Aug 5

Rear View Mirrors and Prayers…

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Have you ever noticed the rear view mirror in your car? Tiny, isn’t it? We all use the rear view mirror when backing out of the driveway in the morning, but have you ever tried to drive forward while staring into the rear view mirror?

There is a reason that your rear view mirror is tiny compared to the expanse of the windshield. While it is a useful piece, it is not meant to be your primary focus.

Dear sisters, as we end our Hidden Joy study, Jesus wants to draw your focus to the road ahead of you. While it is important to glance at the past, and to be aware of what is behind you, it was never meant to be your mode of navigation. Jesus is your navigator.

I am in tears as I am writing this, but also realizing that this is not goodbye. We all have means to connect via the Online Bible Studies page, Facebook, the next study with Renee Swope’s “A Confident Heart”, Wendy’s blog and bible studies, my new blog,  e-mail, and the list could go on and on. This is not the end perhaps, but rather a new beginning, shifting our eyes to the path ahead.

This is Stephanie writing this by the way. Melissa is out of town serving on a mission trip. In a way, I am so glad I am writing this because…while she asked me to have each of you post a prayer for Wendy Blight…I would like to ask each of you to post a prayer for Melissa Taylor as well. Every post will be entered in a random drawing to win Renee Swope’s “A Confident Heart” to use in Melissa’s next online Bible Study.

Alright sisters…now it’s your turn, let’s blow Melissa and Wendy out of the water with the prayers we are covering them with!!!!! Love you girls!!!!!




  1. Lord Jesus, oh how do I express how You have touched me through this study. You have used Wendy’s Hidden Joy to touch and heal parts of my heart I didn’t even know needed healing. How thankful my heart is for Melissa and Wendy. Jesus please shower them with love and peace and fill their hearts to overflowing with the knowledge that they are right in the center of Your will and that you are using them in such a mighty way to minister Your Word, Your Truth, Your Healing power to women everywhere, women who are broken and shattered inside due to abuse, violence, loss or grief. Women who struggle with understanding Your love for them. Oh Jesus, how beautiful you are to have brought Wendy through the fire and refined her into such gold that she would shine with Your brilliance for all of us to see and know that we know that You are faithful. Lord bless Melissa and Wendy for the many long hard hours that they put into serving us and pour out your blessings abundantly upon them. Surround them with your angels, protect them, their hearts and minds, their families. Fill them up to overflowing with Your love and strength. In Jesus Name, Amen

  2. Tracy Hays says:

    I praise You that you take broken people like us & make us something beautiful for You. Thank you for leading me to Melissa & this study. Thank you for making Melissa an oak of righteousness so we could sit under her “shade” this hor summer of 2011. Thank you for preparing her for THIS time. Thank you for her spirit of sweet service to us. Thank you for her humor and for being real enough to be herself.

    Lord, just bless her socks off! I know that sounds silly, but just bless her more than she can stand! Continue to fill her up so she can continue to pour out. Be with her especially on her mission trip this week. Keep her and her team safe. Give her your words to speak to those you bring to her. Keep her heart pure and keep her from sins that could hurt her ministry. Most of all, continue to give her a thirst for You.

    Thank you for letting me “meet” this wonderful servant of yours. All this I ask in the mighty Name above every other, Jesus the One and Only,

  3. Tracy Hays says:


    She didn’t ask for it, but I want to pray for Stephanie, too. Thank you for healing her life and giving her a heart to help others heal. Thank you for willingness to “stand in the gap” for Melissa this summer. Thank you for her willingness to be transparent and let us see her hurt and the good you’ve brought from it. Bless her. Bless her family. Bless her ministry. Continue to grow her in you. Thank you for allowing her to speak to me.

    In the Name of Jesus,

  4. Dear LORD, I thank You for this journey of healing I have been on. Thank You for using Wendy’s story to help bring me closer to You and to know that healing from any type of pain ~ even pain that was buried so deep ~ is possible through You! Thank You for all the Truths that were revealed to me, for guiding me through these past weeks, for the friendships made, for the joy and hope I have in each day, for every person who was in this study.

    I ask for Your blessings upon Wendy, Melissa, Stephanie and for each woman who started this journey. Please be with those who for whatever reason are behind in the book or who could not continue, help them to finish to the end LORD, help them to recognize You and the healing that is possible through Your Love!

    I thank You Lord for the way you prepared Wendy and Melissa and Stephanie’s heart to guide us on the journey we just concluded-yet we haven’t concluded it, our journey should be ongoing. Those lovely ladies showed us how in everyday life to walk with you and more importantly to give the honor and glory to You! So as we continue on, let us always give You that honor and glory, while lifting up three amazing, God loving women in prayer in thanks for showing us our Hidden Joy in You!!!

    As we close this week and this study LORD may each of us always desire to walk closely with You, remembering that You never leave us nor forsake us, that we are Your princesses!!!! In Jesus’ Name I pray ~ Amen!!!!!

    As a side note, I will greatly miss coming to the blog on Sunday looking for the week’s assignments!

  5. Tracy Hays says:


    I praise you that your word never “returns void”. I praise you that you are taking the Internet & using a tool that can be filled with such filth & making it a tool to spread your word for your glory. I thank you that this tool led me to Proverbs 31 Ministires and to women like Wendy Blight. You are still doing a work in me from the Ephesians study last summer. And only You know how I wanted to read her book and was waiting for the “perfect” time & created this study for that perfect time!

    Thank you for working in Wendy. To cause her to seek you when she was in the deepest pain and darkness so she could learn to point others to your Light in their won darkness. Thank you that the 25th “anniversary” ofmthat horrendous day saw thousands od women seeking Your face through her book. Lord, only you will ever truly know what beauty was and is continuing to be brought through awful ashes. Thank for giving Wendy the strength and courage to tell her story. You knew just who needed to hear it.

    Comfort Wendy this week as she takes Lauren to college. Calm fears and doubts. Help her feel your arms around her and Lauren. Help her continue to trust you and find new words of yours to be with her in this season. Help her to find the joy in this time and that her sadness would be lessened by something new you will do.

    Bless Wendy. Give her as much of younas she can stand! Continue to pour outwisdom and insight so she continue to infuse those in others. Thank you for preparing her for such a time as this.

    Thank you for the fruit you’ve brought and will bring from this summer of 2011. Thank you for allowing me to be touched by the sweet, quiet spirit of Wendy.

    In the might name of Jesus,

  6. Dear Heavenly Father,

    Thank you Dear Lord of all the blessings you have given me. Thank you for allowing me to spend time with Melissa in her bible study “Hidden Joy”, and thank you for the words of Wendy. Thank you for speaking to my heart and learning more about you Lord. Please be with Wendy as she continues on her journey. Put your arms around her and keep her safe.

    Lord, please be with Melissa. She has been such a joy to get to know through this study and her words each week have spoken to my heart in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. Be with her on her mission trip, help her to travel safely and to do the work that you place before her. I look forward to the next study Lord, and ask that you be with us all during this time, to speak to our hearts so we may come closer to you.

    You are such an awesome God. You are my healer, my provider, my comforter, my friend. Thank you for coming into my life and leading me to you.

    I pray this in your precious son’s name, Jesus, Amen.

  7. Dear Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for the light that Wendy spread into so many dark corners of hurting hearts with her book. You know the pain she endured, and you helped her turn that pain into something positive for herself and so many of us, and for that I am sincerely grateful. Thank you for taking ashes and turning them into something beautiful that can be used for good in this world. Thank you for not letting the Enemy win out over love, faithfulness, and steadfast commitment to serving You and each other.
    I ask you to bless Wendy today and every day for her amazing service to so many through her online Bible study and her continuing commitment to You and those around her. Bless and watch over her family, especially her daughter beginning college this fall, and bring them all continued provision, peace, light, and love.
    In Jesus’ sweet name I pray,

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I am so grateful you’ve brought my sweet sister Melissa into my life. She has taught me so much about how to be a good sister in Christ, and how to bounce back from the inevitable hard days on this journey. She is truly a treasure, and I thank you for her dear sweet self.
    Please protect and guide Melissa this week as she serves the underprivileged in Los Angeles; help keep her heart and arms wide open to those in need, and help her touch hearts and win lives for Christ through her words and actions. Hear Melissa’s prayers for and with the people she serves, and lift her up in comfort and joy when she is weary with the troubles of this life that she sees and hears on the streets.
    I also ask that you extend traveling mercies to sweet Melissa and those traveling with her, so that she returns back to her awesome family safely, feeling energized, hopeful, and happy.
    In Jesus’ sweet name I pray,

  8. Heavenly Father,
    You have told us in Your Word, whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much (Luke16:10). You entrusted each Wendy and Melissa with ashes. As they looked at them, they didn’t understand how those ashes could be of any use to anyone, how they could be of any use to You. Each of them longed to trade those ashes in, trade up to something “better” more worthwhile, but to each of them You whispered… “Trust in Me.” So they held on to their ashes…not knowing what You wanted each of them to do with their little pile, but still hoping they could just give them away…

    Over the years, You continually touched their lives through Your Word and through godly men and women you deliberately placed in their path. Like children, they began to make shapes with their ashes, drawing in them with their fingertips. Perhaps like You, when You drew Adam out of the dust of the earth…did You doodle first?

    As they played with their “gifts” of ash, making simple shapes and scenes, You came along side them and taught them how to make something more complex and beautiful. Perhaps You gave them a glimpse of what Christ drew in the dirt as Mary’s life hung in the balance. When they became more proficient, You told them that it was time. That time came differently for both of them, but nevertheless it was time for them to share their little piles. Oddly enough, they were reluctant at first, enjoying this precious time with their Father, just playing in the ash making beautiful pictures. But Your timing is always perfect, so they each dusted themselves off and began to share their little gift, little by little. Each time was a challenge, draining them each so completely, but You are faithful and filled them again until they’re cup overflowed once more. You allowed them to rest in You, drawing pretty pictures when they needed some Daddy time, while they waited for Your next prompting, Your next assignment.

    Daddy, I ask You to continue allowing their ashes to bless not only their lives, but the lives of so many women and even men. Showing us just how beautiful our own ashes can become when we entrust them back to You, knowing that You have a plan for them even if we just don’t understand that plan.
    We thank and praise You Lord for Your faithfulness and we have just one question. We’re tired of doodling in our ashes…what would You like us to do with them now?
    We ask these things in the Name above all Names…AMEN and AMEN!

  9. Amy Ackerman says:

    Dear God, I thank you for giving Wendy Blight the courage she needed to write this book and share with others how You helped her after she was raped 35 years ago. Thank You for opening doors so she could get her manuscript published and for leading me to sign up for this study. Thank You for calling Melissa Taylor to lead this study. Her leadership and insight has been a blessing to me, and I’m sure it has been for other women as well. Please be with these two women, as well as all of the women in this study, and help all of us become more in love with You each day. Reveal Your will for our lives as we spend time with You, and give us the strength and courage we need to be the women You have called us to be. In Your precious Son’s name I pray, Amen.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Precious Father, I thank you for Wendy and Melissa. I thank you for Wendy’s openness and honesty she showed us in Hidden Joy. I pray that you will continue to use her and her book to help heal the hearts of women everywhere. I thank you for Melissa’s faithfulness to this study and to those of us who were right with her learning and healing from our past, Continue to use her in a mighty way as she keeps leading women in book studies like Hidden Joy. Lord, continue to lift Melissa’s spirit and give her comfort. Lord, I also pray for all the women who went through this study. I pray that they’ve found a new level of healing. I know that healing takes time and because the study is over doesn’t mean the healing is over. Lord, I also pray for the women who felt like they couldn’t go through the study. Those who felt like there isn’t any hope for them and that they will never be healed from their past. Put your arms around them and let them know that healing will come. Amen.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I just posted my prayer but I have something to share with you all.

    As we end this study I want to share some encouragement. I’m not a speaker or writer and I usually feel like I’m not articulate enough to even make too many comments on blogs or keep a journal but God allows me to come across things and use them to encourage others.
    One of my favorite authors, whose blog I follow, is Mary DeMuth. She has a powerful testimony about healing. I’d like to encourage you to go check out her blog.

    You can sign up for Mary’s free monthly ezine (newsletter) and receive the 95-page ebook Live Uncaged and “Get Past the Past,” a 6-session podcast packed with healing.

    I’ve started listening to the podcast and have found it very fitting for this study of Hidden Joy. Live Uncaged also fits right with our study.

    I’d also like you all to listen to this song.

    Smokie Norfol I Understand

  12. Brenda Schiesser says:

    All I can do is echo the beautiful words of prayer already spoken and thank God for these two beautiful women who have been called by God and listened. My A Confident Heart book is on the way and I am ready to become a confident woman of God.


  13. Dear Heavenly Father,
    Thank you so much for guiding my way to Wendy Blight and Melissa Taylor’s Blogs. They have touched my heart more then I could have ever imagined. Through out this study I have fought back tears as I read posts from Melissa and others because they had said something that touched me so deeply. I am again fighting back the tears because this study is ending. Although the study is ending, the friendships I have made and the healing that has begun wont end, but get stronger. Father I can’t thank you enough for the things that you reveled to me. They were so powerful that I have stalled a few times as I am now am not wanting to read the final two chapters. For so long I have searched for healing from “Other sources” and it never helped or touched me in a way that this study did. That’s because you weren’t in the center of that healing. This study reached the depths of my soul that needed reaching and I thank you Father for Wendy, Melissa, and Stephanie for sharing their story with us as we all walk toward healing and a closer relationship with you. Father help me get to these last two chapters so I can discover what wonderful things you have in store for me that I couldn’t see before.

    In Jesus name I pray Amen

  14. Dear God, I first of want to thank You for bringing me to this wonderful Hidden Joy study! Through this study You have healed my heart in so many ways. I thank You for the wonderful friendships that You have brought me through this study also. I ask that You bless Melissa, Wendy and Stephanie and their families and their ministries! They are such wonderful followers of You dear God and through You they bring so much joy to many people’s lives. I thank You, God, for giving them the words and wisdom to help others along their journey. I am honored to know them and I thank You for bringing us together through this study. Amen

  15. Father, I come to You today on behalf of these two “sisters”. I don’t know them – but You know everything about them. I ask You, Father, to bless Wendy. Let her light continue to shine in those dark corers… allow her book to continue to speak to women who need healing, whether is is emotional healing or spiritual healing. And, Father, I ask you to continue to be with Melissa. I am sure that coordinating this many women in a Boble study, even electronically, cannot be an easy thing. And, yet, here we are at the end of our HJ Study. But we are not at the end at all, are we? You are continuing to do good work in each of our lives. Some of us are still working on that healing process and others feel that they have found the answers they were looking for. Thank You, Jesus!! You have let Your Presence be known from the very beginning and for that, we are very thankful.

    I ask that you watch over Melissa and Wendy. Surround them with you angels and wrap your loving arms around them, as only YOU can do. Keep them safe from all harm. Allow their ministry to continue to be the blessing that it is to women everywhere. Bless these two womem and Bless the Proverbs 31 ministry. They certainly are a blessing to us. I ask these things in Your name…. Amen

  16. Dear Lord, I want to thank you so much for your servant Wendy Blight. She has blessed me in so many ways through her book, her comments and encouragement. Through her I have learned that if I can’t give my fears to you, I can ask you to take them away and you will. “In God I trust, I will not fear. What can man do to me?”
    Lord, please bless Wendy and allow her to reach even more women with your message of redemption.

  17. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I just thank you for Wendy Blight. Her story, her heart, her perseverance, her understanding…all these things you have used to bless others who have suffered or are suffering. I thank you for letting me see what you can do with suffering, and how it can be an avenue of coming closer to you Lord. I pray that Wendy continues to seek you with all her heart, and that, in turn, she can continue to help others find you. I pray health and wholeness over Wendy and her family. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    I thank you for Melissa Taylor. I thank you for her story and her courage to share it. Without Melissa taking that step, I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t have read Wendy’s book, and I wouldn’t be stepping forward into you Lord. I pray protection, health, and steadfastness in you Lord as she moves forward in leading all of these women along their journies, as well as moving along her own journey. Help her to know how much her efforts are appreciated. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  18. gretchen says:

    Lord, I thank you for what you have shown me. Bringing me to this study is opening my eyes upon life, taking a new view of what is, where to make improvements, and what it can become with Your presence. Thank you for Wendy’s story, for her encouragement for us all as we came together to mend our own hurts, with You faithfully tending our needs in the way they’ve needed to be met. If You bring us to it, You will bring us through it. Through you, all things are possible. Thank you ever so much for casting the Light into my shadows, assuring me of my journey and Your presence to help me through it. Thank you for Wendy, Melissa, Stephanie, and also to Renee, who’s holding the torch for the next leg of the journey.
    In Your most Holy name, AMEN.

  19. Heavenly Father,
    Thank You so much for bringing me to this study! I give you all the Glory. you orchastrated everything so perfectly to bring me to the Hidden Joy study, from Melissa’s devotion, to her blog page, to discussions with a friend – all of which were occuring around the same time frame for me & I was lead here over & over again until I signed up for the study & ordered my book. You knew what you were doing Lord! You knew exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.

    I’ve learned so much Lord & come so much further in my walk with you but I’m not done yet. My prayer is for you to keep revealing yourself to me through your word, keep me moving forward on this journey to healing & forgiveness, keep me craving for more knowledge, wisdom & understanding with each passing day

    Lord you have blessed & enriched me so much through all of the wonderful ladies I’ve had the privilege to talk with & get to know along the way. I am forever thankful for these connections & new friends Lord.

    Lord I pray that you be with Melissa & the rest of the Proverbs 31 team as they minister to the lost. I pray that your love & guidance will surround the team as they are in California.

    Father, I pray for your love & peace to encompass Wendy as she gets ready to take her daughter to college for the first time. I’m sure it will be a difficult day for Wendy & I pray that your comfort will surround her bringing her peace, love joy & excitement as her daughter enters the first stage of her adult life.

    I pray for your Wisdom, guidance & direction for Stephanie as she continues working on her book. I can’t wait to read it!

    Bless Melissa, Wendy & Stephanie for all that they have done do make this study all that it has been. All their time, effort & energy has been so greatly appreciated by all. They are all 3 amazing ladies with hearts for you Lord. Thank you for putting together the best team possible for this study. Eveyones hard work, determination & effort has been awesome!

    Lord, I’d like to pray for all of the ladies who were in the study. I pray that we will all keep moving forward, encouraged & ready to do the work it will take to get us to our own individual personal victories. Whatever those victories may be, keep us moving in the right direction, with the right attitudes to get it done. I pray that you will guide us all individually, working in each of our lives, as you bring us closer to you. Help us to heal from our past hurts! You are awesome & amazing Lord Jesus. Through you all things are possible!
    In Jesus name I pray,

  20. Carol Bruntlett says:

    Lord Jesus I want to thank You for Melissa she is so sweet and adorable and I will never for get the first day I talked to her on the phone and she prayed with me not even knowing me and she gave of her time to pray with me Lord I pray that You bless this sweet servant of yours and she is truly a warrior so Lord I pray that You would wash over her and bathe her in Your peace and I pray for a hedge of protection around her and her family I pray as Melissa does Your work and what You have called her to do that You Lord would fill her up and help her cup just to overflow into other people’s life’s the way it has mine.
    Lord I lift up Wendy to You and Lord I thank You that she is faithful to her calling that You have placed on her life. Thank You Lord for this Bible Study that she wrote it has impacted me very much so. thank You Lord for Your servant Lord I pray for strength for her and for her journey that You have her on and Lord that she would continue to write the study’s that You have called her to write. Lord I pray for rest for her mind and Lord that You would fill her up and give her a drink of living water that only You can give. I ask that You would keep her faithful and protect her and watch over her.
    I thank You Lord for each one of these women that have poured out there life’s into us Lord and we are truly blessed by Melissa and Wendy thank You for them.
    Lord thank You for Stephanie and her help in this study as well and thank You for her Love for us as well.
    I am truly blessed Lord to have these women in my life.
    Thank You for this bible study.
    You have done the impossible in my life and You Lord are transforming me into a brand new woman that is falling more in love with You Lord.
    This I ask in Your Name Jesus.

  21. I am soooooo proud of me and I’m rejoicing because I just finished reading our book. now this weekend I can re read the answers and reflect on what I’ve learned.

  22. Kimberly says:

    Precious Father,

    My heart is filled with gratitude that you have done such a mighty healing work in Wendy. You have given her courage to trust in You and Your Word. And you walked with her, teaching her by Your Holy Spirit, how to live in joyous abandon, abiding in our Lord Jesus.

    Father, she has allowed her life to be used by You to write words, life-giving words to heal the hearts of broken women. Thank You that she wasn’t content to enjoy her victory; she just had to share it and tell someone else what Jesus had done.

    Oh Lord, our hearts are full now of Your Word. Your promises have come alive. We walked with Wendy, as though we were with a dear and trusted friend. Only You can create these bonds. Our burdens became lighter because Wendy showed us how to give them to You–Your Word was our everything during these ten weeks. We will never be the same. Now, as we say good-bye, as only sisters in the Lord can say good-bye, bless our sweet Wendy. We await Your next assignment with anticipation, rooted in love. And love her we do, Father.

    As we have been taught, so we teach by living the truths that have been planted in the good soil of our hearts.

    In Jesus’ Name, thank You Father. Amen

  23. Kimberly says:

    And now, Father, our dearest Melissa,

    Thank you for her willingness to walk side-by-side with her Jesus girls; encouraging us when we found Your truths and our pain didn’t quite match. Oh, but she persisted in her approachable, sensitive and kind way. Some of us learned for the first time how to post on a blog. And because she loved us, as You loved us through her, she taught us how to post–how to build bridges. We are grateful.

    She’s gentle and she’s real–just like Jesus. He shines through her, Lord. He glorified Himself through her. We “got it” through her tireless example. We saw what living faith looks like.

    Father, bring multitudes to Jesus through her. Heal and restore broken lives through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Bless Melissa and encourage her through Your endless love, which You gave to us at Calvary and to which she testifies moment-by-moment.

    Thank you for the blog posts, which were the highlight of our study–we couldn’t wait to read the next one and to see what assignment awaited us on our journey to freedom in Jesus.

    We trust You with our teacher and know that what You have for her is beyond her wildest imagination. You are limitless and Your plans for Melissa defy even the most creative mind.

    How we love her and appreciate her. Again, thank You, Father.

    In Jesus Mighty and Glorious Name, Amen.

  24. Heavenly Father, I thank You from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for each of us during this study. So many have struggled, but it is because You have been working for good. You have been cleaning us and making us pure for You. Lord, I thank You so much for Proverbs 31. I rely on them daily to help me start my day off right. I am so glad I discovered Melissa and her Bible Studies. She blesses me so with her attitude, and also her realness. She is who she is, all for You. Bless her Lord, for her work and her willingness. Keep her safe as she ministers in California. Bless her family and her friends. Comfort her in her day to day journeys. Thank You Lord for Wendy, for her willingness to obey You and put her words on paper. How she has impacted others for Your kingdom. Lord, I pray that You will continue to use her for Your glory. Keep Your arms around her. Be with her family. Help her adjust to Lauren being in college and keep Lauren safe. Bless her, Lord. And bless each of my sisters in the Lord as we finish this study. As Stephanie said, it is not goodbye… and it is only the beginning. Thank You, Lord, in Your Son’s Holy Name, Amen

  25. Holy Lord, God of Power and Might, I lift up great thanksgiving this morning for this ministry and the women who give of themselves to serve You and bring other hearts closer to You! Thank You especially for Melissa, who has made herself transparent before us in an effort to let Your holy light shine through her life that we may see and know You. Father, I pray for Melissa’s continued strength and confidence in You — that she would grow and move ever forward in Your will, that her passion for You would find her on her knees and in your Word every day, and that she and her family experience the joy and peace that come from only You. In the name of Christ Jesus, whose blood covers us all…Amen.

  26. Stephanie says:

    Dear Jesus I thank you for Melissa and Wendy and their faithfulness to you. I ask you to bless them and give them every thing they need to follow out the path you have guided them on. I also pray a blessing for all the readers on here.

  27. Dianne McKagan says:

    Dear Lord, Envelope both Melissa and Wendy in Angel hugs as they go about their ministries. You have blessed them with such talents that help others when we need to hear Your word from a different perspective. Be with them as they continue to do Your work… and as they continue to live their personal lives as mothers, wives, and friends. Amen…

  28. Lisa Lagalo says:

    Lord you have used all three of these ladies to reach parts of me that I never knew were there. I was completely raw at monents during this study but those were the moments you taught me the most. Thankyou for sending each of them into my life and the lives of so many others. The work they are doing here warms my heart. I want to ask that you bless each of them and continue to give them the energy and the desire to continue on this path. It is in your name i pray Amen!!

  29. Michele Caséca says:

    Father God,

    We want to thank You for Melissa, Wendy and Stephanie, who so beautifully made this Bible Study happen.
    Please keep blessing and using their lives to reach other’s lives.

    Send them peace, mercies, blessings and much love, always.
    In Jesus’ Name.

    Michele Caséca

  30. I am so lost now that the bible studie has ended and waiting for a new one I dont even know what to do or how to stay contected to god right now Help please

    • You know these books and studies are a great tool to connect with the Lord…but far from the only tool! I would encourage you to go back to the chapter on quiet time and begin to spend time in the lords word…just you n him! I learn so much through bible study and biblical friendships but my favorite times are those where I am just alone with me n the word of God seeking more of Him.

  31. Fannie in Kansas says:

    I can’t think of anything new to pray so I will say AMEN1111111111 to the previous entries. Thank You, Father in Heaven for the willing hearts of all involved in this Bible Study. Continue to bless and heal each and every heart as we move forward. Connect each and everyone to an encourager to continue to help each one grow closer to You. I pray this in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

  32. Dear Heavenly Father,

    I thank you for leading Melissa to lead this particular Bible study. After so many years of not connecting with a Bible study, it has been so refreshing to have found a group study that I have been able to keep up with and to learn so much. When I began, Lord, I wasn’t sure if this study would mean anything to me. Thank You Father, that it has. And thank You that it has even ministered to my mother through things you have allowed me to share with her. She even wants to read the study! Lord, continue to bless Melissa as she leads more and more women on their spiritual journeys.


  33. Heavenly Father, I thank You for both Melissa and Wendy. I thank You for their hearts and souls that have been won for You, and I thank You for the freedom and victory You have brought in their lives. You are Sovereign and SO amazing, Lord. While we may never understand the “why” behind horrible circumstances, we know that You bring healing from tremendous pain. Thank You for these two women’s roles in that during this online study. Protect them Lord. Protect their families. Minister to them as wives, mothers, and Daughters of your Kingdom in the ways that only You truly know how to do. Encourage them, Lord, in their daily lives. Continue to bring people around them that will cheer them on and be a support network to them as they march forward to share the awesome Truth of Your Gospel that has been proclaimed in their own lives. Overwhelm their minds, their emotions, and any part of their heart and souls that still need Your healing touch with Your incredible, gentle love. Thank You, Father, for Your work through the group of believers in this study and these two women that you have used to spearhead it for such a time as this. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  34. Debbie H says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, Thank for connecting me with these very special people Melissa, Wendy and Stephanie. They are doing amazing thing for you in faith. Please continue to lift them up and encourage them to continue in this ministry.
    In Jesue name, Amen

  35. Leanne Collins says:

    Mellissa and Wendy,

    I want to thank both of you so much! Melissa for following the desire to online studies and Wendy for being obedient and searching out God’s will for your life. I must admit I cried through the whole Abiding Chapter. I could really see so much of myself in you and your struggles. I also believe that it was no accident that I participated in this study. God is not finished with any of us yet! Our stories continue to develop and unfold! Lord I ask that you watch of over these ladies and meet everyone of their needs according to your reaches in glory. May they continue to walk in their gift-ings and calling with an increased anointing!
    In Jesus Name Amen!
    Thanks Ladies Job well done!

  36. Heather P says:

    Heavenly Father, thank you for Melissa and Wendy! Help them where they need your help. Help us followers look to you for our answers! In Jesus’ name, AMEN

  37. Heavenly Father I thank You for leading me to this Bible Study. I’m thankful for drawing us together and making a connection with us. I’m like others who needed healing in areas that I wasn’t aware of until I saw Your Word revealed through this study. Your Word says if we are obedient to You, Your blessings shall come down and overtake us. I ask these blessings today on Wendy, for obediently writing the journey from brokenness to life in You; on Melissa, who responded with your call to lead countless women to healing through Your Word and her testimony; and for Stephanie, who constantly showed Your heart because of the healing that You did in her life. I pray that each of us will keep our minds fixed on You so that we can have Your perfect peace. I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

  38. Heather JC says:

    Father God, thank you for these mighty women of God. Thank you for putting this calling onto Melissa, Wendy, and Stephanie’s lives. All of us have gone through a battle (it might be the same battle, or a different one) and we each have a story to tell. The one thing that we can count on is you, God. You are the constant in our life. You are the one who heals and turns our mourning into dancing, our sorrows into joy, and our ashes into a crown of beauty. So I pray right now in Jesus’ name that each woman who participated in this study has in someway changed…even if it is one small thing. After all, it only takes faith the size of a mustard seed for miracles to happen. I pray for blessing over all of us, that we continue to grow, and for future bible studies. I pray that you will use these women as oracles and continue to place things on their hearts because there are so many things we women continue to struggle with on a daily basis. These remind us that we are not along. Amen.

  39. Allison Thomas says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for guiding me to this site. Thank you for these beautiful women that have a heart for You. I am so blessed by every message that is written here. Lord, you know I am struggling right now with the loss of my job and hurt that I am feeling, but you have told me to claim the scripture Jerimiah 29:11 as my own during this time. Everywhere I turn in these last few days, I see this scripture reminding me to trust You. Thank you Lord. I pray for Melissa while she is away that you will keep her safe and I pray for Wendy that you will continue to bless her as she blesses others. I love you and praise You.
    In Jesus name,

  40. Wow, I am truly overwhelmed at the precious prayers you each have lifted on our behalf. They are BEAUTIFUL…each and every word.

    I want to pray for each one of you!! May the Lord bless your courage and obedience. May He continue to take you deeper still on your journey with Him, revealing powerful new Truths that will impact your life in profound ways. May He now use each one of you to bring hope, healing, knowledge, and understanding into the lives of the broken and hurting women around you.

    This has been one of my greatest blessings in ministry. I will never forget the investment each one of you has made in Hidden Joy. Together you have shown me the faithfulness of God to perform His Word in Romans 8:28. If you would have told me 25 years ago that God would be doing this with the horrific act committed against me, I would have laughed in your face. this is truly only something God could do!!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!