Sep 24

A Confident Heart~Week 2

Awesome week 1 ladies!!!!  I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED y’all introducing yourselves and sharing your stories of confidence…or lack of confidence as the case may be.  That’s why we are here thought, right?

Week 2 is going to be just as good, if not better.  This week, we have our 1st conference call with the amazing and fabulous Sheri Rose Shepherd, who happens to have written books that 100% changed the way I viewed the Lord. Seriously, her book, His Princess: Love Letters From Your King, took my faith from religion to relationship. It’s where I learned to be personal with God and that’s the way He wants it. I learned He understands and gets me and His Word has an answer for any problem, fear, or insecurity I might have. Whether you are on the calls or not, please take a moment to check out Sheri Rose’s website. You also will want to sign up for her daily Love Letter. I get them and they are awesome!  The call with Sheri Rose will be this Thursday, September 29th at 12:00 pm EST.  Due to the massive amount of people signed up for the calls, our team is in the process of switching to a different conference call company and format, so be patient please. You will have the call in information before the actual call.  If you would like to sign up and purchase the conference call series, you can do so here.  You can find more information on the series in the Online Bible Studies Info section of my blog.

Frequently Asked Questions this week:

1. How do I get on Melissa’s blog? My blog can be found at .  I post there a few times a week about our A Confident Heart Bible study.  I will not email every time I post, but you can sign up to receive automatic updates via email or reader in the right sidebar just above the P31 logo. This is the best way to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Or, make sure you check the blog often.

2. How do I leave a comment on Melissa’s blog? At the bottom of each blog post you will see a number and the word “comments.”  Click “comments” and it will take you to the comments. Please leave comments!  I love reading them and getting to know you!

3.  Do I have to be on Facebook to be a part of the Bible study? I won’t lie, our Facebook community is strong and active. But Facebook is just an option if you like it.  I love Facebook, but it is not necessary to do this Bible study. Everything you need for the study is on this blog and in your Confident Heart book.

4.  Can I use the information on Melissa’s blog to lead my own Bible study? Sure. I would be honored for groups to use my blog to supplement their study of A Confident Heart.  Even better, start a Proverbs 31 Gather & Grow group. Proverbs 31 is looking for leaders and we’ll even help you get started, train you, and give ongoing support!  If you are interested in starting a Face to Face orOnline Bible study group, email me at

5.  How can I listen to the Conference Calls?  How do I sign up?  Who are the other guests?  What are the messages on each call?  What is our Bible study schedule? All of these questions are answered here: .

6. Do I have to be online, on the blog at a certain time each day/week to do this study? No.  This study is designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. You can log on any time to visit the blog. The week’s assignments will be up each Sunday and will remain up. You can always find them here.

7. Where do I send my questions? Send any question about this Bible study to .  Our online Bible studies admin assistant, Angie, will answer you in a timely efficient manner because she absolutely rocks!


Meet Our Team:  Better than I dreamed or imagined…

Since January of this year, 15,000 women have signed up to participate in my Online Bible Studies.  This number literally takes my breath away. I never dreamed or imagined it would be this big. I prayed for 100 women to sign up for Made to Crave….we passed that in one hour!  I quickly realized I couldn’t do this alone and began praying for a team that shared my passion for study and relationships. The Lord again provided better than I ever dreamed or imagined.

Melissa Taylor– Online Bible Studies Leader

Stephanie Clayton, online advisor/encouragement/blogger and support, creative curriculum, conference calls, and instruction, leadership team

Angie Combs, admin asst, email and online correspondence

Heather Bleier, online encourager, prayer group advisor, prayer group consultation, curriculum leadership team

Christi Wilson, online encourager, prayer group advisor, leadership team

Lisa Kramp, online encourager, feedback, leadership team

Breinny Mosella, advisor to online groups, feedback, leadership team

Laura Rath, advisor to online groups, leader of online group, feedback, leadership team

Danielle Boyd, data entry in office

Please join me in thanking God for these ladies and praying for them. This study and all the many aspects of it would not possible without them. I <3 this team!


Word of the Week


Verse of the Week

God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him (her). 1 John 4:16

1 John 4:16 is our memory verse for the week, but I really want you to read the verses that follow.  Good stuff here sistas <3

Week 2 Suggested Assignments

Sunday- Prepare for your week.  I’m giving away Sheri Rose Shepherd prizes all week long, so make sure you check this blog and the Facebook page and Twitter often! You never know when I’ll be giving something away :)

Monday- Read Chapter 2.  Visit Melissa’s blog,

Tuesday- Write the memory verse on index cards and post them around.  Journal your thoughts about 1 John 4:16.  What does love mean to you?  Visit Melissa’s blog, .

Wednesday- Complete the Reflection and Discussion Questions #1-4 on p. 45-46.  Visit Melissa’s blog, .

Thursday- Complete the Reflection and Discussion Questions #5-7 on p. 46.  Visit Melissa’s blog, .

Thursday- Conference Call #1 at 12:00 pm EST. Guest:  Sheri Rose Shepherd    Message:  Love That Lasts

Friday- If you need to catch up, today is your day. Otherwise, review Chapter 2 and share your thoughts on my blog or the FB page.  Visit my blog, hopefully for a special vlog.  (so sorry, last week I never could get it to post!)

Saturday- Have fun!  It’s Gameday around here!  Who are you pulling for?  Go Gamecocks!

Have a great week ladies!  I <3 You!




  1. I am starting chapter 2 today. Really enjoyed the first chapter and I know it will just get better by the comments I’ve read here.

    It is neat to see so many women gleaning from this already and it’s only week 2!

    God Bless You All!

  2. Maria Roman says:

    I am honored to be a part of this bible study, as I have been searching for one to join. I just got my book today and I am playing a little bit of catch up. I am excited to see what God has instore for us and especially myself who has always felt insecure. I just finished Chapter one and I am getting ready to answer the questions and reflections.

    Love you all and God Bless

  3. I’m really enjoying this book AND my first on-line experience. Thanks for all the guidance and daily activities. What an amazing group of ladies it takes to handle the growth. Can’t wait to continue to read and share.

  4. Not throwing my confidence away! Week 1 has inspired me to persevere. Still don’t have my book. Am confident it will come in this week.

  5. Hi, I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself last week. I currently live in Georgia but am in the middle of packing up and on the move to Ohio. I just found out today that the movers are coming on Thursday, earlier than originally told so of course I’m no where ready. With all that has been happening recently, chapter 1 has helped me refocus and realize what hinders me most from living with God-confidence and that is self getting in the way, trying to do for myself what only God can do. I pray and ask God to empty me of self and fill me with His Spirit that others may see His working in my life. The verse from Isaiah 43:19 reminds me that He is answering my pray. “See, I am doing a new thing!” This along with 2 Corinthians 5:17 reassures me of His faithfulness, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” With these promises I have HOPE and PEACE. God bless you all as we journey through this study together walking by faith in God, not by sight or feeling.

  6. Jennifer Sider says:

    I love this book! I feel that it was written just for me. As I read it I feel that my story is being told on each page. I have a traumatic past and am going through some personal difficulties right now and this book is doubling with my therapy. and yes, my therapist is ok with that! Thank you so much for this study! I am finding out so much about myself that I knew but didn’t have the inner strength to reveal. Now I have God’s confidence within me, coming back, to reveal what I need to ask for to get well on the outside! Thank you Melissa for the study and thank you Renee for an awesome book! God Bless You Both! I remember you as I play piano and sing each Sunday at church again! Blessings, Jenn

  7. I awaken today with a warm fuzzy feelings, praying that God will give me the spirit of wisdom, accepting what he has given me, not cowering down in shame. Gee, it is great to be loved!

  8. The anonymous above is me, sorry, forgot who I was!

  9. I’m keeping up with the reading; yes, this is a great book. Must confess, at this tough spot in my life, I”m very much stuck in the process of moving from the head to the heart.

  10. God has really been talking directly to me lately. Sunday my pastor preached the exact same sermon that was discussed in chapter two, including the word “yada”. I just couldn’t get over it. The next day I continued reading a book about the Holy Spirit and there again, the same message.
    My God loves me so much that he wants my attention. He wants me to spend more time with Him. He wants to have an intimate relationship with me. I have to work on allowing myself to have to have deeper connection with the Lord.
    Last year I was like a wounded dog approaching a human when it came to God. I depended on Him…and I got closer and closer in time. I would back off and then reapproach Him until I felt comfortalbe in His presence. I felt the love of God and the Holy Spirit upon me.
    I think that God wants that kind of intimate bonding relationship again. I have to take the time to quiet myself, read the Word and pray. It was the best thing in my life when I did have that kind of relationship with God. I want to challenge myself to get even closer with reckless abandon.
    I thank you for this Bible Study that is leading me back to that place of true fellowship with Jesus.

  11. I have been doing the reading and it is so amazing to me that so much of what is said I have at one point thought or felt. I feel so connected to Renee in this book. For a long time I just wanted to find someone who could understand me relate to how I was feeling. And reading this book so far has let me know that I am not alone that other people actually struggle with the same things as me. For me I know for sure I am a work in progress. Each day is a bit of a challenge because I find myself wanting to say that negative comment or be hard on myself for not getting it perfect. But since I have been doing this study I am finding that I am slowly, but surely starting to like myself. I am hoping that by the end of this study I will have learned to love myself. I would like to say thank you everyone that is involved with this bible study you are all giving me the courage to push forward. Thank you for not judging me, thank you for listening to me, and thank you for walking with me through this very important journey to self discovery and discovery of where I stand in God’s plans for my life. I would like to say to everyone involved in the study keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you. And continue to pushthrough it will be worth in the end.

  12. I really enjoyed Chapter 2. As Renee spoke about, my heart has been on a journey with Him in replacing lie with truth. She wrote the statement, “Perhaps your heart needs to be free from pretending and perfectionism.” That would be a yes for me. It is true that Jesus is the only One who can meet our deepest needs to be accepted and delighted in simply because of who we are. “We can offer our nothing but our presence, and He will desire us just the same”. We WERE designed to find our identify, significance, and confidence in Him. I love these reminders.

  13. Hi Melissa,

    I’m excited about the study! I was struck when reading the first chapter as I felt like I was reading MY story! So similar, it was uncanny. I even wept. I am going through another “season” of life, and not really been able to put a finger on why I’m feeling what I’m feeling, but I know with this study I’m in the right place at the right time. I know that I’m blessed to be a part of it.



  14. Hello all. I’m entering the Bible study late. I just got my book this week. I have struggled with doubt for a long time and never seem to get over it. My birthday is tomorrow and I had such a horrible feeling of unworthiness to even have a birthday just a few minutes ago. It’s silly, I know. I have been crying out to God and speaking His word to myself. How He is the one that knit me in my mother’s womb. He’s the one that gave me life. I am significant because of my heavenly Father. I am grateful for this study, and I look forward to seeing God move in my heart.

  15. I have been chewing on this for a while; what does love mean to me? I started out listing a bunch of words that described the characteristics of what I thought composed love. I could not use enough words to get the feeling of love I had out onto paper. I came to this conclusion; love is indescribable, because God is indescribable and God is love! Just my thoughts.

  16. I have not had a chance to comment this week as I have been working on a paper for one of my graduate classes. I have read chapter two and it really hit close to home. I can relate to everything in this chapter, especially searching in all the wrong places for something to make me feel complete. I am hoping to get caught up with the questions tonight or tomorrow.

  17. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Hey Melissa,
    I have been totally out of sink and I did not see week three. Have you sent that yet or are you continuing with week 2? Usually it pops up on my email and it did not today. Thanks for letting me know.
    Jeanie Kelley

  18. Lori Bussler says:

    I finally received my book and spent the evening catching up. This Bible study is already blessing me and I can’t wait to ready more from everyone!

  19. Berisia Walker says:

    Hello All!!

    I have to admit, I have read chapter 2 twice and may read it a third!! God is really dealing with me about how “Sam” relates to my personal life. I know God led me to this book/bible study because my life is in shambles and before I make another mistake, I need to get an up close and personal relationship with him… Please keep me in your prayers as I go through this journey!

  20. nancys1128 says:

    I know it’s week 3 now, but I just wanted to post some random thoughts on Chapter 2. I have quite a few things written in the margins of my book, but I’ll only share those I think others might relate to/be helped or challenged by.

    The middle of page 38, Renee writes about jiving on the surface with God, and how it will limit intimacy, acceptance and security. It struck me that staying in a surface relationship with God will keep our people relationships at the surface, too. Staying surface with God is really self-defeating. He knows what we’re feeling/going thru etc anyway. Not taking it to Him is really a sign not only of fear, but of distrust. He’s the One who can fill our every need, yet we hold back and don’t allow Him to show us how He can and will do so.

    At the top of page 39, it talks about Jesus offering, but Sam having to want, ask for and receive the living water. How often do we claim to want something and even go so far as to ask for it, but have major difficulty receiving. Our culture (society) tells us that wa can have it all/be anything/don’t need anyone. This is really a complete lie from the pit of he’ll, and we’ve bought into it for so long it’s hard to walk away. I see it as a form of bondage from which we need to finally break free. And this book is just the tool to get us there, or at least on solid footing along the path to freedom.

    Finally, on page 40, in the second full paragrap, I went thru and changed the third person pronouns to first in the first sentence. Doing that gave me a whole new perspective on things.

    There were other things, but these really struck me to the point of writing notes that had *’s indicating where they continued in the margins.

    Now it’s time to move on to Chapter 3. I can’t wait to see how God speaks to me in that one!


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