Sep 19

A Confident Heart~Week 1

Welcome to the first week of A Confident Heart Online Bible Study!  I am absolutely so excited that you are joining me. I love doing Bible study, but I especially love studying with other women.  Although we are a big group, we strive to keep it personal and intimate. You can be as interactive as you wish. This study is for you and it’s all up to you. You will get out of it, what you put into it. I promise to do my best to encourage you and support you along the way. And I expect you to do the same for me! :)   We are all in this group together!

Please feel free to leave comments, share thoughts, prayer requests, and how you are doing in your journey towards a confident heart.


Word of the Week:


Discovering new things can be both fun and a little scary.  This study is all about discovering how God’s promises can remove doubt and insecurity from our lives. It’s going to be so exciting!  Get ready to discover how amazing you are and how God intended for all of us to have confident hearts filled with His love.


Verse of the Week:

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36


Week 1 Suggested Assignments:


Sunday:  Get ready! Have your A Confident Heart book, Bible, journal or notebook, pen, highlighter, and anything else that you will need ready.  Pray for your heart and ask God to speak directly to you as you do this study. Pray for the other women all over world who are participating in this study.

Monday: Read the foreward and acknowledgments sections of the book. Write our verse of the week in your journal/notebook and on a few notecards so you can post them in various places. Begin reading this verse daily with the goal of memorizing it by the end of the week.

Introduce yourself to the group on my blog. In the comment section write your name, where you are from (if you are comfortable sharing that), and why you signed up for this Online Bible Study. Keep it simple and brief please :)  I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Tuesday:  Read Chapter 1, Discovering the Shadow of My Doubts.  Use your highlighter to mark in your book things you may want to look back on later.  Write in your journal your thoughts on the first chapter.  *Verse of the week~ Hebrews 10:35-36.  Work on memorizing it.

Wednesday:  Complete #1-3 of the Reflection and Discussion Questions on p. 27.  Record your answers in your notebook.  Visit Melissa’s blog for encouragement.   *Verse of the Week~ Can you say it with your eyes closed?  Give it a try!

Thursday:  Complete #4-7 of the Reflection and Discussion Questions on p. 27. Record your answers in your notebook.   Visit Melissa’s blog for sharing insight. *Verse of the Week~ Believe it!

Friday: It’s Vlog day!  Don’t know what a Vlog is? It’s a video message that I’ll post on my blog :)  So visit my blog today because I have a word or 2 for you!  Also use today as a catch up day. If you still need to read or answer any of the study questions, you can have today to do that. *Verse of the week~Say it!  If you’ve learned it, write it in the comment section of my blog. Learning God’s Word and hiding it in our hearts is one of the best ways to move towards that God-confidence we desire!

Saturday– I hope you have a fabulous weekend! What are you up to today?  As for me, I’ll be watching college football GO GAMECOCKS! and going to my daughter’s soccer game GO HAYLEY GRACE!  It’s gonna be a fun day :)  Hope yours is too!


If you are into Facebook, don’t forget to visit our Online Bible Studies Facebook page. It’s a great place to find daily encouragement, support, and information pertaining to our study.

Send questions to:


Thank you so much for joining in this study! I’m praying for you and I will continue to pray for you during our time together.  Have a wonderful week!

Lots of Love <3



  1. lori delmontier says:

    my name is Lori I am 47 years old. I found ps31 when listening to klove.
    you help me jump start my day by your daily word. was so excited that you
    were doing a on line bible study. now that i work im not able to go to a
    bible study during the week.

  2. CARLA M. BEAM says:

    I identify with the foreword in the book, Confident Heart. That is my story. I am 54 yrs. of age and not until recent years have I allowed our Lord to be the Father I needed the man who fathered me to be. He died of cancer in ’95 and after his death the Lord helped me to forgive him. The Holy Spirit replaced the vile hatrid I had for him with love and compassion for him. I now look forward to seeing him in heaven.

  3. This is my first online bible study. I joined because with our schedules at home, work etc found it difficult to get to a study with our church. I look forward to growing closer to God in this study. I am married(20 years) with 3 children.

  4. My name is Crystal, and I live in Palm Harbor, Florida. I’m doing this study so I can take my eyes off me and my circumstances and keep my eyes on my God who is able and so that my confidence will be in Him.

  5. Hi everyone – I am a 54 year old who lives alone. I have a 30 year old daughter but she lives in another state. I just finished reading chapter 1 and am encouraged. I grew up in an abusive household. As a result I have Post Traumatic Stress disorder and am disabled. The past couple of weeks have been very difficult. My part time job as a seamstress was cut from 4 days a week to 1 day a week. I have been doubting whether I can produce enough to meet my needs by just sewing and selling what I make. Thank you for this study.

  6. It’s Sunday afternoon, the end of week 1. In reviewing things for the week, I looked up and wrote out the definition of ‘discover.’ According to the American Heritage Dictionary (the first one that popped at it means to “notice or learn, especially by making an effort.” I expected the first part, but the second was a surprise of sorts. It implies that discovering something requires some work on my part. But then I realized how true that is of things with God. he provides and offers us all we need, but we must step up and accept/believe/acknowledge/embrace what it is. Keeping that in mind, I will continue thru this study with a different frame of mind and set of expectations, namely that while my prayer will be that God will work in me to increase my confidence, I must open my heart to allow His work to actually take place and make a change.

  7. Hello! First, a big thank you to our Father for providing this ministry to me! The title of the book just jumped out at me and I am very excited to be part of the online study. While it is not my first study, it is my first online one..driven by the fact that my schedule has become chaotic and thought this would be a great way to stay in God’s word with some awesome women! I am 47 y/o, kind of newly married (4 years) with two adult daughters(1 each!), 3 grandchildren and running a business that is just starting to expand. My husband is a wonderful Christian man but want to make sure my cup is first filled by God, which is what really struck me during the foreword from Lysa Terkeurst…

    So, blessings to everyone and look forward to find my Confident Heart with all of you!

  8. Hi to everyone,
    I am Claudia and am now at my “real home” in north central Arkansas. It is wonderful to be in the beautiful Ozarks visiting my son. My husband will be joining me here in about a week. We live in the country of Qatar where he works. We are able to come home several times a year.

    I have two comments to make. First, I was hesitant to join this Bible study as I thought that it might be for much younger women. As I read the posts, I realized that I am in the right place. There are many women my age–in their 50’s. Also, I see comments from women my daughter’s age. It occurs to me that through the comments on this blog I will learn ways that I can minister to women my age and to my daughter, as well.

    Second, as I read through the posts, I found myself wanting to comment to every post. Dear Sisters, please keep up the faith in our Father. Begin not only to “believe in Him, but believe Him” and know that He is with us both in our times of need and times of celebration.

    Have a good week 2.

  9. Hi, my name is Anna. I found out about this at the last minute so I just got my book on Friday. Looking forward to catching up with you ladies this week. Whether married, divorced, widowed or single;childless or with children; job or no job; young or old; God wants each of us to experience His love, strength and affirmation so we can confidently face what each day brings. I want His Grace to be enough in my life and I am excited to explore what that means with you.

  10. Hello! I am 45 and live in Illinois. This is my first time doing an on line bible study and I am thrilled!!
    I was married for 24 years and have been divorced for 2 years. I have one daughter that is 24 years old. There was emotional abuse in the marriage and it has left me with a lack of confidence. God has brought me through a lot the past 2 years but I’m still not where I want to be. I’m praying the study will help me be the confident person God has intended for me to be.

  11. Hello to everyone! My name is Lisa, am 46 years old and live in Missouri! This is my first online bible study and am so very excited to be here. Confidence….. what a powerful word and something that I have lacked in my life for years. God is really doing a work in me right now and I am allowing myself to follow in the footsteps that He has ordered for me. This online study was placed before me after much prayer about the doubt I have and the hope of CONFIDENCE I hope to regain. God Bless each and every one of you and am so excited to take this journey with you!

  12. This week…. I really need this bible study, I pray God moves in my heart to help me with my confidence in HIM!

  13. Hi, I’m Christina. I live in South Florida with my husband and two boys, ages 9 and 4, who I homeschool. I love the P31 devos and wanted to do a Bible study but do not have the time to participate in the one at my church, so this is perfect! I am not very good at posting but am going to try my best. Really looking forward to this study…the first chapter was great. Thanks, Melissa and Renee!

  14. Sharon Allen says:

    My name is Sharon, I live in Indiana. Looking forward todoing this online study with everyone. Haven’t received my book yet so I hope I don’t get too behind. I’m anxious to learn and hopefully grow spiritually.
    I will be praying for this study and for all of us that are taking the journey and the leaders.
    Love you all!!

  15. Hello ladies. My name is Dana and I’m looking forward to studying with all of you. I’m from Nashville, TN and I’m married with three boys. I’m so glad that we are all taking time out of our busy schedules to study what God has set out for us. I’ll be praying for all of us as we take on a confident heart. Thanks to everyone for making this study possible. :)

  16. Hi Ladies, My name is Robin, age 48, and I live in South Florida. I am married and I am a SAHM to a 7 year old daughter. This is my first online bible study. I am a bit behind on the first week but look forward to catching up and continuing week 2. God is sooooo good!

  17. Hi, everyone! I’m currently living on the East Side of San Antonio, Texas, but I really should be living up North in the Hill Country. My husband and I have been separated for almost three months. The first few weeks were extremely difficult as he was sure he was done with our marriage. In the last three weeks he has decided he would like to work things out, but is struggling with doubt on whether or not we should. I’ve been reading about this book for several weeks as I’ve searched for many ways to keep my Faith and my CONFIDENCE in standing for my marraige. My goal with this study is to gain the tools I need to overcome my own doubt of being a good wife so I may share the tools with my husband. I’m extremely excited to be part of this group. God Bless Us all.

  18. I am a stay at home wife and mother. We have five children–four ages seven and under and one who, in August of this year, met Jesus at 15 weeks into the pregnancy. Since that loss, I have been struggling to get into my Bible and to spend any significant prayer time with Jesus. I’m hoping this will help me to start studying again and begin to journey with my Counselor toward healing. I know God has been with me during this hard time. I want to get to a place where He can use me again.

  19. Of course I went ahead and read all of chapter 2. I usually exercise in the morning and today I just wanted to sit and spend time with God learning because I so despertley need him right now. I was amazed at the thought that Jesus went out of his way just to make sure he met up with Sam and that that is what he would do for me. i thought about it in the form of what I do when I want to make sure I am somewhere I know someone will be just because I want to help them in some way. I strill struggle however with the thought that he is with me every moment because I don’t necessarily feel him there. There were so many areas I highleghted in this chapter and I will go back and reread them throughout the week. Thank you again for offering this.

  20. One thing I kept asking myself was “What exactly are God’s promises?” I googled it and many places refer to me many scriptures and I do read them but It seems complicated to me.

  21. My book was on backorder so I have not been able to read Chapter 2, but enjoyed the first chapter and lesson. The memory verse for the first week has enough to meditate on for weeks. Just before receiving the 2nd lesson, I was asking the Lord to love a difficult person through me as my love is so far short of His perfect love so this week’s verse is also spot on. Also, your post for today resonates with its accuracy for my life. :) Praise God that He does not see and judge us as others do or even as we judge ourselves. May we listen to His sweet voice as we walk in obedience to His will.

  22. I somehow signed up for this website Proverbs 31 Women. It’s great everybody post are wonderful. I love reading them everyday. Then one day I read Lysa’s promoting your book then I got your email. I read the 1st clip and immediately ordered my book before it was out. I read half the book it all about me. I’m so amazed. I love it so far it’s kind of hard to finish. I’m glad we’re doing this bible study together because it help me to remember and I’m not alone in my feelings. I’m not good at writing but. I can go and on. I just love the God Girls.

  23. Hey Girlfriends….just wanted to touch base and say I’m very excited to be a part of this group. We have a small Bible Study group in Rockwall, Texas that will be participating every Monday night (with each other in person), and on-line during the week. We are very excited to be a part of this group and to learn about how to have a confident heart. Thanks for setting this up for all of us! xoxo

  24. Hi, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed (at life in general)…just got my book and am not up with the program yet. Are all the studies in one place? Is there a way to print off page for each week? I am looking forward to moving closer to God through this study…Please pray that I keep up with it.

    Thank you for all your hard work in pulling this together…I know it can’t be easy…God bless you!

  25. Hi, I’m Destiny. I live in North Central Minnesota. I’m doing this study because I recieved an email from Bible Gateway, after reading what it was about I decided this is a study that I need at this point in my life. My family is going through some hard times, my husband has recently been diagnosed with 2 horrible auto-immune diseases and that has turned our world upside down, along with my past, this is just a blessing to have come into my life just at this time. I can’t wait to get into this book and continue to find God’s path for me.

  26. Kris Thompson says:

    My name is Kris and I just turned 54 and live in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Looking forward to this study as my confidence has been damaged by a 35 year relationship that has been destructing for a while. As I am currently going through a divorce, it has a been a healing jouney recently and this study is a positive step. I have met Melissa and her open heart will encourage us all.

  27. I am so looking forward to this bible study. I am a work at home mom. I am married and we have 12 year old twins, a boy and a girl. I absolutely love Proverbs 31 Ministry. I live in Massachusetts. I need this study in my life because of my self esteem and no confidence in my life. This is the first time I have ever taken a bible study online. I can really identify what what is written in this book. No matter what I know that God loves me.

  28. I’m a latecomer to this study; like some of you, my life is pretty chaotic right now. I am a 37 year old wife and mom, recently transplanted to Colorado due to my husband’s job. I realize that I struggle with confidence in myself, and in God. I am struggling with trusting Him, and looking back onto a lifetime problem with low self esteem issues. I am hoping that this study will be a spring board into a fresh perspective on God and on myself. Blessings to you all.

  29. Hello Ladies

    I know I’m late in posting but wanted to at least introduce myself – I’m 39 and a single mother of a 16 year old son. My sister shared the link about this study on her Facebook page and joined so we could do this together via the internet – she lives in NC and I’m in FL. While I’m fairly successful with my career I tend to doubt myself in many aspects of my life, both personally and professionally. I enjoy this ministry and look for positive reinforcements often. I know God made me to do great things, I just have to get over the spirit of fear and step outside of my box! I also feel being more confident within will help me with my relationships, especially the relationship with my son. I look forward to these next few weeks of study with each of you!

    Blessings & Love!

  30. Bonnie Zimmerman says:

    Hello! I was a bit hesitant about joining in this study, but after seeing that there others who are just joining today (during week 2), I decided to jump in. My name is Bonnie. I’m married with no kids, 38 years old, and live in a suburb just north of Dallas, TX. I’m going through some struggles in my life (mostly with my career). The book “A Confident Heart” was STRONGLY recommended to me. I found out about this online study and thought it might help me to dig deeper into the book, as well as my Bible.

  31. Maria Drakos says:

    A Confident Heart has got to be one of the most amazing books I’ve started reading. I have never cried so much and have only made it to chapter 2. Doing the reflection and it has already started the healing process I have longed for. Thank you so much for this. God amazes me with His love for us. This is going to be a long and emotional journey, and there are parts of me that fear what I will face, at the same time, for me to gain a “Confident Heart”, truth is, that will only happen through Our Heavenly Father. I have more hope than ever that I will come to look in the mirror and see that beautiful woman that God sees in me, because for once I will be seeing with HIS vision and not that of myself or others. God Bless all of you who are in this with me. I pray that we all come out stronger and confident with Him!

  32. Hi Ladies, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed–family problems and financial issues are weighing me down. I think this Bible study came along at just the right time for me. Thank you for taking this journey with me. Be blessed!!

  33. Hello Sistahs,

    My name is Shari, I’m 48, happily married and blessed with 2 beautiful children, living in Los Angeles, California….I am a self doubter! I’m looking forward to this online study. I came across the Proverbs 31 website about a month ago looking for a new devotion to start my day. I have fully enjoyed the Encouragement for Today. This will be my first online study. I have been walking with the Lord for 14 years and still feel like I should be further along in my walk than I am. (self doubter) Can’t wait to see what the Lord has for me through this study.

  34. Hello, my name is Michelle. I’m almost 31, married with a girl (5) and a boy (1) living in Surrey, BC, Canada. My bible study has decided to take on this book and start reading it together. It just so happens that last Thursday (Sept. 21st) was our first day of study and it coincides with this study so we are super stoked about God’s plan for us and learning more about how to gain confidence.
    Thank you.

  35. Hi
    I am a military wife and mom of two. This is my first online bible study and can not wait to dive in (I am joining a little late). It sounds exactly like what I need in my life right now!!! I am also currently participating in a Beth Moore womens bible study where I currently live

  36. Hello Ladies!

    I am so excited for this online bible study. I know that the Lord has something great in store for all of us. I am so happy that I came across proverbs 31 ministries.

    My NUMBER ONE goal is to Draw nigh to GOD so that he can draw nigh to me. Also, no more lukewarm. I want to be on fire for Jesus!

    He died for me, I’ll live for him :)

    Thanks for everything Melissa!


  37. I just celebrated my 52nd birthday and 30th anniversary earlier this month. I live in western NC and have one son, 29. I have also been in an emotional pit for quite some time. Unfortunate circumstances and inner demons have put me here. My self-confidence is at an all time low and I have never felt like such a failure. I hear God calling me in one ear and the devil in the other. The devil was winning for the last week and a half, that’s why this post is so late.

    My rational self tells me that it’s not God or the devil, only the constant dialog that goes on in my head. The one that accuses me of having the lack of strength and willpower to pick myself up, take control, and get on with things. I want so much to believe that God has a different plan for me, but I just can’t imagine why God (or the devil) would be the least bit interested in the details of my life. I sincerely hope that this experience changes those feelings.

  38. My book just came in! I am behind but at home sick today so maybe I can spend time catching up! Have never done an online study before. I will certainly miss seeing the faces and being able to hug & laugh. I’m excited that I can work on this when ever and however long even the middle of the night! I live in Alaska and the snow is moving down the mountains. Winter is on the way. This is a time when we tend to get a lot of rain and can’t start snowshoeing yet so perfect timing for me.

  39. I received my book and am excited to do this Bible Study with like minded women all over the world. It is truly a blessing that God would place this on Melissa’s heart and also for giving these amazing Words to His daughter Renee so that they can help women who struggle with low self-esteem and self doubt all over the world.

    There are lots of women who daily, minutely suffer in silence hoping that someone would just understand and be there to give a word of encouragement, of hope, someone who has been there and have come out to the other side! I am one of those women and I give God the glory for sending angels like Melissa and Renee to aid in helping us see just who we are in Christ and how much He loves us. God bless every single sister who takes part in this study and may He open our hearts as we receive His Words of love and may His Blessed Holy Spirit embed every word in the depths of all our hearts.

  40. I received my book and am excited to do this Bible Study with like minded women all over the world. It is truly a blessing that God would place this on Melissa’s heart and also for giving these amazing Words to His daughter Renee so that they can help women who struggle with low self-esteem and self doubt all over the world.

    There are lots of women who daily, minutely suffer in silence hoping that someone would just understand and be there to give a word of encouragement, of hope, someone who has been there and have come out to the other side! I am one of those women and I give God the glory for sending angels like Melissa and Renee to aid in helping us see just who we are in Christ and how much He loves us. God bless every single sister who takes part in this study and may He open our hearts as we receive His Words of love and may His Blessed Holy Spirit embed every word in the depths of all our hearts.

  41. Grace and peace to all my beautiful sisters in the Lord,
    My name is Roberta and I currently live in North Carolina with my husband and our three daughters and our three grandparents. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA and I am grateful that I was able to return home recently which was truly an amazing journey with God.
    I also have not received my book yet and I pray that I will be able to catch up in this study and I joined this online Bible study to enjoy fellowship with women from all over the country and I was absolutely fascinated with the subject.

  42. Mary Ellen Albritton says:

    I am so blessed to be a part of this bible study. God led me here as I want to do much more work with my friend in Atlanta who is starting a dating business for couples to strengthen marriages. I am excited but have so much fear, but feel God has made me for something greater! I live in Ohio, but God brought us together, He is SO amazing! Also have started writing, many people (and I believe God) have told me I am gifted and am not using my gift! I prayed and the Lord is leading me to write, and I don’t see it as a chore anymore. My secret prayer is to contribute to Proverbs 31 Ministries one day, as I believe is it strengthening my spirit and providing an increase to my relationship with God. Thank you! And thank you Melissa for your dedication to this work! I am SO excited to read, it is filling me up! Mary Ellen

  43. Hi, I just started this study. I got a little overwhelmed with life and didn’t start but here I am. My name is Jackie. I live in Uxbridge, MA. I signed up for this study to help me to be a confident women of God. I want to have the weight of life lifted off my chest. I don’t want little things to derail all that I have accomplished. I have 2 kids. My handsome little boy has classic Autism and is non-verbal he is on the low to medium functioning side of the spectrum and I have a beautiful little girl who is a joy and loves her brother unconditionally. Life has thrown me some curves and I want to get back in touch with God. As soon as I got the diagnosis I stopped reading and praying and trusting God. I saw this book and it spoke to me. I know I need to read this book and it will put me back on the path to where I need to be.

  44. Melissa,
    I am late getting started and trying to catch up and I will. I am almost there. I struggle with trying to fill my loneliness, feelings of insecurities, unmet needs…..with shopping. Please pray theat I can learn to fill my time with worwhile things. It hurts my marriage and I love my husband, I don’t want to run him off! I know I have his unconditional love, but the more I shop the more I feel bad and there goes the cycle of my lack of confidence. I KNOW in my head and heart that I need to fill my self with God’s word and know that he loves me unconditionally, but my heart forgets sometimes and I get sad, depressed and insecure. I know I am rambling, sorry, but so many emotions are welling up inside of me. Thank you for doing this study, I pray it gives me and many others the peace and assurance that we all need and are promised!

  45. Hello Ladies,

    My name is Norma, I am a little behind on my study, but wanted to introduce myself. Hey better late then never!! lol
    I just finished the Hidden Joy Bible Study, and Im now starting the Confident Heart. I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I am married with 4 adult children, and am retired. I just Jesus to open my heart to all his promises and to continue to help me grow in my faith. Doubt is so totally my biggest struggle in my Christian life. So discouraging, but I am hanging on to hope..