Dec 8

I Have Nothing to Give

It was time for the annual Proverbs 31 Ministries Christmas party.  As we do each year, everyone brings something yummy to share and a gift. We play that crazy game where you draw numbers. Whoever gets #1 gets to pick the first gift then everyone after gets to steal a gift that’s already been opened or select a new one. Two years ago, I didn’t want to go to this party. I love the party and being with my P31 sisters, but money was tight and I had nothing to give.  I decided I wouldn’t go.

I was upset about missing the party, but too proud to tell everyone why I wasn’t going. Then in the quiet of my heart, I heard a whisper…”Give Me at the party.”  “Huh?  God is that You? All of these ladies already have You, what do You mean.?  “Give Me to someone at the party. From your heart to theirs.”

I had a Willow Tree Angel ornament who was bowed in prayer. Yes she was used, but as I looked at her I felt like I was supposed to give her away.  Maybe that’s what God meant. So, I began wrapping her up.

“That’s not what I meant.”  “Huh? Is that You again? Could You be a little more clear?” And He was. These are the words I wrote on the card that accompanied that angel:

“Last night as I was wrapping your gift, God put an idea in my heart and I wholeheartedly agreed with Him. If you are the recipient of this gift, not only are you holding a new ornament, but also a promise from me. It will be my privilege and honor to pray for you every day in the coming year. On your good days and bad days, you can rest assured that you are being prayed for by name by me. I love you. Merry Christmas. Love, Melissa”


If you are feeling like you have nothing to give this Christmas, think again. You do.

You can read more about this story and how the gift blessed the recipient, my sweet amazing friend Holly Good, in today’s Proverbs 31 Daily Devotion.

Sweet Blessing Beautiful Friends!



  1. ty, i am very poor…cannot even afford my meds sometimes and i always feel so bad when i cannot even send a is my hubbys birthday and i have nothing to give 53rd birthday is CHRISTmas day and this year i am very sad but now i will remember this…ty

  2. Holly Good was the recipient of this gift and the reason I know this is because it was her devotion today. I posted her devotion into my prayer group this morning, Women of Victory, through the ACH Bible study. I also found a Christmas tree online that I liked; printed it off and then wrote the names of each of the women in my prayer group in different areas of the tree. I then scanned the picture with the names back into my computer and uploaded the tree to our facebook page. I told them that I will be praying for all of them for next 365 days and that was my present to them. I had a feeling that the Melissa in Holly’s devotion was you and I have to say that I am glad that you have now confirmed it. Thank you for such an inspirational idea for a Christmas present and I will be gifting many people in my family with this same present. :)

  3. Melissa, that is beautiful!! Wow! What better gift to give than Prayer! I love your heart!!!

  4. I loved reading this today on the P31 devotion, I shared it with all of my friends. I just LOVE your heart Melissa!!

    <3 Heather

  5. Bridgette says:

    Thanks Melissa, :-)
    awesome words of encouragement. If I have nothing, I have something very special to give/share “PRAYER” :-) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    How amazing these kind of intangible gifts can be. Reading your post reminded me of when I was lost and in emotional pain. My sister in Christ took some construction paper, shaped it into a box and drew flowers on it for the wrapping paper. She wrapped it with a pretty ribbon and put it in my hands after I visited with her. When I opened it, it held a little card which, if I remember correctly, said “You are special. God loves you.” It was a simple little gesture, but every time I looked at it, it was like I got a big hug, a cup of comfort and the promise that I was not alone. I can relate to the choice to not attend a party for having nothing to give, and reading your post, I now know the thrill of receiving intangible gifts like these. They’re God’s words speaking through you to them. How fun!

  7. Michele Caséca says:

    I love your heart! [3]

    And I want this gift too!!! Could you give me a wedding gift like that? Lol!

    Love, Mi

  8. Like everyone else, I was also touched by this devotional today. And I will also give this very wonderful gift to someone this year! As I read the devotional I knew it was you Melissa :) I love your heart! What an inspiration you are!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Thanks Melissa, I thought of you also when I read Holly’s devotion today. Blessings to you and yours. Merry Christmas.

  10. Beautiful. Priceless. Memorable. Blessed-kissed.

    Tearfully I confess, I am grateful for this lesson.

    Hugs in Him,

  11. And that is why we all love you!!!

  12. Lori Ryser says:


    This is so beautiful! Precious and a great word.

    Many blessing to you and your family this Christmas. Lori

  13. Two day’s in a row you made me cry. That is just how I am feeling right now in my life. I just loved it. I will have to read the whole thing. Thank you. Merry Christmas. God Bless. Karen H

  14. I wonder if you have anything for a beautiful butterfly ornament, when I bought it all I could think of is God gives us new life. God’s promises are for us everyday.
    Well, Melissa I like your idea and you have me thinking what the Lord might have me do. Thanks.

  15. Thank you for sharing such a special moment. My wonderful husband died in July this year, and even thou my heart is broken, I have several wonderful friends who pray for me daily. This next year I am determined to get my thoughts and prayer life back on track in order to bless others. I have a whole new heart for those going thru a loss. God is truly working in my life and it gives me comfort that he gave me such wonderful friends that care. Thank you for your blog, it has been a blessing.

  16. Just read Upper Room’s Daily Devotional for the day ( In conjunction with the topic of thinking we have nothing to give, I am reminded how often on a cold day, after ordering hot chocolate or coffee I have bristled by, somewhat annoyed, at the homeless person sitting on the corner with an outstretched hand. I have since learned that I am blessed, for I can walk into the security of a warm home, and so find it easier to give my hot drink to that cold anonymous person. If they don’t want to drink what I offer, surely the heat will warm their fingers. It’s a step closer to giving the gift of food, or spare change. If I pair my gift with a simple prayer, like reading a fortune cookie, God’s loving words can be passed on at the same time. How cool is that?!