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Sep 24

A Confident Heart~Week 2

Awesome week 1 ladies!!!!  I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED y’all introducing yourselves and sharing your stories of confidence…or lack of confidence as the case may be.  That’s why we are here thought, right?

Week 2 is going to be just as good, if not better.  This week, we have our 1st conference call with the amazing and fabulous Sheri Rose Shepherd, who happens to have written books that 100% changed the way I viewed the Lord. Seriously, her book, His Princess: Love Letters From Your King, took my faith from religion to relationship. It’s where I learned to be personal with God and that’s the way He wants it. I learned He understands and gets me and His Word has an answer for any problem, fear, or insecurity I might have. Whether you are on the calls or not, please take a moment to check out Sheri Rose’s website. You also will want to sign up for her daily Love Letter. I get them and they are awesome!  The call with Sheri Rose will be this Thursday, September 29th at 12:00 pm EST.  Due to the massive amount of people signed up for the calls, our team is in the process of switching to a different conference call company and format, so be patient please. You will have the call in information before the actual call.  If you would like to sign up and purchase the conference call series, you can do so here.  You can find more information on the series in the Online Bible Studies Info section of my blog.

Frequently Asked Questions this week:

1. How do I get on Melissa’s blog? My blog can be found at .  I post there a few times a week about our A Confident Heart Bible study.  I will not email every time I post, but you can sign up to receive automatic updates via email or reader in the right sidebar just above the P31 logo. This is the best way to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Or, make sure you check the blog often.

2. How do I leave a comment on Melissa’s blog? At the bottom of each blog post you will see a number and the word “comments.”  Click “comments” and it will take you to the comments. Please leave comments!  I love reading them and getting to know you!

3.  Do I have to be on Facebook to be a part of the Bible study? I won’t lie, our Facebook community is strong and active. But Facebook is just an option if you like it.  I love Facebook, but it is not necessary to do this Bible study. Everything you need for the study is on this blog and in your Confident Heart book.

4.  Can I use the information on Melissa’s blog to lead my own Bible study? Sure. I would be honored for groups to use my blog to supplement their study of A Confident Heart.  Even better, start a Proverbs 31 Gather & Grow group. Proverbs 31 is looking for leaders and we’ll even help you get started, train you, and give ongoing support!  If you are interested in starting a Face to Face orOnline Bible study group, email me at

5.  How can I listen to the Conference Calls?  How do I sign up?  Who are the other guests?  What are the messages on each call?  What is our Bible study schedule? All of these questions are answered here: .

6. Do I have to be online, on the blog at a certain time each day/week to do this study? No.  This study is designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. You can log on any time to visit the blog. The week’s assignments will be up each Sunday and will remain up. You can always find them here.

7. Where do I send my questions? Send any question about this Bible study to .  Our online Bible studies admin assistant, Angie, will answer you in a timely efficient manner because she absolutely rocks!


Meet Our Team:  Better than I dreamed or imagined…

Since January of this year, 15,000 women have signed up to participate in my Online Bible Studies.  This number literally takes my breath away. I never dreamed or imagined it would be this big. I prayed for 100 women to sign up for Made to Crave….we passed that in one hour!  I quickly realized I couldn’t do this alone and began praying for a team that shared my passion for study and relationships. The Lord again provided better than I ever dreamed or imagined.

Melissa Taylor– Online Bible Studies Leader

Stephanie Clayton, online advisor/encouragement/blogger and support, creative curriculum, conference calls, and instruction, leadership team

Angie Combs, admin asst, email and online correspondence

Heather Bleier, online encourager, prayer group advisor, prayer group consultation, curriculum leadership team

Christi Wilson, online encourager, prayer group advisor, leadership team

Lisa Kramp, online encourager, feedback, leadership team

Breinny Mosella, advisor to online groups, feedback, leadership team

Laura Rath, advisor to online groups, leader of online group, feedback, leadership team

Danielle Boyd, data entry in office

Please join me in thanking God for these ladies and praying for them. This study and all the many aspects of it would not possible without them. I <3 this team!


Word of the Week


Verse of the Week

God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him (her). 1 John 4:16

1 John 4:16 is our memory verse for the week, but I really want you to read the verses that follow.  Good stuff here sistas <3

Week 2 Suggested Assignments

Sunday- Prepare for your week.  I’m giving away Sheri Rose Shepherd prizes all week long, so make sure you check this blog and the Facebook page and Twitter often! You never know when I’ll be giving something away :)

Monday- Read Chapter 2.  Visit Melissa’s blog,

Tuesday- Write the memory verse on index cards and post them around.  Journal your thoughts about 1 John 4:16.  What does love mean to you?  Visit Melissa’s blog, .

Wednesday- Complete the Reflection and Discussion Questions #1-4 on p. 45-46.  Visit Melissa’s blog, .

Thursday- Complete the Reflection and Discussion Questions #5-7 on p. 46.  Visit Melissa’s blog, .

Thursday- Conference Call #1 at 12:00 pm EST. Guest:  Sheri Rose Shepherd    Message:  Love That Lasts

Friday- If you need to catch up, today is your day. Otherwise, review Chapter 2 and share your thoughts on my blog or the FB page.  Visit my blog, hopefully for a special vlog.  (so sorry, last week I never could get it to post!)

Saturday- Have fun!  It’s Gameday around here!  Who are you pulling for?  Go Gamecocks!

Have a great week ladies!  I <3 You!


Sep 23

Friday Friday

Gotta get down on Friday….(You don’t have to click this link….it’s just a silly Friday video)

Ok, sorry for that.  If you have no idea what I just posted, it’s ok.  Remember I live in a house of 4 crazy kids.  Just bein silly.  It’s the end of a very long week!

We are experiencing some growing pains here at the Online Bible Studies camp. We’ve grown by 4,500 since the last study. We are looking for a new way to do conference calls because SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE SIGNED UP!!!  It’s all good problems to have….

Conference Call Ladies….If you’ve signed up, be patient. You will receive an email soon.   Here’s the schedule:

September 27th, 4 pm EST, Love That Lasts, guest Sheri Rose Shepherd

October 10th, 8 pm EST, Hope For The Future

October 24th, 8 pm EST, Good Enough

November 14th, 8 pm EST, “I’ve Blown It”

Other guests (Renee Swope, Leah DiPascal, Ann Noonan, Mary Ann Ruff, and more can be found here. )

You will receive an email the day before the call with the call information.  Remember if you can’t be on the call live, it’s no big deal. We will record the call.  You can listen to recording or download it to your computer.  If you  still want to sign up, click here.  Each call contains a message, interview with amazing guests, and Q & A.

Are any of you interested in leading a group?  If so, Proverbs 31 would like to support you. Today, one of our Gather & Grow leaders and leadership team members, Sharon Sloan, has a give away for any of you who would like to lead a group in your area. She is giving away a Made to Crave Bundle on her blog today.  A huge give away!!!!! And we will be using this in our next online study! Sharon is one of my favorite people in the world. I’m so honored to have her on the Gather & Grow team.  She’s a fabulous leader and if you decide to lead a group, she would be available to advise, encourage, and be there for you .  As a leader, you would receive monthly encouragement and training from P31. You could impact lives in your area.  Check out her blog today!

I hope you have gained hope and confidence from Chapter 1.  This is going to be a life changing book .  Life change is possible.

This week has been awesome.  I’ve loved getting to know you.  Thank you for sharing with me.  It’s been eye opening DISCOVERING the amazing things God has planned for all of us in this study!


Blessings and Have fun in the Bible study,



Sep 21

Throw Away

The words “throw away” pierce my heart.

When I hear them I think of garbage. Throwing away the trash.

Throughout my life, there were times when I felt like a “throw away” person. And often I acted like one too.

When you feel like trash, like you are worthless, dirty, unattractive, invisible…often you act like it too. And I did.

Much of my life was spent living without a lot of confidence. I thought if I didn’t act a certain way, perform well, please everybody, and hide my dirty secrets, then I was worth throwing away. “Not true,” says God.  :)

I have since grown up and by the grace of God learned that He doesn’t make “throw away” people. I know that I can find confidence in Him and I know the promises He gives me are true. However, the struggle remains. I need the reminder daily of who I am in Christ, that I am loved, and my future is secure. I need God-confidence that I can’t find on my own.

I love our key verse this week.  The words “throw away” are used differently. We are told what not to throw away.

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36

Did you catch that?  Do not throw away your confidence. Hard concept in today’s crazy, fallen world. And a challenge I want to present you with today.

If you are doing this study, then obviously you aren’t ready to quit just yet. For some of you this study has offered the glimmer of hope you needed. I understand that and I’m so glad we are all in this together.  God will work through His Word and in our hearts as we begin to let His Word change the way we think, which will determine the way we feel and eventually transform our lives.  His Word is that powerful. So we all should have hope in that.

Thank you so much for introducing yourselves in the comment section of the last post. If you haven’t done that yet, please do. I want to meet you!  I’ve loved reading your names and where everyone is from. So cool how our doubts have brought us all together. That’s one good thing that has come from them I guess. Good thing they won’t be hangin’ around for long…smiles.

Ok, let me hear from you today. Share your thoughts on Chapter 1 and the Reflection Questions.

Hold on to your confidence, don’t throw it away. Let the only thing you toss out be the stinkin’ thinkin’ you need to get rid of anyway.

Blessings to each of you, my sweet, beautiful friends!