Nov 18


Today I posted this as my Facebook status:

Why did God make me such an emotional person? It can be very frustrating at times. Feelings hurt for stupid reasons, cry at the drop of a hat, feel pain that others are experiencing, and have a hard time detaching emotions from most issues. The plus to being emotional is when something good happens, I get really excited.

Within an hour it had 40 comments from all women who felt the exact same way!  (If interested, you can find it here.)  I was amazed at how quickly so many replied all because they could relate. Truly ladies, I tell you, we are never alone.

Shortly after posting that, I received a note from a FB friend. She gave me permission to share it here. It blessed tremendously. Julie, thank you for allowing me to share this. *thankful tears*


I just wanted to share this with you too. I just got finished with So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore and in it she talks about how our feelings get hurt. First thing take these verses and claim them for yourself:

Ephesians 2:10- We are Gods Masterpiece. he has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the things He planned for us long ago.

Proverbs 31:25- She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Gods gift to us is security in HIM. Its up to us whether we keep it or give it up.

This is from Beth’s book:

“The next time someone says or does something to you that has the capacity to dent your security think one of these thoughts toward that person:

You can hurt my feelings, but you cannot have my security. I won’t let you. Its mine to keep. You cannot have it.

You can criticize me and even be right about what I did wrong, but you do not get to damage my security Its mine to keep. You cannot have it.

You may have embarrassed me, but I refuse to let it fall on me so heavily that it smothers my security. Its mine to keep you cannot have it.

You may be so intimidating and threatening that I feel I have to hand a lot of things to you, but I refuse to hand over my security. Who you are doesn’t get to dwarf who I am. My security is mine to keep. You can not have it.”

Praying for you sweet sister.


P.S. sorry its so long :)
I bet you are blessed by Julie’s note as well.

And finally, I do not have a new Vlog this week, but with the cold weather quickly arriving, I thought you all would benefit from a previous Vlog where you are instructed (and maybe entertained…maybe) on a beautiful way to wear a scarf.

I present to you:  The Wendy Wrap/Rap

And what Friday Vlog would be complete without the bloopers:

Have a great weekend y’all! Love you <3



  1. I’ll be glad when I can get home…back to NO MORE DIAL-UP Internet, so I can actually WATCH these video’s!!! Very frustrating!

    Seeing your comment about how it sometimes upsets you when no one comments on a post on FB, I can totally relate to that, as well. I think for me, it’s because I am so excited to share what the Lord has shown me and when no one answers back, it’s like “Well, GOD! I just knew they needed to hear this message too!” …

    Then God said, “You know Dear One, My message isn’t always for you to share! It’s for YOU! It’s my GIFT to YOU! So stop worrying about others not commenting! When I want you to share, I will tell you.” OUCH! But in a good way!! :)

    I love to share what God has shown me, but I am learning that sometimes I need to just ponder what He is showing me, and then I find that there was actually more to what He shared, then what I thought. So, actually, it just wasn’t time to share yet. Now it doesn’t bother me as much when others don’t comment. BUT DON’T LET THAT STOP YA’LL FROM STOPPING BY AND COMMENTING!! LOL I love to hear from you! :)

    But, like I said on your FB comment, if you can figure out why we get so emotional sometimes, I hope you bottle it and sell it. I personally will buy MANY bottles of it; and I’m sure others will, as well! :)

    Love You Girl!

    • Christi
      I understand completely. My problem is the opposite though, I dont share cause I think no one else will get this or want to hear it, so why poost it. Or they will commit about it being totally stupid. Also right now Im having problems with my eyes and it hard to see the keys and when Im typing my dislexeia is worse thatn when Im writting, so things arent always spelled right. Im thinking everyone will think Im the stupist person in the world. But Gods telling me to share more. So Im working on it. See I stopped by and commeonited.

      Have a good weekend.

  2. I don’t have the words to describe how much you blessed others with this post but as far as the vlog – oh tears of laughter are running down my face. Anytime you get sad watch your bloopers they are priceless!!!

  3. Melissa, your words and the words of your friend are so very true. I am an emotional person (emotional basketcase is what I call it) and after an incident that heppened this week, I found myself looking to God for my security. People can use words that cut us to the core of our being. They can try their best to steal our joy and our security. Sometimes they even succeed in making us question our relationship with our Father. But when we turn to Him during those times, we often find that those people are merely the pawns of satan himself. They are doing his dirty work in trying to bring us down. Does it hurt? Yes! Do we want to throw in the towel and give up? Sometimes! But it isn’t worth it – not when you consider the benefits of taking those hurts to God. Remember – we have read the end of the story – – we KNOW WHO WINS!!

    Loved your vlog – – you guys just have too much fun at work!!!

  4. I loved Beth Moore’s So Long Insecurity book. I read it right before this Confident Heart study, so it’s like God has been having me on this awesome journey of growing in confidence and security.

    And now, I will make sure I wear my scarves like all you lovely Proverbs 31 ladies. Thanks for the Wendy Wrap/Rap demonstration. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing Melissa (and Christi) about emotions! I am a very emotional person and although I know God made me this way for a reason, I still question why. He put that need to nuture in me, but sometimes I get my feelings hurt when I think that others are not as concerned about me as I am about them. My mom always told me that I had high expectations of others actions because I didn’t understand WHY people didn’t think the same as I did. I still struggle with that in ways…I went through a lot growing up and I didn’t end up bitter, on the streets, drugged up…etc. So I have trouble understanding why others do or have. Since starting nursing school and experiencing issues with my teenager, I am learning that coping abilities are indeed different for everyone. People are very individualized….good or bad.

    So, long story short (since I got off track) I sometimes think others should be just as caring, emotional and nurturing as I am…when in fact, THEY ARE NOT!

    I have a friend who is totally opposite of me. She is strictly FACT oriented and not very emotional. I’m a hugger…she is not. I cry at Hallmark commercials…she…not so much! She really doesn’t worry about hurting others feelings if she believes strongly about something. Needless to say, I have had my feelings hurt by her a few times!!! Sometimes I think she can be harsh, but at the same time….I wish I could have that ability! I wish I didn’t worry so much about what people thought of me if I didn’t agree with them. I think God made us friends to “balance” each other out, so to speak. If I need to say NO to something and I’m having trouble…I call her for rationalization. When she needs to be more “caring” about a situation, she asks my opinion. It’s like marriage really, my husband and I are very different…but we bring out the best in each other.

    As far as FB comments are concerned…I can say (for myself) that a lot of times I read a status or Word shared and although they may help me tremendously that day…and I truely believe God is confirming something for me…I don’t always comment. I am the opposite…in my mind, I think that if I comment too much I am annoying someone….soooooo aren’t we all just a big ole mess?

    Seriously, just about every post by you (and a few others) has helped me in some way….so just keep in mind, there are people out there who you’re helping and you don’t even know it. The important thing to remember is…..God knows! :)


    • Mary,

      My mom has told me numerous times that not everyone thinks like me. I have been told by many people that I am very thoughtful and considerate. I try to be mindful of the feelings of others – I’m not perfect – but I really do try to be mindful. My other also said to me that what ever I see others doing that I don’t like, make sure I don’t do it to other people. I do get my feelings hurt alot, but I’m trying to use the hurts to make me a stronger and better person as my mother would say. :-)

      Karen (KC)

  6. Wow…I didn’t even realize how carried away I got. Just started typing….sorry!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  7. Michelle W says:

    Melissa, once again, you guys have way too much fun at work. Thanks again for a wonderful vlog. Have a great weekend.

    Be Blessed.


  8. You girls are so cute! :)

  9. I don’t always blog because I tend to be long winded so I hesitate to get on. I’m not a keep it short and sweet kind of girl.

    I am a church secretary and I have women who come in all the time … in bad circumstances…I would love to be able to take “Confident Woman” and Beth Moore’s books and videos and drill a hole and put it in their heads so they would instantly have the confidence, knowledge and wisdom they need to face their tomorrows that are full of changes, sadness, pain and discomfort. I wish that I could help them immediately so they wouldn’t wait until they were old to be wise. So, I’m challenging you to come up with some sort of brain matter that can be grafted quickly into women’s brains so they can be healed and overcomers in the Lord! Move mountains… Well, it would be nice and if possible, God would have already done it…and I would not be old and still dumb. I thank God He loves me just as I am and sees me as a finished product in my future…I know the plans I have for you…Amazing Love…

    So, this is why I don’t always blog…Ha Ha Ha…God loves me so much no matter what I do He thinks I’m to die for! I love it!

  10. That was the greatest. I had a long and hard day at work and that just made my day. Thank you. God Bless. Karen

  11. Michele Caséca says:


    I love your vlogs! They always make me laugh, and think how I could NEVER do this!
    Wendy Pope, I loved your suggestion on how to tie our scarfs. I use scarfs almost everyday here in Canada!

    Have a good weekend!
    Sweet Blessings!


  12. Melissa
    I am also an emotional person. I cry at the Folgers Christmas comercials. LOL I asked God for a long time what was wrong with me, why was I so emotional. I always thought it wqs a bad thing. Something to hide and to try to change, which over the years I learned to do. But now I know and umnderstand God made me this way for a reason, that I have a purpose to my life, not sure what that purpose is, but I know I couldnt do what God has for to do if I was any other way. So thank you God for making me unquie.

    Commenting on FB or even on this Blog, is really hard for me to do. I think no one wnats to hear what I have to say (not so much now as before) Im having eye problems and it hard to see the keys and my diseleia is really bad when Im typing, so there are a lot tof spelling errors, I think people are going to think Im the stupist person in the world. So I dont comment or share what God has shown me or told me. God has really been dealing with me oin this. So I want to share what God told me this week end.

    This weekend God used our Pastor to reafirm a Confident heart. Isnt he absolutly amazing. There are two things that really struck me. The first is we all have scares both physical and spiritual, dont let them be scars but victory marks. Then my Pastor says a scar from a heart surgery can be a oh I had to have heart surgery scar or it can be oh look what God brought me through victory mark. The second thing was it doesnt matter what people think, its what God knows about you that matters.

    I loved the Vblog. I dont wer scarves bacause I couldnt figure out how to tie them, so thank you so much. You always make me laugh.

    Love ya all
    Have Blessed weekend.

    • Laina,

      Never look at your dislexia or your eye problems as a rock of burden…picture them as stepping stones that are getting you to where God wants you to be. Remember that you are not stupid….you just have different hurdles than the rest of us to overcome. Each of us has our own hurdle…and we have the option to accept it and use it as a catalyst to launch us into all that God intends for us. Its so hard when we worry about what others may think of us…wse just have to remember who we are in HIM!

      You blessed me with your comment….so keep writing, Beloved, and remember you are a masterpiece! 😉

  13. Melissa,

    You are such a blessing to so many. Keep remembering that many times when the hard things / times hit…..God is getting ready to do something BIG in your life. I hope today is a better day…sending you virtual **hugs**.

  14. That’s me. . . I have one sign for emotion, tears. . . For any emotion I’m feeling.
    I cry when I’m sad (obviously). . .when I’m happy. . . when I’m tired. . . when I’m excited. . . when I’m overwhelmed. . . I know many of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Due to my “sensitive” nature (yes, that is what people who don’t understand me call it), I have the spiritual gift of MERCY that we talked about in chapter 8. I can cry with others when they are feeling these things too. My job is also something I enjoy (and some say I do well) . . . okay, it’s the most amazing job!!! I work with special needs children. . . wow, talk about emotional! You should see the look on their faces when they accomplish something and I cry. Try explaining that I’m happy to that child! :) The point is, I know God made me the way I am to fulfill special roles in His plan, but sometimes I also have to accept the complications that come with it. These last two chapters have done wonders for my confidence in who I am in Christ. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  15. I didn’t notice your facebook post, and I thought I would respond here. I am on my mom’s computer at the moment, and I really think I need to get this out. I am an emotional person myself, and lately, things have been tough. Let me tell you what is going on with me.

    I am a single mother who has been rejected by so many people in my life that I lost count. Including a husband who was a control freak–I had to leave due to his mental illness.

    I am now in the process of being an outcast yet again. This time, in my family. And it is very difficult. I live with my parents, and I am being rejected yet again. My best friend of nearly 10 years (who is not a Christian and is a single guy) has caused some issues–there is a lot going on, and it really not all his fault. But as you can guess, I have prayed for his salvation for a long time, and things are better than ever between us as friends. And yes, we are emotionally involved. There, I’ve said it. I can’t even write that because he keeps picking on me as I write this. But anyway, because of the way things are, my family is not happy.

    I know from the outside, it may look rather dangerous to be befriending this guy, but God is allowing our friendship to be blessed, and God is using our friendship for our glory. We have had lots of good conversations, but my family doesn’t like my spending time with him. And to make things worse, he is living with us, so you can imagine what is going on.

    I know this sounds crazy, but my friend is closer to the Lord than he has ever been. And I am staying close to God. But my emotions are going crazy.

    Anyway, I guess it is better to be emotional than not to be anything. I’m just tired of feeling hurt. Gotta go!

    • Ruth,
      Sounds very tough, please be careful. Remember to stop and listen to God. Sometimes we see only what we want to see in a relationship and then find out to late that its not what it appears to be. I speak from experience and 5 years of chaos and confusion in my life. God is not the chaos and confusion – Satan is and he will make us believe that we are being blessed when in reality that isn’t it. Find someone you trust outside your family to talk it out with and then try to sit back and listen for God. I hate to have you experience the pain that I have had. I wouldn’t listen to anyone, therapist, pastor, family, no one and now I see the truth. That is something this study has helped me with is sharing with someone the comfort of God after being through something similar.
      In God’s Love

  16. KAY PARRISH says:



  17. I had a wonderful Sunday at my mom’s home church. They had a pastor for their homecoming and he spoke on Speaking the word – exactly what we have been doing and it was fantastic! So reaffirming of our study, which I miss this week and am still doing my questions from last week just to make it last thru the week.

  18. Hi Melissa –
    Thank you for the blog – especially the part from Beth Moore about letting others “steal my security”. My family is going through a very rough time right now. I woke up this morning having a “bad breathing” day and in the midst of trying to stay calm so I could breathe, my youngest son decided to have a hypochondriac meltdown (he has mental health issues) and decided he needs to go the ER tonight because he thinks he is dying of meningitis (no fever, vomiting or anything). I sent my husband to go pick him up from a friend’s house and I am praying for God to give all of us some peace and that we don’t have to go the ER just to convince him he is NOT dying. Anyway, I will not let him steal my security today!!