Sep 21

Throw Away

The words “throw away” pierce my heart.

When I hear them I think of garbage. Throwing away the trash.

Throughout my life, there were times when I felt like a “throw away” person. And often I acted like one too.

When you feel like trash, like you are worthless, dirty, unattractive, invisible…often you act like it too. And I did.

Much of my life was spent living without a lot of confidence. I thought if I didn’t act a certain way, perform well, please everybody, and hide my dirty secrets, then I was worth throwing away. “Not true,” says God.  :)

I have since grown up and by the grace of God learned that He doesn’t make “throw away” people. I know that I can find confidence in Him and I know the promises He gives me are true. However, the struggle remains. I need the reminder daily of who I am in Christ, that I am loved, and my future is secure. I need God-confidence that I can’t find on my own.

I love our key verse this week.  The words “throw away” are used differently. We are told what not to throw away.

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36

Did you catch that?  Do not throw away your confidence. Hard concept in today’s crazy, fallen world. And a challenge I want to present you with today.

If you are doing this study, then obviously you aren’t ready to quit just yet. For some of you this study has offered the glimmer of hope you needed. I understand that and I’m so glad we are all in this together.  God will work through His Word and in our hearts as we begin to let His Word change the way we think, which will determine the way we feel and eventually transform our lives.  His Word is that powerful. So we all should have hope in that.

Thank you so much for introducing yourselves in the comment section of the last post. If you haven’t done that yet, please do. I want to meet you!  I’ve loved reading your names and where everyone is from. So cool how our doubts have brought us all together. That’s one good thing that has come from them I guess. Good thing they won’t be hangin’ around for long…smiles.

Ok, let me hear from you today. Share your thoughts on Chapter 1 and the Reflection Questions.

Hold on to your confidence, don’t throw it away. Let the only thing you toss out be the stinkin’ thinkin’ you need to get rid of anyway.

Blessings to each of you, my sweet, beautiful friends!





  1. My name is Jan and I am already behind :(. I am the mother of 4 children who keep me very busy…on top of that I am an over-achiever. I am looking forward to catching up, right after a game of Chinese Freeze Tag :) I need this study just to get myself back on track. There is not a Woman’s Bible Study going on at my church right now and I can’t lead one right now to help me calm myself and get some feelings under control, so the next best thing is to join an online study. Pray that I can stay on track and don’t get pulled away by everyone else’s need during this study.

  2. After going through week one, I am really looking forward to what is ahead. I have memorized week one’s key verse and now I need to truly let it come alive in my heart. There are times that I can become so critical of myself and completely set myself up for failure. I don’t know where this even comes from, but I am looking forward to ridding this from my heart through this bible study. Answering the questions this week, I can feel Jesus right there with me, making sure I completely lay it ALL out on paper. I believe God wants us to live a fearless, passionate life through Christ and I cannot wait to live a life like that!

  3. So glad to be a part of this study. I go to church every weekend but it is hard with my schedule to get involved with Bible studies there ( I work 3 twelve hour shifts different days each week). I enjoy reading Proverbs 31 daily and when I saw this online Bible study, as usual I questioned whether I will have the time, can I do it? See doubting again. Felt God pulling on me so I asked my friend to do it with me and she agreed. So nice to have her on board too with her crazy schedule. Glad this flexible to accommodate busy schedules. Really enjoyed Chapter 1. I would say confidence is not one of my strong suites and sometimes you wouldn’t know it b/c I was taught by someone to “fake it until you make it.” I don’t have too much confidence in myself but I want to learn to have more in God. Because like Chapter 1 says we need to know rely on getting our confidence from others but from God.

  4. Jan Weddell says:

    I have always appeared to have a lot of confidence, and at times in my life it was better, but through a particular time in life was mentally defeated. God revealed to me this week that it began even before that, just had never thought of it from that perception. Am looking forward to what the Lord will reveal and how to break down the walls I know I have built in order to ‘appear’ to have it all together, then we can start over. Breaking down walls is a difficult task. Thanks so much for the opportunity to go through this study.

  5. One of the reasons I decided to do this study was because for a few years now I have sensed that God has been calling me to serve Him by helping young women faced with an unwanted pregnancy. I myself faced this same life changing scenario 16 years ago now. But this service requires steps of faith and my insecurity has convinced me that I’m not smart enough or gifted enough or important enough to help these women. These words are verbatim out of the book but I felt them to my core. I want to be the the confident woman God wants me to be so that I can be used to Him to help others. I will persevere!

    • Betsy,
      I too have the same calling you have; helping women with unwanted pregnancies, or rather the whole prolife movement. I have felt this calling for many yrs. When I was a new christian I recieved some unexpected negative reactions from other christians. It devasated me. Now this yr I have made up my mind that I will serve my Lord in this area no matter what others say. I know that as long as He is leading I will be able to accomplish what He has called me to do. I love this Bible study because it is teaching me how to have the confidence that I have lacked over the yrs. It feels like this book was written just for me. And its nice to know that I’m not the only christian that struggles with confidence. Betsy, hang in there. Don’t be afraid to step out. If God has called you, He will use you. Pray and ask Him to open doors for you to get involved. Perhaps there are a group of prolifers at your church that you can get involved with. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you, girl:)

  6. Cindy Strong says:

    I receive Proverbs 31 devotionals and from the moment I read Renee post/devotional about self doubt I was hooked! I have struggled with this ALL of my life! I did the 7 day Doubt Diet and every day spoke to me! I am looking forward to this bible study. I had a late start because I was a mission trip to Vancouver Canada reaching out to students at the University of British Columbia to plant a church there. It is the moments of defeat that I can berate myself and think that I can never be of use to God or anyone else. I am starting feel a little more confident just in the fact that I know God has made me this way for a purpose, His purpose. I am praying and believing that God can do great things through the study of this book and my ability to live more confidently in Him. Thank you for leading this study!

    Cindy from Mississippi!

  7. Sharee Brown says:

    My name is Sharee Brown. I am from Boone, NC. I am remarried to a wonderful man and blessed with two wonderful sons. This study is just what I needed, God is so good! I am looking forward to what God has for me through this study. God bless you in all you! Thank you!
    Sharee Brown

  8. I just want to say that because of your devotionals and Bible study, I am really starting to see how much my Father loves me. I never really saw it the way to put it in your devotionals. I have been crying alot because I see my life in front of me as I read. Just wanted to thank you for helping me see myself for who I really am: a child of God.

  9. I just posted a comment a few minutes ago but forgot to enter my name. I don’t know if you can attach my name. I was talking about your devotionals and Bible study. I have been touched so much, crying alot because I am seeing my Father’s love for me. Thank you

  10. Hi, my name is Tamra and I live in Nevada. I have known for a long, long time that I lack confidence in many areas of my life, but I also know that God wants to use me in certain areas, but I haven’t been able to step out in service. So looking forward to this study as a stepping stone to wholeness. Thank you!

  11. Hi, my name is Yvonne and I live in Houston, TX. I grew up in and around Fort Worth for most of my life and moved to Houston via a job promotion in my company almost 11/2 yrs ago, and OMG has it been a journey. I had a wonderful church family back home and have basically started over again. I work 12hr weekend shifts so it’s hard for me to participate in a bible study, this Bible study has been a complete blessing and I too have cried alot. Over and over again I’ve asked myself if I made the right decision by accepting the position in Houston. Back when I was applying for other positions in my company the door closed for all other positions accept the position in Houston – so here I am and I know God has a plan for my life!

  12. Vivian Castillo says:

    Hello, my name is Vivian. I look forward to doing your study, even though I’m a little behind. I hope to catch up this week. from the moment I read about the book, I felt the LORD wanted me to read it for my healing. The LORD is good and He is faithful. I know that He will continue to heal my heart change my way of thinking. Satan has lied to me and I have believed his lies for too long. It is time to stand up and believe the truth of God’s word to me. His precious balm of healing will soon come. I am so excited. I can’t wait!!! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  13. Thank you Renee, Melissa and thanks to all you beautiful ladies that have shared your story. I read the title of the book and knew it was for me. I struggle with the lack of confidence most of all but need to realize I need the confidence in God and not in myself. I am just now starting this study and are a few weeks behind but want to press on and pray that God touches my life in a way that He has never done before. I want to have the confidence in Christ to go boldy forward in the work He wants me to do. I will pray for you ladies! We can do great things together and do ALL things through our God who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). God bless you all!