Oct 28

Friday Vlog Suprise!

Hey girls! It’s Stephanie! Just a quick vlog! Loooooove y’all! Have an awesome weekend!



  1. Michele Caséca says:

    Go Steph!!!!

    You are a dear!!!!
    We are all thankful for the vlog!


  2. Anne Maxon says:

    thank you
    Listening to His voice; & remembering what He has done for us
    & not to Satan’s Lies…..Praise to Our Lord Jesus.
    Thank you again

  3. Amen sister!!! Thank you for this great reminder!! Struggling today!! Great Vlog, Great scripture to reference!
    Have a blessed day!

  4. Michelle W says:

    Thank you Stephanie. It was a great vlog and thanks for the reminder that God is enough for us today, this minute, hour, second. Sometimes we tend to forget especially with circumstances around us being so overwhelming.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Be Blessed.


  5. First of all I am a strong Christian. I have a wonderful prayer life. I have a love affair with the Lord that is wonderful! He is my life and I don’t want anything to interfere with it. Now, have any of you ever been in the situation where for years you were confident and strong in the Lord and then you were suddenly T-boned (like a side collision) by someone you have had no problems forgiving and forgiving several times and gotten over the hurt each time. But this time they dug really deep and found a spot of vulnerability that was still there, plunged the knife deeply and you were left with painful emotions, fear of where to go from here, and how to deal with it in a spiritual way ? I haven’t felt this way since before I became a Christian…quite a few years ago. Why is it so hard to deal with this now? I know Jesus loves me and has already dealt with this hurt on the cross. It is usually so easy for me to forgive but this time…it has effected my confidence and trust. I have started doubting my safe places. I’m hurt, I have forgiven and talked to God about it over and over. It feels like forgiven but I have lost trust and respect for this person. I don’t want to be in their presence, hear their voice or deal with them in any way. Unfortunately it is a family member and it is causing division in the family. I’m not the only one that has been hurt but I have been able to keep us together until now…and now, I don’t want to. I want separation. What does forgiven without trust or respect look like? How can I be in the same place as they are and be a Christian but not allow them into my safe places? HELP! This is why I have started doing this study…I’m trying to figure out how to get back to confidence and emotional security and yet be the Christian I’m supposed to be.

    • Bines,

      Here is a quote I try to hold onto: “The Father’s presence encircled Christ, and nothing befell Him but that which infinite love permitted for the blessing of the world. Here was His source of comfort, and it is for us. He who is imbued with the Spirit of Christ abides in Christ. The blow that is aimed at him falls upon the Savior, who surrounds him with His presence. Whatever comes to him comes from Christ. He has no need to resist evil, for Christ is his defense. Nothing can touch him except by our Lord’s permission, and ‘all things’ that are permitted “work together for good to them that love God.’ Romans 8:28.”

      Trust God. Put your hope in Him. He will guide you in the right way to relate to the person who has hurt you. I don’t see anywhere in the Scriptures where we are counseled to trust people. We are to love them with the love of God – and that means doing that which is for their best good. It doesn’t mean we have to spend a lot of time in their presence. Two cannot walk together unless they be agreed. I would keep praying for the person and show Christ like love when you are around them and them move on. I hope God uses these feeble words to help you some. God bless you.

    • Bines,

      I am praying for you hon. That God restores your soul to health. That you are able to fully and completely walk out of this relationship that has hurt you so badly, with a wonderful testimony to God’s healing and faithfulness! In Jesus’ Name!! AMEN!!

    • Dear Bines, the Lord loves you dearly, and this is another phase of deeper growth He’s leading you through. Hold onto Him, as you have been, and let Him show you the way. Two things come to mind as I read your painful story, and I feel God wants me to share these with you. 1) Have you tried doing the exercise that Renee talks about at the end of Chapter 4 — “the emotional timeline” of your life? Invite God to sit with you as you write and to show you where there is unhealed places. Chances are, the person who’s hurt you so badly is touching upon a place that has not been healed within your heart…Jesus can get in there and show you how to heal it — really heal it — so you won’t be so vulnerable in that place. (I’m working on this, and Jesus has shown me incredible things I did not know or understand about myself — it’s such a good exercise.) And here’s #2…and I know this might not be very popular, but here it goes — Have you tried praying for the person who’s hurting you? Really, sincerely praying FOR them and sitting with Jesus and talking through it? God begins to change our hearts for even our enemies when we lift them up to Him in prayer — it’s amazing.

      Sister, lifting you and your hurt up to Him in prayer now…blessings for your healing…

    • Advice is something that I don’t believe in giving, but I just want to say this one thing. . . You need to pray, pray, pray and be sure of what Jesus’ plan at this point in your life is. And, yes, He does have one! That’s the good news!
      Through His grace and forgiveness, you might be able to restore a bit of this relationship (although time and multiple hurts does leave scars as reminders of what He has brought us through) or He might actually want you to step back from this relationship because this person has not allowed themself to seek God and He wants you to be free of the hurt that comes from this person who chooses to misuse free will. Whatever happens, you need to stand strong in your faith and in the forgiveness that you have received in your own heart and life.

    • My heart goes out to you. I have been in a similar place for the past year with a friend. What make it so hard is that we are actually living on her property at the moment. She has hurt me so many time, and I have forgiven over and over again, but it got to the point that I did not want to be around her anymore and I could not stand the sound of her voice. I struggled with this because I felt that I was being unforgiving. It has taken a lot of asking God over and over to help me to forgive and praying for her every time I would get a hurt or bad thought. Our Pastor said sometimes we have to take a break from a toxic relationship. I think that is where I was at and staying away helped me. In family, that would be so much harder. Now I am doing much better and can be around her for small amounts of time without it hurting so much. I pray that God will also bring healing and comfort to you. May He wrap His arms around you so that you will feel secure and loved.

  6. Thanks, Stephanie, for the much needed reminder today!

  7. Thanks Karen…I’m going to print if off and read it a few times… I’m not sure what God has in mind for this confusing time…more lessons. I heard this week… Some people come into your life to be blessings…some lessons. It is a mountain…it has its hard places and I have been injured but Christ is my balm, my healer, my deliverer, my salvation…in Him will I trust. He loves me so much how can I doubt? I will believe…He is my strength and I will hide under His wings until my delivery comes. To Him be the answer and what future it holds is His… I stand in Him…

  8. You are absolutely adorable!! I love your sweet little voice, and your giggle is just awesome!!!! Muuuuaaaahhhhh! :)

  9. Thank you Stephanie for the Vlog. What an amazing surprise. I have been not as challenged this week with my confidence but I’m Glorifing God for all of that. I know it’s because of of HIS word that I continue to remind myself and continuing to slowly believe it! I’m not all there yet! God is so awesome!! I’m enjoying this study and meeting wonderful women who struggle like me and I pray that God continues to use each one of you and us till the whole world hears!

  10. Stephanie, thank you for blessing us with a piece of your heart and this vlog for the day. And thank you for taking this off of our friend Melissa’s plate so that she can breathe a little. I am ever amazed at how much God can do with a community of Jesus Girls who turn their hearts toward Him!!! :-)

  11. Definitely needed to hear that today! Love the idea of reminding myself that He is good enough in this very hour. Thank you!!

  12. Carol Bruntlett says:

    Thanks Stephanie
    For the words of encouragement and that God grace is good enough for me.
    Needed that today.
    You are awesome Stephanie love your heart.

  13. Christine says:

    Great Vlog Stephanie. I, too, like the reference that God is enough for us today. Sometimes it gets overwhelming to try and figure out tomorrow or the next day. Just know that God is enough for me today. Tomorrow I can say the same thing. :)

  14. Thank you 😉

  15. I have read the chapter this week and have even had a “reinforcement” devotional with Renee, however, I have been a slacker this week. It has been a tough week in my home plus my daughter in college (who has had health issues in the past year) is struggling as well. Thank you Stephanie for reminding me that I only need to accept His grace for today. I know it’s always there for us, but why is it that we don’t always accept it? Do we really feel that “not good enough”. I am home today and God is laying a blanket of snow on the ground around me, so I think it’s a great day to snuggle up by the fire with my book and my BIBLE and dive deeper into chapter 6. If anyone else out there is struggling to keep up this week, I am praying for you!! We need to stick together in this because I know God has big things for each of us if we just open up and receive it!! Happy Weekend!! :)

  16. I wish that I could talk to God in person. I wish he could hug me and tell me that everything is going to be ok. I feel like I am just treading water and can’t get going. My boyfriend is such an alcholic. Last night I found hidden vodka in the garage. He is out there “working” on stuff and comes in the house all drunk and I am so confused as to how he got like that and then I find the vodka. My ex-husband was an alcholic too and I am wondering why am I not good enough and why is the alcohol so much more important than me. Why God won’t heal my exhusband and my boyfriend? Why I choose alcholics?

  17. Thanks Stephanie for the wonderful refreshing reminder that His Grace is enough. I fail to accept it every day but I Know that I Know it is enough for this moment, hour and day. Blessings to you and I so love your heart and compassion.

  18. Thank you soooo much for the vlog!!! Your words are an inspiration!!!

  19. Thanks, Stephanie, for putting that up. Much appreciated. I have learned so much about myself just through these first 6 chapters. Amazing book.

  20. God’s Grace is good enough for me. I need to keep reminding myself of this. lots of trials and tribulations going on in my life right now. Lots of uncertainties. God’s Grace is good enough for me!!! Mahalo Stephanie for the words of encouragement.

  21. thank you Stephanie for the reminder that we are good enough in Christ. It is also a reminder that He put us here for a purpose; therefore, how can we not be good enough. We have everything we need to fulfill His purpose regardless of what the world says we don’t have! In addition to having what we need, His grace makes us complete! Bless you for your message. To everyone, have a week filled with blessings, peace, joy and above all, bold confidence in Christ

  22. Steph, that was a great vlog! I liked what you said about trying for so long to prove yourself, and that was probably how you made it through school! I totally relate to that. I made it through high school, college, and even law school all by just trying to please others and prove to them that I was smart and good like they thought. Once I got out in the “real world,” I realized that being a lawyer was their dream, not mine, and I quit. Boy, were those family members mad! But I have never looked back and it has been 11 years since I left that profession, and I don’t regret it one bit. I now am a stay at home mom with three little ones, and I don’t think my current dream would have come true had I stayed on the “dream track” that others had planned for me! God is sooooo good! Who knows what awesome job He has in store for me when my kids are older? When I get worried about that sometimes I just remind myself of all the “old” people in the Bible to whom God gave great things at a very late time in their lives! AMEN!

  23. Not a single piece of me feels good enough today. I’m just not. Wasn’t a good enough daughter, wife, now not a good mom, not a good person.

  24. Tracy, satin is after you today. I have said those exact words at different times. Thank you God for putting Christian friends in my life who remind me I am loved. I’ve also gotten Christian counselling. The best is from God. You know God
    made you. You are a child of God. God loves you beyond what you can understand. God is Almighty and doesn’t make mistakes. You are just who he wants you to be. Turn to him and talk to him listen to the Holy Spirit within you. Seek out fellowship with other christian mothers. Share your thoughts.
    You’ll find they are all struggling with the same things you are. God blessed and trusted you with those children for a reason.

    • Thank you for seeing me today, Judy. You are so right. Satan is after me today and he seems to be getting the better of me no matter how many times I say, “Away from me, satan.” the same way our Jesus did. I am overwhelmed. I will read your words of encouragement, and His, again and again until my heart hears them. Thank you.

  25. Tracey Your feelings can fool you. Go for your head knowledge. There were times when I didn’t feel like I was loved, but I believe in His Holy Word and Jesus Loves Me This I Know. And Jesus Loves You This I Know For The Bible Tells Me So. What more do you need than the Almighty, King of Kings, Holy of Holy, God Almighty on your side! Start your day with praising Him for who he is and ask him to make his presence be known to you that day. Then put on praise music during the day and sing out praises. That should take care of satin.

  26. Thank you Stephanie. It was an awesome vlog. I was watching you and two things really struck me..How young you are! Yet in that youth is sooo much Godly wisdom, discernment and understanding. You are an inspiration. And the other thing that stuck me was the honesty and warmth in your eyes and voice. We are so lucky to have you …

  27. Thanks for that reminder Stephanie! God is enough for me today! I appreciate the focus on the present. Seems like whenever I start thinking about the future, I forget that today will affect tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day…).

  28. Monica Shimmin says:

    I’m just now catching up here … and I still don’t have my book. Hopefully tmw or Friday! Anyway, I saw Stephanie’s vlog and I’m glad that I was able to understand what she was saying since this vlog has a CC feature, enabling me to make it closed captioned. Since I was born hard of hearing, and lost more of my hearing as I got older, I grew up in elementary school feeling very inadequate wearing old fashion body hearing aid (straps around my chest with a control-box on my chest). Through high school, I still felt inadequate, but my very committed involvement in the high school’s music programs, thanks to my uncle who was a choir director there, helped me to build my self confidence as being a gifted musician and accompanist. The only times I felt VERY inadequate was when I was during the holiday seasons when my family had get togethers and it was just too noisy for me to keep up with conversations. So the older I got, the more frequent I avoided family parties or at least I just isolated myself from the chatters by reading books or playing the piano in some homes. I was very lonely, and at that time, not a Christian. After I learned sign language at Gallaudet, I began to avoid going home and just stayed at dorms or visited my deaf friends’ families who communicated in sign language. Sign language was very important to me, and still is today as a grown adult. That’s why I married my husband who is deaf because communication at home is very important to me – it was what I lacked growing up. I can’t wait to get my own book. :) I’m much happier now with Christ in me, and when I interact nowadays with people who don’t sign, I have much more patience, knowing that I have a FULLY-ACCESSIBLE home to go home to where my hubby signs, and my TV is always closed captioned, and my computer is fully accessible! :) God is good! Stephanie, thanks for sharing your vlog, and to others, thank you for great inputs and for all the shares, You are all in my prayers!

  29. Monica Shimmin says:

    And by the way, we have videophones around the house … and our android phones has the capacity to call other people and use videos to use sign language with. So now we can call deaf people and see them, using sign language … and we can use sign language interpreters to call billing agencies, doctors, neighbors, churches, etc. etc … Skype doesn’t work very well with a lot of hand movements only, but maybe soon it will. :)

  30. Oh Stephanie you are so good at saying things and it always is an encouragement to my heart, YOU are an encouragement to my heart. I love your honesty and your precious Southern drawl. God bless you girl. love ya, diki