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Sep 30

Confident Heart~Friday Vlog~Week 2

Happy Friday!  Hope you’ve had a great week and will have a great weekend too!  Praying for you and trusting that you are getting more confident every day!

Below you see our first vlog of the study.  Enjoy my amateur attempts at videoing a short message for you :)

If you cannot see the vlog below and you are not reading this directly from my website, click here and you should be able to watch.

Gotta love the freeze frame pic…don’t laugh!

Love you all!  Thanks for being a part of this awesome group.

Sep 27

I Call Her Beautiful…She is Mine

She contacted me for prayer. She was broken. She had lost everything.  Partly due to circumstances beyond her control, but she had also contributed to the state her life was currently in.  She had done things she wasn’t proud of.  I won’t list them here…but you can.  Just fill in any blank….she probably did or experienced it.

She was born into a  life of unfairness.  Abuse. Neglect. Her mother chose her abuser over her.  Her very own daughter, which left her without a home or family at a very early age.

Neglect. Abandonment. Hurt. Shame. Unworthiness.  What else could she feel?

She became a survivor.  She learned to fight. And fight off.  People leaving her and treating her poorly became the norm. She was tough. Almost too tough. The exterior she had built around her fragile heart was thick. Didn’t let many in to see the sensitive side, the heart that truly just wanted to be loved, accepted, and secure.

Until one day.  The Lord had enough.  He brought this beautiful girl to a place she had to face Him. He pursued her. He put people in her life that believed in her…didn’t give up on her…loved her.  She had no choice. Isaiah 43:1.

Sometimes people need to know someone believes in them before they can believe in themselves or even in God. Lysa believed in her. I believed in her. Stephanie believed in her. Amy. Then Sam. Nicki. Katie. Denise. And now she believes in herself…or at least she’s getting there.

She decided to try to trust. She accepted Christ…unsure.  “Maybe just maybe I’ll give Him a chance”, she thought…”but what if He leaves me too?  What if I disappoint Him too?”  “Never could that happen,” I reassured her.

And it hasn’t.  Has life gotten easier for this girl?  No it hasn’t.  Have the problems faded?  No they haven’t. Does she have a new security and love that will never leave or abandon her?  Yes she does.

The world may call her certain names.  But God….God calls her beautiful.  No Matter What. He calls her fearfully and wonderfully made. He calls her His child.  He calls her His. With Him she has a Father. With Him she has a Love like no other. God is love and that love belongs to her and no one can take that away. Not from her, not from you, not from me. We got it.

Sweet friends, there are many who will keep a record of our wrongs, label us by our actions, and make us feel unworthy. KNOW THAT GOD WOULD NEVER DO THIS!  EVER!!!  He loves us unconditionally and unfailingly.  Our security and value must come from Him and Him alone, others will let us down…no matter how well meaning they may be.  And this can and will cause extreme doubt if we believe it.  It is of the utmost importance that we seek and stay in God’s Word DAILY so that we are in tune with what He says about us, not what anyone else says about us. No matter how long we have believed the lies, God’s truth can transform our hearts and minds. SomeOne believes in you my sweet friend…His name is Jesus.

Maybe you wonder if an online Bible study can help you?  Well the girl who happens to be the main character of this post, she started as an online Bible study participant here on this blog.  Here she found love. She found value. She found acceptance. She found courage. She found hope. She found Jesus. She found people believed in her. She even found a  new “family”…a mama and some sisters who promised to never leave her.  And her life is changed forever.

Remove doubt, insert the truth of God’s promises.  Remove hurt, insert stability.  Remove insecurity, insert contentment. Remove fear, insert security. Remove bitterness, insert love. Break down the walls with faith and trust. God is able. With Him anything is possible.  Believe this for yourself.  I promise if He can do it for this beautiful child of God, He can do it for you.

Never stop trusting or believing. Ever. God is usually up to something big at the very moment we decide to quit. You are worthy. You are loved. You are accepted. You are forgiven. You are worth fighting for. You are beautiful.

Let the world think whatever they want to think, but as for the Lord, well he’s saying, “I call her beautiful…..why?  Because she is mine.”

Isaiah 43:1,  “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”


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Much Love to you all and never ever forget how much you are loved and how beautiful you are to God.  Say this outloud today, “God calls me beautiful, I am His.”

Sep 26

I Stink At Life

Yep…that’s what I put on Twitter 2 days ago.  And I meant it.  The whole post read like this: I stink at life.Try to be honest but sometimes I wonder if I should keep more to myself? Being real vs. Being reserve?? Idk. Care to share?

Gotta be real here…I wear my heart my sleeve.  If I feel it, I often say it.  Not always a good thing.  Sometimes being real comes back to bite me.  At the same time…I wouldn’t be any other way.  It’s who I am.

Here’s what a few Twitter followers had to say.  Good stuff:


I think the challenge is sharing what&when God wants you to share. Sometimes being real, is more about being obedient to Him.

I have the same problem. I think I scare people off by being too real! Result 4 me is loneliness and pain.

I  feel the same way… But I think u are amazing and am grateful to be in contact with someone so real! U r a blessing!

BUT…YOU are helping lots of women…so be real. :)

Feel the same way! :) How much should you share and keep to yourself? And who cares enough to listen & is it helpful?

You don’t stink at life. You care!

We should always be transparent, but vulnerable with a safe few.

We have to be careful and prayerful to recognize the levels to which we can be real with various people in our lives.

… Gotta be real! Honor yourself with who you are always.

It’s a fine line that’s for sure.  Being me is one of my biggest doubts!  I question myself.  At the same time, I’ve tried to cover me up and it didn’t work so well.
Y’all, we don’t need to cover who we are.  There will be people who will try to tell us who we are isn’t good enough.  We have to know who were are in Christ…we have to know what God’s Word says about us…because in this world we will fall short. We will disappoint.
We won’t measure up.
I stink at life.
But God is bigger.  He loves us.  His promises are enough. We don’t have to listen to the voices that don’t believe in us. God always believes in us.Doubt surrounds us.  God’s love conquers doubt.
His Princess, Love Letters From Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd is a book that has helped me overcome my doubt and believe God and His Word. I’d like to give you a chance to win this book today.  Author, Sheri Rose Shepherd, is the very first conference call guest on our series this study. I am so honored to have her join us!  Comment here today how this study has encouraged you so far and you will be entered to win. Winner announced Wednesday morning.
Let me hear from you.  How has Chapter 2 spoken to you so far?  What about the memory verse?  Please do share!
Ladies, if you feel similar to me…let me just tell you, YOU DON’T STINK AT LIFE!!!   Yes, we might mess up.  Yes we might be a little too real or trusting at times.  But no matter what just be yourself.  And I’m gonna try to keep doing that too.
Love and Blessings!  I Love Y’all!  <3