Sep 26

I Stink At Life

Yep…that’s what I put on Twitter 2 days ago.  And I meant it.  The whole post read like this: I stink at life.Try to be honest but sometimes I wonder if I should keep more to myself? Being real vs. Being reserve?? Idk. Care to share?

Gotta be real here…I wear my heart my sleeve.  If I feel it, I often say it.  Not always a good thing.  Sometimes being real comes back to bite me.  At the same time…I wouldn’t be any other way.  It’s who I am.

Here’s what a few Twitter followers had to say.  Good stuff:


I think the challenge is sharing what&when God wants you to share. Sometimes being real, is more about being obedient to Him.

I have the same problem. I think I scare people off by being too real! Result 4 me is loneliness and pain.

I  feel the same way… But I think u are amazing and am grateful to be in contact with someone so real! U r a blessing!

BUT…YOU are helping lots of women…so be real. :)

Feel the same way! :) How much should you share and keep to yourself? And who cares enough to listen & is it helpful?

You don’t stink at life. You care!

We should always be transparent, but vulnerable with a safe few.

We have to be careful and prayerful to recognize the levels to which we can be real with various people in our lives.

… Gotta be real! Honor yourself with who you are always.

It’s a fine line that’s for sure.  Being me is one of my biggest doubts!  I question myself.  At the same time, I’ve tried to cover me up and it didn’t work so well.
Y’all, we don’t need to cover who we are.  There will be people who will try to tell us who we are isn’t good enough.  We have to know who were are in Christ…we have to know what God’s Word says about us…because in this world we will fall short. We will disappoint.
We won’t measure up.
I stink at life.
But God is bigger.  He loves us.  His promises are enough. We don’t have to listen to the voices that don’t believe in us. God always believes in us.Doubt surrounds us.  God’s love conquers doubt.
His Princess, Love Letters From Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd is a book that has helped me overcome my doubt and believe God and His Word. I’d like to give you a chance to win this book today.  Author, Sheri Rose Shepherd, is the very first conference call guest on our series this study. I am so honored to have her join us!  Comment here today how this study has encouraged you so far and you will be entered to win. Winner announced Wednesday morning.
Let me hear from you.  How has Chapter 2 spoken to you so far?  What about the memory verse?  Please do share!
Ladies, if you feel similar to me…let me just tell you, YOU DON’T STINK AT LIFE!!!   Yes, we might mess up.  Yes we might be a little too real or trusting at times.  But no matter what just be yourself.  And I’m gonna try to keep doing that too.
Love and Blessings!  I Love Y’all!  <3


  1. What does love mean to me? This is difficult to answer for someone who is visual ~ white clouds, delicate flowers, lightning and wind. I guess the answer is God – God is love. I wonder if any woman I see in the world is any different from the rest of us – hiding behind our masks, pretending so keep up with the world. I love reading the comments of my study-mates. I feel as if you are all talking to my heart. Isn’t that love also? Needing to talk and knowing someone will listen – stop and listen. That’s what we’re doing for one another through God’s love. Living God’s love by sharing this Bible study. God bless.

  2. Lana LaBarge says:

    I have been told i wear my heart on my sleeve also, not sure if that is good or bad but thats who i’am when i try to be someone else it just does’t fit, so i’ll go on being me and letting our precious Lord tweek me and me not wteek myslef. He defintely knows best love the study

  3. Chapter 2 could have been me. I’m always fine:) I don’t like to let others know I’m not because I don’t want to put my burdens on them and have them feel sorry for me. I don’t want to let them know I’m hurting because they have their own problems that are MUCH bigger and I’m complaining about mine? Nope, not going to do it. So I’m fine. But really I’m not. I’m sometimes lonely, but I don’t want to ask a friend to go out with me because I know she is busy and I don’t want to bug her, and even if I do ask her I don’t want her to feel bad that she has to tell me no. I also don’t want to hear no because in the back of my mind I’ll see it as rejection. UUgggghhhh, what to do? Well those things obviously aren’t working so I’m taking my “stuff” to God. I know he will be there for me, to listen to me, to help me, and to LOVE me. And you know what, he will love all you too, he does! Thank you so much for chapter 2 so far, as I know there will be other chapters of this book that I will relate to. :) I didn’t think I lacked a confident heart, boy was I wrong. But I’m glad I was wrong, now I can be right:)

    • Hi Heather, I think n feel exactly like you too since young till huge part of my adult life. I went thru the season of taking my stuff to God. He loves us too much to leave us in this mode of relating-just Him & us, I believe. I went thru a period of darkness last year where I could not function like that and God brot few friends whom I felt safe and begun to learn to feel emotion, name it & expressed it. I’m still journeying thru-unlearning that my feelings don’t matter and learning to love myself in Christ so that I can learn to love others as myself.

  4. Hilda Quintanilla says:

    I have lost many “friends” for being bold.
    I have been devouring this study! I need a case of highliters!!!

  5. Sometimes, I stink at living a life that honors God. I am a “good” person from the viewpoint of the world, but God has a different viewpoint that many in the world do not see or comprehend. I know he is patiently waiting for me to live in Him 24/7. He is my Lord and Savior, but I often relegate Him to the back of my thoughts and actions. I have good intentions – we all know where that path takes us! I have compassion and empathy – when it behooves me. I can be giving and gracious and then be very selfish. I have faith – when I have no hardships. I struggle to really embrace the promises God has for me and what I need is a confident heart to embrace those promises. :) I am thankful for my faith and my relationship with God. I am striving to bring glory to Him. Even though I may stink at life, I know I am loved, regardless.

    Why? Because Christianity is the only faith that offers a relationship with the living God. (A Confident Heart) and:

    “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him (her).
    1 John 4:16

    Thanks, Melissa for leading each one of us to a deeper understanding of our own personal journey in the Lord.

    • Lori Kamlade says:

      You are real and you are not alone in your “push me pull you” moments. You sound like to are on the right path so keep up God’s will for you and don’t let the little oops keeps you from your goal. You will find that the more you live in Him the less oops… Page 38, Sam wanted Jesus to change the course of her day, but she needed Him to change the course of her life.
      God is on your side, hang in there love.

  6. Melissa — Thanks so much for your honest! I have felt the same way about life — often! Many times I tell how I feel about a situation and later on I’m saying to myself, “Why didn’t I just keep my big mouth shut!” What I may have said was my honest feelings about the situation, but others seem to hear something else and them condemn me for my opinion. Or — they tell me I have no RIGHT to feel as do — hurt, disappointed, angry, sad, unappreciated — and that REALLY hurts! I am SO glad that God sees my tears and knows how I really feel — and loves me still. He understands and is using all of it to develop my character to be more like Him. Sometimes it’s a “hard school of knocks,” but God is a true Friend to me when others don’t understand me. :)

  7. Here’s a question — I was just analyzing my responses to difficult situations in this way this past weekend. I have 3 different options when a difficult situation arises:
    1. I can tell those involved how I feel and risk their responses, which are not always good. Many times, this response brings arguments, anger, and bitter feelings. (This is when I wish I would have just kept my mouth shut.)
    2. I can plead the silent treatment and not say anything. This also never seems to work — especially in family turmoil. Husbands DON’T like that!
    3. I can convince myself that I am making way too much of a situation and let it all go — which seems to create a festering bitterness and anger that is not healthy.
    What do you all think? Which response is best when facing a difficult situation with family or friends? Or do you have other ideas? Should we take the risk and say how we feel — using godly speech and attitudes? Or should we keep quiet? Or should we let it all go and move on in life? I’m anxious for your help and advice!

    • Lori Kamlade says:

      My “used to be” response would have been #2 (saving up for a magnitude melt down) but my new God-confident self would be #1 and ALWAYS remember what Thumpers mom told him.

      ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all” So whatever you have to say, pray about it, consider how you can address the situation in a positive manner and allow God to give you the opportunity and words. Jesus never judged or berated people when they challenged him. He was always calm and truthful and kind.

      • Thanks, Lori. Although speaking up can be tough, if we don’t — things begin to “fester” and that seems to breed bitterness and anger. Eventually, I have to bring things out in the open, so I might as well do it quickly rather than wait until my emotions are out of control.

        • Karen, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I have been in the exact mode of thinking that you’re in now…. I am a very emotional person and it was important for me to let everyone around me know how I was feeling. THEN I did an intense Bible study on Psalm 73. You can find part of it here:
          Scripture taught me to take things to the Lord FIRST and if necessary, He’ll give me the words to share what I’m feeling to others. This was LIFE CHANGING for me.

  8. Tonya McCoy says:

    I have felt this way myself too many times especially the past five years. I feel like I am failing miserably as a step mother. I have raised 2 kids & 2 other step kids so why am I struggling this time. The title of chapter too is going to be my new motto….Because God’s love is perfect, I don’t have to be! I think I am going to post this around my house. I think way too often I try to be perfect. I know Jesus is going to meet me right where I am. I am doing a bible study at church & it is absolutely blowing my mind how these two studies are connecting together & continually reminding me of that fact. God is so good!!!!!

  9. Teresa Marine says:

    Strong Enough – Matthew West….perfect song for this chapter….”You must, you must think I am strong….I know I am not Strong Enough;….Lord I am asking you to be strong enough for the both of us!!” We have to remember God doesn’t expect us to be strong enough to do it all alone – He is right here with us. Our confidence exists through Christ. Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who give me strength.” I don’t have to be strong enough; He is for both of us!! Amen & Hallelujah! God Bless you all Dear Friends….

  10. Lori Kamlade says:

    Insecurity and doubt are weapons the devil uses to seperate us from God’s will. I struggle with these (emotions, thoughts, feelings whatever we want to call them) daily and as soon as I realize I am being drawn into that battle I put on my God Armour and pray for His help to rid me of those thoughts. It works, my mind is filled with God’s love and peace. He is my strength and He will be right here with me always. The more I fill my life with God’s word and will for me, the less room there is for Satan’s weaponry and I feel stronger every day. My favorite part of Chapter 2 is this line on page 43:
    As children of God we were designed to find our identity, our significance, and our confidence in HIM.

    • Lori,
      Thank you for your great wisdom. Your comments today have really helped me to think about things differently and challenged me to rely on God for my confidence. I too try to realize when I’m being drawn into battle and that really helps me to pray and focus back on God and his goodness. Thanks for the reminder to put on the God Armour.

  11. Im really loving this Bible Study! My friend actually saw it, and know what im going through she said “Audrey, you should check out this study,” so I did! I feel like I’m reading my own life story sometimes! My parents divorced when I was 15yrs old. My dad left my sisters and I with my mom and left us with nothing. We were in and out of motels for my junior and senior years of highschool until my mom could get back on her feet. It was tough but it made me have more respect for my mom. My dad didn’t have anything to do with us until I went to college and then it wasn’t like an everyday thing. Maybe once a month if that! Still to this day months will go by before I even get to talk to him and I only get to see him on special occasions and holidays. Its sad but the older I get the more I just don’t care, or atleast try to make myself not care. :/ Anyways, after the divorce I was always so scared of losing everyone around me and everyone I loved dearly! Now in my life I’m trying to get a closer relationship with God and not worry about anything/anyone else. I have loving friends who are here for me all the time but I also know that until I have a close relationship with God and leaning only on him and trusting him fully that I will never have a true relationship with anyone. I have trust issues and have been trying to work on that and now knowing I’m not alone in this is helping me work through it a lot! Anyways, I didn’t mean to bore you all with my life story lol, so I’m going to go for now. Praying for you all!
    God Bless

  12. Chapter 2 struck a chord with me in many ways….”From a distance, I look like I am doing fine.” – the Frazzled, Irritated, Neurotic, Exhausted acrostic – definitely fit the bill for me in too many ways.

    Page 37..”wondering if we’ll ever find meaning in the monotony of motherhood, He is there.” I needed to know that.

    Some statements that encouraged me were “If you’ve ever doubted God’s personal pursuit of you (Oh and I have), let this truth sink in, my frind; wherever you are, He wants to meet you there.”

    “..let the gospel of God’s grace move from your head to your heart, so that you know without a doubt you are known intimately and loved completely by God.”

    I guess I don’t real life very well. I admire people who do and I know the value of it but can’t seem to let my guard or walls down very much. Insecurity reigns. Interestingly, I read a post from Ann Voskamp today and wrote a quote down that said, “The price of being safe is the cost of being solitary.” Unfortunately, I find this painfully true. We need people and we need to be real. He is working on me. Thanks for doing this study. Blessings to all! Darcy

  13. Really enjoying the study so far. Chapter 2 describes exactly what I have been asking God for the past several months if not longer. I stuggle with having His truths go from my head to my heart. My head knows He knit me together in my mother’s womb and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made but my heart needs to be transformed by these truths.

  14. I’ve been trying to pick out one or two points that really hit home from each chapter. In chapter 1, it was Believing IN God versus BELIEVING God. In chapter 2, it was about God’s perfect love. I looked at my husband and realized I’ve been looking for “perfect” love from the wrong person. Yes, my husband loves me. However, he doesn’t love me the way I thought he should – the way GOD DOES! I’ve got to stop expecting it from my husband or anyone else and realize I’ve already got it from God. Thanks for all you do!!!

  15. While reading Chapter 2, I kept thinking, this could be my story. Whenever I am asked how I am doing, the classic answer is, “I’m fine,” or “I’m great.” All the while inside I feel like I am not being true to myself. I want a more personal and intimate relationship with Jesus and starting today I am going to start to embrace my imperfections instead of “beating myself up” over them.

  16. Oh my – sometimes I do “stink at life”. But you know it isn’t MY life that matters – but His life through me. My lack of confidence and insecurity are so often tied to my battles with weight and fitness. Try a diet – get excited – tell everyone – slip a little – quit talking about it – quit the diet…that’s pretty much been the routine. Year after year. How I long for a New Year’s to roll around when my resolution has something to do with planting a garden or spending more time in ministry…rather than the standing lose weight, get fit, blah blah blah. So tomorrow I begin again. I am weak. Satan knows that I give up my joy and my confident heart very quickly when I am discouraged. He whispers – and although I know his voice is not my Lord’s – too often I pause, and listen. Discouragement creeps in and anxiety builds – the shadows of doubt and past failures loom over me. I am so sure that I will fail again. But today I know that I am weak. It is good that I am weak – for in my weakness He is strong. If I could do this on my own the glory would be mine, when in fact I truly desire the glory to be the Lord’s – for only He can give me the strength, love, and perserverance that I will need to finish the task that is before me.

    • Maureen White says:

      Frankly, I felt sad that you feel ” you stink at life.” Anyone who has Christ is a winner. The scripture that helps me is ,” God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.” This is your spirit and take hold of it.Christ thought you were worth the it. He purchased you with His blood.

  17. I have really related to the entire book, so far. I have highlighted most of it and cried plenty. Satan has been trying everything to get me to give up, but I am still fighting. My mother chose to stay with my stepfather who had molested me. He is an alcoholic who has always treated her bad. I felt like I was unlovable for her to choose someone like him over me. Therefore, I tried to be perfect and win her love. When that didn’t work I built walls to protect myself. Praise God in 2000 I found perfect love in Christ. He will never leave me nor reject me.

  18. Melissa~ Chapter 2 Brings back some strong memories. So many times if not always, I care for everyone elses emotions, trying times, prayer needs etc. I want to be the last to cast off any of my worries on anyone, or let alone have someone else carry my burdens. So even when I am at my very lowest point in my life you will always get an ” I’m fine” and a smile along with that. People ask me “Do you ever have any bad days”?? My answer to that is, I’m a good most of the times, but I am human.. Having said this Chapter 2 represents me in so many ways.. I guess I have always tried to be the leader & show strength even when I am weak. A soldier always ready for battle, & a friend always ready to lend a hand . My father would always say “Only the strong survive”, but i have to be honest, the moment i come before the Lord, I cast all of my burdens on Him, every bit of strength that I have left is given on that cry for mercy to Him.. I guess it’s okay to be weak, to go beyond the uncertainty… Loving this bible study thus far, and being able to express what I carry in my heart, that only the Lord and I know… Thanks again & God Bless

  19. Shawnia Holler says:

    Thank you so much this amazing bible study! I have already learned a lot! Chapter 2 could of been me. I have had fibro, for almost 7 years. I live in lots of pain. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me so I hide it. My husband and our two children see all that I go through. Outside our home most people have no clue. When friends and family ask- how are you doing? I say oh I am fine everything is good. When the truth is I am in pain. Many blessings and prayers to each of you. Love Shawnia. Phil.4:13

  20. Yes, there have been many times I have spoken my mind and it has blown up in my face. Now I just find a way of letting it go without saying anything. Chapter 2 has really hit me between the eyes. I think I have underlined whole paragraphs because it spoke to me so much !! It helps me get to some of the root causes of my insecurities and doubts, while providing a solution. I love the fact we have memory verses to help combat the doubt. I am still trying to soak up this weeks. It is still hard for me to accept God’s love, been hurt by people too much.

  21. I completely agree with you Heather about Chapter 2. That is how I do it with my family & friends also, always telling them things are fine when they are not fine, because they have their own problems & don’t need mine. I am so thankful that I found this online bible study to learn & growm from & love the book, I can’t put it down. I am hoping that God hears my prayers & can give me the strength to be a stronger person & someday find love & happiness again in my life.

  22. Chapter 2 showed me that Jesus loves us no matter how bad we think we are. He is always there even if we walk away. Like Jeremy Camp sings, He takes us back always. Thank you Jesus for never giving up on me!

  23. How is it that one can “wear her heart on her sleeve” yet fool everyone into thinking she is fine? Do people even notice as much as we think they do, or are they so caught up in the busyness of life to even care? I am so thankful that there is one who is never fooled by the smile we where, but who knows us in the deepest parts of our being. Jesus is willing to meet us where we are when we need Him the most. . . this is grace! I want to show that grace to others. I long to be the kind of friend who cannot be fooled into thinking that everything is fine, but be there when I am needed the most. Thank you Jesus for such a beautiful example of friendship.

  24. It was suggested to look at the verses after 1 John 4:16. So…can I just make this my verse for the rest of the week?… 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment…” That would pretty much sum up how I feel most of the time. I’m afraid. I’m afraid to be me as people won’t like me. I’m afraid to ask for something as I might come across as overbearing and needy. I’m afraid to encourage because then I’m being prentious and self righteous, rather than concerned and caring.I love what this verse says…”There is NO fear in love, but PERFECT LOVE casts out fear.” God is love…PERFECT LOVE.

  25. Hi Melissa, I enjoyed reading this, felt like it was me that wrote it :-) Just wanted to share with you what I felt the Lord show me today. When Joshua marched around the walls of Jericho he was doing a seemingly crazy thing. Sometimes He asks us to do seemingly crazy things or reveals truths to us that may sound crazy to others. But we have to wait for His instructions of when to blow our horn……walls can only come down in His timing. I am always so keen to tell others what the Lord is teaching me. I’ve realised that sometimes they may not be ready to hear what we have learnt. Or it may even be something specific which the Lord wants to teach us personally. There may be a time when we can share what He has taught us.
    I like what this tweeter said, it really spoke to me heart!
    ***I think the challenge is sharing what&when God wants you to share. Sometimes being real, is more about being obedient to Him.****

    • Thought I’d give you the scripture:
      Joshua 6 vs 10 But Joshua commanded the people, You shall not shout or let your voice be heard, nor shall any word proceed out of your mouth until the day I tell you to shout. Then you shall shout!

  26. I will need to reread Chapter 2 and do some major highlighting. Chapter 2 describes me. I always say I am fine or things are fine when for the most part they are not. I have such a wall around me that now I am afraid to let people know the real me. I don’t even know who the real me is. This is the first online bible study I have done…and taken seriously- and I see Satan is doing his part in bringing up the whole I am not good enough scenario and right now it is a daily struggle for me.

  27. It’s difficult when people say to “just be yourself.” I think I have become so wrapped up in comparing myself to others and wanting what everyone else has that I have buried who “myself” is. I know that I love God and I am a mother and wife; I know these things to be true, but when I really come to the root of things I have trouble making simple decisions, I worry about offending someone because it may not be “christian” of me so I end up regreting most things I say and am not really sure what gifts God has given me.

    • just to make clear what I mean by not “christian” of me is mostly disagreeing with people. not in a confronting kind of way but just not agreeing with them. or giving people my opinion (when asked). I feel like no matter what a personn is like wehave been taught we should always love them but I find it hard. I don’t like everyone and I am not jesus. I am nice and won’t be rude but inside I feel bad. This regret also comes with feeling like I need to explain everything I say and do. (case in point) ok I will stop now. lol (AAHHH uncomfortable. I feel like deleting the entire post.)

  28. I’m a little behind at responding to your post because I printed it to read last night before bed, and am just now getting back to the computer. But it sounded just like something I would have written. I am constantly struggling between whether to be open with people, and revealing too much and scaring them off, or not being open enough and being really me.

    I know that I need to trust that who I am is ok and just be myself, instead of worrying about what others will think of what I have to say, or what I am doing. But it’s easier said than done. I think that is actually one of the reasons that I haven’t returned to church in awhile. Because I feel like I am looked at differently because I suffer from depression(and I’ve let people know it), and because I said I was going to do things, that didn’t work out and I feel I have let people down.

  29. Oh, and I haven’t read chapter 2 yet. But I received my book yesterday and plan to start reading it tonight, so I should be able to tell you my thoughts on chapter 2 soon.

  30. Laura Maynard says:

    The past six months have been emotionally tough for me. A Confident Heart and this Bible study came at the perfect time for me–just before my 42nd birthday. It’s funny that the post about “I Stink At Life” came out on Monday because I would say that to myself all the time before I started this study and reading the book. My birthday was Sept. 27th and the past few years have been miserable for me because I always felt as if I disappointed God and let him down. But yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day and I felt as if God was watching me from a distance with a sense of satisfaction. I felt beautiful which I haven’t felt that way in years. It was refreshing and I believe its because my faith and my relationship with God and Jesus has grown so much more since reading the book and doing this study. Thank you so much Melissa for this study. Chapter 2 was interesting to me because although I am very open about my thoughts I have been known to put on a mask. When I told my friends that I was suffering from low self esteem a month ago, they were shocked and couldn’t believe that I felt that way. It’s amazing how God works through different people at just the right time. May God bless you all! Laura Maynard

  31. Sweet Melissa i wouldn’t want you to be any other way! Real is who you are and i would much rather deal with real than a fake or someone that you never know what they are thinking. I’m real like that too and my girlfriends say they love me just like i am but, i do know that i wish some of them would be more real with me instead of hiding their thoughts or feelings. We do have to be careful at times and consider our circumstances and environment we are in but, on a whole i think people prefer to see the real us. If they don’t it’s because they see something in themselves they don’t like that our being real has made clear to them. Sometimes we do get bruised and battered for our honesty and that hurts but, Jesus went through this too and if He could do it we can do it with His help. Please Melissa just be your wonderful self. We love you just the way you are and that’s the way God made you. love and big hugs for you!

  32. When I read this post, I immediately thought of Mandisa’s latest album and the song, What if we could be real? I am also struggling with this. Trying to be real and knowing that I am a people pleaser to the core, almost to the point that I end up not pleasing myself in the process. Something my husband and I are working on (or maybe I should say I am working on) in marriage counseling. I want him to be proud of me once again. Something has happened in his heart and he no longer enjoys spending time with me and is aching for companionship. I want to be real with him and tell him how much all of this has hurt me. But he doesn’t like it when I show negative emotions so I try to balance that with being who I am… the girl who overreacts. the woman who wants so much to be loved and accepted unconditionally….the woman who always felt out of place as a child….the woman who wants him to throw his arms around me and tell me that he loves me and that we will work all of this out and we won’t give up. We made progress last night in counseling and he is willing to meet me halfway about his other friendships and need for companionship outside our marriage. …as long as he doesn’t totally cut me out of his social life. Please pray for me too. Just found out that my younger sister has filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage, she has had an affair and has moved out of her home to an apartment. My heart not only aches for my own marriage issues but also for her. Pray that she will accept my call and that I can tell her I love her no matter what. Thank you and bless you for being real with all of us.

    • I will be praying for you, Evalyn and all of you wonderful woman. Thank you for sharing. I am so grateful for each of you and your courage. I wish I could hug each one of you. From the outside people would not believe I struggle with self confidence. One of my favorite passages is “Psalm 116: 1-2 NIV “I love the Lord, for he heard my voice, he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me I will call on him as long as I live.” It is wonderful that God sees all of us and still loves us even when we don’t love ourselve or our challenged by other’s opinions of us. Praise God. Pslam 116: 5 The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion

  33. sigh…the timing of this book is perfect (like God’s always is). I am wrestling with decisions in my life and was convinced i need confidence in order to make them. the problem with confidence, is that it occasionally comes with “PRIDE”. Thank you for the perspective that we are not perfect, that transparent is not bad, but that ultimately we are loved.

  34. I am revisiting chapter 2 this morning, rereading the blog, I listened to the conference call again, and watched the VLOG. I have been hesitent to post or comment because satan is planting lies and doubt in my mind. For example, “there is over 8,000 people in this study my posts will just get lost in the shuffle, why post or make comments.” This morning I have also found myself challenged by being transparent with people I don’t know. It is hard to be transparent with people I do know. Neither one feels safe for me. The praise in all this is God is speaking to me through A Confident Heart and I know these insecurities and doubts I am feeling are not of God. My revisitng all my homework and readings this morning has helped me snap out of the funk I was experiencing this week and has redirected my thoughts and heart on the truth I find in God and HIs Word and away from satan’s lies that will derail me everytime. Posting or making comments is part of my process to heal, to grow, to process the work God is doing in my heart. Plus, who knows what can happen through meeting people this way. I don’t want to miss a potential God ordained opportunity to interact with others in this study or an opportunity to grow with Lynn because of fear or doubt. Love to all, have a blessed weekend!! Kimberly

  35. Sherri Ristow says:

    I feel like I stink at life I find myself trying to go out my way to please everyone I come across I totally misunderstood when I have nothing but good intentions will people ,I always feel like I am walking on eggshells seem like I can’t say the right to people they take things the wrong to people and judge me and I find myself trying to explain myself because I worry to myself maybe I offended someone .I know my biggest problem is being insecure and feeling like I have to seek peoples approval when I actually don’t .Because God already approves and accepts me for me, I think a lot of it comes from my messed up childhood having a father who cheated on my mom and left us and we had to struggle I honestly believe that is what caused me to seek attention from guy’s in the wrong way allowed them to touch me me the wrong way and the fact I was a victim of sexual abuse and thought it was ok to be touched they way I let them .I just feel like a broken unlovable person who has basically destroyed my marriage to a man who would give me the world and when things didn’t go right in our marriage I sought out others to give loved and accepted so i am just one big mess trying to please everyone in my life and never feeling good enough to anyone .in my jobs, my family,with my children, and with my own brothers and sister’s

  36. Ch. 2 spoke to me on so many levels. To share a story of how God is working…. I hesitantly joined this study. I made excuse upon excuse until I realized they were just that- excuses. And that God really was wanting me to participate in this study. When I committed my life to Christ in 2007 at the age of 27 I was going through one of the worst times of my life- a divorce. I quickly saw myself as His new creation. I had joy and peace despite the pain. And after a short period of time I even saw myself as vivacious. Fast forward a few years, I have been working in a toxic environment for a couple of years now that has stolen my confidence. It wasn’t until very recently that I even
    realized just how insecure it has caused me to become. Confirmation came from God that I am heading in the right direction while reading this chapter. After a very difficult decision to call off an engagement Friday, I read page 40 of this book. It was as if it was speaking to me. And I know that this study is going to bring healing and restore confidence. For that I am beyond grateful.

  37. Mary Ellen says:

    So many blogs not sure you can ever see them all. Just wanted to encourage you Melissa, you bet the devil wants to stomp on an 8,000+ parade of courageous women who are learning how to be so confident they stand up with God. HOORAY! And you’re leading them, so being attacked stinks, but God will use it for good. Thank you for leading us!!!


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