able to finish on time, but the Lord is faithful. It has been a journey–sweet, beautiful, challenging…TRIUMPHANT!

    Shortly after beginning this study (I love you Wendy; I love you Melissa; I love you Stephanie), after a breakthrough victory, came the most crushing defeat of my life–utterly shattering. But since the chapters had all been relevant in present-time for me, I stayed with it. You said it would be work and it was. Oh the sweet, sweet victory. Never in my life have I known the peace of God day-by-day. Until now. Right now; not at some future date, reflecting on the Lord’s faithfulness. In the moment of my need, He was there. I saw that He was/is bigger than any situation that I face and will always, always be. Don’t even get me started on all the past hurts He addressed!

    The Lord spoke to my heart and told me not to trouble myself over what seemed to be defeat. He said that the work He had called me to had not yet begun and that He was still preparing me. This (crushing defeat) was just part of the process of leading me to total freedom. And then in our study we learned how to forgive and then to abide in our Precious Lord. Again, perfect timing.

    How to thank you? There is no way but this: to continue to live free and do as the Scriptures have taught us.

    In Jesus’ love and mine, with heaps of gratitude,

  13. I just learned that my ex-husband, who was arrested for sexually abusing his step-daughter for the last 4 years, has gotten away with it. For some reason the case is not going forward, despite the evidence that has been collected which includes photos, computer entries, and hidden video cameras in the house. I am crushed.

    • Stephanie I am so sorry to hear that but you CAN rest assured that God wont let this go and he will have to face the consequences eventually. It’s hard when abusers go free. It seems to give them “more power” to try it again. My prayers are with you and those he abused.

  14. Thank you Melissa, Wendy and Stephanie for a wonderful Bible Study that has brought me closer to God that I have ever been in my life. Thank you also, to all of you beautiful HJ women for always being there to lift a person up. May God Bless all of you! Hugs…

  15. I just once again have to thank everyone who was part of this study. This morning I was so blessed by the LORD and all b/c of this study and teaching me how to pray, abide and the importance of quiet time. It is waaaay to long to post here so if you are interested in reading about my quiet time with the LORD this morning, go to http://simplymemywalkthroughthebible.wordpress.com/

  16. Tracy Hays says:

    Thank you Wendy, Melissa, & Stephanie for investing your time & love in us. I have enjoyed this study. Has been more challenging than I thought in that it has asked some hard questions. I’m thankful you asked them, Wendy. Like the others, this study was timely for me & along with other teaching at church, radio, & a Beth Moore event the Lord is really wanting me to hear the message loud & clear of abiding, praying, & saturating myself in His Word. (Was in Charlotte for the weekend of Beth Moore & SOOO wished I could have met y’all!) Thank you for being faithful servants to what God has called you to do. Your sacrifice is not wasted! God is doing more than you could ask or think. Love y’all, sisters!

  17. Jennifer Rasor says:

    I’m so sad the study is ending. Even more so because I’ve gotten 2-3 weeks behind and I know by the time I get caught up it will be over and I will have missed so much. I still don’t have internet at home and the only reason I’m on here right now is it’s slower at work than it has been in a while. At any rate, this study has blessed me so much. Melissa, Wendy, Stephanie, and so many others have blessed and encouraged me so much! I wish you all the best always and am looking forward to the Renee Swope Bible study coming up!

  18. Dear LORD, I thank You for this journey of healing I have been on. Thank You for using Wendy’s story to help bring me closer to You and to know that healing from any type of pain ~ even pain that was buried so deep ~ is possible through You! Thank You for all the Truths that were revealed to me, for guiding me through these past weeks, for the friendships made, for the joy and hope I have in each day, for every person who was in this study.

    I ask for Your blessings upon Wendy, Melissa, Stephanie and for each woman who started this journey. Please be with those who for whatever reason are behind in the book or who could not continue, help them to finish to the end LORD, help them to recognize You and the healing that is possible through Your Love!

    As we close this week and this study LORD may each of us always desire to walk closely with You, remembering that You never leave us nor forsake us, that we are Your princesses!!!! In Jesus’ Name I pray ~ Amen!!!!!

    As a side note, I will greatly miss coming to the blog on Sunday looking for the week’s assignments!


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