Sep 15

Thank You :)

To All My Friends Who Have Studied With Me This Year,

Let me just say a big whopping “Thank You” to each of you. Because of you, these online studies have been a huge success. By the end of this year, over 12,000 people will have participated in the online Bible studies that have been featured on my blog. They have grown so much, instead of me leading them by myself, I had to get a team! God has moved in amazing ways in so many lives, including my own. I give all praise and thanks to Him and Him alone and I stand humbled and in awe of His mighty work and power.

Here is what a people are saying about Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies:

“You have encouraged me to be the woman God has created me to be and accept His calling on my life.” ~ Kelly

“I have been inspired to grow and learn in spite of the fact that my life is far from perfect; in spite of the pain that we sometimes must endure.Thank you for everything you do.” ~ Leslie

“I now know my God as friend, accept His grace and forgiveness, and have a true love of studying His Word and having a relationship with Him through it. Most of all, I’ve learned to choose relationship over religion. I’ve been inspired through this online study to find my worth and trust only in Jesus. I’ve also been inspired to be a good wife and mother.” ~ Mary

” I was surviving but not thriving when I first joined your online Bible study. Through the studies I was given something I didn’t think was possible, hope! Hope in my marriage and hope in a relationship with God. Both were nonexistent before.” ~ Angel

“Thank you for your dedication to the online studies. You have made studying the Bible fun! I’ve been encouraged to hold on to hope and not slip into despair. Plus I’ve made so many new friends. I never expected that from an online study. I also love your facebook page!” ~ Joyce

I would love to have you join me again in study. For those of you already signed up, welcome back. This is going to be another fabulous time of growing confident in God’s promises for our lives.

If you are interested in signing up for my next online study, A Confident Heart, by Renee Swope, you can do that in the right column of this blog (under Bible Study Sign Ups).

You can also get more information here .

Visit the Online Bible Studies Facebook page.

Send any questions to: .

Hope you are having a super day wherever you are.

Love and Many Many Blessings,

Online Bible Studies Team: Stephanie Clayton, Angie Combs, Heather Bleier, Christi Wilson, Lisa Kramp, Breinny Mosella, and Danielle Boyd.


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  1. Michele Caséca says:

    Thank YOU Melissa, for giving so much time and your heart to these studies.

    Your passion for ministry is contagious!
    You are an amazing child of God.

    You inspire me to be a better person. And believe me, I’m trying REALLY hard… I believe some day I’ll see the fruits.
    God is still working on my shame, my wounds, guilt and feeling of unworthiness.

    Thank you again, for letting me be a part of this study.
    I’m praying for you now.

    Love you.

  2. It’s an awesome thing and I love to see what’s happening with the Online studies and prayer groups — can you believe that!!!

  3. So very awesome to see what God is doing in you!

  4. Hilda Quintanilla says:

    Silly girl!!! Am I the 1000 ? What did I win?!?!?!?! YAHoooooooooo

  5. Morning Melissa – I am SO grateful for this study. I am a new pastor in upstate NY and God is encouraging me and so are you! This is just what I needed at this moment in time – God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect! Looking forward to meeting all of you too!

  6. I am Juie Nitz from Baroda, Mi. and I want to do this study to gain more confidence in doing Gods work for His glory and to further my realationship w/ my Lord. Thank you, Melissa.

  7. Cindy Hicks says:

    Hello, I am Cindy from Arkansas. I am doing this Bible study on line because I do not have a church home right now. But I want to learn more and become stronger in my faith. Thanks for conducting this on-line Bible study.